Join The Sheepdog Society Today!

Join The Sheepdog Society Today!

So look, a lot of
people are saying, hey, where do I
get your products, and that kind of stuff? Our Sheepdog Society has every
product that we’ve ever done, every bit of
information we’ve ever put out in a clear
and concise manner, and you can watch it all
from start to finish. There’s tons of
courses in there. And we’re getting away from
selling this DVD and that DVD, because there’s so much
that people want and need, we just put it all in one
spot and make the price just as cheap as we can make it. If you become a
Sheepdog Society member, you get access to everything. You can watch the AR-15s,
the AKs, the everyday course, bolt guns, home defense,
and there’s so many more that are on there,
because all we’re trying to do is get the information out. Try to give you what you
need so that when you’re talking to those new
converts to the Second Amendment, the people who are
in search of how to exercise their God-given liberty, you
have that much more information to help steer them in
the right direction. So I would encourage you to
become a Sheepdog Society member. It’s $0.33 cents a day. It’s $10 a month, and you
can have access to everything that we have. That’s the cheapest way
we can get everything out. We’re still making new products. It’s really blowing up. We’ve got a lot
of people in there and a lot of good information
circulating around. I encourage to do that. Well, as always, stay
alert, and practice often.

2 thoughts on “Join The Sheepdog Society Today!

  1. I’m NOT a sheep dog.
    If libtards think the government is going to protect them, let them wait for the police during an active shooter situation. I’m only protecting my ass and my family. And perhaps, a lone child or elderly person who are in the wrong place at the wrong time, but my family comes first.

  2. You weren't angry enough to make a video – didn't even knock the camera over this time! I expect better from you.

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