24 thoughts on “Igniting creativity to transform corporate culture: Catherine Courage at TEDxKyoto 2012

  1. Great video. I used to struggle with the idea of being creative. I used to be stuck in the traditional, artistic sense.

  2. Creativity is extremely important. When you cannot see things through the eyes of a child there are so many things you miss. I am a tutor for children private and public and other individuals as a Life improvement Coach and Mentor. Many times over I have to get the children to enjoy what they are learning by bringing them to the things they enjoy when it is play time. I do this with the young adults and grown adults. It is beautiful to see what they see after we have accomplished what we are striving for together as a team. I also let them know I am walking through this experience with them because "I want to learn too so "Neener Neener.'"

  3. Could not finish this video. Not real. Super companies may have the bandwidth to play with paper clips and rubber bands. The other 99% have to produce product to pay the bills within a validated process.

  4. Forgive me – I am not sure Thomas Edison invited the lightbulb – he was perfectioning someting others invented. But he made it really perfect.If you do not believe me, check out Wikipedia.Sorry if this sounds unpopular.

  5. That was one of the most useless TEDx talks I've ever heard. She's just regurgitating ideas that others talked about, wrote about, and taught about hundreds and thousands of time. All she adds to it is the typical TED emotive passionate pleading tone that irks the heck out of the listener. No wonder Citrix was in trouble in the first half of this decade, if this was what it's leaders were like.

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