Kauai Humane Society Field-Trip Program

Kauai Humane Society Field-Trip Program

Kauai Humane Society has been open since 1952.
We’re the only shelter serving Kauai’s animals. We pick up stray animals and adopt
here. We have a lot of opportunities for residents as well as visitors. Visitors can stop by
and take dogs out on field-trips. We give you all the supplies; towels for your rental
car, as well as an “adopt me” vest, bowls, water. When you come to pick up a dog for
a shelter field trip we give you a brochure and it list animal friendly places on the
island. You can go to Kalapaki Beach, Waimea Canyon, Sleeping Giant. Today we are taking Sydnee and Dom on a field-trip.
We’re going to take them to a beach close to our hotel. Take them to the beach to run
around a little bit. You can take them out for the day, get them
exercise, give them a break from the kennels as well as expose them to a lot more potential
adopters. Then they have to be back at the building a half hour prior to closing. This
is an extremely popular program, on any given day we might have 3-10 dogs out on shelter
field trips. People come back and they’re raving about the dog, they really get to see
how the dog acts outside of the shelter. If you are a dog person, and you are like
me, taking a hike or a walk along the beach just isn’t the same without a dog. The uniqueness
of this program is amazing and the benefits for the dogs is priceless for us. It was so fun, they had a great time, they
ran around and played in the water, it was perfect. It was very rewarding to see how happy they
were. You can tell that they’re worked with. They’re responsive and really sweet. They
were great, great dogs. If you’re visiting the island, come on down
to Kauai Humane Society and see how you can give back to the shelter animals. If you’re going to go to the beach anyway,
may as well grab a dog or two. Take ‘em with you. Look at his face, look at that guy.

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  1. We hiked throughout Kauai and took some dogs on our hikes. At the end of the trip we took dingo back to Portland. Best decision we ever made. Here he is 5 years later: https://youtu.be/Mk0uuDRSmfQ

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