Indian culture in Mauritius | Food | Hindi

Indian culture in Mauritius | Food | Hindi

This is our schoolbook What is the name of your school? Pt Sahdev Government School We are in Grade 5 What is your name? We are going to start our day from this place This is an old Sugar factory Sugarcane is an important element in the economy of Mauritius That is why many people were brought from the Eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar (India) to Mauritius during early 1800 British were ruling in India and Mauritius in those days British brought Indians as indenture labourers to Mauritius Indians thought that they will come here and return back after making good money but they settled here for ever Those people are the reason of Hindi, Hinduism and other Indian values in Mauritius Now we are going to visit the sugar factory This is Sugar World, an old factory She is Devina from Mauritius 400 MUR is the entrance fee for this museum Lets start from here That film shows how Mauritius was born Due to the solidification of the lava from Volcanic eruptions this island came into existence This island was first spotted by the Arabs They accidentally reached here So this is how the first humans landed here Thereafter, French and British came here What is ‘Sugar’ said in different languages! but which is this language! I am enjoying the Sugarcane What is this! This is our school book Which is your school? Pt Sahadev Government School In which class you study? Grade 5 What is your name? My name is… My name is… My name is… My name is… They study Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, etc. in School It was a pleasure to meet you all I am at …. This is a French name Most of the locals speak French My friends have gone to visit the Chateau They are like the Havelis of Rajasthan 390 MUR is the entrance fees I am going to edit a video Let me share an important information You will need a universal adapter to charge your electronic gadgets in Mauritius I bought this from Boston, USA You have to use these pins in this country Grand Baie is a famous tourist village There are a lot of hotels You can get a bike or motorbike on rent This is a beautiful church but I am not able to pronounce the French name properly This is also a sightseeing place but this is not the good time to visit The sun is very bright This is a traditional game lets go its 7:40 pm We are going to have dinner at a local’s home Namaste, You are welcome Please feel at home You dont have to remove shoes We speak in Hindi and Bhojpuri Guests are like God in our culture Ladies are treated as Goddess This is how we welcome our guests we dont eat Beef and Pork but we eat Chicken and Fish My child is bit shy My daughter is married My Mother-in-law is not at home (Reciting Hanuman Chalisa) Red is an auspicious color, symbol of fire Most of the homes of Hindus in our country are like this Where were your parents born? My Parents were born in Mauritius My Great Grand Fathers came from India This is Dal Poori Lets begin the Mauritian food (which looks like Indian) in Indian manner We receive guests at our home every Thursday, Fridays and sometimes even Saturdays These guests come from the hotel My Name is Tulsidas Mohan I found this system quite interesting We are staying in Hotel Zilwa Attitude There we came to know that they have a programme… where their guests are given an opportunity to have dinner at a local’s home so that they can experience the local culture We requested them to arrange something like that for us Usually I travel like this only I love to stay with them, eat with them… so that I can learn about their culture Most of the tourists visit beaches and other places in Mauritius but do not get to learn about our culture so they come here for that I am feeling so good to be here Thanks for your hospitality

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  1. Mauritius walo ko hamare taraf she shader parnam jo ki apni bharatiy sanskrit sanjoy kar rakhe bahut bahut dhanywad Mauritius ke bhaio bahano yevg matao ko

  2. Sale bihari bolne me srm ata h avi agr athor country me koi indian kuch glt are to tum log bihari asa kya kah kah kr bihar ko badname krte ho or jab bihari. Kuch difrent kare to sale indian bol ke uski pehchan chipa dete ho

  3. Sir Muje Ak Baath ki Jankari Chahiye, Sir May Hamari Sanatani Hindu Dhorom KO bohot Manta hu , May Foren May Cum Karen kaliye isliye nehi jata hu ,kiuki Foren may Company ka ondar vi worker ne Beef Khata hay,a Muje posond nehi hay, May Mauritius may cum kaliye jana chata hu, plz boleye Mauritius may India jaysa Gai KO Manta hay ki nehi ? Or Hotel may or public place may muslim ne beef Khata hay ki nehi ? Plz plz plz boleye.May apka answer kaliye intejar kar raha hu

  4. As a mauritian l dont wanty country yo be compared as little india ! My country was discovete by arabs first ,dutch. French then england we have hindus christians muslims chinese living peacefully here we are inlike india we are educated people 80% here are owner of their home

  5. I like that school children speak in Hindi. Once more salute the children.Our national language speak. thanks once more.

