Is This Evidence Of An Alien Civilization?

Is This Evidence Of An Alien Civilization?

In 1981 astronomer Robert Kirshner made a
shocking intergalactic discovery. 700 million light years from the Earth lies an enormous,
barren sphere known as the Bootes Void. Its very existence challenges what we know about
the universe and its origins. The Void is at least ten times larger than
the rules of modern physics say is reasonably likely. As a structure, the Void verges on
the impossible. Yet, this disturbing formation is consistent
with Nikolai Kardashev’s 1962 theory of advanced alien civilizations and their behaviour.
Could it be home to a hyper-intelligent extraterrestrial species? A void is a massive region of space that holds
either minimal or no galaxies. They are created when mass collapses, and is followed by subatomic
particle implosions. With a diameter of 330 million light years,
the Bootes Void makes up 0.27% of the observable universe. But according to established scientific
understanding its huge size is impossible. The Big Bang theory states that the universe
is 14 billion years old, and that it has been expanding exponentially since its birth. Given
the age of the universe, there has only been enough time for voids to form that are tens
of millions of light years across, not hundreds. Stranger still, is just how empty the Bootes
Void is. It contains only 60 galaxies, around 10,000 fewer than we should expect to find
in such a vast expanse. Many believe this means the void is the first
observable proof of a Kardashev scale III “master race” civilization. In 1964 Nikolai Kardashev – now Deputy Director
of Russia’s Astro Space Centre – published his theory for extra terrestrial development,
arguing that civilizations develop in 4 stages. A civilization reaches the third phase when
it becomes so technologically advanced that it is able to convert starlight into usable
energy. At this point, the species is able to replicate itself at astonishing rates,
spreading out across the universe and colonizing galaxies. Many consider this is a necessary
step for any civilization to avoid extinction. Could this explain the Void’s chilling dearth
of stars? In 1960 theoretical physicist Freeman Dyson
published “Search for Artificial Stellar Sources of Infrared Radiation”. This paper
suggests that in order to harness the energy from stars, civilizations must construct huge
artificial structures around them, essentially masking them from the outside. It is possible
that networks of interlinked “Dyson’s shells” are distorting the appearance of
the Void, and what lies within it. A further mystery is the almost perfectly
spherical shape of the Void. It is what space blogger Michael Anissimov has called “the
most perfectly shaped vacuum in space”. Could this be the result of an extraordinary
piece of intergalactic engineering? In 2015 astronomers at the University of Hawaii
identified another “supervoid”, which, at 18 billion light years across, scientist
István Szapudi described as “the largest individual structure ever identified by humanity”.
Like the Bootes Void, existing models suggest that it’s “too big to exist”. This study also found that supervoids drain
energy that travels through them. The impact is so intense that surrounding areas of space
become unusually cold. While some suggest this might be caused by Dyson Spheres there
may be a simpler solution. Scientist Greg Aldering points out that the
galaxies within the Bootes Void are in a very clear “tube” formation. He argues that
given how unlikely this alignment is, it is highly probable the Void was formed from smaller
voids colliding and merging with each other. The tubular arrangement is therefore what
remains of the boundaries between smaller voids. While science has not yet been able
to confirm this, NASA has publicly discussed this theory, suggesting that it has the gravitas
that other ideas do not. Significantly, while the Void is perplexing,
it is consistent with the Lambda-CDM model of cosmological evolution. This means that
although it diverges from the standard model of the Big Bang Theory, scientists do not
consider the variations great enough to undermine existing knowledge about our universe and
its past. The only thing the Bootes Void offers proof
for, is the mystifying nature of the cosmos. Both Dyson and Kardashev’s theories pre-date
its discovery. Indeed, no professional scientific research has ever used their theories to “prove”
an observed phenomenon. This suggests the scientific community considers their ideas
more a case of crackpot science than data-driven proof for ancient alien colonies. However, until scientists can fully explain
the Bootes Void, we can’t eliminate extraterrestrial involvement from the equation.

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  1. If you want to find the aliens, look in the darkness. Either the Bootes void, or where there is dark matter.

  2. The Bootes Void obviously ISN'T impossible. It's rather that physicists don't understand as much about the universe as they flatter themselves that they do.

  3. There is one problem with the Dyson spheres theory. I can understand how the sphere can harvest the energy of a star, but I cannot imagine how it could store all this energy for future use. A giant condernser won't do the job. Synthesis of ultra-heavy nuclides? These are unastable. So… Aliens… How do you store energy…?

  4. if Donald Trump knew about aliens coming to earth illegally he'll build a wall above the earth lmao lmao

  5. 18 billion light years across, huh? That'd be difficult seeing as the universe is only 13+ billion years old.

  6. dont let this distract you from the fact that in dragon ball super our universe (7) is a 2 1/2 stars with only 28 planets with life forms.

  7. If there actually was an alien species that is the cause for the boötes void, it would also prove that there must be some form of faster than light travel. It's almost impossible for a species to travel so far without any form of cheating physics.

    Or maybe the big rip theory is true and it has already begone?

  8. Maybe that's where God fucked off to? Like he asked Jesus to hold his beer, created the universe, realised he fucked up and jogged the hell on as quick as he could.

