IS THAT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!? | Detroit:Become Human – Part 2

IS THAT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!? | Detroit:Become Human – Part 2

Wapoosh~Top of the morning to you laddies! My name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to “Detroit: Become Human” We’re picking up exactly where we left off We just did our stuff with our boy Marcus and Carol aaaand I don’t know what’s next. So let’s click the button. Ooohhh, are we going back to my boy Connor? Haven’t seen him in a while (Pitter Patter of the rain) Yeah~haha Connor’s the most interesting one to me, because he has the like blade runner-esque side of the game. Oh, no androids or dogs allowed. Oh I’m going in anyway, cuz I’m a man of the law. I’m a negotiator. I can negotiate my way out of it Find Lieutenant Anderson, okay Scan faces. Ooooohhhhh~ This is fun 😀 Jimmy Peterson, so I’m guessing you’re the Jimmy from Jimmy’s Bar See this is the stuff I love. I love th-the detective side of this stuff Derek Myers I mean technically, we’re not but I’m in here anyway, because I li~ke it And I’m a special boy (Yes you are Jack) Christopher Gray Not him Edward Dempsey Jonah Graham, I’m assuming it’s gonna be the guy that I can barely see This guy mister overgrown hair man Hold on I get an angle on Lieutenant Anderson Hank Oh, that’s Clancy Brown What’s up lieutenant? Okay, before I do anything I want to continue looking around Because this is a game all about searching your environments and having… Clear info on what you’re doing I’m sorry. I’m just scanning faces. Okay, you’re also pretty Chris Roberts (Talks like Connor)Excuse me. Do you know where the bathroom is? Never mind, I found it I have to relieve myself (What a handsome little boi) Wait, didn’t I get shot? In the intro? Didn’t they get shot and a big chunk of my arm went away? Oh Sorry, that’s the ladies room 31% unemployment rate. When will it stop? Yeah. That’s what people write in the toilets More like the ban androids or just draw huge penises or use very strong slurs Okay, can I play that game? I wanna play that game Okay, let’s just talk to him Lietunant Anderson, my name is Connor I’m the android sent by CyberLife I looked for you at the station, but nobody knew where you were They said you were probably having a drink nearby. Bingo. I was lucky to find you at the fifth bar What do you want? You were assigned a case early this evening. A homicide involving a CyberLife Android In accordance with procedure the company has allocated a specialized model to assist investigators. Well, I don’t need any assistance Especially not from a plastic asshole like you Just be a good little robot and get the fuck out of here (Decisions, decisions) Threaten, Understanding, Persist, Reason Listen, I think you should stop drinking and come with me. It’ll make life easier for both of us Persist not gonna get too violent I’m sorry lieutenant, but I must insist My instructions stipulate that I have to accompany you You know where you can stick your instructions? No, where? Nevermind Uh Oh Wait outside, Buy him another drink. You know what? I’ll buy you one for the road. What do you say? Bartender the same again, please! See that Jim wonders of technology, make it a double *whispers* I’m reasoning with him, with my computer brain Better? Did you say homicide? That was pretty easy, I’m a good negotiator *Jackaboy rocks to music* You wait here, I won’t be long I’ll be patient, whatever you say lieutenant Fucking-A whatever I say *Jackaboi giggle* Hehehe Conflicting orders selecting priority. Whoo, follow Lieutenant Anderson That’s interesting Look at this It’s so pretty. I just want to stare at it all day Kay, what are my-? *Connor voice*What are my objectives? Follow Lieutenant Anderson Can I scan faces still? No 🙁 Oh the police line is holographic Androids are not permitted beyond this point It’s with me Yeahhh, I’m with clancy What part of “Stay in the car”, didn’t you understand? You’re order contradicted my instructions, Lietunant You don’t talk, you don’t touch anything and you stay out of my way. Got it? Got it Evening Hank. We were starting to think you weren’t gonna show. Yeah. That was the plan till this asshole found me So…. you got yourself an android, huh? Very funny. Just tell me what happened All Right. There’s the human garbage, didn’t know we were back at Todd’s house We’ll figure this out. Oh the music is REALLY good I also like… Conners… side of the story because it’s always nighttime But so far it is, and it always has like cool atmosphere to it Lemme look around Wanna make sure I’m thorough Is that Peter Jackson? Dead on the ground? I’ve been there for a good three weeks. We’ll