Jordan Peterson – Winston Churchill predicted the Death of our Civilization

Jordan Peterson – Winston Churchill predicted the Death of our Civilization

I want to begin with something that Churchill wrote in the 1930s. And he said this: “One of the signs of a great society is the diligence with which it passes culture from one generation to the next. “When one generation no longer “passes on the things that are dear to it — it’s “heroes and their stories in its religious faith — it’s in effect saying that past is null and void. It’s of no value.” He goes on to say: “That leaves young people feeling a lack of direction and a lack of purpose, and “opens them to the dictum of Karl Marx — that our people, derived of their history, are easily persuaded.” Have we stripped our young people of purpose and meaning, and left them open to being bullied around? Well there’s there’s two things about that, that I think are really worth worth laying out. The first is an analysis of the purpose of memory. Now because people think that the purpose of memory is to remember the past, and that’s NOT the purpose of memory. The purpose of memory is to extract, out from the past, lessons to structure the future. And that that’s the purpose of ‘personal’ memory. And so you’re done with a memory when you’ve extracted out the information that you can use to guide yourself properly in the future. So if you have a ‘traumatic’ memory, for example, that’s really obsessing you — if you analyze that memory to the point where you figured out how you put yourself at risk and you can determine how you might avoid that in the future, then the emotion associated with that goes away. So memory has a very pragmatic function and ‘cultural’ memory is the same thing. Is that we need to extract out stories from our past that structure our future. And we need that because first of all, if you don’t have a purpose, let’s say, it isn’t that your life becomes neutral in a meaningless sense; it’s that your life becomes characterized by unbearable suffering, because the baseline condition of life is something like unbearable suffering. And what you have to set against that is a noble and worthwhile purpose. And hopefully hopefully your determination of that purpose is buttress — to some degree — by the wisdom of the past, because you can’t conjure something like that up on your own. And if you provide people with nobility of purpose, then they can tolerate the suffering of existence without becoming entirely corrupted by it. And cultures that don’t do isn’t even so much that they die, it’s that cultures that don’t do that are DEAD. They’re DONE. They don’t have a story anymore. And they don’t have a call to adventure. And then, well, then everyone suffers stupidly as a consequence. It’s a very bad thing. So Churchill made the same observation that many of the great psychologists and philosophers made in the early part of the 20th century. It’s like: Bring the story forward. And and propagate it. And make it the most noble possible story. And then you motivate people to transcend themselves — which they need to do. So yes, he’s exactly right in his diagnosis.

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  1. Winston Churchill predicted the Death of our Civilization" – HE was the cause of it … he was the greatest loser leader that the UK ever had – lost 300 years of blood that fought for the Empire – for what gain? Zero gain. The UK gained bankruptcy, the death of the Empire, the loss of the pound as the world currency, the start of the loss of all the other euro-based Empires. He put the NWO firmly in control and is the man who shaped the world we have today – the total surrender of the European man and his world rule – I HOPE HE IS IN HELL !!!

  2. Repeat after me, NOTHING MATTERS.We as a species do not matter. Our survival does not matter. The universe will continue to exist without us. We delude ourselves into thinking that we are the centre of the universe, when it is the opposite. Nothing we have done in the past, or will do in the future will have the slightest impact on the universe as a whole. The time allotted to us in the time continuum, is so infinitesimal, as to be immeasurable. We insist on creating creators to justify our inconsequential existence. Who created these creators ( plural intended )? As I wrote in a school poem, final line, " To what end, life in this lonely time medium? ". My teacher gave me a " O ", because she said that I plagiarized it. I repeat NOTHING MATTERS ! Nature, giving us the gift of self awareness, was not a gift, but a curse !

  3. He's confusing memory with intelligence?

    Extracting lessons from the past is akin to knowing what you do with information, the smarter you are the better you are at using information from the past, so why is he coining memory as not the storage of information?

  4. iT IS ESSENTIAL that Japan, China and Korea preserve their BUDDHIST heritage and that Europe stop giving away its own civilization to Islam.