  9. Erm, so i just read an article on this and this video is just reading that article word for word lol. Sorry I can't link already closed the tab.

  10. there is no way other advanced civilizations would allow other advanced civilizations use galaxies as a energy source
    You think the earth has gone green
    advanced races would have laws to prevent this type of behavior

  11. I believe this video is flawed , what if there is free energy system atainable useing the suns energy would not be needed. Just a theory.

  12. I'm going to expose you 😛
    Everything you said in the video is from this article.

  13. The Bootes Void is the remnant kiss of the parallel bubble universe that created our universe!
    Nah, it's super advanced Aliens!

  14. Nasa has not discovered alien civilization cause its not their job, their not a real space agency. Their were created by the illuminat as fake programs, like JPL and space x. These fake agencies are meant to take your beliefs/attention away from ET/Alien life in the universe.

    These space agencies are a complete fraud, fake and a scam and only that nothing less, the raw truth had to be told. None of these programs never went into space, no moon landings, no space shuttle, no JPL mars rover landings, none of these were real missions. No astronauts in the ISS, the ISS was aways empty, all ISS live feeds were shot in zero gravity planes or shot here on earth in huge studio or hanger useing wire harness for zero gravity floating, shuttle/ISS models and cgi green screens.

    All launches are real but don't go into space they come right back down to earth away from public's eye view. No missions existed what's so ever, their all scams and they never intended to go into space, it's a fakery show to control and diceive the public. I can tell you this, every planet in the universe, in our Galaxy and in our solar system is full of life, ETs/Aliens. All over the moon, inside our hollow planet, and underground for millions or billions of years, they were always here on earth all along. Illuminat/Goverments were keeping us from having any contacts with them, if we do talk to them. We wake up and they lose slavery control over us/public the world.

  15. Ugh, Of Course NASA agrees with the least controversial theory, Governmental Rule #1: Avoid Mass Public Panic AT ALL COSTS.

  16. How can we say for sure something in our Universe can or can't exist?? We don't understand 1% of what goes on out there… its the Big Bang THEROY… A THEROY IS NOT A FACT… humans are VERY low on facts!!

  17. Where on earth do you find those hilarious grey alien stock images?! I swear everyone of them is some kind of meme I don't understand but can enjoy.

  18. Or the void is the result of a whatever you called it a level 3 society, that set off the equivalent of a galactic nuke, a Vacuum decay weapon and just wiped out all energy there and eventually reached its massive upper extent, all life stars and heat GONE.

  19. Void is just a void man. You have void in ur ass too , that's called asshole. Now tell me how many galaxies are there in ur void ? 60 ? And yes if those species are so intelligent to build Dyson sphere and trap light of star then they must be having advanced telescope all over those galaxies .. the telescopes which can even see minute things within the other galaxies. They could had found us within these billions of years. It's a huge amount of time. It's just a void , there must be some scientific reason behind that which must be area of research. There is no point in making bullshit theories like Dyson sphere, type 2, type 3 civilization.. eVen I can get up from sleep and write such , no one would believe that !

  20. Quick correction, we're currently in stage 0 on the Kardashev scale, not even the first yet. Many scientists including the late Stephen Hawking said the transition between a stage 0, and 1 civilization is probably the most dangerous as it most likely involves at least some level of globalization. A lot of folks are dead set against it for good reasons like corruption, human rights, and loss of culture. A good reason globalization is a good thing would be us looking at ourselves as humans, not Americans, Mexicans, or Jews, and Muslims. I think we'll tend to treat each other better if we look at ourselves as people, not nationalities. Which when you think about it are just lines drawn on a map, many times arbitrarily.

  21. Or… it’s a super intelligent extremely expansive ASI, which at some point decided to harvest all the energy and minerals from those (now) missing galaxies.

  22. – e jebi si malo mama svoja
    – prvo moraš dokazati zašto je ovo Globus koji leti kroz svemir
    koje ste vi budale ovuda to bi ja godinama morao biti zauzet sa vama
    ˇ- nešto nemam takav plan
    imao sam neki drugi puno ljepši ali mi ga Hrvati sjebali
    – ako nemaš niti jedan validan dokaz da je ovo mjesto Globus koji leti kroz Svemir
    – svaka moguća priča o SVEMIRU je glupost obična

  23. Well, we're sorta in the first stage, like the starting elements of the first stage, but musk will accelerate that hopefully

  24. What if böotes void is just a massive joke created by bored scientists and every scientist that doubts it is included in the joke

  25. Make aliens not war lol oh yeah that void blah alien event thanos snap type thing aliens thats advanced would not need to mine absolutely everything also get this a level 3 advanced cloaking we see nothing realy there's a massive cloaked structure it basicly galaxy size spaceship eveb i dont think anything would be that big they said 60 galaxy's ok now thats ridiculous so prob just some funky space shit honestly u got massive scale anti gravity bombs something like that prob went off some star wars shit

  26. apparently its a wall built by ancient alien to keep us primitive species from seeing the other alien civilization. its all good we won't have any technologies that can travel over 900 light years to reach it yet anyways.

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