If you’re missing someone this Christmas this song’s dedicated to you – The Piano Guys ft Craig Aven

If you’re missing someone this Christmas this song’s dedicated to you – The Piano Guys ft Craig Aven

So last year, was a really tough year for us. We lost our daughter, Annie. People talk about grief, pain, fear, sorrow. All of these words, can’t really describe
how you feel when you really go through the loss of a loved one. Even though we held onto hope, that we would
somehow see her again, it was just a brutal time that we were going through, right at Christmas. It felt pretty hard to celebrate. And then I found this song. It was just a video on Facebook by this
Christian artist and he was singing about the very struggle I was having. As my wife and I listened to the words of
this song, it expressed exactly what we were feeling. It also gave us what we needed at the time. That was comfort. So many people struggle with loss at this
time of year, not just me. If you are missing someone this Christmas,
I want to dedicate this song to you. I also want to dedicate it to Annie, my
sweet Annie, who I miss very much. I’m not going to lie. Christmas really hurts this time. Cause you’re not here to celebrate with me. Tears fill my eyes. And memories flood my mind,
As I place your ornament upon our tree. Although this year I have a broken heart, It gives me hope and joy as I remember where you are. Chorus:
You’re with the Son of God. You’re with the Prince of Peace. You’re with the one we’re celebrating
And that thought amazes me. Sometimes I still break down,
Grieving that we’re apart, but But the sweetest gift is knowing where you are. You’re with the Son of God. Got your picture in a frame
And a stocking with your name. Oh God knows it’s been hard letting go. And I can’t bring you back,
But I’ll see you again. And oh, that thought is healing to my soul. I’ll miss making angels with you in the snow. I guess instead you will be singing with them all around God’s throne. Chorus:
You’re with the Son of God. You’re with the Prince of Peace. You’re with the one we’re celebrating
and that thought amazes me. Sometimes I still break down,
Grieving that we’re apart, But the sweetest gift is knowing where you are. You’re with the Son of God. And I know the Christmas season
Was your favorite time of year. You loved to help us decorate our tree. But now that you’re with Jesus,
I can’t imagine how you feel Cause He’s the one who bled and died
upon the tree for you and me. Chorus:
You’re with the Son of God. You’re with the Prince of Peace. You’re with the one we’re celebrating
And that thought amazes me. Sometimes I still break down,
Grieving that we’re apart, But the sweetest gift is knowing where you are. Yes. The Sweetest Gift is knowing where you are. Yes. The Sweetest Gift is knowing you’re in His arms. You’re with the Son of God.

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  1. Thank you for this song, it reminds me of my husband n my parents, parents in-laws, n a host of loved ones, thank GOD, they are all with JESUS, that fact comforts me, lovely lyrics n heart felt singing.

  2. I know that this is Anthony. If you are in the Temecula area please support this family. They were the only family that reached out to my husband and myself last year. They invited us to their Christmas 🎉. They truly are a remarkable family and a pleasure to be neighbors with. Anthony the lead singer helps with his Mother Tina’s business. He is an amazing and inspiring young gentleman. His whole family is remarkable, far from perfect but who is? Peace be with you and thanks for sharing your gift dude. Hugs and prayers. Happy New Year!

  3. Thank u for sharing such a BEAUTIFUL SONG, I’m so sorry for ur loss, my baby girl was still born on {JULY/28th/1984} I’m still greaving over loosing her every year wen her birthday comes I look up at the sky’s & say HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAVANNAH & every CHRISTmas is so hard to get through but I’m hoping to c her some sweet day, I miss her mire & more every single day, {SAVANNAH MARIE MOMMY STILL LOVES & MISSES U ALWAYS NOT A DAY GOES BY THAT I DONT THINK OF U} I was 7 months when my Dr induced

  4. Yesterday (5/1/2019) I lost my grandpa to pneumonia and too much carbon dioxide in his body. My great aunt died from pneumonia last year and it isn't even a year since her death and I still grieve. My grandpa didn't want to wear a mask as it was to stiff and uncomfortable so the nurses said they had to let him die happily if he won't wear it. I didn't want to see him I was soo scared. He died on his wedding annerversairy. My nan just cried from his time of death till when she slept. I hope he will be watching over me when I get my awards and when I leave secondary school. I hope he will help me in a way whether it's through my heart or it's through what happens in life to achieve what I never though I could or to choose the right career path and the right desicions. God help my past family to help me to be successful. I know it sound petty that I miss him and that everyone says about their children, neices, love of their life ect but we were alike and he helped me be who I am and I helped him with his fears. God take care of you dear grandpa

  5. February 12 coming up will be 2 years since I lost my best friend. February 13 was the day I found out that she had passed away! I miss her so much. I'm crying listening to this and thinking of her! RIP Melissa!!! I still love and miss you so much bestie!!! Hugs and kisses from down here! I'll see you on the other side someday!