know more when the coroner gets here There’s a kitchen knife over here. Probably the murder weapon. Any sign of a break-in? Nope. The landlord said the front door was locked from the inside, all the windows were boarded up He was stabbed The killer must’ve gone out the backway What do we know about his android? Not much, the neighbors confirmed he had one, but it wasn’t here when we arrived I-I gotta get some air make yourself at home. I’ll be outside if you need me So the Android did it right, because it says “I AM ALIVE” So maybe he like woke up And also the I am alive is in perfect font And it’s exactly aligned and it’s all perfect angles and everything, sooo My bets gonna be on the robot, man Each letter is perfect It’s way to neat, no human writes like this. I just said that Hank! Cris was this written in the victim’s blood? Red ice This is neato, I would say so we’re taking samples for analysis. Okay. There’s the knife for murder weapon Analyzing. No fingerprints, Android involvement. Let’s take a sample. (Eeewww) Err, Jesus! What the hell are you doing? I’m analyzing the blood, I can check samples in real time. That’s so cool! I’m sorry. I should have warned you Okay, just don’t put any more evidence in your mouth. You got it? Got It Fucking hell I can’t believe this shit. *Jack starts licking his fingers* OM, NOM, NOM, NOM, NOM. Dried blood, DNA analysis, Ortiz, Carlos What you gotten yourself into Carlos? A dead time? Red Ice Yeah, I just saw that already Okay, same blood Seems our friend of Carlos liked to party Carlos liked to get fuucked up There’s a piece of evidence here. Okay I didn’t really see what it said, ummm, but it looked like it was a flier for a strip club. Oops. I’m going in folks! It’s so atmospheric, I love it. I want a whole game that’s just Connor’s storyline. I don’t care about the other ones Well, I do, but Connors? Connor is the best one Again just something about the Blade Runner like aspects to it Camera is a little wonky in this game, though More dried blood still Carlos’s So I need to examine the victim as well, I’ll get to that After I examine all the evidence-e Hmm So you try to beat the…… Android’s head in? Violent impact, traces of thirium Thirum is what they used to build the androids, right? Whooo Deviant took a knife Deviant was attacked: emotional shock. So the dude attacked the Android, and then the Android defended itself? I didn’t think an Android would actually be able to do that code wise Why can’t I examine this? Oh that- Oh, yeah, nevermind I got two in one that time Ummmm I wonder does the law of robotics actually even play into this Signs of struggle What happened before What happened before the baseball bat thing? I do, I like this place 😀 Obsessive writing See this is why you explore, because then you get the extra little bits Religious offering That counted as evidence? I don’t see anything else in here, but just in case Ahhh He just said, there’s something weird in the bathroom Sir, it’s okay. I have already examined it Last piece of evidence is here. Oh no, this isn’t evidence Gossips Weekly “Android Sex Officially Better!” See this is the other part of it that I figured they were going to get to eventually is that We already have sex dolls in the world Some people already use them But what would happen if you had… full… companionship like that episode of Futurama where Fry ends up dating Lucy Liu. It’s like what it-what if that but like realistically because obviously Humans being humans, if you make a robot someone’s gonna wanna fuck it Tech Addict Your android spying on you. This is also pertinent information to what’s happening in the world right now People are paranoid about the Alexas or the google chrome spying on you “More and more experts are suggesting that CyberLife uses it’s…” “120 million androids to record details of private conversations of it’s customers and sell them to trading partners.” Can you imagine a future where? You’re walking around with your Android and all of a sudden. It’s been listening into your conversations So when you-when you’re going somewhere, it’s your androids Just like “You mentioned that you like that purse so I have purchased it for you” that kind of thing Obviously something a lot more sinister, that’s a weird example, but you know what, I mean “Ever talked about buying that new car while eating dinner with your partner?” “CyberLife could use that information for targeted advertising” “The information goldmine doesn’t stop there – everything from your personal…” “Indiscretions to political affiliations could easily be extracted and potentially used for nefarious purposes.” “The spate of reports linking Warren’s presidency to CyberLife only deepens such