Islam VS Dan Gibson’s Shame Factor and Honor-Killing

Islam VS Dan Gibson’s Shame Factor and Honor-Killing

Assalamu Alykum dear brothers and sisters. My today’s video is
Islam VS Dan Gibson’s Shame Factor and Honor-Killing Relevant Video: The Qibla Story #5: The Shame
Factor by Dan Gibson In that video Dan Gibson told that any Muslim
woman being pregnant through sex beyond wedlock gets killed secretly by her family to hide
the shame. It’s a total lie. Honor killing is un-Islamic
Dan Gibson called it honor-killing, though such crimes in any Muslim society are beyond
imagination. Because Islam is not beyond the range of the
Quran and the Hadis. 100 lashes for fornication and death by stoning
for adultery, must be pronounced by a sharia court, after getting four eye-witnesses or
on the basis of one’s own voluntary four-time witnesses, and the punishment must be open
to see and at least a group of people must witness the punishment (The Quran: سورة
النور, An-Noor, Chapter #24, Verse #2; Muslim Sharif: Book #017, Hadith #4205 and
Hadith #4206)). No scope for secret killing. No scope for killing a pregnant woman in Islam. Question is — how could Dan Gibson come
to know that the pregnant women are killed in secret? If it is secret, how could he see or know? Does he have any telepathic or miraculous
power to see the secret happenings like killing? No. Then it’s a total lie. Probably, he heard it from a story-teller
of a Hindu or Jewish origin, the people who love to tell false things about Islam and
the Muslims. Islamic Society Is Safe from Extra-marital
Sex One should keep in mind many factors before
believing such false propaganda against Islam and the Muslims. The causes of extra-marital sex (like wine
and free-mixing) are absent from the Muslim society. Many other factors are there that keep our
girls safe. Among those factors the system of purdah is
the main. Firstly, it is impossible for a Muslim woman
to become pregnant beyond marriage as there is no scope for her to mingle with a capable
man; purdah is an inevitable barrier. How can she be pregnant before marriage? Secondly, marriage in the Muslim society happens
earlier than the appearance of the time of fornication. How can fornication happen? Thirdly, a Muslim girl is not likely to be
alone at any time of her life. She always has one or more family members
with her to guard her person. How can she be impregnated except by her husband? In considering all these factors, we must
reject such allegation outright. No, such false propaganda cannot stand against
the reality.

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