  5. But comparing today generation with the older seems that the younger are more intelligent and more honest at least here in Brasil

  6. He predicted, sorry, actively tried to end the Hindu civilization "beastly people with a beastly religion". Guy's a paragon of virtue.

  7. How about remembering the past Winston Churchill responsible and enjoying in 10 million Bengalis death of hunger? "I hate Indians," he once trumpeted. "They are a beastly people with a beastly religion."
    He was white supremacist. In 1937, he told the Palestine Royal Commission: "I do not admit for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly wise race to put it that way, has come in and taken their place." He was classical corrupted politician, taking money etc. Also he was war-mongger. In his memoirs of 1938 he wrote: "We'll have war with Germany weather Hitler likes it or not."
    Puts a new light on what he said or done.
    Peterson is very intelligent and honestly I could almost never disagree with him. He almost absolutely avoided mentioning Churchill in this statement. Maybe he is just sick getting connected to white supremacist and religious fundamentalist or political right in general.

  8. "It isn't even so much that they die, it's that cultures that don't do that are dead, they're done. They don't have a story anymore. They don't have a call to adventure. And then everyone suffers stupidly as a consequence."
    Those words don't actually mean anything, unless he explains what he means by "dead", "done" or "call to adventure", or even a single example of such a culture where "everyone suffers stupidly as a consequence".

  9. so we just not gonna bring up churchill's systemic starving of indians, advocating for gassing those resisting colonization, blatant racism, fascist sympathies, and just general political incompetence?

  10. another obvious statement by Peterson proclaimed in his overtly verbose way to imply sanctity, Churchill is among thousands of leaders and thinkers who have or are making these types of statements, if this blew your mind then your either not very well read or your another mindless zombie follower of Peterson, its ironic that such a well versed intellectual such as Dr Peterson seems unaware he has created his own cult of personality, something he often denigrates in others. He is the thinking mans Dr Phil!

  11. That's not what Churchill predicted and it's not what Peterson said about Churchill. The video title is misleading in both respects.

  12. Well, Churchill would know, since he is the one who was among the ones who caused the death of our civilization.

  13. Hi Dr what are you wearing?
    Well after a brief history of mankind and the history of clothing and how this affects human skin I'll be able to answer you.
    Thanks Dr Great answer as always

  14. But Marxism is the HISTORICAL method.
    conservatives are dumb, they need to be critical of their fathers – not to repeat the same mistakes.
    A true patriot is he who questions, critisizes his state, not the one who just blindly obeys him.

  15. I see people in the comments desperately trying to extract any remotely feasible piece of reasoning from what Jordan is saying in order to somehow justify that multiculturalism is a problem. This talk isn't even about multiculturalism, not even peripherally. THAT is the problem; multiculturalism isn't the problem, it's people much like the people in the comment sections, who don't want multiculturalism and therefore argue that it is a problem. The problem is that you have a problem with multiculturalism; inherently, multiculturalism isn't a problem, and no one can prove that it is without using some abstract, long-winded, incoherent, heavily confounded, factually-omitted, sham of an argument, to crucify multiculturalism for the willful ignorance of the bigoted.

    This is what happens when you seek to dissipate the underpinning of Western society that is, White male privilege. The absence of the privilege, which was once construed as superiority, forces White males to compete with other minorities on an even playing field. Because White males equates their ego with traditional Americanism, the decline of their ego is mistaken by them, for the decline of America; when in all actuality, America is simply adapting to become more egalitarian and conscious of the marginalized racial groups that have long contributed to its success, but have reaped none of the benefits for doing so. When so much of the White male self-esteem and ego has been constructed through the disguising of privilege as superiority, their ego is practically crushed to see that, all things equal, they simply aren't doing as great as they used to. Desperate, they latch onto figures such as Jordan Peterson, who cautiously and tactfully push racist narratives by swapping-out the word "race" for "culture", a more socially palatable word, knowing that one denotes the other. As a result, of course, the problem becomes "multiculturalism". Multiculturalism wasn't problem when it built Europe. It wasn't a problem when it edified the Capitalist free market. It wasn't a problem when White males went to Africa, South America, Asia, and North America creating entire mulatto underclasses with destitute and enslaved native women. It's only a problem for the "superior" Silverback, when another Silverback enters the arena and the "superior" one finds out he's not too "superior". Multiculturalism isn't the problem; the false notion of "superiority" is. Your expectations exceed your level of competence; unfulfilled expectations always lead to unhappiness – it's simple.

