Is Weight Loss on Ketosis Sustainable?

Is Weight Loss on Ketosis Sustainable?

“Is Weight Loss on
Ketosis Sustainable?” The new data is said to
debunk “some, if not all, of the popular claims made by
extreme carbohydrate restriction.” But what about ketones
suppressing your hunger? In the tightly controlled
metabolic ward study where the ketogenic
diet made things worse, everyone was made to eat
the same number of calories. So yes, eat the same number
of calories on a keto diet and lose less body fat,
but out in the real-world maybe all those ketones would
spoil your appetite enough that you’d end up eating
significantly less over all. On a low-carb diet people ended up storing 300 more calories
of fat every day. But outside the laboratory, if
you were in a state of ketosis, maybe you could offset
that if you were able to sustainably eat significantly less. Paradoxically, people may
experience less hunger on a total fast compared to
an extremely low-calorie diet. This may be thanks to ketones; in this state of ketosis,
when you have high levels of ketones in your bloodstream,
your hunger is dampened. How do we know it’s the ketones? Because if you inject ketones
straight into people’s veins, even those who are not
fasting lose their appetite, sometimes even to the point of
getting nauseated and vomiting. So, ketones can explain
why after a few days you might feel hungrier
on a low-calorie diet than on a total zero-
calorie diet (a fast). Can we then exploit the
appetite-suppressing effects of ketosis by eating a ketogenic diet? If you ate so few carbs
to sustain brain function, couldn’t you trick your body
into thinking you’re fasting and get your liver to
start pumping out ketones? Sure! But is it safe,
and is it effective? A meta-analysis of 48 randomized
trials of various branded diets found that those advised
to eat low-carb diets and those told to
eat low-fat diets lost nearly identical amounts
of weight after a year. Now obviously, high attrition
rates and poor dietary adherence complicate comparisons of efficacy— I mean they weren’t
actually put on these diets; they were just told to eat that way. But you could see how even just
moving in each respective direction can get rid of a lot of CRAP, which is Jeff Novick’s beloved acronym
for Calorie-Rich and Processed foods. After all, the four
largest calorie contributors in the American diet are refined grains,
added fats, meat, and added sugars. Low-carb diets cut down on
1 and 4, and low-fat diets tend to cut down on 2 and 3. So they both tell people
to cut down on doughnuts. Any diet that does that
already has a leg up. I figure a don’t-eat-anything-that
-starts-with-the-letter-D diet could also successfully cause weight loss if it caused people to cut down on
doughnuts, danishes, and Doritos, even if makes no nutritional sense
to exclude something like dill. The secret to long-term weight loss
success on any diet is compliance. Diet adherence is difficult,
though, because any time you try to cut calories
your body ramps up your appetite to try to compensate. This is why traditional
weight loss approaches like portion control tend to fail. For long-term success, measured
not in weeks or months but in years and decades, this day-to-day hunger
problem must be overcome. On a wholesome plant-based
diet this can be accomplished thanks in part to calorie density—
you’re just eating so much food. On a ketogenic diet it may
be accomplished with ketosis. In a systematic review
and meta-analysis entitled “Do ketogenic diets
really suppress appetite?” The answer, they found, was yes. Also, ketogenic diets
offer the unique advantage of being able to track
dietary compliance in real-time with ketone test strips
you can pee on to see if you’re still in ketosis. There’s no pee stick that will tell you if you’re eating enough fruits and veggies. All you have is the bathroom scale. Keto compliance may be more
in theory than practice, though. Even in studies where ketogenic diets
are being used to control seizures, after a few months dietary compliance
may drop to under 50 percent. This can be tragic for those
with intractable epilepsy, but for everyone else, the difficulty
in sticking to ketogenic diets long-term may actually be a life-saver. I’ll talk about keto diet safety next.

100 thoughts on “Is Weight Loss on Ketosis Sustainable?

  1. Come on Doc, you’re gig is up. I know you gotta make a living but you are in desperation mode these days……. Keto diet for the win 👋

  2. Yeah I am not a doctor so I guess I just go of self observation but I was a vegan twice. Always over weight. Always hungry as a vegan. Just always.