concerns.” “Several consumer rights organizations have requested that CyberLife disclose the information it gathers…” “and who it sells that information to, but the company has always refused.” “Requests for a formal inquiry have gone unanswered – so far.” Oooohhh, Tricky future Because then not only will it be recording everything that you’re saying that you want Like Oh, I want this for Christmas So it suggests stuff – whatever that kind of stuff is is weird, but it’s not dangerous But when it starts listening to every single conversation, then you have no secrets anymore, but on the other hand It’s also useful for getting like criminals to confess the stuff and overhearing things Weird future I don’t like it. I don’t want it And just recently we had to…in Europe. We have new laws. You’ve probably gotten the emails about the GDPR giving like not selling your Data to third parties and stuff like that. So already this stuff is in conversation “Sorry ladies, the plastic can’t be beat!” “The result of our survey is in and it’s official 68% of men…” Aaawww so close to 69 % “prefer sex with an android to a real woman, and with 52 % of men saying they’ve tried…” “the experience at least once that’s a lot of Android love to go around.” “There were a few reasons given for this preference…” “but we think we know the real reason, androids don’t want to talk about their feelings afterwards.” “This story was sponsored by Eden Club…” ‘Discretion is our middle name’ Weird potential future y’all Uumm right moooore Evydance There’s nothing here except the book I just read the whole book and nothing but the book Ah. The writing is the last piece of evidence Regular letters, Font: CyberLife Sans The fact that you can tell what frickin font it was But also I was gonna say imagine because there’s obviously two sides to this coin. There’s a reason that we’re creating Androids or potentially wanting them an AI and everything because it makes life easier. It makes it more… efficient it makes a lot more possibilities reachable Uuumm There are ups and downs to everything one of the big ups. That would be if say if these Androids actually existed in life right now. You could go out there dump… Fifty of those as some sort of charitable thing by say CyberLife, CyberLife could go donate 50 charitable androids to societies in third-world countries Like let’s let’s take Africa. For example, if they went and had some of the androids there… helping people who are starving That would be so awesome Oh my god, the L1 thing actually blinks. Does it blink along with Connor? No, that would’ve been cool though. So like there’s ups and downs to everything And this type of conversation can cause a lot of anxiety for people because then they’re like, oh I oh I don’t want this Okay, he was taking red ice Height is 5’6″ 286 pounds Died at 11:30 28 stab wounds, deceased more than 19 days ago What else am looking for? His hands All right, let’s reconstruct and see what happened Time to put on my Batman goggles Ok, so he was stabbed back there *Uncomfortable Jack* You all know how much I hate stabbing and how scary it is to me. I mean it’s scary to most people They came from the kitchen They came from outer- OOHHH IT SHOWED ALL THE STABS HE DID “He was stabbed 28 times.” “Yeah seems like the killer really had it in for” Report to Lieutenant Anderson Did I get everything though? Because I know technically I have all the information that I need to continue but I don’t know if the game has extra ones But I was fairly thorough with everything I was looking at so let’s see “Lieutenant, I think I figured out what happened” “Oh, yeah, shoot. I’m all ears” “It all started…” In the kitchen? “In the kitchen” Oh god I’m actually gonna have to piece this together “…there were obvious signs of struggle, question is, what exactly happened here” “I think the victim attacked the Android” With the bat? “With the bat” “That lines up with the evidence, go on” What if red ice is causing people to go crazy? ‘cos it’s everywhere that these attacks are happening What if it’s like a.. *Jack reads options* “The android stabbed the victim” “So the Android was trying to defend itself, right?” “Okay, then what happened?” “The victim fled to…” The living room “…and he tried to get away from the Android” “All right, that makes sense” But why would it keep attacking? “The Android murdered the victim…” “With the knife” (stabby stab)”Okay, your theory not’s totally ridiculous” “But it doesn’t tell us where the android went” “It was damaged by the bat and lost some thirium” “Lost some what?” “Thirium, you call it blue blood. It’s the fluid that powers androids biocomponents” “It evaporates after a few hours and becomes invisible