Is Donald Trump King Cyrus in Isaiah 45?

Is Donald Trump King Cyrus in Isaiah 45?

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled, I’m your host, William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the Co-Prophet of these End Times. And for you my loyal subscribers, according to the Sensus fidei, I think many of you will be pleasantly surprised with this program because I am going to ask a very interesting question, that is, is Donald Trump King Cyrus in Isaiah 45 and I think I’m going to show that he is indeed! Donald Trump is a very important person in Bible prophecy; and I never thought so before, even when I endorsed him for that high office. Now, I want to thank many people here on YouTube who have said that Donald Trump is King Cyrus in chapter 45 of Isaiah. However, they do not understand apocalyptic literature and there are quite a few rules that must be followed. For example, if King Cyrus is indeed Donald Trump then all of the other proper names in chapter 45 of Isaiah also must symbolize something else. And one of the most important features of apocalyptic literature is that the verses very often must be rearranged in order to understand the prophecy and they are almost always rearranged in a sequence to indicate that the weapon Jesus will use to defeat the Antichrist is Mary’s rosary. And we find this in all of the vision chapters of Daniel. We find it in Ezekiel, we find in Zachariah, and perhaps most importantly, in our Lord’s Olivet Discourse where He arranges the 18 verses of the Antichrist into a 666 sequence and the 15 victory verses, which follow those 18 verses, into a 555 sequence, again symbolizing Mary’s rosary; that is, the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries. So, I have rearranged these verses in the following pattern. And there are other possibilities; maybe you can come up with a better sequence yourself. I believe this is accurate and as we go through this chapter, I won’t get it all done today, you will see that these verses explain each other when they are rearranged. On the left hand side you see the first four verses arranged one and two on the left hand side of the column and four and three on the right hand side. And when you read the verses, you read them 1-4-2-3. Now, this is a typical Jewish convention and it’s called a chiasm. And the next 12 verses, which indicate the Antichrist, 6 plus 6, are arranged, 5-6-7-8-9-10 on the left hand side, 16-15-14-13-12 and 11 on the right-hand side. And once again, the verses on the right-hand side explain the verses on the left and you read them 5 followed by a 16, 6 followed by 15, etc. And the last 10 verses, 5 plus 5 indicating Mary’s rosary, are arranged in a similar fashion. So now, let’s begin by looking at those first four verses; I think we can do those on this program. And the first verse reads: “Thus says the Lord to my anointed Cyrus.” This is a very amazing beginning. If Cyrus is indeed Donald Trump, God has anointed him; that means that he has given the Donald a divine mission. “Whose right hand I have taken hold of”. God is personally going to direct the actions of Donald Trump. This is amazingly significant! “To subdue nations before his face”. This means that Donald Trump, as the 45th President, is not only going to be the leader of the free world but also the leader of the unfree world, and by the way, that’s the first time we see significant numerology, one of the characteristics of end times prophecy, and that is chapter 45 signifies the 45th President. And I know, Barack Obama is the 44th president; I said he would be the last President but if you watch StillSmallVoice, she says the Lord told her that he is delaying Daniel and that completely changes all of my timeline of these end times. And it also changes Natan’s timeline, that is the Jewish teenager who saw a vision of these end times. All of these prophecies, all of my prophecies, as far as the timing goes, is being delayed. That doesn’t mean they won’t happen because they will eventually happen. “And to turn the backs of kings”. Now, the King James Version says “loose the loins of kings” and I think that is a little better. What that means is that all the kings of the earth will fear Donald Trump; he will be their commander-in-chief, for example, the nation of Iran. When Ronald Reagan was inaugurated president, Iran released those 44 American hostages that same day and I think Iran is going to shape up very quickly with Mr. Donald Trump as president. “And to open the doors before him”. Now the King James translation says “two leaved doors”, which I think is a little better, as we will see in a minute. “And the gates shall not be shut”. So, we begin this amazing end times prophesy in chapter 45 of Isaiah fulfilling most of the requirements of end times hermeneutics. In other words, we’ve seen numerology, we’ve seen symbolism, we’ve seen that you need a co-prophet. And we haven’t seen Mary’s rosary yet but we will. Notice there are four actions in this first verse: he turns the backs of Kings, he subdues nations, he opens the doors and opens the gates. “Four” (4) is the preeminent end times number and we see that all throughout end times Bible prophecy. And we even see that when Pope John Paul the Second added a fourth mystery to the Rosary, that is the luminous mysteries. Four is the new three; it is another expression of Almighty God. In other words, God equals the Father plus the Son plus the Holy Spirit. Four is the end-times expression of Almighty God. Notice that all those items are also plural: nations, kings, doors & gates. That means that Donald Trump will be in charge of the entire world. So now, let’s look at the next verse in the sequence and that would be verse number four: “For the sake of my servant Jacob, and Israel my elect.” Now, once again, if this is end times Bible prophecy and if Cyrus symbolizes Donald Trump, then we must consider that Jacob and Israel are also symbolic. But, who do they symbolize? Well, Israel is “my elect”. Now the “elect” are a specific group in bible prophecy; the elect are the remnant Catholics. And we find this in Jesus’ Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24:31); he says he will send His angels to gather together his elect from under the four winds and from one end of heaven to the other. Now, those in one end of heaven are the raptured Protestants; those in the other end of heaven are the holy martyrs. But the elect which He gathers under the four winds must be the protected Catholics and that is who Isaiah is referring to here. Now, who is Jacob? Well for Jacob we look at his adjective describing him, “my servant”, and we know from the book of Revelation (Revelation 7:3) that the servants are the converted Jews, those who are sealed by the prophet Elijah, 144,000 from the twelve tribes of Israel. “I have even called you by your name”. Now, quite a few people on YouTube have pointed out that the name “Trump” is very close to “trumpet” and there are seven