Indian Sculpture Debunks History – Shows Ancient African Civilization

Indian Sculpture Debunks History – Shows Ancient African Civilization

Hey guys, this is the Konark Sun Temple in
India, and I am going to show you a sculpture that flies in the face of mainstream history.
Historians claim that Africa had no connection with India until Vasco Da Gama reached India
in 1498. But look at this carving, it clearly shows
a Giraffe on the left side and all its legs, body and long neck are shown with remarkable
accuracy. Notice how even its face, the ears and even its long tail are carved perfectly
depicting a real giraffe. This is incredible, because Giraffes are found only in Africa,
and this temple was built no later than 1250 A.D. And Giraffes are not found in Egypt,
where we know advanced civilization existed, but are found far down south in the African
continent. According to historians Vasco Da Gama was the first person to ever visit India
from Africa. They claim that he had briefly explored Africa, before reaching India in
1498. How is an African Giraffe accurately carved at least two hundred and fifty years
before Vasco Da Gama’s arrival to India? Let us to take a good look at the entire carving.
It clearly shows an Indian King sitting on an Elephant on the left side. You can even
see another person sitting in front of him who controls the elephant. On the right side,
you can side several people wearing long skirts standing on the ground. The clothing and the
faces are carved distinctly different from other Indian sculptures, to show that they
are African people. It also looks like they are lifting a few other people who are giving
something to the Indian King. On the far right you can see the Giraffe, and a young boy sitting
on it, while there is bystander watching this entire scene.
Did this meeting happen while an Indian King was traveling to Africa? It’s less likely
because the sculptor who carved this, would have not have seen it. It’s much more likely
that African travelers visited India way before Vasco Da Gama, which is not mentioned in anywhere
in History. And whether this journey took place through land or water, it is truly a
remarkable feat to bring a Giraffe alive through such a long trip.
So, now we know that India was connected to Africa, centuries before what the history
claims. It also proves that ancient Africans had a very advanced civilization that was
capable of making journeys to other continents. Thanks to the Indian sculptor for carving
such an accurate scene, because without this we would just be depending on mainstream historians.
I hope you liked this video, and please don’t forget to comment. Also, I am finding a lot
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100 thoughts on “Indian Sculpture Debunks History – Shows Ancient African Civilization

  1. African slaves have been present in the Indian subcontinent since 711AD when Mohammad Bin Qasim annexed Sindh province in Pakistan.

    Vasco Da Gama brought Africans to India much later.

  2. That means you didn't know abt Emporar Asoka's missionaries sent by him to spread Buddhism in the whole world .

  3. When I was at school history was my passion. I loved it, and to me it explained the mysteries of the world. Now I’m a great deal older I realise that the history of the human race only runs from the last Ice-Age and even that has been fudged with many artefacts and structures being attributed to cultures and times that never built them. From the perspective of those who have gained their academic qualifications based on these half-truths, it is in their interest to continue the lies or they don’t get paid. There are of course some notable exceptions, some people who try and get the truth out and I think you are one of them.

  4. What dumbass is writing history ??
    Whoever narrates this video is also dumb on history !!

    There were 18 dynastic kings and queens in the land that has been divided and broken into different countries .

    For all the dumbass people out here that will not do their own research on history , India was not always India .

    Before the evil arrived from Europe , the entire area that includes India was apart of the African Continent .

    All were under African Kings and Queens for atleast 18 dynastic ruling periods .

    History in America is but a lie

    Everyone in that land were tanned and Black hair .
    Europeans arrived as evilness in killing and raping all in their path.
    Now everyone has less of a tan but still have the black hair .

    A video like this is sickening , telling BS stories and hiding the truth still , after all these years .
    Blacks were throughout the entire region and were the leaders until over 50 million were slaughtered.
    Most think that the mass murder of Jews were bad but the mass murder of over 50 million Black Jews were as of little significant .

