100 thoughts on “Judge blocks rule that restricts green cards for immigrants on welfare

  1. What is going on – on the books for years and the judge doesn't want to enforce it? What happened to "We are a country of laws" as stated by Obama.

  2. This is what happens when federal judges ignore precedent and case law.

    Then again, the same judges ignored ruling after ruling that marriage is a state matter and not a federal concern. The judges ignored 40 plus years of case law backed up by countless rulings. Yet the judges desecrated marriage.

    How is that relevant to now? The same judges shrugged at 140 years of case law.

    These Obama judges only care about the left wing agenda. If case law says otherwise, they flip it off and do what they want to.

  3. WHY!? would a judge NOT ENFORCE THE LAW

    Can we have A DAY WITHOUT A FELONY ….. there's a few banks i want to visit

  4. I think federal judges have too much authority… Judicial branch should have to be the supreme Court. Not just some scrubby district court judge.

  5. barak obama's auntie zatuni was proof that illegals get welfare. because of the obmama administration the United States is more than $20 trillion in debt. We can't afford to pay for people here illegally

  6. Wow these people are all corrupt, they never follow the constitution or the law, Trump has to put more conservatives judge's, ASAP,

  7. What I find repugnant are these judges who do not enforce the law. Political activists do not need to be sitting on the bench. Judges cannot pick and chose which law they want to enforce.

  8. They have one job…

    Judges whom blatantly disregard our laws should be dragged out by their feet, locked away and throw away the keys.

  9. NOT IMMIGRANTS!! ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS SUCKING US DRY!! PERIOD!! Get these blood suckers off welfare and deoport these cretins from 3rd world!! No commonality with sovereign citizens, no freaking English and lots diseased.?? Get them the H out of our country!!

  10. Why are the American people allowing these judges to do this and why are we listening too them. They are over stepping their authority and do NOT have the power to do this. It is NOT their job.

  11. Immigrants on welfare are one of the main reasons they come to America in the first place. Immigrants should
    be restricted until they prove themselves true law abiding citizens. One step at a time. If and when immigrants
    apply for citizenship they should be able to prove they have a way of making a living and are willing to register
    to vote and pay their share of taxes. Loyalty to America should not be debated it is a given. Laws should be
    written in plain English and not to be interpreted on a case by case basis.

  12. That judge has been identified, time to play wackamo and remove that judge from office never to provide the American people a disservice ever again. Drain the swamp continues, Trump 20 🇺🇸 20

  13. Some UNELECTED JUDGE PIECE OF SH*T is MAKING LAW from the bench. In the 1800s he’d be dragged thru town behind a horse straight to the GALLOWS🏦💵🗳🐀💥🔨🇺🇸🤬

  14. It doesn't even matter if the judges are divided 200:1 in Trump's favor. Unfortunately it only takes that ONE judge to put the brakes on.

  15. stop these free loaders from taking advantage, i'm an immigrant and i work to achieve i hate free loaders , these people don't want to work from were they come from and they will do anything to not work and get paid.

  16. Send all the imigrants to the judges house for HIM to support. We tax paying citizens are tired of paying for free stuff for illegal economic migrants….all while we struggle to provide for OUR OWN kids.

  17. Their All Crooks! BTW did u Kno Trump Converted to Chabad Judaism 2 years ago? I wonder what that's about? I wonder what that means for the American people? Heard something about a recession coming? IDK.

  18. The way judges are now is all you have is thousands of people acting out to their personal political preferences to stop government operations.They have no business there.

  19. Not getting on welfare if your an illegal immigrant in New Zealand. In fact you'll get deported quick smart. We have the best border wall in the World. Its called the great southern ocean. 🤣

  20. yeah and how many times have i had a fight with a Dem in the last 3 years swaring immigrants dont get walfare it was all lie. yeat the lies that Dems were telling. im ok with it as long as Americans on welfare get 2 times the amount that these people do you know the ones who paid in for all this and there familys. it wasnt for dems to use to get new voters. but this is what there using it for our money to buy votes.

  21. Get use to it America is gone Dems has killed us all. not today maybe not tomorrow but will all as Americans are going to die because of what dems have done to us.America is no more.

  22. Tell,the judge to pay for their green card! They should be core sufficient! Why should we listen to Mexican and illegal music? why should we Americans pay for these illegals houses, education, food, money, and healthcare! There are a lot of,Americans that can't afford these things! Go to their country and see what they will give you! That judge is absolutely senile! Drain the swamp!

  23. Take that up to the Supreme Court!!! What we have to do for are fellow citizens we should stop
    Paying taxes so the Democrats can feel

  24. Tell these people to go back an grow some food… Mexico is perfect for growing food they have no reason to come here except for welfare.

  25. Why in the hell should the American people have to pay for illegal criminals to live,once they step foot on our soil they are a criminal,they thumbed their noses at our laws and sneak in like a rat

  26. Yeah, Americans paying for Mexico citizens is unconstitutional, theft and unamerican. Those judges need investigated. Why is our Goverment and judges not putting AMERICANS first. Why?

  27. WHY???? Who is in charge … THE PEOPLE SAY YES!!!!! We are past the 1800’s!! Get with it REPUBLICANS!!!😡😡

  28. I'm about ready to accept if Trump wanted to just declare himself emperor. So sick of this long out of control leftism.

  29. The democratic judges need to be replace because they are corrupt to and probably getting money from under the table.

  30. These Democrat/Leftist judgez hate this country, the Constitution,and its citizens. They are making laws and rules based on their feelings. Meanwhile, the cost of the judges largess is born by the taxpayer and the needy who receive less because Democrat Judges are political and want needy voters to support and vote Democrat.

  31. I didn't vote for this judge. I want self sufficient immigrants. This s**t is 'taxes without representation' which I believe was one of the major tenets behind creating the Republic. Isn't this unconstitutional?

  32. The Pres.needs to take everything to the Supreme court and sue those Liberal judges, politicizing from the bench.The American citizens should be able to sue these judges for not enforcing the immigration laws ,and usurping the will of the American people.They need to be thrown off the bench.

  33. Oh SURE… Come across our borders illegally, take up public housing, government assistance, free hospitals, etc. all paid for by american taxpayers, then take the entry level jobs meant for Americans while you don't pay any income taxes into the system, THEN expect americans to be like "eh all good, it's the right thing to do"… We cannot even feed our own american children, and house american homeless, but whatever, let's just bring in another couple million illegal immigrants to the US so we can give them everything, screw americans, they're spoiled anyways… GREAT WORK Democrats/Liberals/Socialists, your plan is making american WAY BETTER than what Trump has done and planned for us… People make me sick!!!

  34. The Dems with a blank check again. America can’t take care of their own but Hell yell, give the immigrants welfare. Stop the benefits and you’ll stop the droves of immigrants.

  35. These are not judges. They are liberal hacks dressed in black and if Congress did their Constitutional duty they would remove them from the bench.

  36. Self Sufficient means not needing an employer, food stamps, or any other assistance.

    Self sufficient means self sufficient. It does not mean dependent on us, or our tax money or any other.

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