100 thoughts on “Inner Earth Civilizations Exist & I Can Prove It

  1. Few months after I first uploaded this video it was demonetized and deemed unsuitable for viewers by YouTube. I contacted them by e-mail and they said that after a manual review they confirmed it's unsuitable. When I asked why, they said they can't answer. Then I re-uploaded this video, a few days later my entire channel got demonetized. Thanks to all of your help and support you showed by Tweeting to YouTube they reinstated my monetization and now I post this video for the third time. I disabled the notification because I don't want you to get spammed for the 3rd time with the same video, but this is one of my favorite videos and my channel without it is not the same. Thank you for your support 💜

  2. The Talmud states that there are six countries within the earth And every country has a different name and there are weird people there

  3. It could be considered unsuitable because it's a blend of pseudoscience, lies and complete, utter nonsense. However YouTube is full of this, so not fair to just flag your production. It's not more nonsensical than Millions of other videos on YouTube

  4. Thank you so much for this well researched and wonderfully narrated video. I know that the earth is hollow and there are many civilizations living down there and they are loving and peaceful and very intelligent. They have much to offer us if only we would stop being so violent and intolerant to new ideas. Good job! Keep up the good work. I loved it!.

  5. Stop lieing to people, your giving them false hope for a better life. Making young people think there a better life in your fantasy land middle earth

  6. You've said that you could "prove it". But you didn't. What you've done is copying quotations and beliefs of some experimenters, but Science is about empirical facts, not about personal beliefs of experimenters.

    If you continue to burrow, temperature approximately increases 1°C every 65 mtrs down below the earth. Which is why a concept called Geothermal Gradient has come into existence. You could check for an article on GG to learn more. About heating because of radioactive decay of various isotopes.

    I could easily have ignored your video but posted because there are many gullible people out here who need protection.

    Your idea of a hollow earth is a model that requires very complex Engineering and Scientific designs to be self-sustaining. A simple Tsunami-level earthquake would destroy civilisations inside Hollow Earth. In general, science is very simple.

    Assuming that there is indeed a hollow earth, what would people from our world do? They would immediately flock down there in search for jobs. Once they have jobs, they would seek security, sexual pleasures and controls. Create another replica of our society there.

    Why is it that greater beings, if they are indeed there, would allow such degradation of their 'perfect society'? Isn't our known world saturated enough by these problems of scarcity, hostility, poverty, lack of governance and so on?

    Man is just another animal, beneath a thin veneer of pseudo-rationality. But I am posting here to register my observation against your video to try to protect the Gullibles.

  7. I watched part of the video and I've read a lot of comments it is a fact nobody knows shit and until I see firsthand I don't know shit either one of the best cases of divide and conquer I've ever seen

  8. 6:36 the reason planes don't fly over the north or the south poles is because their gps systems don't really work well there, because they are dependant on the earths magnetic field, and at the poles that magnetic field is all kinds of wonky.

  9. That's me. My head is chucker blocked. I don't know what's true or not true. Shame,,, internet, like the telly is a powerful educational tool,,,but instead it's all tits'up.  Watch/listen to something long enough and it becomes believable or gullible. I think I'll just sit off and hold my own for awhile. nite nite all.

  10. My memory says the scene "polar openig/ rotating vortex filmed from the MIR" is from a movie (the name of which I can't recall right now)…. Apart from the almost foreground music (too loud, too unrestful) and referring to Corey Goode, a implant mind-controled dark SSP dis-info psy-op, convincing & well made video! Would be great if you could remake it with less loud & obtrusive music. MAHALO

  11. 🤣😂😂😂. Clickbait at its finest. Ive personally been to all these places and nothing like this exist. 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. This is not true. Another conspiracy theory. If this was true, this would be hated by lots of people: but they don’t, in fact so called “woke” people enjoy these kind of videos.

    Just saying…

    You want to know the truth?

    Yahshua Ha’machiach is God! He died for your sins. I know you always here these stuffs and just ignore it without even understanding the gift that He gave us. People! Jesus Christ died for you, isn’t that a wonderful answer to all your questions in life?

    And yeah, I know… People will hate me for this comment. I get it. Because it’s the truth! Have I said anything wrong? Yohooo? Stop hating the truth. If you disagree with this, it’s fine, but have you conduct a deep-unbiased research about this topic? I bet you don’t, because if you did, you are not here disagreeing with this amazing truth.

    Also, the earth is FLAT. Don’t believe this globe earth spinning-marble thing. Seriously! Go research about the proofs of the globe earth and proofs of the flat earth, then weigh it out. You’ll see that the flat earth proof is more realistic than this globe earth lie. Well, anyways.

    Jesus Christ is God! Don’t believe me? Try to pray to Him with all your heart. Without any pride in your heart. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

    May God bless anyone who reads this.

