2 thoughts on “In Conversation: Chancellor-designate Nicholas Dirks

  1. I used to see this guy around Columbia's campus when I was a student. Even for an Ivy League school in New York City, he seemed aloof.

  2. Why were the comments disabled for the Q & A session today (3.14.16)?
    This question was never answered:
    The centennial of the 1916 Irish Easter Uprising (Éirí Amach na Cásca) in Dublin, Ireland is this spring. This was inspired by our own revolution of 1776, also against the English. Furthermore, in a macabre twist of fate, last year's Berkeley balcony collapse happened on the feast day of the Irish bishop George Berkeley, and on James Joyce's Bloomsday (16 June). In light of these two significant events, would you consider an endowment to establish a new Irish department and chair at UC, Berkeley to honor the Irish students who died on Kittredge Street, and the citizens of 1916 who gave up their lives in their fight for freedom?

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