    Tried keto. Lost 45lbs in 90 days. Have put none of it back on 6 months later. I feel healthier now than I ever did as a vegan. I do do healthy keto as I call it. 7 cups a greens per day. Greens every meal. Eat liver, fatty fish, grass fed ribeye. I'm stronger. I feel better. My doctors happy I lost the 45lbs.

    As a former vegan x2 for me it was night and day difference going keto over vegan and I wont go back. It works. Feel 10x better now than as a vegan who was 45lbs heavier.


  3. KETO = Kills Everyone Taken Onboard.
    Virtually everyone on Keto will die of diseases directly caused on exacerbated by their diet. So yes, it's great for weight loss – down to whatever your bones weigh, or less, if you're cremated.

  4. is a website run by Dr. Michael Greger who is the author of several books promoting strict veganism as a cure for many ailments.

    The website appears to be owned by Dr. Michael Greger and is funded through donations.

  5. I tried keto before going plant-based and let me tell you.. I dropped a lot of weight – not because I wanted to, but because the food was just so disgusting that I would rather not eat. Besides most people tell you to eat only 30g of (net) carbs max.. you imagine how little calories that makes? you would need to literally drink oil to get enough calories because they also tell you not to eat too much protein either. I'm so glad I didn't stick to it for more than two weeks and came to my senses.

  6. I have several friends on the Ketogenic diet . I tell them the science and the dangers but it is like talking to zombies . Their eyes glaze over , they get angry and tell me I'm wrong and mention some websites that promote it. I'm always up for some laughs so I went on them and they are shockingly disturbing . One actually recommends getting your cholesterol into the high 200's for " hormonal balance and that Keto is a good way to achieve this "
    Dr Greger , if you're reading this, why aren't you guys going after these dangerous websites or at least recommend the government go after them ? If there was a website showing how to blow yourself up , hang yourself or slit your wrists surely they would be shut down . How is this any different ?

  7. This is the 4th of 7 videos on the keto diet. If you missed any, go to . -NF Team

  8. I suppose since keto and fasting are being mentioned in his new book… then fasting is probably seen as a negative. Still can't wait for the vids on it though.

  9. When I read, ' is weight loss on ketosis sustainable?' I thought it was going to be about whether you keep losing weight and not hit a plateau which you do and that's when you incorporate fasting and calorie tracking.

    But if the question is whether you don't feel hunger then the ketards win on this point, BUT they wrongly rationalize it by arguing it's because your nutrition is satisfied. Now we know the TRUTH, it's the ketones that's suppressing hunger.

  10. Is there any practical long-term health difference between eating 100% WFPB and, say, 90% WFPB with 10% of calories from meat? Assume the same healthy diet in both groups, but one eats a bit of meat everyday. I find it hard to imagine that a bit of meat here and there in an otherwise completely healthy diet and lifestyle would make much of a difference. Any literature on this comparison? Love your work.

  11. I was literally thinking of trying vegan keto because this dude at work had so much success when this video series started. Thank you to everyone responsible for the making of this video. Best wishes all.

  12. Weight loss is the wrong goal. Combining some form of exercise daily with a plant-based diet (95+% plant-based is ok), and intermittent fasting will give you tons of energy, you'll feel like a million bucks, and cut your risk of disease dramatically. Oh, and you'll lose a bunch of weight.

  13. Believing keto will cure you is like believing the earth is flat – in both cases you have to ignore mountains of evidence, while pointing to that flawed one thing that proves it for you.

  14. I'm a nutrition consultant and most of my clients do better with GOOD QUALITY ingredients. It is the common denominator whether your a vegan or on a keto diet.If you eat grass fed grass finished protein or wild caught fish you get lots of great nutrients. If you eat organic non processed foods and fresh fruits and vegetables you get lots of good nutrients. I will say everybody has different needs. I have seen Vegans go Hypoglycemic due to dietary deficiencies and have also seen people on Keto struggle with their lipids. A balanced nutrition overlaps both ends of the spectrum. Nothing wrong with increasing fresh fruits and vegetables and having the appropriate amounts of good quality animal protein. It's all about quality and portions with enough exercise. Cant we all just get along?! lol….

