Islamic University of Madinah Documentary

Islamic University of Madinah Documentary

blew me right now – OH – you know Peter kaviar demon Obon is the Islamic University of medieval Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since its foundation many students have had the privilege of studying within its walls the Islamic University of Medina has seven educational levels the Arabic language institute founded in 1386 Hegarty middle school high school Bachelor graduate diplomas masters and PhD higher study programs consist of eight different colleges the oldest of them is a college of Islamic law it was established with the foundation of the University in 1381 hidden or 1961 degregory next is the College of Dawa and religious principles the College of the glorious quran and islamic studies the College of Arabic language the College of noble hadith and Islamic studies and the three newest colleges college of engineering science and computer science and information technology [Music] tt you know we comfo baggage is a video for most students school starts at 8 a.m. and finishes around 1250 p.m. the filter prayer the either homily encana 17 household if you know my students have the choice of eating three daily meals in the university cafeteria or a subsidized price heavily on me the university offers shuttle services between the University and mustard and Emily babe from awesome do you know in an instant most of what the average student needs can be found within the university ground there is a library for students to use in case they need to get some research done the library is very large and contains all that a student will need to finish his research library has a hundred and fifty thousand books with 60,000 unique title the library also has an extensive collection of manuscripts it’s around 35,000 of them converted onto film script and gentle yell over you tomorrow again can lay any additionally part of the library is made up of chef Adam Benny personal library and he gifted to the University in the unfortunate event a student falls ill or injured there is a Medical Center on campus that the doctors in a variety of different specialties students can also find other services inside the university that help them go about their daily life such as a convenience store student services store electronics store clothing store and the laundry in their spare time students enjoyed playing sports to stay healthy they gather on the soccer field and basketball courts and enjoy some friendly competition these are Bobby’s yard even alcohol sent him a Menasha pyramidal awardable it localizes maybe methylene has a bumper pool but hey mom and I shall I let me do another one yellow one little maybe resonant at the vomit ha ha ha ha oh you heard you little Mediterranean mcnally honey to home also could easily wonderful to you with the Islamic University of Medina has witnessed students from all parts of the world with nearly every country being represented thanks to Allah and then the great effort put forth by the university the world community at large has benefited from the knowledge that is taught here as students carry it across the world eligible come up in the Panov even put them at I am mean I wonder he was – a cold coffee love with my cousin a

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  1. ماذا يفعل الذي يُريد الإنضمام إلى هذه الجامعة عامة وفي كلية الشريعة خاصة

  2. ما شا الله.. يا أخي الكريم.. أحسنت جداً… جزاكم الله خيرا الجزاء لهذه الفيديو… و يبارك الله فيكم..

  3. beautiful good Islamic university of madina I love you and all Muslim, may God bless us with paradise Ameen

  4. اسلم عليكم الإخوة والأخوات يفعلون لي دعاء ، أنا حقا أريد أن أدرس هناك

  5. this video is really great thank you for the video please help me to to contact with you and help in enter the campus my name is sk.saifuddin I am from odisha India I wish you as soon as possible you help to enter the campus because of this I need your help thank you have a nice day Al Jamia Islamic madina mannawara

  6. Very very good workdone by saudi administration….Madina is very important and main center of Islamic teaching and very close to our heart,same as Makkah…may Allah make Madina and Makkah prosper 2 times by day and 4 times by night

  7. Such a shame the building style and furnishings are so sterile and synthetic looking, and very hard and ugly to the eyes. Spaces are needlessly vast in scale, and look as if they have few people in them at any one time.

  8. inshallah I will study there Madina International Islamic Universty
    inshallah MS from Madina International Islamic University . Please pray for me.

  9. للَّهُمَّ إِنِّي أَعُوذُ بِكَ أَنْ أُشْرِكَ بِكَ وَأَنَا أَعْلَمُ ، وَأَسْتَغْفِرُكَ لِمَا لَا أَعْلَمُ Dua Against Shirk (Hisnul-Muslim)

  10. Great Masha Allah. May Allah reward the kingdom and its people for giving opportunity of knowledge to the rest of the world. Shukran

  11. اللهم اجعلني من المقبولين في الجامعة الاسلامية بالمدينة المنورة

  12. i live in bangladesh
    i riding Alim 1st yer
    i want to read madina younivursity.. so . what i will do.? .. plz ans me .. my brathar

  13. When I'm financially stable I will study Qur'an as a life-long hobby inshAllah. It's my dream. Pls do a dwa for merit

  14. ماشاء الله تبارك الله
    بودنا اهتمام الدول الإسلامية بالعلوم وطلاب العلم والعلماء وتوفير كل ما يحتاجون إليه

  15. This is so beautiful… I didn't think it would be this amazing. Sub7an Allah… Allahu akbar… I just want to live in Medina… and go to the haramain on a regular basis… alhamdulillah for every blessing

  16. Before going to an Islamic university, I would advise you to memorize the Quran, and study as much Arabic as you can. These two things will help you immensely
    باذن الله
    Have your children memorize the Quran at a young age, and also have them learn some Arabic. It will save them much time and huge potential hassle in the future.

  17. oh god plz make your power for my aplication which was applyed for one week ago .me and every how applyed aamin.

  18. رَبَّنَآ ءَاتِنَا فِى الدُّنْيَا حَسَنَةً وَفِى الْءَاخِرَةِ حَسَنَةً وَقِنَا عَذَابَ النَّارِ.
    اللهم اجعلني من الطلاب في الجامعة الإسلامية. آمين آمين آمين يا رب العالمين.

  19. Assalamualaikum I have great wish that my only son Abdullah age 14shuold study in this Mubarak place both for ilme Deen and simultaneously machenical engeenir pray for us and also guide us how to go about it dua for all those who are willing and trying for studying here ameen

  20. What subjects are there and how many years do u need to study or what’s the maximum and do u get to visit u family in the holidays

  21. Alhamdulillah , it's so nice please make duta for my brother's,they can study there ,allah will give toufik ,amin .jazakullahu khayer

  22. One day I will apply here and become a mufti of guinea and speaker for Muslims like mufti menk inshallah may Allah make it easy for me

  23. Salam
    Are there women facilities cuz tbh i'd love to dtudy there someday in'sha'Allah

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