  5. I had a dream when I was a kid I don't know if I was there or I was just watching the dream but I was walking through the desert or I was seeing people walk through the desert it was a dark skin Asian Indian looking female with a dark black hijab down to the foot we look like Norm ads but she was with African looking people and I'm an African-American I don't know why I had that dream I knew nothing about India in Africa at that time

  6. Ancient Egyptians had pictures of Giraffes.   Also apparently kept live specimens.    Phonecians / Carthage and Tyre apparently traded with the whole world.      Egypt also had a dedicated sea fleet but then retired them and buried the ships in the desert.

  7. Are you guy's that desperate to prove Africans might've done something that a single carving of a Giraffe warrants a video! Then off of the discovery of this Giraffe it's automatically assumed A great African Advanced civilization must've been a major part of it! I've even seen comments accusing White Supremacists! This is so apparently false and easily debunked by taking roll call of all the supposedly Greatest minds of our times around the Globe! Berkeley,Harvard, Geneticists ,archeologists their all very Left leaning,most Cultural Marxist that lie,smear and hide anything that is European in origin or is tied to European at all! Almost All the corruption has taken place the last 100 years by Leftist that want to make everything fit into their out of Africa Theory and anything or Anyone deviate from that is quickly quarantined and cut off or attacked as a fraud! So either quit being afraid of the Truth or your just a Racist yourself!

  8. People made vasco da gama a hero Indians were doing marine trade long before vasco stepped in india.Change the history

  9. Kumari Khandam ….lost civilization in the Indian ocean once connected southeast Africa . Ethiopia to india…. Putting the puzzle together

  10. Africans have ancient connections all over the world. Chinese have ancient records of Africans coming there on large ships with fully grown giraffes and elephants trading with them. There's a reason they where called Moors (also known as sea navigators and sea merchants). They owned and ruled the open seas for thousands of years. Proven Facts

  11. respected sir in 1326 ibna batuta from morroco visited in tughlaq and he was a judge in his court ps do look in that matter and explore some light over….thanks i m great fan of u

  12. There are many flaws in our history books. They need scientific evaluation and rectification by people like you. Thank you

  13. Perhaps mainstream history is riddled with opinions and not entirely factual. Sometimes personal view points are difficult to separate from our communique.

  14. Until the “ whites” got technologically advanced enough to travel round the world ( they were late into the scene) inter national inter cultural exchanges between Africans Arabs Indians Chinese Polynesians were going on over centuries Notably there was no racial twist or element to group claimed that their skin colour was prettier or superior and differences in facial features etc were simply taken as they were and not made the focal point of interaction between the races

  15. Obviously failed basic genetics and physical anthropology let alone linguistics and history. The ancient Egyptian pharaohs were Caucasian Semitic not sub Saharan African blacks

  16. indians are africans ,the term hindu cush is there because both cush are brothers you had eastern cush and western cush,the cushites,egyptian preist became buddha etc,but here is the twist africans and hebrews look the same so wqas it hebrews or or africans in india?considering africans were already there?

  17. Now there going to make some bs claim that giraffes were in Asia and got extinct and cmon guys every race has a top ancient civilization why would only us Africans not have one? it’s racism at its finest black can’t build the great Zimbabwe blacks can’t build the Adams calendar only Arabs and aliens can it’s ridiculous now every human race had an advanced civilization Europeans destroyed a lot of african civilizations speaking of great Zimbabwe they did trading with Asians so it’s possible the giraffe could’ve been from them

  18. We have already studied in our school history books that India was selling spices and rice to the african thousands years ago in ancient India and in return Indian received Gold from africa.

  19. There is a greater need, especially in the 21st century, if we want to understand the real nature of human evolution, we should fend off the predisposition of the western narrative of the history, and establish something of our own. I appreciate Mohan's endeavor.
    The western narrative of history was the result of hurt of self esteem.
    The European emergence in and around the 14th century and sudden prominence within a short period of time made them go wacko.
    Hence the history became his majestic story (HMS), similar to HMV records.

  20. I love your videos man so much information I would have never learned anywhere else. I would love to come fly a drone and film you at one of these sites one day

  21. In fact Vasco DeGama came with a Gujarati trader who had 10-20 times the bigger boat… and he laughed at the primitive shit that white missionary was drooling in… but as always.. our charitable act to any foreigner leads to backstabbing in our own backs.. starting from Raja Dahir of Sindh (who gave shelter to Mohammad's family – being butchered by his own arabs)

  22. The Christian god Jesus is satan the devil and he is not coming back… Christian's worship satan with a human sacrifice of Jesus to satan… you've been deceived… repent accept Jahovah an do good works.

