Implementing a successful Corporate Social Responsibility strategy – Henry Group

Implementing a successful Corporate Social Responsibility strategy – Henry Group

My name is Ian Henry. I’m CR director of the Henry Group. The Henry Group consists of quite a few companies and we deal mainly in construction and civil engineering and manufacturing process throughout Northern Ireland and the UK. Corporate responsibility is very important to ourselves as a business. It helps us to channel the direction we want to go to help the people around us, the environment and our own workforce as well. We’ve always been involved in CSR activities throughout the years as the company evolved. We’ve really got into putting a name and a title on it I suppose over the last few years. That was mainly due to joining BITC (Business in the Community). ‘SENSE’ is the new brand strategy we have for CR and it really developed from our own workforce. We put out the challenge there to get somebody to come up with an idea for a strap line, if you like, so that we could use in different scenarios. It stands for Sustainable, Environment, Nature, Society and our Employees. My name is Jennifer Cruickshank and I’m a member of the CR team within the Henry Group. We have three key projects within the umbrella of CR including opening up our company nature park to local primary and secondary schools to help educate young children on the importance of biodiversity. We’ve also installed defibrillators in all of our regional offices and on our main construction sites, as well as donating one to a local school and our other main initiative would be teaming up with Business in the Community through their time to read programme. We encourage staff through a range of initiatives such as running competitions, issuing surveys, running focus groups all to encourage them to get involved and come forward with their own ideas. We measure the effectiveness of our activities through a range of methods be that benchmarking surveys against other employers as well as focus groups, feedback reports, attendance rates, response rates. We have undertaken the corporate responsibility standard core through Business in the Community and there is a great emphasis every two years when you renew that that you’re constantly renewing and updating your achievements within CR. The main advantage to ourselves is that it sets us apart where we can punch well above our weight when it comes to corporate responsibility. It enables us to punch well above our weight within the UK construction industry as well. If there’s anything we would have looked at differently starting again it probably would’ve been looking towards our workforce sooner for feedback and for ideas and initiatives. It’s the people on the ground, it’s the employees who are going to be using what we put forward and coming up with the better ideas. Any tips I would have for other companies that want to get involved with CR activities would be that you have to be in it for the long haul. You have to be engaging with a lot of communities, a lot of people getting feedback, some feedback you may not like so there’s a lot of different scenarios there to take on board. I think it’s very important to work with other companies to see how they handle their CR, get experience from them, get ideas from them. Moving forward with CR over the next year or two we’re very much focusing on internal health and well-being so we want to make sure our people are healthy. We want to make sure the environment around us is healthy as well so it’s really just driving forward those key areas. We will be continuing our work with sponsorships and local communities and local areas that we’re working with as well helping out schools and community groups.

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  1. I am in the US. I am serous about working in to help industry and community build better citizens through companies training their workforce from their communities. I think your video is a great gateway to start at and offers ideas. I was thinking more on the lines of building the communities economic condition by asking companies to train their up coming employees through programs funded by both them and their communities building the foundation for the future employee needs. I believe that a better community and a companies workforce will come hand in hand with a company that wants great employees and trust in their communities. The opportunities for companies would be great. The payback to the communities would be great as they have more of their citizens working bringing in tax revenues.

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