Just How Much of out Taxes go to Corporate Welfare?

Just How Much of out Taxes go to Corporate Welfare?

player yesterday I was said that part in
this post from my facebook dot com slash bitchy pondered and the Google+ group bitchy pundit but
it was based on statistics from the White House dot gov 2012 dash tax
receipt website and an article in common dreams that was
published the in September last year up by Paul
Buchheit tiled added up the average American
family pays six thousand dollars a year in subsidies to big business I quoted four thousand dollars yesterday
I was I somewhat downplaying it has actually don’t pay that 6,000 all it in the form of taxes I’m so you know some somebody call up and say
you know give me a break down these numbers I said I you know I don’t have the actual numbers
in front of me I will I will get that during the break and then I gotta during
the break but that was the break followed by which we had me and waves
and on for an hour taking your calls and so I addicts still sitting here in front of
me on my desk yesterday after I wanna show the numbers with it because you know people people wanna know enquiring minds want
to know so were pain twenty two dollars in 88 cents
a year if you make fifty thousand dollars year though a more or less
average household income in the united states are median household income in
the United States you make fifty thousand bucks a year you
pay about 23 boxy year twenty three dollars for the entire
year toward the federal on insurance on it unemployment
insurance a program and the republicans just filibustered a bill
in the Senate to extend long-term unemployment benefits and restore them
to people got cut off three days we’ve after Christmas Bible by the republicans
in the last year to restore those up by by one vote this thing failed to break a filibuster
so the republicans just filibustered extending those long-term
unemployment benefits now we’re creeping up past 1.6 million Americans were screwed I
mean really bad but screw looking at home most so you pay roughly $23 dollars a year
toward that and if we raise that actually pay twenty four
dollars a year toward that and I would easily cover twenty-four twenty-five dollars you know
easily cover all love the you know all the people who are
unemployed right now you spend four bucks a year for FEMA not much he
spent about thirty eight dollar thirty-seven dollars a year for food
stamps which is you know a lot more than it was eight years ago before the Great Bush
crash but still i mean you got hungry people we you spend seven dollars year for
welfare higher taxes to 135 bucks for a Medicare a couple
thousand dollars toward social security but thats money that in a way is gonna cycle back
to you you spend $200 roughly two are fifty dollars a year for defense and I pointed out yesterday you pay four
thousand dollars a year corporate subsidies so the republicans
are all huffy and puffy and they’re upset about the fact that we pay $23
dollars a year for unemployment insurance and we might have to pay twenty four
dollars a year but we’re pain four thousand dollars
year in corporate subsidies were public had brought this out he a.m. he he it’s amazing is is it that I their titles added up
the average American family pays six thousand dollars a year in subsidies to
big businesses as if you make it over 72,000 you’re paying more than that here’s our breaks out courting the cato
institute you if you are making fifty thousand dollars
a year pure the average median are slightly above median household
income you’re spending here’s our breaks out 870 dollars to direct for direct
subsidies and grants per year that your pain now keep in mind
%uh you know unemployment 6 insurance is
arguably direct security grant your pain $23 dollars for that your pain 870 dollars indirect subsidies and grants this is in the form of and I
quote cash payments to farmers research funds
to high-tech companies approach funding for overseas promotions
specific US products in industries does not include tax preferences a trade
restrictions what it does include our payments to 374
individuals in the plush Upper East Side New York City and others
who on farms including Bruce Springsteen Bon Jovi and ted turner wealthy caremark Rockefeller receive
342,000 to not farm his Idaho land Michele Bachmann get some of this money
me okay is a direct sur it also includes fossil fuel subsidies
subsidies between 10 and 40 one billion dollars a year for R&D these may be substantially
underestimated yeah I’m f reports US fossil fuel
subsidies at 500 two billion dollars a year which means fossil fuels alone if you’re
making fifty thousand dollars a year you’re subsidizing the fossil fuel
industry to the tune of four thousand four hundred dollars per US family now you may not be paying all that on
your taxes right now instead it’s going to the US budget
deficit eventually will have have to repay protects okay so that’s 870 dollars your pain and
direct subsidies and grants to companies then there are six hundred and ninety
six dollars that your pain in business incentives at the state
county and city levels yup people make a fifty grand a year based
date federal an stay county in see taxes near Times investigation by the states
counties and cities a small book I it’s gave up over $80 billion dollars to
corporations last year I including including oil and coal
conglomerates technology and entertainment companies banks and big
box retailers $80 billion is 696 dollars for US family K I 722 dollars a year you are pain if
you make fifty thousand dollars a year in interest rates subsidies to banks US government essentially gives the
banks 3 cents out of every tax dollar ’em so the wealthiest by banks JP Morgan
Bank of America Citigroup Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs account for
three-quarters that total subsidy see you are subsidizing the bank’s to
the 2007 under 20 dollars a year three hundred and fifty dollars a year
is going to fund retirement is is going for retirement
fund bank fees deals came up with us overpriced
medications thats 01268 dollars a year government
grant a monopoly prices raise the price a prescription drugs by two hundred seventy billion dollars a
year compared to a free market price this represents an astonishing two
thousand dollars the average American family 870 dollars a year corporate tax
subsidies misma Tax Foundation season tax day justice estimates is
actually sixteen hundred dollars per family and 1230-1 dollars in revenue loss from
corporate tax paper this you’re listening to the Thom
Hartmann program call 866 987 thon and that’s pretty amazing you consider
you know Apple has always Irish subsidiaries where their pain 2 percent
taxes and set up you know paying taxes here

12 thoughts on “Just How Much of out Taxes go to Corporate Welfare?

  1. Shouldn't the headline read "just how much of OUR taxes go to Corporate Welfare?
    That's where we liberal socialists can agree with the t partiers. It's just an argument of who gets it.

  2. i think we should end 100% corporate subsidies, some might say to end it just for those that make a profit, and let the bad corporations get a hand out. But we all know they can fudge the books to make it things look like a loss, so it doesn't help me for them to get the money, so i say end it! Or just make things good for everybody.

  3. United States Corporate Charters are the true domestic terrorist weapon of mass destruction to a free and sovereign people. 

  4. Yet these assholes bitch anytime a poor person needs a hand. They need be executed. Time to just kill the whole banking and corporate fascist.

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