trumpets in the book of Revelation and it could very well be that Donald Trump is a representative of those seven trumpets. In fact, one of my subscribers pointed out to me that 777, as Donald Trump’s number in bible prophecy, does not refer to the Scarlet Beast, as I had claimed in that video, but rather to the seven bowl angels, the seven seal angels, and the seven trumpet angels; very interesting! And in that same video, I said that my number was 7777, and that would include the seven herald angels. “I have made a likeness of you”. Now, the King James Version instead of “likeness” says “surname” and there are other translations which say “honored name”. I think in this case the Douay-Rheims version, which is what I am using for this program, the Catholic version, is correct, and it’s taken from the Latin Vugate, and the latin phrase is “assimilavi te” which means “I have compared you”. Now, this is extremely interesting; this means that Donald Trump is an image of Almighty God! But how do you get the Trinity out of Donald Trump? Well, don’t forget his three wives, and that would be: Ivanka, Marla and Melania. Does Donald Trump plus his three wives give us the number four which is the end-times expression of the Divine Trinity? Now, I realize that’s a very esoteric interpretation. However, don’t forget in the Old Testament, a prophet was required to marry a prostitute! God is not telling you that you should marry prostitutes or that you should have three wives; he is telling us, I believe here, with his phrase “likeness of you” that Donald Trump and his three wives symbolize Almighty God in these end times and Almighty God’s hand is on Donald Trump. According to this prophecy he is extremely important and it’s also interesting that during this last campaign, all three wives of Donald Trump supported him; it was like one big happy family. All five of his children, by those three different wives, supported him. Compare that to Bill Clinton, for example, and his conquests: they all hate him. Don’t you remember during one of the debates, Donald Trump brought in quite a few of Bill Clinton’s conquests and they support Donald Trump. I don’t know what people are talking about when they say women don’t like Donald Trump. How many men have three wives and they all still support him like one big happy family? I think that is what the prophet Isaiah is saying here in this passage. However, this last part of the verse is not too favorable for Donald Trump, “and you have not known me.” Well, Donald Trump is a Protestant and God is saying he does not know Him. This would be like King Cyrus, a very good comparison. King Cyrus was a pagan; he did not know God’s religion at that time. Donald Trump is a Protestant; he does not know God’s religion at this time. And you people who are saying that Cyrus is Donald Trump, you must accept all of the prophecy in Isaiah 45 and there’s no doubt that Isaiah is saying that Trump does not know God. That does not mean he does not have a tremendous role to play just as Cyrus had a role to play. So now, let’s go on to verse number two, which is next in the sequence, and that would be: “I will go before you and will humble the great ones of the earth: (very similar to verse number one) I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and will burst the bars of iron”. Now, what could be “brass and iron”; what is that significance In this passage? And this is another amazing prophecy. We know from quite a few other passages in the Bible that the “brass” symbolizes the one world religion and the “iron” symbolizes the one world government. Remember, in Daniel, chapter number four, when the tree is cut down, the stump is banded by a band of brass or bronze and iron. Don’t forget, in Daniel chapter 2, the feet of iron and clay of the statue is broken by the “stone cut out from the mountain”. Now, as I’ve explained before, and Max Borges explained this to me, it’s not really clay, it’s tin and tin is an ingredient of bronze. The feet of iron clay also symbolize the one world government and the one world religion. Could that be that Donald Trump is the “stone cut from the mountain”? Well, I don’t believe that; the “stone cut from the mountain” is the remnant Catholic Church. The mountain is the Roman Catholic Church but it sure looks as if my fellow Catholics and I are going to have to look to Donald Trump as our leader if indeed he is King Cyrus. Now, Catholic prophecy talks very much about a “great monarch”. It could be that Cyrus represents someone else; but there’s no doubt that this chapter 45 is an amazing end times prophecy and 45 certainly looks like the 45th President. Of course, between now and Inauguration Day, it’s very possible Barack Obama will fulfill his destiny as the last king of the south and provoke the last king of the north, Vladimir Putin, into nuclear war and here’s where I think the two leaved door, as we found in the King James translation, symbolizes the one world government and the one world religion. So now, let’s go ahead to verse number three which follows in this new arrangement of verses: “And I will give you hidden treasures and the concealed riches of secret places;” now, I believe this refers back to the verse we just read about the gates of brass and the bars of iron. I believe that refers to the hidden treasures and the concealed riches. Donald will be given control of the one world religion’s riches and the one world government’s riches. “That you may know that I am the Lord who call you by your name (Donald Trump), the God of Israel”. And don’t forget, “Israel” symbolizes the remnant Catholics in this end times prophecy. So we see that chapter 45 of Isaiah follows all the rules of end times hermeneutics. I know most other people haven’t understood that; that’s why you need a co-prophet and, as a Catholic myself, I’m going to have to begin to recognize that Donald Trump is my leader, as the leader of the small “stone cut out from the mountain” which will crush the one world government and the one religion if indeed he is King Cyrus. So, I welcome your comments on this; I know a lot of you were very disturbed when I did a one eighty, so I’m doing another one eighty. I mean, I endorsed Donald Trump at the beginning of his campaign; I wrote two campaign songs for him but then I saw that mural in the Denver airport and I recognized those two figures as Donald and Melania Trump. However, I agree with some of you my subscribers who told me, why should I listen to what the Illuminati are saying in those murals? Why shouldn’t I listen to what Almighty God is saying in the Bible? And I think that’s a very good point. Donald Trump does not have to follow the Illuminati who are trying to subvert him, who are trying to seduce him, who are trying to blackmail him, probably. He can become, he can fulfill the amazing prophecies about King Cyrus in Isaiah. And as always, if you would like to know more information about my mission here on YouTube, visit my website

