ICE High Speed Chase, MS-13 Gang Arrested, ICE Raid Arrest 15 Illegal Immigrants & Shots Fired

ICE High Speed Chase, MS-13 Gang Arrested, ICE Raid Arrest 15 Illegal Immigrants & Shots Fired

hey guys what’s going on
this is Kyte Kutter TV with another presentation we got to talk about this
okay guys immigration attorney multiple people detained during Wednesday’s
federal raid many people left with questions after multiple people detained
and two restaurants shut down during the raid across Stillwater a spokesperson
for the US Attorney’s Office wouldn’t confirm why they were handing out
federal search warrants but News 4 was told by witnesses multiple federal
agents and investigators were on scene taken as many as possible a federal raid
forced to tex-mex businesses to abruptly shutdown on Wednesday federal agents
arrived at palominos and El Val kuroh demanding proof of identification from
the owners and the employees immediately detaining anyone if they couldn’t prove
they were legally allowed to work in the States
immigration attorney Jesse Gordon said this is the largest raid he can recall
in the Stillwater area he warns more can happen and people should be ready a
local Catholic Church has stepped in to help the families affected by
Wednesday’s raids on the morning of September 4th special agents with
Homeland Security Investigations executed multiple federal search
warrants at two businesses and one residence in Stillwater Oklahoma since
this is an ongoing criminal investigation no further details can be
released at this time including the nature of this investigation check this
out more than 15 people arrested in two
restaurants shut down and ice right across Stillwater leaving people with a
whole lot of questions and use force Kate Smith has the story for us first at
ten well a spokesperson for the US Attorney’s Office wanted confirm why
they were handing out federal search warrants but we were told by witnesses
multiple ice agents and federal investigators were on scene taking as
many people as possible and these officers were aggressive I
mean they were very aggressive to empty Stillwater parking lots an ice raid
forcing these tex-mex businesses to abruptly shut down I can’t believe it
man come here for lunch today and open I was like wow what happened and found
that today that’s the kind of rate up here something during a shift change
employee showing up two locked gates a closed sign serving a painful reminder
on what happened inside people across the city not sure exactly what’s going
on or why I was shocked yeah I can’t believe you’re close to something on
Wednesday federal agents arrived at Palomino’s an El Vaquero demanding proof
of identification from the owners than the employees immediately taken into
custody if they couldn’t prove they were legally allowed to work in the States
immigration attorney Jesse Gordon quickly arriving on scene to help but
getting nowhere with ice agents I mean they wouldn’t identify themselves they
wouldn’t talk to me I explained that I was an attorney that I might have a
client in there that they have a constitutional right whether or not this
person has status they have a right to an attorney Gordon saying this is the
largest raid he can recall in the Stillwater area learning more can happen
and people should be ready talk to an attorney don’t sign anything that ice
gives you legally they will give you a phone call contact a relative a spouse
anybody called calling immigration attorney before you sign anything a
local Catholic Church has stepped in to help the families affected by today’s
raids those arrested will be transferred to ice custody in both Oklahoma City and
Tulsa okay next up ice suspected human rights violators arrested in Maryland
across country US Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 39 known or
suspected human rights violators during a three day nationwide operation last
month those arrested during the operation all have outstanding removal
orders and are subject to repatriation to their countries of origin of the 39
known or suspected human rights by is arrested 16 are also criminal aliens
in the u.s. 14 were implicated in human rights violations in Central America and
4 others are accused of helping the Chinese government commit forced
abortions and sterilizations thank the two arrested by Baltimore’s
ice team were a Central American man affiliated with the organization
complicit in kidnappings and murders and the West African man connected to a
regime responsible for human rights abuses of citizens the agency said both
were issued final orders of removal to be removed from the US sounds like they
need to go to jail check this out ice agents from a dozen cities including
Baltimore arrested 39 known or suspected human rights violators the three day
nationwide operation was last month and those arrested all have outstanding