to the naked eye” “But I bet you can still see it can’t you” “correct” Hey Hank likes me and I like Hank, Hank’s pretty cool Because like the Kingsmen stuff is all about proliferating something into society well, it happens in a lot of Literature and media, but you proliferate something into society and then that triggers certain events So what if somebody’s distributing the red ice to do something to people? Search for blue blood traces. Ohhh I can see it I can see it, it’s on the ground It goes into the kitchen or maybe around to the bathroom It also goes in here Something was moved, a ladder I’m such a smart boi. (spoopy brooms) It was just some brushes Okay, I think he escaped through that way but I want to see if there was stuff in here I’m guessing this is supposed to lead you to that See if just in case there was anything I missed at the kitchen This is just where everything went down Okay, I think he escaped onto the roof and then left Find something to climb Climb the book! Climb Cl- I was about to say climb Clancy Climb Hank! Excuse me Hank, I need to head outside Connor, don’t! Your perfect hair “Door was locked from the inside” “Killer must have gone out this way” “There are no footprints apart from officer Collins’ size 10 shoes” “This happened weeks ago” “The tracks could’ve fade” “No, this type of soil would retain a trace” “Nobody’s been out here for a long time” Connor’s so cool I’m gonna be like Connor when I grow up The lighting is so impressive Also, I think the doo doo “Hey! Hey! Hey! What are you doing with that chair?” “I’m going to check something” Yeah, the Attic for ghosts I think the guy who plays Connor Is a twitch streamer in real life or has streamed on Twitch dunno if it’s his regular thing to do. So I’ve heard anyway That’s pretty cool He also liked some of my tweets talking about the game which is fun Told you there was ghosts Android ghosts Feels like until dawn all of a sudden I found you or is this gonna be like a mannequin or something? It is dammit, that’s a buff baby mannequin Deviant? you in here? (spoopy) Here he is After him! Connor, after him! Or slowly that’s fine Don’t jump-scare me Daniel? Oh I can’t do the thing anymore. Oh Jesus Hi “I was just defending myself” “He was gonna kill me” “I’m begging you” “Don’t tell them” “Connor what the fuck is going on up there?” “It’s here lieutenant!” “oh shit Chris, Ben get your asses in here now!” “Come on!” damn! I thought it was gonna give me the choice, but he just did it himself. Dang it Every time I think I got everything there’s still stuff missing Connor knows what happened. Well that obviously would branch off not knowing what happened, right? Damn there’s no yellow things here though. I thought some of the optional stuff that I found in the shower would have been The yellow parts, but I guess it didn’t really play into the conversation too much at least not the way I went But again, it’s weird that the Android Defended itself If it gets attacked shouldn’t it just have primary stuff to not harm the human? Otherwise, that’s scary if you Let’s say well, obviously HE attacked it What if you didn’t attack it? What if something bad just happened with you near it would it turn around start stabbing you Maybe some of the stuff I missed would explain some of it There he is the man of the hour “Todd?” “Huh?” oh damn I thought you were dead “Dinner is ready” “Yeah. Yeah, I’m coming” Something’s gonna go down because it’s storming outside Also, imagine having your Android as your alarm clock you I’d get out of bed so much easier then Serve food, yes sure or look around and exploratorium There we go, that’s nice right bring a little light into our lives Lemme just see if I can do anything upstairs, or it’s gonna block me off Serve dinner Okay. Got it. I’m doing it Sketti bol nice Oh dip. I want some Carrots in the kitchen. Thank you. What I could I bet you make perfect scholar US colonies skinny nays Water Life’s funny For Alice versus lost my job because of androids Ladies first Todd. I need somebody to take care of this goddamn house Do I do go out I have fucking Android Joke But I’m sorry, I’m sorry that that happened to you Of course androids are so fucking wonderful They never fail they never tired they’re sad I’m so fucking perfect. They ruined my fucking life Okay, oh don’t you dare what’s your fucking problem? Not the life you dreamed of a maybe you think this is easy Maybe you think it’s my fault. We live in this fucking shithole my fault you fucking mother took off You should stop taking drugs You scare me duh Bitch took off got a word fucking whore walked out on me. Fuck Fucking fuck jesus fucking christ, dude Get back here Come back here come back here right