1. thats crazy you went into the banny store, they are great people they always come to rose bowl to source and shop for the shop, maina and the rest of the owners and staff are awesome crazy to see you in there they have a crazy curation, small world!

  2. Japan is lit the best thing that has happened to you. Continue doing this shit its amazing. Your like one of the most greatest content creators. Visuals and everyrthing always on point❤🙏🙏

  3. bruh wtf those intro visuals were NUTS. And you definitely can't sleep on foreign thrift shops, the vintage shit goes craaazy

  4. Imagino que las leyes de Japón para el skate street deben ser mas severas no ?
    no me imagino poder andar patinando spots en la calle como lo harías en LA

  5. Wow, I thought you were only a cameraman but after watching the first part, I found out you were a good editor and a pro skater!!!! You just earned a sub

  6. You’re Being a Great Big Brother Figure To Him. He’s a Great Skater That Puts In The Hard Work & Dedication And He Deserves All That He’s Earned From You. You’re Doing a GREAT Job Molding Him In The Right Direction. He Has Great Potentials And With The Right Direction You’re Pointing Him To, He’s Going To Make It Big For You.

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