  6. Thank you for sharing this song. We lost my sweet younger sister at 30 this year and while we know and hope that the words of this song are true for her, it’s hard to hold onto that and hearing this is one of many little things that help make it possible to to believe. Thank you.

  7. This song expresses everything we are feeling this Christmas season. Our beautiful 30 year old daughter died from an aggressive melanoma in October. Christmas was her favorite time of year and as we hung some of her ornaments on our tree and looked at her stocking with her name on it our hearts were breaking. I know she is also
    with Jesus, the Son of God, the Prince of Peace. That is our one comfort. Thank you for this beautiful song….our sorrow set to music!

  8. Here I am again, in 2019, to honor my Dad who died in early December of 2018! He was my hero! He was a great father, husband, brother, son, grandfather, and most of all a faithful member and servant of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! He is with the Son of God now! I sorely miss my Papa Ben!

  9. For my nephew 7/25/16-3/16/18 RiP sweet baby boy. We miss you so much and Christmas was so hard without this past year.

  10. This was just absolutely beautiful, a heart touching, and very comforting song. ❤️ You and your family will definitely be in my prayers. 🙏🏼
    God Bless

  11. I lost my mom Nov 29, 2018 after a brief but intense battle with cancer. Going through Christmas without her was so hard, we had only just lost her. I still don't know which way is up. She was my best friend, I could talk to her about anything, laugh with her, turn to her for guidance. It kills me to know she won't be there for my wedding, for when I have kids… for all those things moms are supposed to be there for. How do you pick up and carry on?

  12. I still have my children and grandchildren and feel all of your pain as I cant imagine the pain of losing them. My prayers are with all of you

  13. My great grandmother died of breathing problems and my grandma told me she’s gone and I didn’t go to school that day and this song busted me into tears I can’t lie

  14. I can listen over & over
    These lyrics are absolutely amazing….

    I just had a thought about the tree at Christmas…. is it to symbolize the tree/cross he died on.

  15. In November 22 , 2015 my family and i lived a nightmare ! both my brothers 33 and 29 years old lost their lives to Murder and soon a month and a half after i lost my mother in a car accident!! i cant and could not stop my tears for 3 years i pray to my lord for strengh and praying for their souls sake and i came upon this beautiful song, thank you ! and i stil break down ! ;.(

  16. I only heard this song for the first time this past Christmas, oh how it touches my heart for I know my beautiful 29 year old daughter Nicole is with Jesus. Christmas of 2018 was the 4th Christmas without her laughter and smiling face, oh how I miss her. She died of suicide Feb 27, 2015. I will never know why, but that doesn't matter, knowing will not bring her back. It has been a long hard road since she died. With God's help, sometimes with every step, I have made it so far. There is still a lot of guilt sometimes because after all, I'm her mommy and I should have seen it coming. I'm still working on that. This song says it all. She's with the Son of God. I will be with her someday, surrounded by His Glory. Praise God! He loves us all! I love you Nicole!

  17. My infant son died one horrible night in Missoula Montana.we were en route from Aldergrove BC to visit my extended family for Christmas. He was 3 weeks old. My Friend and I stayed up all night with him in the bathroom trying to make it easier to breathe in the hot mist. He just wasn’t strong enough for one more breath. In the morning, we needed to continue travelling to make it to Winnipeg in time to celebrate Jesus birth. We had an empty car seat. My heart was empty. My tears had run out.

  18. We've lost so many family members over the years that this song is perfect for those who have lost love ones especially during holidays. Holidays are the hardest to celebrate when u lose a love one during that time of the year. But I know that they are all with Jesus and they are all doing well, I feel my family close sometimes they let me know they are alright and to continue on with my life without them. God bless and bring comfort to all who have lost a love one and know they are okay where they are and they are still looking out for u.

  19. I've lost 3 unborn sibling and my grandmother, and listening to this song….
    I can't express it.
    You did a wonderful job on this song.

  20. I need the Lords support so much. My wife just lost her job yesterday and we will be homeless in two weeks. Please send us your prayers. I don't know how much more we can take. My only hope is prayers. I left an earlier post and I hoped things would get better but for some reason we keep being challenged. Today is my moms birthday and I miss her so much. I need hope because I am drowning in stress. I know when I see this video I should be thankful but I'm struggling people and I really need your prayers so please help us that way.

  21. Me hizo llorar. La pérdida de un hijo es lo mas duro y dolorso que un padre o madre pueda sufrir, un dolor así es muy díficil de sobrellevar sin una Fe fuerte, intensa y verdadera, que es lo que permite que la paz de Dios, que sobrepasa todo entendimiento guarde el corazón. Que Dios les bendiga y les llene de su amor, su paz y su misericordia. Gracias por esa hermosa canción, un himno de esperanza y fe para todos aquellos que estan sufriendo.
    Gracias Jon. Gracias por ese hermoso regalo. Dios con ustedes.

  22. In the last four years i lost seven close friends and relatives.
    But… that's something relatively easy to handle compared to the loss of a beloved person.