  15. I am pretty disappointed in this community. Not because KD is discredited but more how negative and aggressive the people here are towards people who are pro-KD. Being so happy to “shut KD-people down” instead of being happy that science is creating more awareness about safe en effective diets is astounding to me.

    Dr. Greger appears as a positive and well thought person. I wish I could say the same about some of the people commenting on this video.

  16. Keto is actually killing people long and short term. Keto is a fraud promulgated by the meat and dairy industry. Keto needlessly tortures and kills millions of animals. Keto destroys the environment. Keto advocates attack vegans and spread lies about us constantly. POed? You bet. They need to be pummeled

  17. Greger didn't mention that the appetite suppressive power of ketones seems to wear off after a period of time. It's very sad to see people on the keto diet stuck in a plateau, unable to continue to lose weight, maybe even getting fatter on that horrible diet after six months or so.

  18. Dr Grieger .. love you love your videos THANK YOU!!!

    I can’t seem to find any info on if carbonated beverages are safe.
    Please tell me you have one 🙂

  19. I would like to know information about alternate day fasting combined with plant based eating. Will this type of regimen help me to lose my stubborn fat and keep it off? Is there an scientific evidence that I will not harm my health and slow down my metabolism by alternative day fasting? I am a low fat plant based vegan woman who still struggles with her weight. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

  20. Yes it's sustainable. I started keto on October 2017 and reached my goal weight in June 2018. I've kept that weight off ever since.

  21. I'm aiming to lose weight for the next 4 months or so, so I'm eating about 1200kcals of low fat whole plant food and am in deficit to the tune of approx 900 kcals because I'm burning 112g of body fat per day – does that mean I'm producing ketones ?
    I've noticed I have stronger body odour than usual.

  22. I tried keto once years ago. Lost a bunch of weight very quickly and thought low carb was magic. Turns out I was under eating and exercising more than before. Stomach pains started from being constipated. Started eating a more balanced diet of carbs and felt even better. Keto can be done sustainably, just not for most.

  23. please talk about fasting!!! i know it’s not good for you but does it actually detox the body? would love to know the science behind it all

  24. So what have we learned, Ketoers? Keto only helps 4 out of 10 dieters with weight loss compliance (your 100lb weight loss story is admirable, but not special), but even those people would have lost more fat and kept more muscle on a low-fat diet. No freakin’ magic, no big pharma/food/sugar conspiracies, and no ‘ancestrally-appropriate proper human diet’ BS.

  25. Wait…so the vegan/7th day Adventist wanna be claims the keto diet is bad? Shocking!!! better not tell the 1000s who have had and continue to have major success with it.

  26. The biggest issue with this series is that high carb and low carb advocates use separate metrics for health. Low carb prioritizes driving down glucose/insulin, and triglycerides while driving up HDL.
    Keto/omnivorous diets benefit from a better Omega 3:6 ratio in general and much higher access to DHA. Studies are mixed back and forth on LDL but most keto-advocates generally could care less about elevated LDL in the context of low CRP and good digestion. I generally push either vegan or keto either way you are pushing your body to make adaptations to more efficiently deal with your diet/nutrition. The choice comes down to whether you wanna be a fat burner or sugar burning specialist.

  27. Lol Keto is just messed up
    I lost 15 kilos in two months
    I started eating carbs and gained 7 kilos in 3 weeks

    Need a lifestyle change not Fad diets like these

  28. Used to think nutritionfacts was a credible soure for nutritional information. Its just cherry picking studies and out of context results for their vegan propaganda. I'm out peace.