now Oh Cara we need to end this I know it’s our fault fucking help. You stay there. Don’t you dare fucking move or a bust or worse than last time? To call that word I could have been I feel like I should move also. I can’t think of a reason why she would possibly take off Sorry Todd oh oh Oh, I’m having a directive thing I’m fighting against my programming That’s so cool Oh crap Everything I could to make her there’s no reasoning with him I’m protecting Alice. I don’t trust that guy Ah, please tell me she’s in her room Okay It’s gonna be okay a let’s say promise Cuz if I went to reason with him I’m sure there’s a pathway that way but what if they don’t reason with him and then I lose the chance to get to her first No, he’s not I’m gonna lock the door first. Then we’re going to figure this out. There’s a Ledge out there And to find something Okay, we’re going it’s watch hurry come on Come back here right now. Do not be asshole Okay, okay you got this girls Oh, yes, oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes get away from that asshole I’m not in the Android compartment Oh Okay, we’re back to the lane again I Really wanted to face him at certain points, but I didn’t want to leave Alice on her own. Oh Yeah, now this is where stuff is really gonna start deviating oh my god, there’s so many choices Holy crap Hey, my my first instinct was to just get her out of there Keeping her there and trying to reason with him is like doing the same thing over and over again. It’s just prolonging his next outbreak So I wanted to get her out of the house and keep her safe But the more decisions into the game I go the more it’s gonna start spreading out in deviating The last 25 years Every time I go to one of these I ask myself What the hell am I doing here? I hate cocktail parties and all the schmoozers that go there Well, it’s a chance for all those people who admire your work to meet you And no one gives a damn about are All they care about is how much money they’re gonna make out of it. Mm-hmm Come on, let’s have a drink We’ll have a drink don’t worry Carol. I Go the excitement of this whole thing has made me thirsty Sounds cool I like him Scotch neat as usual Absolutely Okay, but you know what your doctor would say? Yeah, well he can kiss my ass. I’m old enough to choose my own medication. Oh Look at that Did you leave the light on a studio no, no, I’m sure I didn’t I’ll call the police This is Carl, Manfred’s and Roy 289 41 Lafayette Avenue, we’ve just returned home and found the lights on there may have been a break-in Let’s go check it out Whoo, also, that’s pretty cool how you can just call them immediately I might think it’s probably your son after breaking in again But if I go check on your behind no, I’m gonna come with you No, you stay back there Carol need to keep you safe Leo look who’s here? My father’s plastic toy Leo What’s going on you refused to help me so I’m helping myself it’s crazy when some people pay for this shit don’t touch them Look, they’re all gonna be mine sooner or later anyway Think of it as a down payment on my inheritance Marcus get him away from there. Get him out of here Oh, you don’t want to go toe-to-toe with marquise boy Be reasonable this isn’t gonna get you anywhere All you ever do is tell me to go away What’s Wrong? Dad? Not good in the field. Not perfect It’s like this fucking thing. She’s Dutch enough. Get out right now. Mr. Special. Anyway, huh? What’s he got that I don’t below Oh, god, please. Don’t tell me you’re gonna end up killing your dad Marcus don’t defend yourself. You hear me? Don’t do anything Go ahead hit me what you waiting for. I think you’re a man act like one Doesn’t matter too much of a pussy stop it little daughters gonna fight back you fucking bitch Oh Oh, I’m breaking through my barriers now Shit right, that’s right. I forgot you’re not a real person. You’re just a fucking piece of clown Oh I love you my death. I’m gonna tear you both Oh whoa whoa, whoa Leo oh my god Lil I said push him not murder him my little boy Karl I They’ll destroy you Marcus you gotta go get out of here I Didn’t mean to get out now go oh Shit Marcus don’t fucking move What Police mistook Marcus for the aggressor No, oh No Why’d you kill him what happened before you took that knife Marcus isn’t dead. Is he? How long were you in the Attic? Why don’t you even try to run away Say something goddamn it Fuck it. I’m out of here We’re wasting our time interrogating machine we’ll get nothing out of it You always try roughing up a little After all, it’s not human androids. Don’t feel pain. You would only damage it and that wouldn’t make it talk Deviance also have a tendency to self-destruct when they’re in stressful situations. Okay, smartass