removal orders 14 were implicated in human rights violations in Central
America four others are accused of helping the Chinese government commit
forced abortions and sterilizations she just said that like that was a
normal story or something anyway okay next up Merced County
Sheriff criticizes state sanctuary laws after deputies shooting suspect arrested
this story is while the manhunt is over the man authorities say shot at a Merced
County sheriff’s deputy is in custody after a high-speed chase starting on the
Central Coast authorities have been searching for 51
year-old Guadalupe Lopez Herrera after he fired shots at deputies Wednesday
afternoon multiple agencies helped in the search California Highway Patrol
took over the chase when Lopez Herrera got outside city limits the chase will
go on for at least 45 minutes on multiple highways eventually spike
strips and a PIT maneuver stopped him in his tracks around noon California’s
sanctuary policies Lopez Herrera is a known violent offender being the suspect
in numerous domestic violence charges in Merced County Lopez Herrera is also an
undocumented immigrant that was in jail back in January he said he would have
notified Immigration and Customs Enforcement ice but state law prohibited
him from doing so specifically SB 54 which prevents local
agencies from sharing detained immigrants information with federal
agencies or even allowing ice agents into county jails Long Key were going to
say if ice were notified the situation wouldn’t have happened also reminding
those who attended the press conference of slain Newman police officer Vernell
sing-sing was shot and killed in December 2018 by pollo virgin Mendoza
who also was an undocumented immigrant bottom line our immigration policies
need to be revamped we’re going to continue to have more of this situation
happen man this is crazy check this out the manhunt is over the
suspect who investigators say shot a Merced County sheriff’s deputy in the
chest is now in custody authorities have been searching for 51 year-old Guadalupe
Lopez Herrera there was a high-speed chase near the Central Coast CHP
officers took over the pursuit when it outside the san luis obispo city limits
shots were exchanged and eventually spike strips and a PIT maneuver stopped
that suspect the sheriff’s office says Lopez Herrera is an undocumented
immigrant CBS 47s Dennis Valera is live at the
Merced Sheriff’s Office and Dennis he was in jail
earlier this year that’s right sheriff ern warnky says he would have notified a
ICE agents about Lopez Herrera but state sanctuary policies prevented him from
doing so he says this whole situation could have been avoided if ice was
notified even going as far as to recall the situation a slain officer Vernell
Singh guard task force members will actually place the cuffs on this guy’s
utter relief describes the moment Merced County Sheriff Vern warnky learned
waddle upin Lopez Herrera was cuffed and in custody warnky says investigators
have had their eye on him for a while for a number of domestic violence cases
but especially after having him behind bars before we had him in our custody in
January of this year and because of the folks in Sacramento of limiting our
ability to cooperate with ice we could not turn him over he’s talking about SB
54 the law that prevents local agencies from sharing detained immigrants info
with federal agencies or even allowing ice agents into county jails warnky says
because of the law one of his deputies were shot and the suspect also shot a
CHP officer he recalled the death of Newman police officer Vernell Singh
saying something has to change to prevent those in blue from losing their
lives on the line this kind of rings about what happened to Ron el sing in
newman not only has this guy been a danger proven danger prior to this
incident the attempted murder of one of my
sergeants the attempted murder of a California Highway Patrol officer
because of this when he should have been not in this country and been placed back
in the country of origin for qisas Lopez Herrera has quite a record in Oakdale
he says authorities there have chart Lopez Herrera with spousal abuse assault
with a deadly weapon and other charges on the Merced County sheriff’s side he
is facing an attempted murder charge now CHP charges they are pending but he did
fire at an officer that officer is OK the investigation into this is still
ongoing obviously he was very set on killing a cop and he tried a second time
today and thankfully that part didn’t come through either the manhunt is over
authorities say they arrested the suspect who shot a Merced sheriff’s
deputy the man was captured after a high-speed chase from the Central Coast
good evening and thanks for joining us tonight I’m Kathryn Herr and I’m Ken
Malloy authorities have been searching for 51 year-old Guadalupe Lopez Herrera
after they say he fired at deputies yesterday