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  1. tapley when trump is cyrus obama must fulfill his prophecy with the war with russia before inauguration day am i correct his birth certificate will be exposed for the public before january 1

  2. Could Donald Trump be God's wrecking ball? Miley CYRUS pop-star widely popular song (863 million YouTube views) called "Wrecking Ball"

  3. You support 'Still Small Voice'???   A satanic woman who claims that she and Jesus are lovers..??  And a whole lot of other nonsense? I'm disappointed, William.  I'm unsubscribing right now.

  4. Donald Trump believes himself to be Apollo, all one needs to see is his (66th) Condo in his golden Trump tower…He is not King Cyrus, he is Apollyon/Abaddon the destroyer…came to destroy the US. Kissinger whispers into his ear, and he listens. Speaking of your '666' sequence.
    The ignorance of the masses is stunning.

  5. Thank you for the wisdom (thru the Holy Spirit) in your heart & presentations over the years & the book you sent me over 5 years ago.
    Just 3 or 4 days ago, I was talking to my wife telling her I don't understand the "metals" you talked about in this presentation. I do now : )
    God is going to direct the actions of Donald Trump. Very respectfully, God will continue to direct the actions of Donald Trump.
    I pray in Jesus name, that people pour out all their sins in order to gain wisdom (thru the Holy Spirit) so they understand the power of prayer & Mary's Rosary. I believe that it was God's will for you to say Obama is last king of the South. Many people in the U.S. & world wide prayed for that not to be the case, it strengthen their faith. Others became believers. Yet others are pondering (seed is planted).

    Luke 11:9 (KJV) (Ask & you shall receive)

    And I say unto you, ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.


  6. Need to see more evidence than this because I'm not seeing much at all here, so I'm looking for to your next videos. Trump represents God because he's had 3 wives? Idk..

    I think America is in deep trouble. I also think it's very naive to think America can/will be saved by any President. Is Trump going to dismantle the corrupt mainstream media and public education systems which are brainwashing our youth (as well as adults)? Will he cause America to turn back to God? So much needs to be done to save this country. I think he's a puppet, a fraud. Just as Romney and many others have told us throughout the last couple years.

    I think Putin could be a better candidate of being Cyrus. Perhaps Russia will be consecrated at some point, and Putin will be converted and start working through God. Who knows. He's already expressed interest in Fatima. Or the prophesied Cyrus has already come and gone, or will come later. Who knows. But Trump? Let's see some more videos I guess

  7. King Cyrus is one of Mr Trump's assigned spirit guides, we all have Angels and Guides assigned to us all at the time of birth, he has been given Cyrus because he has a job to do for The Lord, Trumpets may very well keep the ac out of the USA, we may be being given a last chance to repent.