    I know the nameless pain, the struggle, the terror better than I would like.
    My wife passed away in the very early days of 2018. Ten years were given to us, ten years with lots of hard problems and trails to go trough.
    Her funeral was close to valentine's Day and exact four weeks before my birthday.

    Only people with similar experience can imagine what that means.

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  24. I spent my last Christmas with my granda last year and It kills me to know that he won’t be with us this year.

  25. I'm going through miscarriage right now. I am devastated. only God can get me through this pain. Jesus holds my sweet angel now.

  26. This song is magnificent, so beautiful and true. I love knowing our Savior. God Bless you and yours and comfort you in the loss of your sweet Annie. Thank you for sharing.

  27. I just want to know who are these people who hits the dislike button and for what reason that a father is showing his grief for his daughter or for those who are so much dissatisfied with their life for no reason and spends their night just in depression and crying. I am a no one but can't you just show some respect for the music itself.its healing people and will always heal the wounds of grief through the world and love your music guys just soulful.lots of love

  28. My Grandma died last Christmas and just the thought of celebrating Christmas without her hurts.
    Listening to this song hurt way more than I thought it would

  29. I love this song it is very important to me as my grandmother had passed away peacefully i every time listen to this song it is beautiful

  30. 3 days ago, I've been to my first TPG concert in berlin and was able to meet them in person. I am so thankful and impressed. Jon is an amazing person and even though he experienced a great loss, he is able to continue being a rolemodel and gifting us with such wonderful music – a music that inspires and makes us feel a lot of great things.

    You and your daughter, you'll always be united. You're all precious and amazing people! Thank you for spreading the love through music ❤

  31. I don't know what happen but I wish you and your beautiful girl will always be happiness even at the different place. <3
    keep going!!

  32. Miss you mom dad little brother Christopher Morgan Ellen Larry n my grandparents…….my best friend ever my Australian Shepherd ‘BUDDY’ the smartest dog I’ve ever seen and loved R.I.P everyone. Love Peter. 😢

  33. OMG; What a beautiful, emotionally, hopeful, Christion song,
    on beautiful realistic Text of Hop. The Song reflects my life wiht Jesus, olso.
    So I pray For yours daughter and Yours family. Thank you very much for This hopeful Song !!!

  34. The one time Steve plays the cello without smiling 🙁🙁my thoughts are with you Jon, it’s a beautiful song and I’m sure loads of people around the world feel really bad that this happened to your family

  35. This song is so beautiful and speaks to all of us, who have loved ones who have gone home! We know where they are and thank God, we will be there, too!

  36. July 3, 2019, my best friend and her twin children were killed in a horrific car crash in upstate New York. Sadly, the guy who hit them walked away with barely a scratch. She was 41 and the twins had just turned 14 two days before. I miss them so much

  37. God will always be with you and your loved ones. To feel grief is unnecessary. They are in a better place than we can imagine, so to wish them back is to wish them from the best thing that ever happened to them.

  38. Listening to this song helps around Christmas and helping my days go bye without the most Amazing and Wonderful Man, (Rob) who passed away the month before we were supposed to get married. Also missing my Mom and Dad.
    Thank you so much for singing and posting this song!

  39. I lost my Dad, Mother, & Step-dad, all in 3.5 years. Christmas was our favorite Holiday together. I haven't celebrated Christmas since then, can't get in the mood anymore. RIP to my Parents, I will see y'all one day..

  40. Love you so much Jon.
    From England, London, 24 year old male, you've saved my life. Seriously. 💕 you for ever.

  41. Thank you for this song, I understand how you feel, this song gave great relief to my grieving heart. I lost my 25-year-old son this year

  42. This song is touching me so much, we lost our mom 2011 just 1 week after Christmas.. she had cancer so this year will be another Christmas without her 😢

  43. I lost my grandfather 2 years ago and I found this song 2 months after he passed away and after i listened to the song but it help me get through everything that I was going through at the time and it helped me realize that my grandfather was in a better place now

  44. Damn this is so heart-throbbing. All these comments made me realized that I’m extremely lucky to have breathing parents, cousins, grandparents, friends, and pets. God bless you all. Merry Christmas guys. 💚

  45. What a beautiful song. My great-nephew passed away this spring. I will send this song on to my niece (his mum) at Christmas. I know it will give her peace. Thank you, Piano Guys.

  46. I lose my brothe to the drugs acid first and las time doing the drug ronald nival a real good heart kid rip bro i miss you so much i just hate the fact you not here. But you was the best person someone can get to know love you bro i would like to meet you again in another life i hope you happy is hard donw here but i miss you and juliett miss you too thank you bro for everything you did for me. God please forgive him thank you god

  47. We won't just grieve about her when we meet every chrismas. And think about this song. This is also cerebrating her to going next of God. Death is a end but while living, if she had struggled her best. Then there is no regrettable thing.

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