  29. I was a vegan for over 1.5 years. All my blood tests came out ok except very high levels of triglycerides which was live threatening. I don’t eat refined sugars but complex carbs added to my high triglycerides. I looked into Keto and now I’m eating more fats, less carbs and still eat veggies. I dropped the fruits except avocados. I don’t think Keto is a long term solution for everyone but it’s the only way to get rid of my belly fat and triglycerides right now. I do intermitting fasting and don’t eat often like when I was a vegan. We’re not cows to eat all day long and humans are over eating because food may be cheap. Another thing, I don’t count calories because it’s mostly bs. Humans are supposed to only eat when they’re hungry. The cave man didn’t know anything about breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper. He eats only when he was hungry.

  30. keto people mad cause they smell bad and stink up the bathroom and gotta spend a bunch of money on fabreeze and glade plugins.

  31. No matter what.. keto or no keto you need antioxidants. At least 10,000 to 12,000 antioxidant units a day. You’d never get that eating salad with sausage and beef.

  32. The keto diet is not for everybody. Just like veganism isn't for everybody, and jogging isn't for everybody, IF isn't for everybody, gluten isn't for everybody, gluten free isn't for everybody and horror films aren't for everybody.

  33. So THATS why people who fast, saying they're not hungry anymore, and that it meant they're "Cleansing" and that "a clean body doesn't need fuel" I heard this from the raw food community and the people who fast all the time. But that's because they're in ketosis, and being in Ketosis isn't healthy.

  34. Thank you for these, my dad has been having seizures and was recommended a keto diet. I want to know as much as I can about it for him

  35. The biological desire to get a certain level of protein is a long standing fact. Higher protein diet generally means eating less. It’s called protein leveraging. However, as you raise protein, you raise your growth hormones. That, in turn, raises cancer risk and accelerates aging. You want a low protein diet, less than 10% of calories or lower.

  36. I think the "Do not eat anything that ends with a s" is a better diet. It does not exclude dill but excludes donuts, danishes and Doritos.

  37. I did keto a few months before vegan past 2yrs and I think vegan+keto might be the uber-diet of all. Stick to all monounsaturated plant fats and keep up the nutrients and fiber with vegetables and I would think your arteries would stay clear, plus all the endurance benefits you hear about from keto ultra runners etc. I might try this one day, but I will miss all my blueberries and strawberries and granola!

  38. What about the study that linked increased mild exercise with increased genetic male pattern baldness, while 20 mins of moderate exercise daily was linked to almost 0% genetic male pattern baldness? ☺️

  39. I think all the videos (and studies) so far have missed the point. The proper way to use a ketogenic diet is to get into ketosis, which will rise and stabilize glucagon levels. Once this has happened, you can stop with the high fat and then you'll be eating far less calories, but you'll still feel satiated. However continuing the dietary restriction of NO carbs ensures that glucagon levels remain high. At this point you'll actually be able to miss multiple meals for days at a time with no discomfort. (I used to go entire weekends without eating anything.) Get the glucagon up and level, eat protein and fat rich salads to feel satiated, then drop the caloric dense foods leaving only veggies and cheese. It was fantastic. I think that if more vegetarians/vegans restricted carbs it'd be an even better diet. They key is glucagon!

  40. You can't just eat low carb you have to eat High FATZ in the 75% range 20% protein and 5% carbohydrate.. Good quality fats. Avocados macadamia nuts. It's too bad the latest research shows that strict vegans have a 20% increase in stroke from the latest study in Europe a 500,000 people because they don't have enough cholesterol in their body cuz plants don't have any. There's a reason and a purpose for every diet it depends on your health and what you're trying to achieve.

  41. All your articles are from 2000 to 2002 and the latest one was 2012. These are all outdated! Is 2019! Give us some pertinent real clinical articles. Show us the dates of any article you research.

  42. Another good question would be "is WFPB sustainable?" Just take a look at a lot of the posts on the McDougall forum by people who have struggled with complaince over the years, or any of the many bloggers and youtubers who quit eating plant based. The only good diet is the one you can stick with forever, and that might be WFPB or it might be low carb.

  43. Not sustainable. I lost a lot of weight, but as soon as I introduced too many carbs, the floodgates of Hell opened and I couldn't regulate my appetite. Then I wanted to "Eat all the things!" 😒

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