  8. At 12:33 you mentioned that Trump is Protestant and he does not know "God". Why do you say he does not know "God"? Is it because he is Protestant ? Protestant are Christians. They just have different understandings or interpretations of the Bible than Catholics. Am I missing something here?

  9. The Holy Love messages were warning about the one world government democrats for months and are very positive about the Trump victory, saying that the USA is being put back on the right track.

  10. The Holy Spirit is the fisher for Man, We are the fish.Too much flip flopping here.You have already been caught. You are a fish out of the Water.

  11. Hi Bill, the prayer warriors, such as those who followed Maria Divine Mercy and follow Still Small Voice 's prayers have helped God delay and mitigate the end times woes.

  12. Kim Clement has died of complications from pneumonia 1956-2016 , he predicted Trump too.

  13. There seems to be a Left (Communist, globalist) and Right (Fascist, Zionist, nationalist) branch of the Jewish Illuminati(synagogue of satan). Trump represents the second. Doesn't this situation remind you of Stockholm Syndrome? A supposedly free people must choose which depraved master they prefer. The Masonic Jewish bankers have kidnapped the world.
    …how many times must we come here and convey to this passing world what is happening?!!!!!

  14. In the story of the 5 wise virgins and 5 foolish virgins, the Bride Groom (who repents Jesus) was delayed. The wise virgins kept holy with the oil of prayer. The foolish virgins slept (weren't ready) for when the Bride Groom arrived

  15. Hi Bill, the election was between Cyrus and Jezebel. Cyrus was anointed. Jezebel prayed to false gods and participated in perverse sexual practice. She hated devout Religious people.
    Had our nation elected Hillary, the delay and mitigation would not have been granted.
    God Bless

  16. Still trying to validate Mr.Trump as a good guy, I see. Well, I think he is more like Nebuchadnezzer, victory and defeat, and used by God for His purposes.

  17. Thankyou William, Remember the end times in Mathew 24:24 "For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect."

    You are back sliding William. You are part of "the elect", as referred to above. Most anointed Christians I know at this time, are back sliding to varying degrees. Donald Trump will never be President of the United States of America, as Judgement is coming to the USA, well before his inauguration in January.

  18. It certainly feels as though we are in the "delay". Has God given you any sense of who the fourth eagle might be or where he/she may be found? Also, will the gathering from the four winds of the protected take place at the very end before the final battle?

  19. Great video on The Revelation 12 Sign on The Feast Of Trumpets 2017 a must watch. God really seems to be coming sooner than we thought and

  20. In my dream few days ago – I did find myself in front of the table – before walking on a very narrow way – behind the table was a person in white – I did not see his face – I do remember to throw some small coins on the table – in 2 groups – no many of those – When I did wake up – I did feel like a coins represent – I have to pay for my sins – but the most important was – that person was calling me – JACOB – I was thinking —while I was still dreaming –this is not my name – and I am a female – -Peace

  21. IT ALL ADDS UP…Good Analysis William! It took an 'EAGLE'S EYE' to spot, then unravel your findings. WELL DONE! HILLARY just about 'IMPLODED' after the results of the election…with all the BLACK WORKS she could muster and all the TAINTED MONEY to support her, she COULD NOT BELIEVE the results…as they were GODLY!!! OBAMA, with his slick silver tongue, could not 'FIND THE WORDS' to adjust to this IMPOSSIBLE WIN! It was IN THE BAG, UNTIL GOD THE ALMIGHTY INTERVENED. Now, OBAMA is a VERY PROUD MAN…he will 'KICK THE BALL', instead of PASS THE BALL to TRUMP…saying as he leaves; "THEY WILL REMEMBER ME!" TROUBLE UP AHEAD…KEEP PRAYING! Notice the words of William…"OBAMA WILL BE THE LAST PRESIDENT OF THE 'UNITED STATES'"…Making TRUMP the NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE 'DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA'. Blessings of Our Lady of Beauraing, upon you today, William. She is pleased you brought attention to Her rosary.

  22. Mr Tapley, I vaguely remember you saying in the past that Obama was the last king of the south and the last president of the United States does that mean that prophecy was wrong or is something going to happen before Trump is officially instated? Or am I just remembering things wrong?

  23. Mr. Tapley. Could all the fires that are going on, especially in the smokies be a Bible prophecy? Like the flood of fire?

  24. So what exactly do catholics have to do to be saved? Ik protestants follow "faith alone" what are we required to do? Also great video like always.