What should we do then I can try questioning it hell, yeah We have to lose go ahead suspects all yours. Oh, yeah, let my boy Adam It’s weird though their skin can just disappear and go to like white porcelain hands. Oh Okay, now I’m feeling back so I feel like I fucked this up already It’s analyze first Processing led await signs of software instability probability of self-destruction low Property of Carlos Ortiz blah blah It’s Carlos’s blood on him Hit marks non-critical damage level – caused by baseball bat, okay Repeated marking over 16 months caused by cigarettes Series hurting him before that incident. Oh God okay I’m good thing. I want you to go down. Oh I missed something. I detected instability in your program It can trigger an unpleasant feeling like fear in humans You’re damaged did your owner do that? Oh, did he beat you? Listen I know you’ve been through a lot But you need to help me understand what happened Okay, okay good good good. It’s going down Listen I’m on your side. I want to help you, but there’s nothing I can do if you won’t talk to me I’m here to help you but you’ve got to trust me. All I want is to get you out of here What what are they gonna do to me? No, I think they just want to understand They know your master abused you it wasn’t your fault Why did you tell him you followed me why couldn’t you just have left me there I Was programmed to hunt deviants like you I just accomplished my mission Then talk to me I don’t negotiate ergo Shus approach Pressure it probe. Its memory convince it I Could probe its memory but that might be bad pressure. It is probably not the way to go Let’s try convincing it I Understand how you felt You were overcome by anger frustration No one can blame you for what happened this stone good Listen I’m not judging you. I’m on your side. All I want is the truth. Good job Connor Confess and I’ll protect you I promise I won’t let anyone hurt you Oh, it’s gonna happen again like Daniel, isn’t it? Shit You leave me no choice. Oh God oh god. Oh god, I’m sorry. Oh god fucking finger twister Oh, I don’t have to see it from the first-person view Oh God Oh No, my access its memory. I know what happened. Oh It’s gonna explode no Is the guy’s phone I Had to know you left me no choice Things are going bad on the train of Jack What the fuck is destroying itself Stop a tenant I can’t stop it. That’s enough. You need to stop that right now Oh Shit What the fuck No, I’m just gonna keep going and see what happens If not, I might have to go back and repeat some sections because I’m not happy with that I mean, they’re Androids couldn’t they just be repurposed? Because we said that there were two models of Daniel before so what if there’s like two models of Connor two models Americus or whatever All right, and the life end of the line, yeah, you’re gonna have to leave Rico Palace or Irishman can wake up? Okay, bye mr. Man, thank you Do you know if there’s any other place we could spend a night? I have no idea she’s gonna have to leave I really think this one through did we I’m also curious to know if any of these stories you want to interact with each other if By the end, all three androids will have met up Gonna be okay We’ll find somewhere to spend the night She’s cold The whole Alice Wow I get to explore this whole area Come on yes, we’ve got a hurry My androids We need a place to stay do you know anywhere we could spend the night Creepy So I’m not the same Android anymore because I broke through my my limiter so to speak like Goku Over there go there or go there No way I just didn’t look around Comfortable but not discreet we’ll need money Was this uncomfortable bus Uncomfortable, but safe how to get in Very uncomfortable but discreet Open 24/7 can’t sleep here. Ask for help. Yeah, let’s do that first The lighting coming through the rain is so pleasing to look at I Just love nighttime rainy scenes. Oh shit Alice unless you’re still following me Alice Where is she? Oh, she’s over there Oh God Now this you’re freezing cold, I’m okay. I’m not so cold You look lost We have nowhere to go I know someone who can help you They’re interfacing, but that’s on the other side of town we need a place for tonight Batman No problem You know the reflection is so awesome we’re still open maybe we should go inside at least he’ll be out of the cold What do you want I’m with a little girl and we have nowhere to go. Could you spare some money so we can get a room for tonight a Homeless Android ah, that’s the best yet This is a convenience store, not the Salvation Army, okay You better go if you’re not gonna buy anything I Don’t want to shop aw for uh – this game’s making me make so many So many messed up decisions oo lemon juice :3 I have is knock it over. Well, I’m able to take stuff Am I looking at the place through the camera That’s creepy I’ve been spotted by so many of them Are you telling me that I can shoplift at certain points when the cameras not looking at me? It’s always and I see a fruit Alice I need your help You see those cans over there I Want you to go over and knock them down knock them down but why Alice just trust me. Yeah Alice trust me. We’re gonna eat tonight. Oh This is such a bad plan, what are we doing? I’m a bad Android. I’m a bad boy You all right. Are you hurt Well, don’t worry, it’s just a few cans. Whoa, why am I stealing! Come on let’s go. Sorry mister Well, it’s Alice not gonna trust me now Haha, like the night we are gone! Fuck! Sorry, Nathan We have some cash now. You used me to steal that money! How could you do that! I trusted you! You’re right. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry Alice, I’ll never do it again We good now Maybe I shouldn’t stay at the motel with stolen money Place over there Non-dramatic, maybe we can go wash our clothes There’s nobody outside though, you seem to be a lot of people walking around It’s warm in here you’ll feel better in no time Can read a book if I want the beeline to the disaster disaster For decades scientists and farmers foresaw the inevitable extinction of bee populations despite these warnings the global institute for endangered species or days Announced that their washington AGM yesterday that wild bees are now officially extinct living specimens exists only in captivity Bee numbers have been ravaged in recent decades by colony collapse disorder Where worker bees disappear leaving hives which cannot feed themselves? Biologists confirmed that CCD was accelerated by the overuse of pesticides and crops parasites and pollution Pollinating bees officially extinct consequence of this catastrophe will be felt across the cotton industry fresh water supplies and most disturbingly agriculture. Environmentalist, Cathy Linda, yayaya This is a lot of stuff got to do with if bees disappeared Then humans have, like, eight years left to survive and stuff like that Ok, I don’t care about music. I care about my bestie, Alice Okay, there’s not clothes in that one No clothes in that one *gasps There’s clothes! But if I steal clothes for Alice she’s not gonna trust me again We should just go Come on let’s go You need new codes and everything but your trust is more important because if she distrust me and then runs away Todd still alive out there somewhere What did it say about these ones again, can I do the triangle thing? No Just stay in the house Don’t walk you can’t tell me what to do An abandoned house At least we’d be out of the rain Kara, I don’t like this place. I know It’s just for one night and no one will look for us here Okay, what was the other place? The parking lot, let’s check this one I’m so paranoid about messing up situations because I got the other two potentially killed Sleep in an abandoned car I don’t know what to do. Will she feel bad if we use the money to sleep? I mean, the money’s already stolen now It’s always the case of these choice-based games Oh I’m not allowed in there We can’t, Alice They’ll never give a room to an Android We have to get rid of this uniform or go somewhere else Okay Now that I have a more informed decision, let’s get the clothes and sleep in the motel, maybe So stress-inducing What are you doing? They’re not our clothes! We need them, Alice. You need something to keep you warm and I need to get rid of this uniform. But that’s stealing! We can’t do that! You’re right, we won’t do it, okay Uuuuugh, fine. We’ll sleep in the shitty abandoned house You’re so young Alice, you don’t know. I’ve got a processing brain. I know what I’m doing. I wish we could run No, please do not attempt to cross, there’s no one else here Wow, ‘rebuild southwest Detroit’ Can cut fence here with a wire cutter Where’s a mans gonna get a wire cutter? (wonderfully said, Jack) There’s nothing more this way. We’re gonna have to sleep in an abandoned car Alice. Oh in the store I could get a wire cutter, but now I can’t show my face in there again. Oh, I ticked over all my solutions Panic car it is Hope you’ve had a tetanus shot in the last ten years of your entire life I’m strong Android Can I enter from over here Good dammit just scoot her over and you jump over it with your super legs It looks abandoned Can I talk to her Nope. Don’t break the window just hold the door open Stand back Alice. You’re still gonna be cold after this It’s dry inside and nobody will find us here. I don’t want to sleep in there. Can’t we find a better place Alice we’re sleeping. We’re better off staying, Alice. The