  23. Don’t forget the Sea level was 300 feet lower and there was a huge continent in between India and Africa easily crossed with a ship according to Graham Hancock the sea level rose after a meteorite hit the planet and melted

  24. I am wondering how our ancient, understand European going to rewrite our history. That’s what they spend time on all of this.

  25. history created by winner..and the modern winner is once barbaric whiteman who cannot accept and cannot understand how other races were acctually white people forcing other races with their history of civilization as everyone civilization,so now why we can find a lot a contradiction,and need to learning in school that stupid evolution idea,stone age shit…

  26. Africans have played an important part in Indian history. Remember the Slave dynasty. Also the Siddis who are very much part of Indian life.

  27. Guys… Look at it in a different angle. Africa Middle East Afghanistan and India were connected and have common animals like elephants, Lions, Cheetahs and several other animals in common
    Indian cheetahs are extinct (only leopards left now) Gujarat King saved the last 4 lions after extensive hunting and through inbreeding and protection, they reached over 400 lions now.

  28. Im really sick of eurpean lies n coverups. Always wanna hide black narrative just to make themselves shine. You cannot hide Greatness! Only idiots believe they are the civilizers as they would like for the world to believe.

  29. I don't want to dismiss the idea that ancient sub-Saharan Africa had advanced civilizations I actually think they must have however giraffes and sculptures in India more easily explained bye the existence of giraffes in India before they went extinct India has elephants or did at one point as does Africa China had tigers but not anymore it's far easier to accept the evolution of giraffes either prior to the separation of the sub-continent of India from Africa or a independent convergent evolution of giraffes in India and Africa at the same time rather than explaining withhout neevidence a seafaring civilization from Africa traveling to India there is zero evidence to support that however there's mountains of evidence to support the evolution of giraffes in both India and Africa

  30. Do u know bro. 2 years ago I had been to a place in Odissa-Jharkhand border called Benisagar. It is also under custody of ASI. But neglected. They say it was inhabited in 5th cent. Its a small place but although I dont have much archeology knowledge by common sense I can say it dates back to 3000 yrs. There are mass yajna pithas. Small mini bricks I had never seen anywhere. Locals said it was of some Vedic Rishi. A huge statue of Ganesha snd Durga has been excavated. U can find the great temple of Khiching nearby made of black basalt. Itz smazing. A mini local museum is also there. Pls visit and put some research light on it. U can find the location on google map too. Thanks. Pls do something.

  31. Ok ya that make sense, and yes majority of history of these regions was recorded by a culture that didn't care to be proven wrong. A sentiment that has changed in recent decades and it will still take time for the history books to reflect this

  32. Wikipedia does not mention these details. Can someone upload this detail of Indian connection with Africans in Konark Temple Page ….

  33. I’m so glad to find your video I’ve been looking for proof of ancient India knowledge vs Egyptian knowledge and who is older. I want to get to the bottom of it!

  34. If you read the book 1424 of Gavin…. you get total new ideas about before Vasco da gama.
    They traveled often with musicians,writers and sculptures.

  35. Is this a revelation? I'm sorry if this dampens your enthusiasm, but red sea trade to India was going on in full force anually from at least the time of Augustus onward to Ottoman times.

    Furthermore, the Romans began importing Giraffes to Italy in the 1st century BC, and by the 1st century AD, Giraffe was a delicacy, and were not infrequently imported. Romans were eating Giraffes! So there was much contact between the Mediterranean Roman world, and India, as well as the later Islamic empires and India. The Konark Sun temple is on a coastal trading area. There's no doubt the Indians, and even Chinese would have known of Giraffes.

    None of what I have shared is any "secret of history." This information can be easily attained online.