  16. LMFAO…when has ANY person, culture or civilization ever learned from the past? If they had there wouldn't be any more wars.

  17. If one could point to specific person responsible for downfall of British Empire it'd be Churchill.

  18. trying to tell young people that history repeats its self is pointless as it becomes clear quite quickly they have stopped teaching them history…
    now i know marx suggested it it makes sense…the educators have removed it from the syllabus so they can push all makes sense now…
    i wondered why they never knew about the soviets brainwashing or the eu propaganda and how it works…
    young british remainers and momentum marxist have been robbed of their history lessons at deprive them of the ability's. to realize when they have been mislead on purpose into the snowflake unthinking world of communism .bring back history in schools .
    mankind learn by the mistakes of the past .thats history…

  19. Jordan Peterson strikes me personally as not the dumbest of public, main-stream intellectuals. Sadly, his apparent followers here on YouTube are all scared manchilds who'd rather have the world destroy itself, although they don't realize that that is the conclusion of their efforts, than have it change. Quite tragic.

  20. I’ve never liked religion much but we need it

    England’s been secular for only a few decades and in that time we’re a minority in our own capital city, if things carry on well be extinct soon

    I’m going to church on sundayn

  21. The purpose of memory isn't to remember the past – really? – at no point in our evolutionary history did we need to 'remember' where we stashed food we couldn't survive without – or where the water was – or those next ripe fruit – or how to make shelter, fire, tools?
    MIT have had the entire map of a nematodes 600 neurons for 40+ years and still have no idea how they interact to create memory, Jordan is plucking at thin air if he thinks he knows what the Billions of human neurons are doing.

  22. Civilizations have come and gone for the entire span of human existence. It's not bad or good – it's part of the progression. The young rebel and instigate change – foisting old stuff on younger ones has never worked – that's totalitarian – the old stuff gets taken on and preserved when it has value. Thats your next job – create something that people will want to carry on.

  23. It's sad because I see people like Jordan Peterson emerging into the public consciousness as the death throws of a dying, and very nearly dead civilisation.
    But maybe there's a difference in the fate of western civilisation, which is that now we have the internet ideas can spread and propagate far quicker than ever before; perhaps there is still a chance that some life will be breathed back into our once beautiful civilisation with a reawakening of honorable values and a noble grand narrative.

  24. So remember folks, diversity is our strength, tolerance is our highest virtue, anything goes and what matters more than anything is you

  25. Answers from Americans on anything , is garbage , they guess and once in a 100.000 hit something , but a nation built on Television education…..fuck off

  26. Fight back for your countries….kill the invaders….

    Football hooligans? What about the Islamic terrorist?

    You people are so fucked up, you critisize those who fight for your country and praise those who are trying to tear it apart.

  27. All meme in culture have a shelf life. Every generation has to reinvent itself. Culture and traditions / innovations and uncertainties go hand in hand. ( The British Empire is a different story ( burmese days ). Let's see: The silk road is having a renaissance . So the pendulum swings…

  28. hmm, the value system learned by our ancestors is that of serfdom, where a rich elite gain from the value added to society by the work of vastly underpaid workers. The rich remove the value in the form of cash to be banked in secret and grown in assets, property, gold, art and jewellery to where it cannot be realised or used by the people. Do you want to keep this alive, I don't. The continuation of this tradition is slavery, but hay its ok because its traditional. Wakeup people take your pitchforks in the street and take back that which you have great but do not benefit from. Our tradition is one where the poor will remain poor and the rich ever richer

  29. Is US competitive nature winning anything here in the states? We need to force our citizens out into the rest of the world in order to compete in open markets or die fighting ourselves. Societies that stagnate and exist without moving forward always die. We can't stay here. We have to move forward to new lands.

