100 thoughts on “Jonas Brothers – Only Human

  1. I love this song! I would be greatly appreciative if you check out my drum cover of this song. Turn the bass up!

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  3. With all the money behind the Jonas Brothers you'd think they'd have the ability to deinterlace their footage before putting it on YouTube 🙄

  4. I'm 26 now… my 14yo self is still crazy over Joseph Adam Jonas, the Danger.

    But this time I totally love seeing him with somebody else. Bravo, Sophie.

  5. Me when I heard this song for the first time :Its nostalagic…

    Me when I heard this for the 100th time: Its nostalagic…Still…

  6. Just wow i love it sounds amazing all day every day much love 💎💯👑🔥⭐ 💎💯👑🔥⭐ 💎💯👑🔥⭐

  7. how can this song get 31M views only?, really this new generation ppl, just wanna see booty dancing video, this song really relaxing

  8. I absolutely LOVE their new music. I think them going their separate ways for a while was the best thing they could have done. By far one of the best come backs I've seen in a band.

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