  36. What it looks like to me is an Indian king travel to Africa and that's why you see African people greeting him with a giraffe the Indian king being on the elephant indicates that he was the one traveling not the Africans that were on foot you are not qualified to interpret picture

  37. Thisss is somali history it was somalis who went to China and India Indonesia somali had a vast maritime industrie and they where wel aware of the different races cultures and lands they u every since 2500bc began trading with the ancient egyptians babylonians indians ancient Greece and the Chinese and indonesia making it one of the world first trade nationale thats why u got a lot of somali cities that are millenias old and got so many ancient constructions!!!! lots of people love to steale somali history

  38. Dear sir please come and explore central india I will guide you and assist you there are many places ti be explored

  39. There is Great Zimbabwe town in Africa which was build with stones without any mortar hundreds years ago. The local legend says that " it was build by black people with LONG black hair. This fits perfectly to your story about India travelers to Africa.

  40. Historians are assholes. Never told true stories bcz they only gave us fake stories for pramote their bandits. If you see indian history then vasco da gama and columbas didnt find their dick even. They go for business in arabs and their tgay meet indian businessmen and like that they came with them to india. This both are biggets bandits of europe . And because of their fight one of pope of that time devide them with 2 region east and west

  41. I absolutely love your videos. I've learnt so much about real history thanks to your non-eurocentric viewpoint. You should do a collaboration with Home Team History about Africa's links with India.

  42. A Giraffe, are you fucking serious ,what if one of them happen to see a giraffe and liked it so much that decided to put it on he's art ,I know alot of artist that put things that they like on their art ,imagine of we all die and they just find this artist paintings or carvings like the ones on this video ,and some dummy finds them and sees a painting of a lion and next to the lion he puts a killer whale and a monkey riding the whale, then he makes a video saying back in the days this 3 animals got along real good and whales lived on land with the Lions and monkeys ,the whales dint know how to swim millions of years ago until one day the monkey push the whale to the ocean and learn to swim and never came back to land again ,those are facts cuz he gots the art to prove it.just like this video ,smh.

  43. An Indian man said that giraffes taste good.

    Indians would travel to Africa before any African could travel to India.

  44. Indians hate black people it’s a known fact here in America that black skin is seen as a curse like your Aryan counterparts

  45. The giraffe (Giraffa) is a genus of African even -toed ungulate mammals, the …. Bohlinia entered China and northern India in response to climate change.
    Giraffes were also in Europe.

  46. Europeans came to know that blood flows in the body only in the 1500s. It was taken for granted in other cultures way before. BVB., USA.

  47. There are giraffes in Chinese inscriptions too. They were taken there as a gift among royal family members as an act of diplomacy to one another

  48. Listen to me carefully, Alexander the great visited India and it was more than 1000 years earlier than the portuguese Vasco da Gama.

  49. If the carving shows a giraffe and local African villagers, could it have been that the King of India visited Africa?

    WHAT'S SAY Mr erich von daniken ABOUT OUR ( Ancient Aliens In India?) SIR????


  51. Reckon we were all feed a load of shit for our history lessons when we went to school doesnt it !,, Vasco de garma was only one of thousands of captains of ships that sailed the rrealms oceans !as in Australia and New Zealand being visited thousands of years ago by Chinese as well !

  52. mainstream history is written by the youngest race on the planet who happen to have the most power, so of course its full of shit

  53. Africa and India were connected. Even yoga has African origins (ancient Egypt),also known as Kemet. I consider the connection of Ancient Egypt influencing ancient India to have a history that very few people know.

  54. May be giraffes existed in India during that time when the Sun temple was built and later became extinct,… how Asiatic lions still exist in India ( only in India,..the origin of place ) apart from the origin and presence of ita big brethern the African lions in African continent.There is evidence among the historians that cheetah did exist in South India long long ago during medieval times but became extinct due to seasonal and immunity reasons.

  55. Most probably the tamil have knowledge even from the mayan civilization not only from africa, some scientist claim ,they have been find even the easter island and all this statues was made from them .With them Vimanas space ship was easy to fly everywhere ,i think they was connected even with the inkas ,most probably them god Viracocia would be one from them sfmy spelling !

  56. India may be once in African Continent & then separated from Africa to Join Asia due to plate shifting …..caves those days had painting of Giraffe & primitive Africans…may be that could have been copied …

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