  30. You son of a bitch.
    Then by your own words, the Karma of "Manifest Destiny" … of centuries of brutality and MURDER and the most horrific types of slavery and butchery Europeans and Latins could conceive of … has caused an inter-generational sickness that YOU and the Corrupt Bankers and the Deep Criminal State are incapable of "fixing."

    Humpty Dumpty.
    You don't "FIX" this by more white washing. That's why your concepts of Recovering from Addictions are so WRONG.
    YES… you LEARN from the past… but you SHOULD SAY I'M FUCKING SORRY… repent… make amends, "… go and sin no more" … in other words, elevate the consciousness of your culture by GROWING UP.

    YOU and the pricks who pay you do NOT want to look at your bloody Shadows.

    In YOUR words: "… you can have your cake and eat it too."

    Post-Jungians like James Hillman diagnose the problem as a "Soul Sickness."

    Buddhist Jack Kornfield likes to say: "… it's pretty hard to be 'spiritual' after spending all day cheating, stealing, murdering and raping."

    On one hand I like how you're a "Stern Father" to the younger generation.
    But on the other… it's clear you're selling them snake oil … that will rise up from their putrid guts and poison them by Mid-life.

    Learning nothing.
    Your Words Peterson: "…you must embody your culture all your life."
    To grow up… to individuate … we must at some point go beyond culture … or become the repressed, angry, soul dead living carcasses zipping past on highways everywhere.

    Yours truly is a psychology for Lawyers.

  31. Oswald Spengler wrote of the decline of Western Civilization, Churchill worked to hasten that decline.

  32. Tell all this to an average German, they call them now – people that lived here longer, which already shows where were are heading. So tell them that and what comes back from this 'average' German is that you are 'right wing extremist' or 'nazi'. It does not even occur to them that this is an insult to all that were tortured or killed or lost family and friends because of the nazis. It does not occur to them that this also makes their own culture dead leaving an empty space. Apparently that is also the position of the German federal government, most of the political class and media as could be seen when German federal commissioner for Integration stated that there were no such a thing as German culture besides maybe German language – nobody protested, except hmm 'nazis'.
    Here we go then – massive immigration of people with very strong religious and tribal identity into a society that does not have any left. How long will this construct hold? Could it be that this gaping hole sort of sucks other stronger tribes into it making the sucking action of social welfare state even stronger.
    I do not think that is true in France for instance but north-west of Europe is more or less in the same frame of mind. The east still holds with the pressure from decadent West so strong that the only political life surviving are indeed strong nationalists.

  33. The truth is that Britain is ashamed of the truth that Churchill spoke of. Thats why they came out in droves for Clement Atlee in 45. Only if we all would analyze the bulldogs work more often we would realize how right he was.

  34. Every country in Europe has been told to hate its history – that isn't coincidence – that is conspiracy!
    Now who has the power to make an entire continent forget its history?

  35. you IDIOTS, when are you going to understands? it isn't the Indian guy at your local seven11 that is killing your culture and values, it is NOT migration, neither multiculturalism. . . . it is Hollywood, it is Pop culture, even adult westerner (specially Americans) are brainwashed by pop culture, the youth is no better.

    this is what happens Capitalism turns every fucking thing to a marketplace, this is what happens when 'Education' becomes a profitable industry, this is what happens when some phenomenal like Hollywood becomes sooooo powerful.

  36. As an Australian I have no respect for Churchill at all! Firstly he was an internationally famous drunk! He refused the 1942 peace deal with Germany and kept all our Aussie troops in Europe for the rest of the war! He ran like a bitch after the fall of Singapore at the same time leaving us Aussies without a proper defense potentially getting butchered by the Japanese like they did to the Chinese in 1937! If it wasn't for the Yanks all your Toyotas would be made in Australia!!! Churchill, judging him on his actions not his words, helped orchestrate the death of my civilisation as I know it!
    That said I think I'd better go and clean my room now……. Great interview with JP and JA though!

  37. Hmmm, I guess he paid attention to Eustace Mullins too. Fuckin Churchill and his Zionist brothers are the assholes who got the ball rolling in the first place with their bullshit wars.

