‘It’s about building a new society for all’ | I am Catalan

‘It’s about building a new society for all’ | I am Catalan

What for me represents being Catalonian is a diverse and mixed society, with a deep tradition of co-operation and shared battles. It’s an identity forged from resistance to the adversity we’ve been subjected to in the past. During the referendum I was part of the local movement to guarantee the right to vote for everyone, the yes and the no voters equally. The right to express ourselves freely without fear and without a court clipping our wings or stopping us from making our own decisions. I can only imagine achieving an independent Catalonia by fighting. Fighting from the start, because if we were to declare independence and make it a reality, we would have to work together as a nation from the very beginning. People see it as an opportunity for change, and as a way to guarantee the social rights that we think are necessary for people to live in decent and dignified conditions. The independence movement would not exist without the working classes, and they also need this independence in order to improve their living conditions. This does not come from the Catalonian bourgeoisie, it’s about building a new society for all. Social rights have always been achieved through people’s actions, and ignoring the law at times that’s the only way society advances, from the general strikes of the labour movement. We value the democratic legitimacy of the population over the letter of the law. That’s what drives us to get up and go into the streets.

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  1. FFS these people are acting like they're Palestinians who are actually under threat. Why are they receiving soo much more coverage everywhere?

  2. Realised last week that I dislike both the Catalans and Madrid government, both playing into the eu regionalisation agenda.
    Sure I am absolutely for a notion of national self determination but I can't comprehend why a country would leave big brother only to hand themselves back to Brussels, plus how is having an overtly globalist mindset conducive to the ethos of Catalan national aspiration to be be just that Catalans if they subsume themselves in third world people. Utterly bizarre.

  3. What shes saying is akin to Londers will have a better life if they vote to leave the UK ( and hence stay in the EU ) . Its nothing to do with repression , identity crisis , its simply not liking the policies of government .. The spanish government gets a lot of blame for the cutbacks that came out of the crises of 07 but thats just these ultra left and center right politicians saving their own skin by blaming the " big bad external forces " .. Reminds me of Farage really.

  4. Guardian you can't oppose brexit while supporting Catalan independence from both Spain and the EU. Both are very damaging to those regions.

    Can't have your cake and eat it.

    Feel good politics doesn't work and it is displayed in your hypocrisy here.

  5. It is always necessary to improve society, but separatist have being bullying the other part of society that do not agree with them. A better society can be improved, not rebuilded, because Spain is not destroyed. Cataluña has been fragmentized by the separatist, they don't include all kinds of people in their society, the citizens that don't repeat the separation discourse have being segregated.
    Better futures can be carved with union and collaboration and most important with the inclusion of all the voices of society, that is democracy. Catalan separatist can't hear that other part that wants to be Catalan, Spanish and European.

  6. It all sounds so great .. Until one sees what they really have in mind…out of the frying pan and into the fire..
    Its a Brave New World..🌎

  7. As always, a lot of hate from people who never seem to have any sympathy for anyone what so ever. Give it a break.

  8. Catalanes los mas corrupto del pais ,,Pujol ladron,,Puigdgeman cobarde por que no declaro la Independencia pues por cobarde ,,los Catalanes son enganados por esta caterva e ladrones y cobardes ,,,

  9. This Catalanes they really believe they are superiors ..??to WHOM,,!!I think they are a bunch of ignorant of theirs own law ,,I had not yet ears a reasonable argument from them…they are nuts !! you are playing a very dangerous game ,you are liky that you do not have a Chavez or pinochet as head of goverment ,,because like whem Franco were alive you were the greatest fun of him ,,YOU had FOrgot SO SOON???

  10. El Puigdgemot este o como quiera q se llame deberia renunciar fue un fracaso y un cobarde no tiene etica ,no lo se si sabra que es esta palabra, no tiene honor,que quiere conversar ahora ,que te paso macho te measte en los pantalones ,,y toda la generalite deberia renunciar ,o tomar las armas para liberarse de "TAN TERRIBLE OPRESION"" MORONS !!!!

  11. So what I've seen from this series is that people want independence from Spain because they feel like it, not because it’s the rational thing to do. I’m not against fragmenting countries, but it needs to be smth concrete, not fluff.

  12. What a ridiculous speak by the President Puigdemont. Nobody, nowhere knows if he has declared the independence or not.

  13. Well done for crowbarring in the words 'diverse and mixed' while explaining how your traditions, shared battles, and identity means you should gouge a large chunk of Spain's wealthiest region out for yourself. She speaks Guardian! Anything can be justified so long as you remember to add the words 'diverse and mixed'.

  14. Aha so why not "let's work on improving Spain all together" instead of "bye bye and figure it out by yourself". With all the respect, you say that you are very critical and not biased, however this attitude is based on the idea that people that came out of a vagina outside of Catalonia are inherently in favor of the central government and against catalans. Well, there you have it: your first bias. Why don't you use all this energy in trying to change what most of the people in Spain don't like? Which leads to my second point. Knowing that there are a lot of people in Spain that want the same as you, turns independence into just the coward, egoistic way out of this situation. If you really want to change society, have the guts to actually do it.

  15. Wow the guardian, you are the best, now why you don't make speak the catalans that do not want the indipendence or you don't know there is also catalans that do not want the independence.

  16. Dictator lincoln supressed south independence! South sue federal government, the court says : if you want independence, only two way- 1 federal government agree; 2 win the independence war!

  17. The independence of usa ( separatists) was against British empire society; the rebels and murderers became hero and freedom fighters because they won the independence war!
    If catalonia won the independence war; the jailed leaders will become hero! The captured spanish soilders will be put to jail as criminals and muderers!

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