Illegal Civilization – Short Film

Illegal Civilization – Short Film

Alright front blunt right here Front blunt Hey Mike come see what hater looks like you get out Hey can we get one try Get out get out get out Can we get one try one try GET OUT Get the fuck out What are you going to do? Get out get out Just get out Don’t put your hands on him Nobody’s putting their hands on him Chill out Chris chill out chill out Get out get out Stop fucking blocking my path Get out my fucking way Ay you might just get out of his way man Back up You might as well give him a try If you touch me I swear to God Nobody’s touching you Get out Watch out Just one try one try one try There’s no one try get out What is one try about to hurt you This Nigga a bitch We can get one try while you Call the punk ass cops nigga Like why is you trippin like call The police so fucking what We gon be gone By the time your fat ass come back Yea I just said it turn around Like your going to do something You ain’t going to do shit nigga You a bitch What’s up we still finna skate this rail Alright we gotta hurry up We gotta hurry up Alright come on Kevin come on Kevin Alright alright Let him get one try Let him get one try You guys don’t listen Why you pushing like that he gotta Come outside anyways Theres 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 … Come on my man 9 There’s too many of us Thats what it is nigga It’s too many nigga They don’t even give a fuck Fuck that gardner fuck that gardner We plugged up everywhere Cops came and did not bother us just now Helicopters circling He still landed that shit You guys ready How you guys about to get over Just throw that shit over Come on boy Toss it hut Aww y’all fence broke nigga I’m not even going to say nothing. Its going to be Amber rose going too far on this shit Fuck her Whats going on today man? This shit was good Nigga what?! I just snap the board His back broke it I told somebody else too I’m trying to go play golf with y’all Like at the driving range and all that Dude every Monday and Wednesday I go to the park and play water polo Do you? Like none of the dudes know i skate If you live and you only hangout with People like just cause they’re good at
skating Or just cause they’re popular or something You’re so lame thats one of that’s like One of the worse ways to live A lot of people live like that though Ay yo my board what the fuck! Ay Ay where you at man? Ay I just got into with this Weird ass security dude Like he was trippin like what the fuck Like I’m trying to leave right now I’m finna come to the park Bro are you at the park? alright Alright here I come I’m finna come Right now Oh what the fuck ? Dude Where is Black Mike dude we’ve Been waiting forever I’m growing fucking hairs on my face Waiting for this guy man Yo do you see that? What man? Look he’s right there Let’s go let’s leave please Let’s leave Jenny’s got spaghetti I don’t want to be here anymore Fuck Black Mike fuck him Gang gang gang man I C That’s K White let’s get it Let’s get it baby Let me see a lighter Where did you get this ssur lighter at? Yo please just try it please no please please Yo that’s my my drink No that’s mine Really crunch? where’s your bev? Shit my dad Go go go go Oh Hole in 8 I made it though in real life In real life Yo jenny, youremember Jenny? Yea anyway we at her house eating leftover spaghetti And shit and her fuckin Dad comes home Pissed off I look at his face And its the same security Black Mike was running from earlier I think he might of killed him Crazy fuck Yea yea that’s crazy He didn’t follow you here at all right? Ayyyyy woah woah woah My man Ahhh what the fuck Yo Dude The f*** I ain’t going to be the one to say shit Yo what the fuck, ay he’s gone Hold on no no He was just right there Two seconds ago Ay you saw him right? Hold on on Hold on Man I don’t know about all this shit man

100 thoughts on “Illegal Civilization – Short Film

  1. lmao i used to live by that school. I moved before i could attend there. woulda been sick to have met these guys

  2. The meatball and walk on water shit? This shit cool as fuck! I guess I was expecting a new skate crew documentary or something, but was pleasantly surprised. Keep it up guys! I am just at 8:28, so back to watching I go…

  3. Very unique lil video- I dig the short film vibe with a mix of that illigal civ skateboarding and comedy 😀 very nice 😀

  4. Mikey and them boys are high key smart tho so I dig this interpretive shit that you're going for, keep up the hard work- IC is a movement and I'm wit it

  5. i thought that lesbian black girl was a young dude at first.. so i was hella worried when that older girl was kissing on her.. thought she was banging a little kid.

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