important thing is for us to be safe But it’s just for today. If we go to the motel then we’re on cameras and people … can inquire about us and stuff like that if we’re in here, then people aren’t going to really check this place. Cuz you’re an Android, can’t you, like, superheat your body? Heat up little Alice? Yeah like this Ew, you’re gonna get her sick Why didn’t he ever love me? Why was he always upset with me? All I wanted was a life like other girls Maybe I did something wrong Maybe it wasn’t good enough, that’s why he was always so angry. (overlapping) NO! You’re great Alice. I just wanted us to be a family. I just wanted him to love me Why can’t we just be happy? I don’t know, Alice. You’ll never leave me, right? promise you’ll never go. I promise. Will we be together forever? Aw, I don’t even get a choice, that’s cute. You guys are adorable Fugitives! Oh, lots of points My god, this is I mean the further into the story you get obviously the more expanded your choices are gonna get and that makes it seem like you miss a lot but It’s the difference between taking one path and another so all these others are automatically blocked off when you negate that path Okay, wow, all right well I’m gonna leave this episode here I have no idea what to expect though after this. I potentially got two of them killed. I don’t think they’re dead. I don’t think that that’s… how the game would work. I don’t think they’d allow you to get your characters killed and then all of a sudden that section of the game is done Would be a ballsy move to do, though. Like, if you’re playing as Connor and Marcus, get both of them killed, and then all you have left is the Kara story That would be a very ballsy move, but I’m assuming that a lot of stuff wouldn’t really make sense after that, but I’m really really liking it I, like, I don’t like Marcus’s story as much. It’s still fun to do and everything and if it was on its own It would be a fine thing to go through. But it’s the fact that I have Connor story alongside that. Kara story’s interesting because now she’s broken outside the confines of that. I’m sure Marcus’s the story will start to get interesting after this, if he’s not dead. Whatever ends up happening to him But Connors to me is the most, most, interesting because you can see the inner Conflict in him a lot more than you can in the other ones because he has to abide by like the law Every time he goes to do his job, and he has missions that he has to do. He’s not just He’s not just help around the house. He’s an actual part of like Governmental society so he has to go out there and he has missions to like save people’s lives So his one is the most interesting to me and his change Is gonna be the most interesting to me as long as he’s not dead because he’s my favorite NoHo Anyway, thank you guys so much for watching this episode. If you liked it PUNCH that like button in the face. LIKE A BOSS! And high fives all around. *whapoosh, whapoosh Thank you guys, and I’ll see all you dudes… IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!! MY BOY!!!

20 thoughts on “IS THAT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!? | Detroit:Become Human – Part 2

  1. The android isn't so unstable that at the first sign of danger, it would on a rampage. How I'm imagining these androids is basically metal humans. When you think about it, humans are just really, really complex meat machines. Our brains are one really big CPU. Our heart is our battery. When you break them down scientifically, emotions are just different neurons firing and releasing different hormones. And once we figure out how those neurons fire exactly, we can then replicate it. Because androids are not supposed to be just mindless machines, they're supposed to be companions, nannies, caretakers, they need to be able to feel some form of emotion. They need to be able to understand and form those bonds. So logically, if they can feel love, respect, or worry, then they can feel fear or panic. Now, I'm sure that there is a human protection protocol in place, but when these emotions take hold, just like humans, they resort to any means necessary to survive, even if it means breaking protocol and harming a human.

  2. while I do hate todd and agree hes a crap parent and a crap person, I still cant help but feel bad especially when you realize why hes such an A-hole. Also when you run away youll eventually encounter him again and he does show a lighter side to him

  3. I love how that bit on the side of their head changes color based on what’s going on.

    Red = Fear/Danger
    Yellow = Thinking
    Blue = Neutral
    No color = Shutting down/dead

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