  38. “One of the signs of a great society is the diligence with which
    it passes culture from one generation to the next.
    This culture is the embodiment of everything the people of that society hold dear:
    its religious faith, it’s heroes…..when one generation no longer esteems
    it’s own heritage and fails to pass the torch to its children,
    it is saying in essence that the very foundational principles and experiences
    that make the society what it is are no longer valid.
    This leaves that generation without any sense of definition or direction,
    making them the fulfillment of Karl Marx’s dictum,
    ‘A people without a heritage are easily persuaded.’
    What is required when this happens and the society has lost its way,
    is for leaders to arise who have. It forgotten the discarded legacy
    and who loves it with all their hearts.
    They can then become the voice of that lost generation,
    wooing an errant generation back to the faith of their fathers,
    back to the ancient foundations and bedrock values…
    .(Never Give In, The Extraordinary Character of Winston Churchill, Page 190)

  39. This man should be running the world! The issue is he would never take it on because he knows efforts would be futile.

  40. Ironically, Churchill the warmonger, champion of Zionism and defender of communism, did more for the current breakdown of civilization and society as we know it!

  41. the only " GAS CHAMBERS" belonged to the drunken Fartbag and warmongering Global Zionist Churchill who cowered 8 stories underground and refused at least 150 attempts at peace and together with the Communist loving FDR and his " UNCLE JOE" Stalin were responsible for the death's of 100's of millions yet you look at them as HERO's? All for Communistic Global Zionist Bankers who are behind todays Grief Strife and Misery?

  42. I have to comment on this obsession on the true purveyor genuine genocide long before any WWII and a position as PM he gained by longevity in Westminster as anything else, Winston Churchill. He knew the game and the stars aligned; by the by, any of the slightest knowledge or research of his Political career displays a White Supremacist attitude from Ireland to India that American slave owners couldn't dream about. If I was on brandy for 6 years of war I could come up with a few cracking lines too;) Rant over.

  43. Jordan Peterson is Human Garbage. He is FILLED with paranoia, fear and deep, visceral hatred for anything he doesn't understand—and for him that's virtually everything and everyone. He despises women, blacks, Jews, parents, children, gays, transwomen, transmen, Latinos, Asians, and anyone educated and intelligent. If you disagree with him, he'll fly into a rage like your typical 12 year old male who lacks self control and discipline.

    This Peterson guy is in the tradition of Joe McCarthy, Lester Maddox, David Duke, Joseph Goebbels, Donald Dumb Dump and Pol Pot; he HATES anyone who threatens him and needs to be watched, exposed and called out for being the Human Garbage that he clearly is. If you're reading this, Jordan Peterson, know that the overwhelming majority of sane, decent, responsible adults know how sick and sickening you are. And keep away from our children you vicious, putrid miscreant.

  44. EU is a bunch of Socialist demagogues who wish to dictate to the world.
    They shall have no say In our activities!
    They have no right to do anything without opposition!!
    Safety for the few immoral hypocrites, who wish to destroy democracy, freedom, and creativity.
    They don't know that they already set off World war 3.
    A digital war against despotic nations!
    We will fight them on the web!
    We will fight them with guerilla reporting!
    We will fight them at the polls and courts!
    We shall never surrender!

  45. Yeah, for conservatives it's the same old Song – handwringing over the Decline of Civilization. It was already an old schtick when Churchill was complaining. Meanwhile, Liberalism has defeated Totalitarianism Left and Right, and produced wonders that the world has never seen before. It now faces the challenge of resurgent Fascism in Europe and, with Donald Trump, in America. And Fascism today has its intellectual apologists with crypto-fascists like Peterson (just like his heroes, mythologists like Jung, were crypto-fascists 100 years ago).

    Liberalism has revealed a new, heretofore latent, side of human nature. The Anomie that Peterson decries is real and it is a problem, but it is the inevitable result of genuine political liberty. It is kind of like a Second Fall – there is kind of a permanent loss of historical innocence, and there can be no going back. But Peterson wants to go back, that is what he is talking about when he indulges in this nostalgia for tradition. He doesn't get it – once you have got to the point of having nostalgia, what you had is lost, the traditions that coddled your mind and outlook are gone. And it's NOT true that then you have a dead culture. Instead, your culture is something NEW in the making. Every culture, every Lifeway, has things that are good about it, and things that are not. If you were born in the Medieval village, you'd probably spend your whole life there, probably never and go and see an actual town. But God was in his heaven and everything was figured out. And this doubtless gave real meaning to lives of countless of millions of Europeans over the centuries. But there was a price for that. Today we don't have things figured out, we have great material power but as individuals we drift in Anomie. And that is the price of Liberty. I know which world I would rather live in.

