Kauai Humane Society Volunteers

Kauai Humane Society Volunteers

I’m Shannon Blizzard, I’m the executive
director for Kauai Humane Society. Kauai Humane Society has been on Kauai for
60 years, and we are the only animal resource center
on the island. We have a lot of volunteering opportunities
for our full-time residents, as well as our visitors. They can work with the dogs, cuddle cats,
they can help in our offices. Sometimes we do special events that we need
volunteers to participate in, so there’s something for everybody. I try to come everyday. I take them out for walks. I take them out
to play. It gives me some dog time, and now my boys
are here. This is the first time they’re helping out. We saw cats, we saw dogs, we got to pet them. It was really fun. A lot of our visitors like to hike. A lot
of our population likes to hike, so we have opportunities for them to come
down choose a suitable dog to hike with, they wear their ‘Adopt Me’ vests, the
volunteers are given some information about their personality type so that anyone they
come in contact with in their outing is more informed about the potential for this pet
to become their pet. You can actually adopt a pet – a cat or dog
– and take it back to the mainland with you. It’s an easy process. We’ve had some people do it almost the same
day, make arrangements with the airlines, adopt
a dog or cat and take them home. A visitor came in the other day, she had found
a dog and a litter of puppies. She was on her honeymoon here. She and her husband came
down and brought the dog, but in the process of getting here to the shelter, they fell
in love with the mama dog. Her name is now Diamond, they live in Seattle, and as soon
as she and her puppies are ready for adoption, they’re going to be flying her back to Seattle
to live with them permanently. All of our adoptions include the spay and
neuter surgery, all animals are spayed or neutered at no cost to the adopter, they’re
microchipped and currently vaccinated. They’re also medically and behaviorally evaluated,
and that’s how we find out what kind of home is best for them. It’s a great place to help out and we can
always use extra hands. From something as simple as coming in and
petting the animals to doing laundry or sweeping or fixing cages… …Even just to come in and sit with the cats
and pet the cats. I think people leave here feeling like they’ve
made a difference. They’ve saved a life and they feel good
about that. Come down to the Kauai Humane Society, see
all the things we have to offer, see how you can get involved, whether it’s volunteering,
donating, or adopting. There’s something for everyone. You get as much out of it as the animals do. It is very therapeutic, it’s really nice
to have some hands-on time with a four-legged friend. Definitely one of the best parts of the day. We’re located just south of the Kauai Community
College on your way to Poipu. You guys look like you must know each other.

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  1. We hiked throughout Kauai and took some dogs on our hikes. At the end of the trip we took dingo back to Portland. Best decision we ever made. Here he is 5 years later: https://youtu.be/Mk0uuDRSmfQ

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