  6. वरूण भाई आपका वीडियो बहुत पसंद आया आपने मारीशस की भारतीय संस्कृति से परिचित कराया ….धन्यवाद ….आभार आपका….इसी प्रकार भारतीय संस्कृति से परिचित कराते रहे……

  7. हिन्दी अच्छी भाषा है
    🇮🇳जय हिन्द जय महाराष्ट्र

  8. 13:35 Sousou ( A vegetable). Sousou in India is said for Piss (this is why the guy said Bombay ke har deewar pe milta hai…) . But here sousou is a vegetable. In hindi sousou is called "lounku".

  9. Let me be your teacher :

    Mauritius is a Hindu majority country which practises Hinduism !!!

    Mauritius is a peaceful country because of Hindus and Hinduism unlike countries in the world which practise Abrahamic Monotheism I mean Judaism, Christianity and Islam !!!

    Jai Shree Radha-Krishna !!! Jai Shree Sita-Ram !!! Jai Shree Gauri-Shankar !!!

  10. Can you please come to Fiji please? Our ancestors were also brought from India as slaves. We also maintain the original Indian culture.

  11. Mauritius men sab creole bolthe hain jo bigdee huwee French he. Main ne Mauritius waasiyon se poochhnePar patha chala. Yahaan Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil kuchh naheen.

  12. Jay hind….. Itne salo ke bad bhi Indian culture ko apnaye rkhe he…. Bhot hi badhiya….. Yhi hmara culture…… Jay hindutva…..

  13. बहुत अच्छा Video बनाया है ! कि मुझे तो यह वीडियो ढेख कर ही पता चला, हमारा भारत भी अलग ढेशो में बसा हूआ हैं।
    I salute you sir for making this videos. Thank you so much,,,,

  14. Dhal Puri.. looks exactly like the puri we make in Guyana. Our relatives and friends from India, though they are quite puzzled by it, they love it. 🙂

  15. Mujhe lga…AAP UP- Bihar mein aa gye….☺️APni bhasha aur culture se aj bhi Jude hn …bhot Khushi Hui sabko dekh ke… Thanks Varun 🤓👍

  16. Ungracious bunch of guests visiting a local home for dinner and passing rude comments over the dinner table. No wonder, Indians aren't really welcome in most places. What was that comment about "susu"on most walls in Bombay? Travel well, my friends…travel well….do not carry an uncouth attitude and behavior that you exhibit in your own country.

  17. I am in Guyana and Daal-puri is very popular among all sections of Guyanese. But local Indo-Guyanese cannot speak Hindi or understand Hindi as indo-Mauritians speak and understand.

  18. Bhai ham bhi abhi Mauritius portlouis me hi hu. Mauritius bahut – bahut beautiful country hai. And Mai siwan bihar se Hu.

  19. Mauritius is not mini india xD .. I'm mauritian and the family you met normally its not like this here .. they did it for the video 😂😂

  20. Chouchou in Mauritius is not same as you can see on INDIA walls. It's a local vegetable called Chokos in English . Thanks for making videos of Mauritius. You make me remember of my country.

  21. Mauritius is mauritian, not mini India. Here we are not divided/classified. We are a nation and live like a family.

  22. Hello, Rent pr bike ya car hum lete hai tb vaha police aapka driving license check krti hogi na ? To kya hm log vaha pr rent pr vehicle le skte hai?

  23. Father of Nation of Mauritius is an Indian, his family was from Great and Historical Bihar province, but channel ignored this "Important Fact"

  24. 2018 march me Mauritius me Hindu musalim dande hua shivratri ke aas pass musalmano ne bahut sare murti Tor dale the aur picture bhi Google per available hai aur news bhi

  25. Please don't call my island mini india, only some people in the north speak some kind of indian language. The most spoken language of Maurice is patoit or French Creole, not hindi. Maurice is a rainbow island made of many cultures, not only indian, and even though most us have east indian ancestors, we dont accept and like hindi, or any languages connected to it to be spoken in public. We are a multicultural island where everyone lives in peace together and speak a national language, so please take your language back to your country. Whenever you come to Maurice, make sure you are speaking English or French, we will gladly welcome you, and don't try to impose your native language here. Thank you.

  26. मुद्दे की बात तो अब बताई अपने 02:50
    गन्ना खाया नही जाता,
    गन्ना चूसा जाता है।।। 😂😂👍👍

  27. दाल पुरी बंगाल में भी बहुत फेमस है बहुत अच्छा लगता है

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