  46. FREE TOMMY ROBINSON : Please sign the international petition at link currently around 618,000+ aiming for 1,000,000 accessible from any browser.
    ANJEM CHOUDARY TO BE RELEASED After serving just 2 years into a 5 and a half year sentence for ISIS terrorist recruiting. Why else would they want Tommy out of circulation prior to this announcement which was conveniently timed while Parliament is in recess? The Home Secretary, Sajid Javid is responsible, he has a case to answer, for his role in this farce. He must go!
    Link at Aaron Hartling t=

  47. The young in Great Britain thinks that the HMS Victory has always been Islamic housing.
    An armed society is a polite society a disarmed society is prey.
    All of Western Protestant Europe is prey for Islam and it's politicians.
    Czechia praha.

  48. For Western Europe and western countries it is too late the brain wash was too long ! Russia and certain other countries might make it but for UK, France , Germany and Sweden the damage is to profound

  49. We forgot about the lessons of Vietnam , no entrenchment of ourselves in occupation of another land. We were suppose to , hit hard fast meet objectives then get out after nam . Now we are back warring and occupying many lands. And that is the result of letting war profits rule our policies. Thank God our America parents are proud to use their children as corporate cannon fodder . American parents are weak and the corporate war folks know how easily media propaganda allows harvesting of their children for military adventures.

  50. Say what Churchill really was though, a racist, an anti-working class British Imperialist. Over 4 million people starved to death in India because of Churchill. Call a spade a spade. Dr peterson doesnt mind calling out Stalin and Mao for famines but doesnt call out Churchill for the same thing because the backlash he would receive from those in the western world would be astonishing. Churchill also praised the fascist Mussolini for what he was doing in Italy. He sent more than 10,000 troops along with tanks to break up a workers strike in Glasgow(the most troops deployed in Britain) in the early 20th century as well. Yeah, we all know what Churchill did in the 2nd world war, but that doesnt take away his own fascist, racist and imperialist ideology.

  51. If I were able to speak to Winston Churchill I would answer him by saying the Great War which you supported opened the way for our cultural decline and gave Marxism the oxygen it needed in the West due to the utter disillusioned feelings left after that terrible conflict.
    The west’s real decline started with that war which my country Britain has no need to get involved in at all !
    Belgium was certainly not worth the huge casualty figure let alone the the scaring that marked this country’s soul

  52. "This Worldwide (Jewish) conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstruction of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence and impossible equality"
    Winston Churchill, Sunday Herald, Feb 8, 1920.

  53. “A noble & worthwhile purpose…”
    I suppose a civilizations past would have to be one that is (for the most part) upstanding, ethical & uncorrupted for future generations to grasp the importance of passing down these cultural traditions…. oh wait….

  54. The Peoples of the West have been sold the lie that Civilisational Suicide is the Great Quest they should pursue.

  55. Damn its depressing living in a declining society
    I mean yeah its already dead but you just see the corpse slowly breaking down
    All the while people dont care
    This is how Some of the ancient romans must have felt at the end of their nation

  56. What is sad about this is that that their ignorance and rage on us is unavoidable and will even take down our existence with them. I feel like I am living in a horrible era and I'm depressed about that.

  57. Churchill and Roosevelt helped destroy the west and knew what the repercussions of WW2 would indicate. Then the 60’s counter culture happened ( which is believed to have ties to the CIA which is somewhat believe) which completely divided the nations people, pushed drug use, promiscuous sex, homosexuality, abortion, open borders, leftist communist beliefs and damaged the family unit beyond repair with high divorce rates, single parent homes and total dysfunction due to this hedonistic superficial society the 60’s helped create, now there’s no controlling it

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