CBS 47s Dennis Valera joins us live at the Racine County Sheriff’s Office
Dennis investigators say they knew he’d be heading toward the coast that’s right Ken and Katherine based on
some leads they knew he was heading to San Luis Obispo because that’s where his
wife’s family lives now by the morning they found him and he again tried to get
away but this time he didn’t the pickup everyone’s been looking for speeding
away from flashing lights CHP officers took over the chase when it went outside
San Luis Obispo City Limits shots were exchanged eventually spike strips and a
PIT maneuver stopped him in his tracks around noon agencies in San Luis Obispo
were alerted yesterday after learning Guadalupe Lopez Herrera’s White’s family
lives there and they did place a stakeout on the residence and he had
been there my understanding is as he attempted three times to get into this
house in San Luis Obispo when the the stakeout crew found him so and that’s
where the pursuit started Merced County Sheriff Burt warnky says Lopez Herrera
is a known violent offender being the suspect in numerous domestic violence
cases in Merced County warnky says Lopez Herrera is an undocumented immigrant and
was in jail in January he says he would have notified ice but California law
makes it illegal to do so bottom line is is that our immigration policies need to
be revamped because we’re going to continue to have more of this situation
happen in the end warnky is glad his deputy is at home with just a minor
injury when I got on the radio I actually heard
the sergeant on a radio and I’ll tell you what kind of a guy this is after he
was shot after they regrouped they actually jumped into a car and he’s
still pursuing this guy after he was shot he was ordered to pull over to let
the ambulance take care of him Warren K says hello PES Herrera has been
racking up a number of charges in Oakdale as well including spousal abuse
and assault with a deadly weapon and we’re told that he is actually going to
be coming here to the jail very soon we’ll be waiting for him
live in Merced Dennis valera cbs47 Eyewitness News
next up ice places detainers on six of seven ms-13 gang members charged in
Tosun apartment murder officials say they’re in the US illegally US
Immigration and Customs Enforcement has placed detainers on six of seven ms-13
gang members charged with the July 31st murder of Daniel Alejandro Alvarado
sweller outside a Tosun apartment complex I says all six suspects are in
the United States illegally five are from El Salvador and one is from Mexico
Baltimore police say the below individuals are being held without bail
at the Baltimore County Detention Center including a 16 year old who’s being
charged as an adult according to ISO fischels is not
believed any of the suspects had any past detainers eyes declined to say
which one of the seven suspects is legally in the state’s charging
documents revealed the suspects were watching sweller and decided the day
before to kill him because he was making a hand gesture affiliating him with
another gang Trump said then sending the best just note as well that one of these
two clips I’m about to play or miss the fact that six out of seven were illegal
aliens and totally all missed the fact that all of them was ms-13 check this
out the other big story were following new at eleven o’clock baltimore county
police arrest seven people connection with the brutal murder of a 21 year old
men found stabbed outside of an apartment complex in Towson WJZ is live
there tonight Kelsey Kushner speaks with police about how they tracked down the
suspects Kelsey well Rick police say all seven of those suspects one who was just
16 years old are now facing first-degree murder charges and up to a lifetime
behind bars these are the seven suspects arrested in connection to the murder of
21 year old Alejandro Alvarado Kuya Baltimore County
police say on July 31st around 3:30 a.m. they found the body of the victim in the
grass along the 8400 block of Loch Raven Boulevard right outside an apartment
building investigators say he was stabbed several times the cause of death
was multiple stab wounds and through our investigation we’ve been able to
determine that it was more than one person who caused those stab wounds
police say investigators were able to recover video that led to multiple
arrests in connection to the murder one of the suspects just 16 years old at
this point they’re all charged with first-degree homicide detectives say
Khoya was an intended victim of a planned murder but the motive is still
unknown and police say that all seven of those suspects are being held without
bail they could face a lifetime behind bars if convicted police also say that
there is a possibility that more people could be charged in connection to this
homicide reporting live tonight Kelsey Kirchner for WJZ daniel Cuellar was
