Is Social Security a Welfare Program?

Is Social Security a Welfare Program?

Oh, God. Can we just . . . is it okay if we
just go ahead and say that Social Security is nothing more than
another type of welfare? I know you think you paid into it;
I know you do. I know you think that you did that, but you
didn’t. Just like Obama said, “You didn’t build that.” You didn’t build that. You did not build that. There is no money.
There is no asset base. There was no investing going on. It’s
literally a scheme whereby one person pays money to another.
What else do you call that? It’s not an investment. No. The money already left and went to pay somebody
else. It starts with a ‘P’. I can’t think of what
it is, though. It’s just a scam. You know it’s bad when you go to the Social
Security site and they have a huge section about a Ponzi scheme
trying to dismantle it. Why it’s not. Right, trying to . . . Why it’s not a Ponzi scheme. . . . debunk it. Let me tell you what’s really dangerous about
Social Security, and please listen. If you listen to nothing
else, just turn this part up and listen to this for one second.
What they’ve done with Social Security is they’ve convinced
the American people that paying taxes is like an investment. No
one’s going to argue against more taxes as they normally, they
would’ve. They didn’t call it a tax. They’ve done exactly the same thing in healthcare.
They’re telling you that by paying these new fees
that you’re going to get healthcare, but you’re not. You’re not
going to get healthcare. You’re going to have to pay the
fees, and then you’re going to have to pay for healthcare
when you want it. You’re not getting anything. This is the truth
about Social Security. You think that you’re going to get
something from it, but you will not. The money that they will
pay you will be worthless, or it will be so little that it’s
inconsequential. The red ink for Social Security will explode.
That red ink will have to be covered by yet more taxes. The taxes that you paid originally, they call
them contributions, were just [beep] taxes. They
tricked you into voting for them just like they tricked you
into voting for ‘healthcare.’ Guess what it really is? What
did the Supreme Court say it was? A tax. It’s tax. That’s the only reason why they allowed it. It was just a way of getting you to pay for
more taxes, and then to argue about why you should pay them.
I tell people all the time, “I’m never going to accept a check
from Social Security. I know it’s a Ponzi scheme. I know
under common law, Ponzi schemes are illegal.” If you participate
in one willingly then you are a crook. If you’re taking Social
Security payments and you’re justifying it by saying, “I made
a contribution,” no you didn’t. You paid into an illegal Ponzi
scheme, and all you were really doing was paying a tax. All you’re
doing now is living off taxes. What’s that? That’s the
dole. If it’s okay with you to be on the dole, fine. Not okay
with me. I don’t want any part of that crap. Send your feedback: [email protected] They won’t like that, at all. Defend your position as to why you collect
Social Security, please. Please, just stop. Just look in the mirror
and think about what you’re doing. You’re taking somebody else’s
money; that’s exactly what you’re doing. That’s all you’re
doing. No, you did not make a contribution, you paid a tax. A forced tax. They took your money and they gave it to somebody
else. It’s just a lie. It’s no different at all than
you being on welfare. No different. I got to pay welfare taxes,
right? I’ve got to pay taxes for that. Doesn’t mean I get to receive
it. Sorry you don’t like it. Sorry that you bought into
the whole idea. It was all a lie. It was just a lie. By the way, you defending that you’re in the
system because you believed the lie, that’s just stupid. Sorry
you don’t like it. Too bad. The question is: What should you
do about it? Nothing; you shouldn’t do anything about it. Don’t
file, don’t take their dirty money. Don’t do it. There is no law
that requires you to file for Social Security payments, none. That’s
your choice. That’s you being a part of the problem. Sorry. I’m just going to take it until I get
my money back that I paid in. No, there is no fund. There is
no money that you paid in. It was a tax. They called it something
else, but that’s all it was. They took your money and they gave
it to somebody else. They did that so that you would vote for them,
and you stupidly have believed it. Now you got to wake up and
ask yourself what really happened. Where did money really go?
What are the promises that are really being told to people
today? Do I want to be a part of that? Am I going to just jump
into this same pool of idiots or am I going to think to myself,
“Oh, my God. This is just a lie. It’s just a con. It’s
just a scam”? That it has the imprimatur of the government doesn’t
make it any less of a lie or a scam. I know you don’t have the option of whether
or not you pay in. I get that. I pay in, and I pay in for all of
my employees. It’s a tax; I can’t legally avoid it. I don’t have
to participate

9 thoughts on “Is Social Security a Welfare Program?

  1. We put about $200,000 in that program…..they have had it for 40 years investing it.  We will never see everything we put in….

  2. SS is not a forced TAX, it is a voluntary contribution into the program.. Its kinda like long term disability insurance. I pay into it, if I get hurt or something and can not work, I still get a check to pay my bills. If I pay to a certain age, it subsidizes my income because I will not be able to work as hard as I did while I was young. SS is  not a welfare program any more than my health insurance or my life insurance is a welfare program. If you do not want to pay into SS then dont do it BUT dont expect SS to be there for you if you need it.

  3. Is a 401 K Welfare? It must be! A 401K you invest a little, employer invests a matching amount, it is invested in a safe, retirement appropriate fund such as T-Bonds. Since Social Security does the same thing, then 401Ks must be welfare. And all insurance too. Not tax??? What is the FICA TAX?

  4. Lol" From the time you start working if you WORKED" and paid TAX's you have PAID in to FICA you can't collect full Social Security" till age 65 based on the number of Quarters PAID in to FICA….You can't work for any ligament employer with out paying FICA or go to prison!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This guy is a Conservative Republican Prick! Their name of the game is to Divide and conquer! You paid into it therefore your insurance for Disability and Retirement is there. It's NOT A WELFARE PROGRAM! It's not someone's money either! IT'S NOT A PONZI SCHEME EITHER! It's put there for the very purpose of when you need it! If it was illegal it wouldn't be a self paying system and when they LIE and say it is going broke it is because they are stealing from it! They need to pay back what they stole by means of increasing the tax. Try to tell Granny and Grandpa that they shouldn't be retired and hopefully you'll get knocked out! It's not right to work someone to death. Without Social security many would not be able to retire! A 401K is a Scam for Greedy Corporations and Employers to make money and not a good Retirement Investment! It's DIVIDE AND CONQUER every time with this kind of Bullshit! Wise up and stop believing these lies!

  6. If they took it by force and gave you the option to draw from it and you paid into it YOU ARE NOT A CROOK! What about Corporate welfare? The amount you paid into for X Amount of years is how they calculate your benefit! The Government taxes you for it so if you're looking to call someone else a Crook then it would be the Government Idiot! It's DIVIDE AND CONQUER BULLSHIT This excrement this idiot has flowing from his mouth!

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