  25. Hello . I love how you arrange scripture as it must take an awful lot of time and thinking . you are very unique and I love your work and hunger for understanding. thank you and God bless you

  26. the Spirit alerted me to the fact that Trump is preparing the path for the Second Coming of the Lord. He will be alive when the Lord returns. He is to clean up America of pedophilia, abortion and gay marriage…and will play a role in the Greater Israel project, which by necessity will entail the final showdown between Israel and the heathen nations, as the boundaries of Israel would stretch from Beirut to Kuwait (Persian Gulf), across westwards to the Nile River and up the Mediterranean coast, as per the Lord's instruction to Moses in Deuteronomy. He will also absorb Canada into the USA to make America greater than ever before. In one tweet his hashtag was #MakeCanadaAmericanAgain thus bringing in secret treasures: minerals, water, precious metals, of which Canada has plenty. Trump has a yuuge contingent of Jews in his Trump Victory Fund and his Corporation. His great grandmother is Jewish and Melania's mother is Jewish. His daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism, and his daughter in law is Jewish. And he has been approached by the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem to build the third Temple. The Lord's Coming is at hand. Get right with the Lord.

  27. Technically, Trump will be the 44th Pres. : Grover Cleveland was #22 AND #24, same man:

  28. Dear Brother Tapley.  We believe Mr. Trump will be our next leader, but not POTUS #45.  Maybe he will have a different title.  Thank you for this study about Cyrus.

  29. Donald Trump is a Jesuit and is part of the illuminati don't let him fool you, He maybe be King Cyrus but he also is part of the illuminati just watch the video and at the end of his speech he gives the 666 sign twice.

  30. Have faith . If trump is murder , then he very well could be the martyr of our time. Hillary cannot rise . That leave obama as the only successor to the throne.


    November 19, 2016


    "I am your Jesus, born Incarnate."

    "The hope of the populace of your nation is to unite behind the
    newly-elected president I have given you. It is past time to listen to
    the political opinions of those who embrace error. It is time to
    disregard the errors of the mainstream media who hold secret agendas in
    their hearts. Be united in the Truth, for therein lies your strength in
    this world so fraught with danger."

    "I have not given you a weak leader, but one who sees clearly what
    is needed, when and where. In the future, his strength, which will
    become the strength of your nation, will be tested. Stand behind his
    decisions which I inspire him to have."

    "There are those of great economic influence who are in the
    background trying to promote discord. Their efforts will become less
    and less effective as the positive strength of the new regime takes
    hold. Be united in faith and Truth."


    September 24, 2016

    Our Lady is here dressed in white and gray. She says: "Praise be to Jesus."

    "I have come to tell you that the First Seal has been opened.* Now
    is the time when hearts and nations will be conquered. Evil plots in
    hearts will be manifest and much good will be destroyed."

    "You, My children, must unite in the Truth. Do not delay. My Son
    will assist you. I offer you the grace of the Refuge of My Heart. Do
    not allow labels such as Catholic or Protestant to divide you. We are
    all one in the trials which are here and lie ahead. Pray for wisdom and
    perseverance. Do not be fooled by title, authority or influenced by
    ill-gotten power."

    "I have come to persuade you into Holy Love which is a universal call to all."

    Maureen: "Blessed Mother, I don't know what this means about the Seal. Can you explain it please?"

    Our Lady says: "There are as many interpretations as there are
    Scripture scholars. I can tell you this – it marks the beginning and
    the end – the beginning of Christ's Reign and the End Times are at hand.
    The end of God's Merciful restraint of His Justice is upon you. Many
    have believed that this Seal was already broken. However, I tell you
    today that there will be more profound struggles between good and evil.
    There will be consequences to evil acts that can only be interpreted as
    God's Justice, if wisdom intercedes at all."

    "This is why I plead with all Christians to unite and act with one heart towards the welfare of all."

    * Read Revelations 6:1-2+

    Synopsis: Each of the Seven Seals represent the unleashing of
    afflictions reserved for sinful men found in a list hidden in the scroll
    which only the Lamb of God will break open as reserved to Him in
    carrying out the Divine Plan. Each of the Four Horsemen symbolize a
    particular woe connected with woe and destruction.

    Now I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard
    one of the four living creatures say, as with a voice of thunder,
    "Come!" And I saw, and behold, a white horse, and its rider had a bow;
    and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.

    +-Scripture verses asked to be read by Mary, Refuge of Holy Love.

    -Scripture taken from the Ignatius Bible.

    -Synopsis of Scripture provided by Spiritual Advisor.

    September 25, 2016


    Our Lady comes once again in white and gray. She says: "Praise be to Jesus."