found dead the morning of a July 31st and now seven people affiliated with the
ms-13 gang have been arrested in connection with a homicide this case
involves a knife a machete and all were arrested in Mississippi WMUR 2 News John
Harrison has all the details Daniel Cuellar was found dead from stab
wounds at 3:30 in the morning on July 31st and the 8400 block of Loch Raven
Boulevard now seven people have been arrested for that murder I heard a Yelp
aw God mad aloneness has lived in this neighborhood for more than 40 years I’ve
never seen so much crime tape usually they took that crime take one all the
way from over here all the way over that down in here and then they blocked off
that area down arrow police say utter lies Rose hasta Nez was pulled over on
August 14th in Mississippi with all the suspects in the car
police say from interviews they learned all seven suspects were involved in the
murder charging documents say some suspects did
surveillance on Cuellar at suds Ville laundromat
up the street and then followed to him home to kill him six of the seven
arrested were 20 years old or younger it was on that side of the boulevard
this Carcetti has lived in the area more than a year now and pointed out the
crime scene you know not just here but really across the country is juvenile
crime and sadly I think that jumps out in the headlines a lot nowadays of the
seven people that were arrested for this homicide the ages ranged from a juvenile
up to 31 years old the youngest 16 year old Leonel Velazquez Hernandez is being
charged as an adult police say the victim Daniel Cuellar
flashed a rival gang sign to the group police documents say the seven arrested
were affiliated with the ms-13 gang it just seems like a bad group of people
police say a knife and machete were used to kill Cuellar the seven that were
arrested are being held with no bond in Baltimore County Don Harrison WMAR –
‘not a member of ms-13 is sentenced to federal prison for conspiring to
participate in a violent racketeering enterprise including murder 22 year old
kevin hernandez Guevara a citizen of El Salvador illegally living in New Jersey
was sentenced to 292 months in prison prosecutors say he was part of a group
of gang members that killed a suspected rival gang member in Prince George’s
County in 2016 okay next up ice officer fires shot in
Antioch grocery store parking lot while trying to make arrests undocumented
immigrant surrenders to FBI metro police officers responded to a grocery store in
Antioch after a federal immigration officer fired shots while trying to take
someone into custody Brian Cox of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement said
the incident happened during a traffic stop
FBI officials said DHS officers were trying to stop an undocumented immigrant
regarding immigration law violations Cox said the man tried to flee in a white
box truck and drove towards the agent the agent fired two rounds during the
incident Cox said the individual did stop at some point but continued even
though it was an agent in front of the truck he stressed the immigration
officers were doing everyday enforcement and targeted the man who was reportedly
a 39 year old man from Mexico who was in a country illegally he allegedly had
been deported from the u.s. multiple times FBI officials said the man was
injured in the shooting newsChannel five social media post reads
breaking Metro Police confirmed the FBI and US Department of Homeland Security
are responding after an immigration officer fired shots at a box truck while
trying to apprehend someone Metro Nashville police confirmed the box truck
was later found at County Meadows mobile home park down the street but the driver
was nowhere to be found as of Thursday evening the subject of
the ice traffic stop had not been arrested
sky 5 showed the Box truck at least one bullet hole in the windshield a
spokesperson with the FBI said the agency is investigating a potential
assault on a federal officer the FBI said there is no indication this person
is a threat to the community hold on anybody that’s willing to run
over the police just for a traffic stop legal illegal whatever is definitely a
threat to the community what is he talking about Nashville mayor
goes on to say the federal government’s inability to arrive at comprehensive
immigration reform results in situations like what happened in Antioch this
morning this is exactly what we don’t want happening in our city MN PD is no
long involved and has turned the scene over
to the FBI MN PD is currently looking for the victim of the shooting so that
he may receive any needed medical assistance
my top priority remains the safety and well-being of all the residents of
Nashville what did he do say after all this this dude tries to run over federal
agents and he’s calling the illegal alien of victim and he may need medical