  13. It's so eazy sun have megnetic pull that pull all the planet and then the space is cold so it is an effect like cold ice react to magnet it stays in place and roll


  15. Hollow earth. . . I know of Admiral Byrd. My grandfather was his engineer for a while, and he told me his stories when I was young.
    The earth may have huge void pockets in the crust, but Earth isn't "Hollow".
    Volcanoes couldn't happen if it were, nether, could our protective magnetic fields exist if it truly were.
    If there are places and things as such, our general population will be kept in ignorance, for if it is as told, that would be the end of the energy cartels. And That is a known fact.

  16. Has anyone notice that Bird's last journal entry was in the year 1956 and NASA was started in 1957.🤔 Hmmmm. Ever since then our attention has been (mis)-directed to look up toward "space" exploration in the media and science fiction movies especially from then on!. Hmmm!🤔 Most of humanity dosen't even give it a second thought to look down toward inner space. Hmmm🤔.

  17. I watched a Netflix video about these two people modern day explorers. They when all the way to the north pole and just past it. But they soon encountered a Canadian government sign the say no one was allowed to go any further north. Hmmm? They were dayum near no mans land when they found the sign. Go figure!

  18. 7:25 It's a gas planet how can there be a hole? Why spread all those fake videos. It's literally impossible for earth to be hollow

  19. Really really you are saying really . So let's go we can open an travel agency and can make more money than upload videos on YouTube 😂

  20. what holds the earth in orbit? it rotates and circles the sun, whats stopping it plummetting downwards or upwards what keeps it on circuit?

  21. Just FYI – Alice Bailey channeled Lucifer and she supported the luciferian New world order under a one world religion – worshiping Lucifer. Read her books. The UN was created to accomplish this. Look up Lucis trust – formally known as Lucifer trust.


  23. It is the same concept as putting a bunch of stuff in a blender and blending it, you look down inside a circular holes formed in the middle while all the contents tried to form on the outer brim due to severe spinning gravity, and force pressing a Hollow Circle in our crust and makes sense for the earth to hollow itself out.

  24. "Everything we know is a lie" and yet most people just beLIEve what they were fed without question. And NEVER venture beyond the surface of their own ignorance…
    This is a nice piece exploring the possibilities of our environment. Sorry to hear you are being punished for thinking out loud.

  25. Today's science is geared towards people who want to believe everything they hear. Thank you for your inclusive documentary. Excellent job.

  26. Since the unexpected death of Admiral Byrd there has been no authority figure who can testify to the facts. All we have is speculation and supposition.
    My opinion, the Earth is flat with an Inner Earth beneath. Space is fake, it’s worth over $50m per day to NASA. UFO’s are real but they’re not from space.

  27. where is the proof?
    these days people use mostly data from sources that are known liars.
    imho just another theory just like the ball earth, flat earth,hollow earth,big bang,gravity etc ,etc.

  28. For someone who claims to know so much, she sure doesn't know what happened to Columbus. "Christopher Columbus was arrested and returned to Spain in chains. In 1502, he was accused of heresy and stripped of his noble titles." Among the things he mentioned were the "lights in the sky" while sailing in what is now called Puerto Rico's territorial waters and how his ships were destroyed in what we know as the Bermuda Triangle. No secret that PR is one massive system of caves and that Columbus was not the first, nor the last to talk about the "lights". And that the US closes one of the roads in the El Yunque rain forest at night due to the disappearances. But outside of that, really good information.

  29. The early people say the earth was flat. I believe it is flat with an inner city in the pole. And the south pole ice surround the entire eath. And that was according to Admirel Bryd. And other early founders say the same. The earth doesn't spin it was made by God and he says in Genisis that there are 4 pillars holding the flat earth with the firmament over the earth keeping the waters from the dry earth. NASA says alo t of things which are lies from the get go. NASA stands for lies even the name. The earth is huge, but flat.

  30. The only thing you proved is that you can't prove there's an inner earth. I can't disprove it either!
    Which types of birds go towards the poles in winter? I dare you to answer that!

  31. Awesome video, and a new subscriber! Ty for sharing informative and great content! Happy Holidays!🎅🎄🎁🙏✌☺🤙👍👌

  32. OMG does anyone know that Goode and that other idiot Wilcox were busted making stuff up or what? I caN NOT BELIEVE i WATCHED THIS WHOLE THING. fRAKING LIARS.

  33. Search on YouTube for Electrical Universe, and Thunderbolts Project for further studies. Just FYI, I'm not affiliated.

  34. I flew directly over the North Pole on a JAL flight from Anchorage, Alaska to Stockholm in 1988. Geez, I haven't seen a bigger load of horseshit in a while.

  35. This video has been removed by youtube time and time again. I have recorded this and backed this up 5 times so that this would never disappear. Title of this video before was Agatha, Inner Earth.

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