    "These times, now upon you, have been written in the Father's Heart
    for all ages. It has been His Prayer that mankind would be delivered
    from these events. As it is, they have come with stealth and go
    unnoticed by most. Liberal, amoral thinking has been the stepping stone
    into this age and prompted the breaking of the First Seal. Now you
    will begin to see more and more illicit conquests by aggressive
    countries. Violence and terrorism will intensify. Unless people have
    recourse to prayer and sacrifice, their security will be at a minimum."

    "This is the most treacherous time to abandon the faith. However,
    it is a time when faith will be at a premium. Man will continue to try
    to solve his problems apart from God."

    "I tell you these things now to help you to keep your faith as
    events progress. I am with you and close to you. My Immaculate Heart
    is always your Refuge. As events mount to a crescendo, call on Me."


  32. I hear trump is keen on former CIA general David patreus. An evil globalist no less. People should realise trump is just another globalist puppet. A sick paedofile no less. Just watch the footage "all leaked trump footage". I think he will help the Russians take over.

  33. +Thirdeaglebooks let us not forget about September 23, 2017 because that's when the woman clothed with the Sun with the moon under her feet and on her head a crown of 12 stars.

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  35. America(babylon), you were never built upon The Kingship of Christ nor anywhere near The Cross, yet it was the dark forces of judeo-masonry(occult) that the founding fathers weaved together in its constitution that set the course and trajectory that would be its downfall, you have a pagan statue in the midst of your waters called "liberty" that was given to you by a nation(France) that was once under The Kingship of Christ, until it too fell to the very same forces, that statue has a foot with a broken chain on it, a symbolic sign of breaking free from The Kingship of Christ and His Church.
    The synagogue should understand this, you lost long ago when you nailed the God of your fathers to a Cross, after all of the love He showered you with in that ancient time, so much He became one of you/us to express and convey that love and to show you the way to The Eternal Father,… yet you remain obstinate, now you place yourselves in His place, this will not last long, for as of today, this passing world continues on because God dwells in His Church, with His people, and for the past 2000 years you still crucify His body, only to lead your very own souls into perdition, yet hope remains, for Christ died for the jew and gentile, He knows your hearts, render them to Him, least you continue to stumble. singer/lyrics speak volumes)
    Christ is King!
    Ave Maria.

  36. Can someone answer my question please! what is this feminst thing? What is this sexist thing for? Why women protest not to get raped? and They protest while they are naked?

  37. God does not delay!!!!!! He knew how things were going to happen before everything started and layed it all out for us in the Bible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    December 1, 2016

    Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says: "Praise be to Jesus."

    "Dear children, you are beginning to see a change in motives of
    actions in your government from one of self-serving ambition to one of
    concern for the welfare of the people. When the government acts in a
    Christian way, the same attitude trickles down to the general public."

    "You will have, in the near future, leaders who listen to you and
    act on your concerns. The integrity of your nation, as a whole, will be
    fortified, as a result. It is far different to be living under a
    government you can trust to make fair and honest decisions than to be
    subject to leaders following a one-way path into the New World Order."

    "Nations that concede to affiliating with the One World Order will
    find their sovereignty slip away along with their voice in government
    matters. The leader who will rise to power from their midst will be the
    Antichrist. Many will be deluded by his signs and wonders. Hold
    yourselves aloof from this. Stay close to me in simplistic humility."

    "Dear children, you were chosen to live in these times to be a sign
    of Truth amidst confusion and hypocrisy. Pray to be My instruments in
    every present moment."

    Read 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12+

    Synopsis: Prior to Our Lord's Second Coming, by the aid of Satan,
    the Antichrist will be revealed and will perform acts which men will
    falsely regard as miracles and by means of which they will be led to
    follow him who will be proclaimed as the Christ for they have not
    received the love of the Truth. They will thus adopt sinful practices
    and erroneous doctrines that will lead to their perdition.

    The coming of the lawless one by the activity of Satan will be with
    all power and with pretended signs and wonders, and with all wicked
    deception for those who are to perish, because they refused to love the
    Truth and so be saved. Therefore, God sends upon them a strong delusion,
    to make them believe what is false, so that all may be condemned who
    did not believe the Truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

    +-Scripture verses asked to be read by Mary, Refuge of Holy Love.

    -Scripture taken from the Ignatius Bible.

    -Synopsis of Scripture provided by Spiritual Advisor.

  39. …interesting, DTrump visits "carrier/host"yesterday, (carrier/asymptomatic carrier, is a person or other organism that has contracted an infectious disease, but who displays no symptoms. Although unaffected by the disease themselves, carriers can transmit it to others.) Carrier, is after all, an 'A' ir 'C' onditioning plant.
    …and on the same day, Prince Harry gets tested for hiv in front of cameras.
    Christ is King!
    Ave Maria.