assistance these damn liberals blow my mind check this out
breaking news Metro Police officers responded to a grocery store in Antioch
after a federal immigration officer fired shots while trying to take someone
into custody newsChannel 5’s Matthew Torres has more from the scene on
Richards road Matthew Vicki were just outside of food line where there is
still the active and ongoing investigation quite a large presence of
authorities here the FBI and the US Department of Homeland Security has been
here for a few hours now conducting this investigation what we have been told
according to Metro Police is around 7:00 a.m. there was a call of a shots fired
in this parking lot we were told that an ice agent actually fired shots at a box
truck while trying to apprehend someone now investigators got here they noticed
that box truck was nowhere in this parking lot it actually turned out to be
in a different area not too far from here at a trailer park where according
to Sky 5 we were able to see at least one bullet hole in that windshield and
so that is the current investigation of what we are seeing we did see also two
other witnesses who are being interviewed by FBI agents they have
since now left the scene so Metro Police also stressing that they are just here
to secure the scene as this is being handled by the FBI and the US Department
of Homeland Security now we also did receive a statement from the FBI
saying that the FBI is responding to investigate a potential assault on a
federal officer now they are also trying to locate whoever the individual is in
this box truck since at this point we were told that no one got hurt or at
least there were no reports of anyone going to the hospital at this point
people are also questioning whether shots being fired was necessary was it
warranted of course we were trying to find out
more answers and ask more questions and try to get really any information we can
get at some of the federal officials that are here at the scene but so far
we’re talking to some individuals just really stunned by what they’re seeing
here a normally peaceful neighborhood now at least shocked by this ongoing
investigation reporting live in Antioch and Matthew Torrez newsChannel five if
somebody is trying to run you over what you gonna do when you were citizens act
like this we get shot and hunted down with nobody at our defense probably
except our family but if you’re in illegal alien hey you got millions of
liberals just waiting to pay your rent hospital bills bond to get out of jail
an attorney food clothing anything for you want socialism mentality doesn’t
work I’m leaving it there I’ve had a field day today it was great to see
thanks for watching guys god bless until next time peace okay
guys I got a quick update before we go this scum that got away from ice is now
captured I was tripping out like how could this fool get away and I felt bad
even just leaving it at that but this fool just got captured he’s now in
custody check this out good evening an undocumented immigrant who was shot this
morning by an ice officer has surrendered to the FBI federal agents
say they were trying to take him into custody for being in the country
illegally the situation has sparked fear and a quickly arranged meeting for those
in the area newsChannel 5’s Kelsey Gibbs was at that meeting tonight where
community organizers say this could have been worse right now our community is
living in fear American Leone is talking about an incident early Thursday morning
involving a federal immigration officer firing shots while trying to take
someone into custody the incident this morning just brings awareness of why our
community should be more together than ever before the call came in around 7:00
a.m. of a shooting at the parking lot near Food Lion on Richards Road
surveillance video shows an unmarked law enforcement car parked in front of a
white box truck FBI officials say DHS officers were trying to stop a man from
Mexico in the country illegally who allegedly had been deported from the
us multiple times agents say the suspect tried to flee in the truck and drove
towards the agent when the agent fired two rounds the man was hurt but his
injuries as of right now are unknown this is where we prepare our community
to have an emergency plan Nellie on and other community organizers
are coming together in the same parking lot to remind immigrants of all
nationalities of their rights if we educate our community and we educate the
agents on how to approach these situations incidents like today will not
be happening Leon says the situation could have gone from bad to worse
Tennessee is a state that welcomes their neighbor and I believe that this is
where we come in as community and we try to educate our community on their rights
we try to educate them on what’s fair Kelsie Gibbs News Channel five

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