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welcome to the new song cafe worship
together dot com today we have Kim Walker Smith from Jesus Culture should
be sharing her song in the river to sit back and enjoy this new song cafe can
it’s great to see you thanks so much for coming by thank you it’s great to be here in your
hometown and getting to hear these new songs from the Jesus Culture record and
man there are such a great variety of things on this record and and this is a song that’s a little bit
different than maybe people heard from Jesus Culture in the past a song called
in the river and other way to describe it as in just a flat celebration vs the
NL absolutely just a great celebration song and I love with this song says you
know you know I’m alive in the river you know it talks about the life that
God gave us and talk about this on a little bit and 32 the lyric and I think
chris Christie on the song and yeah so Chris Killa who everyone knows as my
partner in crime and she’s going to you know he he wrote this song with a couple
other guys and they actually went to a bunch of pastors and pulled all these
pastors and and said what what songs are you wanting to senior church said what
are you needing more and if you could speak to us writers and say like please
write more of these songs what would it be and it was unanimous everyone said
songs about joy and I think a lot of people and pastors and leaders are
feeling like he has this really you know this this day that we live in a major on
the TV and there’s lots of scary things on the news and and i think that that is
something that is so important to our faith and our walk with the Lord is
going to church and getting filled up with joy you know and so they wrote this
song from that place of we we want a song that is just simply about joy and
and Chris asked me to sing it which I was super excited about because I love
this song I loved it so happy I love that it’s a fascinating song it’s it’s
one that every time we’ve done it everyone is you know jumping and singing
and laughing and and so happy and and I lovei what you said that the course we
have a live in the river and and that is the truth we get the presence of God we
get not river and and we do it we come alive it’s amazing well of the fact what you said about
going to the charity thing what can we do to serve you better yeah
for the individual come back and as writers and his artist it be able to say
we want to give the church what the church need isn’t about me as a as as an
artist like that is that we’re serving the church here such a great approach to
22 performing into songwriting as well and you know nothing just where they say
you know I got to be at church when you guys were doing this one of the first
times that the place course disrupted everything but just a fantastic song
like the beginning of the service or even just a close out like a great you
know great church service and leave everybody go on you know I’m just a real
celebration but it’s so useful and we said over and over again even where
should gather people looking for like I really need up-tempo song something that
my service just not a lot of content and that right that specific areas and this
song you know we we try to all different speeds we’re trying to figure out what’s
the best you know what my speaking against you and I i think that would
really depend on your people you know when when we we sped it up like really
faster one service and I loved it cause I was like you know that was fun for me
but the guys were like oh this is the best price can so we we slowed it back
down and we we tried a few different species found like just and there are no crowd that the speed
that kind of felt right for them which is another fun part about this song was
like we could move around with what feels right for you as you beat it up so
it’s a little bit it works either way you guys play for this is gonna be great
this is like the coolest cake ever 0400 fear the tide is rising we were talking about water but you know
i mean you can take that key down we were just talking about like you can’t
do this where you don’t have the occupier yes definitely it’s a great
song to trade off got a girl if you want to do that interest you know just all
that to say to folks watching like however you want me to do this get the
key right or whatever and make it work for your environment and depositions
early so the entire song is so 26 different about it great thanks so much

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