  40. a few weeks ago The Bishops and President of Poland declared Christ, the King of Poland.(Mary is already the Queen of Poland).
    which makes the video below rightfully telling, the woman wearing red, color of martyrs, and the 3 cross like windows above her, she does fall, yet does get back up.(as the Church has done for the past 2000 years),…that was a lamp post that stopped the vehicle.

  41. i still cant believe that trump is a saviour when he is president he will usher in the new world order and then comes the antichrist because before that obama will die because in his head is the alien that is the antichrist the sun worshipper that was also in akhenatens head and akhenaten has created a war where many people died thats the thing 😇

  42. Donald Trump is just another evil Zionist. He says he wants to make Jerusalem the capital of the world.

  43. what if obama IS the last president, but the last of his kind? because trump has already proven he does things very differently, so it's kind of a chapter that is closing now.

  44. I don't know if its all just a show for us phelps, but when you see all the so called "stars" supporting Hilary and subsequent the reactions (to him winning) certainly seemed like that wasn't part of the plan. I read a new story the other day titled "Hillary Clinton blew the most winnable election in modern American history. And it's her own fault" interesting point of view don't you think?
    Trump is no saint, you don't build a multi billion dollar empire being a saint, but i believe he will be true to his objectives for America. But one of the comparisons i like is Trump taking a salary of $1 a year, whereas Bill Clinton during his presidency raised the presidential salary from 250,000 to 400,000 – he will be different from the most recent presidents that's for sure.

  45. Sir, you surely are an amazing man who I believe God has used your voice and your person to make understanding of the bible easier. I thank you and God bless you.

  46. Query: Could the Revelation that Barack Obama being the Last President actually mean that Obama is the last president of the Global Luciferian Empire and the End Of Days actually refer to the End of that same Global Luciferian Empire?

  47. Third Eagle… I too thought when I heard Trump – Pence (Trumpets) vs Clinton Kain (Spirit of Cain)… we were being shown by the All Mighty to pay attention… Keep walking … the Mysteries will be reviled sooner than later…… God Bless….

  48. For the protestants out there: nobody insults Jesus' Mother and gets away with it. Even mere ignorance is a great crime.

  49. I think there are more than one person Illuminati (whatever that may be) count on building on, once he is seduced by their blackmail.

    And who, by the grace of God won't be seduced.

    Part of the blackmail may consist of demonisation before Catholics naive enough to "believe Sauron's mouthpiece" on where "Frodo" is, because he shows "Frodo's mantle/cape".

  50. Since sheriff Joe Arpaio just proved Obama's birth certificate a forgery, doesn't that actually make Trump the 44th president? Obama, being false should be expunged from the record.

  51. so you made a prophecy and then another person made a prophecy and now you all are seers? then who are the fake jews? i think you ppl are all lost and are a bunch of crazies. God help you.

  52. Sir,Your prophecies do are reasonable,but,I'm afraid Trump may be the defeater of Obama or Cyrus since He is no way is suitable to be called or given that name Cyrus.

  53. Sir,Your prophecies do are reasonable,but,I'm afraid Trump may be the defeater of Obama or Cyrus since He is no way is suitable to be called or given that name Cyrus,but,may be to correct the fallen situation of the nation or else can be more worst in relation to the nation's neighbouring socio- political and economical and degraded morale.

  54. I have heard on Prayer Group for Donald Trump to watch Donald's right hand movements–He first make the 666 sign then immediately he extends his open hand  5 fingers . Interpetation 666 will be defeated by #5 which signifies Mary's rosary. Trump doesn't know that GOD is controlling his right hand.

  55. Cyrus the Great or more accurately
    'Kurush The Great was a Zoroastrian,a believer of Ahura Mazda not a pagan as mentioned in the video.

  56. Yes, GOD said Trump is My CYRUS, he rebuild Jerusalem and the temple, Ezra 1.1.2 Isaiah 44.28 Isaiah 45.1,2,3,4,5 Jeremiah Johnson, Pastor, JULY 2015 Charisma Magazine, Pastor Paul Begley, Dr. Patricia Green, Discover Ministries, Mike Thompson, Mark,Taylor, firefighter Prophecy, Kim Clements 2007 Prophecy, ✝

  57. Isaiah 45 and Micah 5 not only explain very nicely how Trump's presidency is like, it also confirms some theories about Trump. The best example is the 4D Chess theory: Why he bombed Syria, Why he SEEMS he's supporting globalist stuff like NATO and the UN. It's all to trick the NWO, thinking they got Trump on their side, when really he's 3 steps ahead of them.

  58. Hello. I am Harry kim from south Korea. Sincere brother and sister under the God. Here are the prayer about Korean election and peace. We need new leader like king cyrus in bible.Our almighty God I thank you all the grace that you've given us since last week.
    Lord, please make me keep clean both spirit and mind before Lord our Father.
    There's only Jesus's precious blood that makes me clean and gives such a peace in Heaven.
    Holy Father, please have mercy upon our country Korea.
    For now by your grace we can live so happily, but there's so many other people just can't in northern land.
    Though you have built the country in this land as a single-race nation.
    There must be the reason for that.
    We pray for them and beg your blessing so that we could get a perfect harmony in Jesus.
    I know that Lord rejoice when we love each other not to be jealous of another.
    That's why I'm asking you to show your love through us.
    Although we're just weak and young children, we're enough to open our mouths wide that we can take your heavenly grace.

    I also hope that you give us the best of our abilities to win over satan every time.

    And please help us to be awaken keeping the faith bravely.

    The 19th South Korean presidential election is scheduled to be held on 9 May 2017
    Please pray for south korea's new leader. We need pure leader those who fear and love God. And also he should never support same sex-marriage.
    We wish God build leader such as moses, jeshua, David, solomon.

    God of all nations, as the Psalm affirms, give our leaders—and us—your justice, your compassion for the poor, and your passion for peace. Amen.
    If we can muster enough power it will beyond a doubt have a significant impact on Korea's future under the Jesus christ. We don't want to Communistic Unification by friendly -north korea regime. We don't want to anti-christ regime.

    Here is the other prayer about north korea.
    In the name of Holy Jesus Christ. Amen
    woke up this morning from a dream where I was writing a Facebook post telling the Body of Christ that it was time to agree together to have North Korean President Kim Jong Un removed from the scene.
    Through this post I will do just that as I believe the time has come to see North Korea liberated from being under the rule of an evil despot. Perhaps millions have starved to death and millions more have suffered in multiple other forms as a result of this man and his family dynasty. I am asking for agreement in the spirit realm that the demonic forces that have hidden and protected Kim Jong Un be obliterated.
    In the name of Jesus let a massive host of warrior angels be released to devastate the dark covering they have provided over this man and may his rule over North Korea end now. May a general or generals around Kim Jong Un arise with unexpected courage and may they assist in ending the prolonged nightmare that North Korea ( and to some measure South Korea) has has to endure. I decree God's accelerated justice -and mercy -over North Korea and no more delay to the rescue of that nation from the unrelenting and unrepentant evil leadership. It is time for Korea to be one again…Your agreement here becomes powerful in the spirit realm to bring expedited heavenly enforcement.

  59. On your website there is a PDF on Isaiah 45. Is there a video explaining the end times verse arrangement?

  60. You need to do a study on what the bible says about numerology and astrology!!! And the very end of his holy word the kjv bible!!!!
    Father, son and the holy spirit is 3 not 4!?

  61. Okay so I'm a baby Christian who has probably taken the mark of the beast but I can still save others. Reading though the Bible I'm starting to believe that Israel is the beast I know crazy right but if you take Daniels dream and replace it with Israel everything fits the beast who was is not and yet is. Verses of the Jews who say they are but aren't and Israel is not of Israel. Please I beg you just think about it. Again I'm not a prophet and I'm a baby Christian who could be completely wrong and would love to be proved wrong. I voted for trump because he stood with Israel but I believe I was wrong and I'm just trying to warn others of the possibility.

  62. From reading Isaiah 44:28 & all of chapter 45, i'd say that Cyrus The Great was an Outsider chosen by God to return freedom to worship to His people in Israel. This truly seems to parallel Donald Trump today. He appears to be a friend to Jer-USA-lem & most people who have attacked this Trump pay a price…as if Trump is Anointed by our Maker.

  63. Your right on about President Trump but I came out of Catholicism 20 years ago. Traditions of man are foolishness. Praise Yeshua.

  64. Isaiah 45, Trump is the 45th president. Elected in his 70th year. He will help the Israelis rebuild the temple.

  65. Trump is a great man. I respect him. Many of us respect Trump for who he is, but why all these prophetic scholars and Bible Revelations weren't published before his ascendance to Presidency?

  66. Obama is the Antichrist and will come back in power after the rapture during the great tribulation. Trump is the Elijah forerunner prophesied in Malachi 4:5-6 and Matthew 17:11 to come before the rapture to restore all things and get people ready for the rapture. Trump is also Cyrus, Zerubbabel, the rider on the white horse in Revelation 6:2, the annointed prince in Daniel's 70 week prophesy. GOD bless you sir!

  67. No one thinks Trump is king Cyrus ,they compare him to Cyrus because he restored the Jewish homeland the same role in saving Gods people ….

  68. Corinthians 15:52
    In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.
    Trump/Pence 2020!!!

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