Keezhadi & Arikamedu Excavations Indicate Southern Indian Civilization Older Than 500 BCE |Raj Vedam

Keezhadi & Arikamedu Excavations Indicate Southern Indian Civilization Older Than 500 BCE |Raj Vedam

In recent times we have been told about the
story of Keezhadi. Keezhadi has got an exciting story behind
it. Archeologists had wanted to dig in Madurai. However, Madurai is like any other Indian
city; settled, very expensive land, no place to obtain land for archaeology and so on. So he uses intuition and said that in ancient
Madurai if the supply chains coming in, where were the highways and where is one day’s
worth journey from outside of Madurai? That is where a camp might have been. Well, he went to Keezhadi and said, that’s
where it might have been and he struck gold over there. Because he found an urban settlement right
there in Keezhadi. Outstanding methods used by this archaeologist. And they found several artifacts over there. However, the real story is not there. The real story is, in this new site and that
came out saying that they excavated up to 4.5 meters depth at Keezhadi. However they sent samples from 2 meter depth
to Florida, USA for carbon dating and they came back with a date of around 300 BCE, everybody
was happy. They were happy because it fits into the common
narrative beautifully and nobody questioned this. However, I scratched my head and said what
on earth is this? ASI reported 4.5 meters depth of excavation
and if you think that the top layer is 2017 then 2 meters down by their own carbon dating
is 2200 years. Therefore every meter in depth should correspond
to 1100 years by a liners scaling which means 4.5 meters should correspond to approximately
5000 years before present i.e 3000 BCE. So why would ASI only report the middle layer
result? Why would they not say we found a range of
artifacts from the bottom most layer to 3000 BCE to around 500 BCE? that would have been
a much more honest representation of what was found. Well it is not very surprising to think what’s
going on because you see in October 2017 the Tamil Nadu government took over the Keezhadi
excavations and also the archaeologists involved in the Keezhadi project was transferred out
of there. So there is clearly an attempt to control
the narrative coming out of Keezhadi. If people were to come out saying that Keezhadi
is 3000 years old, sorry 3000 BCE, then they are in an uncomfortable position to try and
explain what are we teaching our school children? Why are our school children still learning
that 500 BCE is when Dravidians appeared in the record, and Vedic structure was imposed
on them. So any urban settlement in south is only 300
BCE and older, they have to explain that. I believe they have taken the easy way out. I honestly hope that I am mistaken. But this is a very strong piece of date jumpingout at us. The glass factories of Arikamedu. Arikamedu is one of the most well kept secrets
of Puducherry. If you go to Pondicherry and ask a rickshaw
driver, please take me to Arikamedu, he’ll scratch his head. He’ll have no idea. But I was lucky to find a local living there
and he happened to know where it was, and so we took off in his car and after searching
for sometime. There are no roads to go there. You have to cross some fields and so on. We were able to go to Arikamedu. There is a picture of me over there. This is mentioned in the Periplus of the Erythrean
Sea. Periplus of the Erythrean Sea is a port sailors
document that says where are the trading ports for Roman sailors? In that it finds a mention. They traded in muslin and glass beads. Mortimer Wheeler, he was the first guy to excavate over here. He dated it to 100 BCE to 100 current era. He did this because he found a bust of Augustus Ceaser there and when he found a bust of Ceaser he said 30 CE. So lets put the date to 100 BCE to a 100 CE,
that was the way he dated it. Vimala Begley was one of the archaeologists
from 1989-1992 and she said the date must be 200 BCE to 700 current era. Now all over the Indo-Pacific you find glass
beads. If you Google for Indo-Pacific glass beads
you’ll find enormous numbers of papers out there. These glass beads have been found in Japan,
Koreas, China, Bali, Indonesia all of these places and they all bear the chemical signature
of the factories in Arikamedu. In other words the metallurgy, sorry, the
minerals used in making the silica and other things bear the signature of Arikamedu. So that’s one. So these have been dated upto 300 BCE and so on. So that gives us the cause to wonder whether
it is older than what they are telling us? Well, I found this diary by Vimala Begley
and she says that trench seven yielded the oldest artifact uncovered back to the 2 century
BCE. We had to stop working because we were under
the water table and even a large pump could not keep the water out. In other words it was not the terminus of
finding artifacts that is 200 BCE, but rather a technological issue that did not allow them
to go deeper. So today the ASI has covered it up once again
with mud and all this. So behind me there is a wall, you see a coconut
grove growing, it is under the coconut grove that Arikamedu’s remains are. You cant see that today.

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  1. Doesn't keezhadi being older than 500 BC and as old as 3000BC mean that it would be older than IVC?

    Doesn't it mean that Tamil is older than sanskrit?

    Isn't BJP responsible for problems in keezhadi and Muzaris?

  2. keezadi (vaigaibed civilization is the oldest civilization in the world it is connected to KUMAR I KANDAM. long live TAMIL language .

  3. Language or language families and race are different things. There is no language-based race. Migrations of people occurred in different directions within Bharat.

  4. Most of the Indian history is a distortion, mostly by foreigners. It is time, the Indians should get together and construct their own history, with utmost respect for their past and have courage to construct the correct narrative. It is so important. This idea of Aryan – Dravidian conflict is also a disease injected in our mind, by the foreigners, but we have not had a robust and thorough research, challenging it and blindly believing it. We need more Indian historians and archaeologist, who are sympathetic to India, and not some leftist historians, who are hell bent to destroy the Indian identity. In India, we should start cultivating the habit of collecting and recording data, maintaining diaries with dates and time, and hence not rely on foreign sources for information. That way we depend on our own sources.

  5. Every meter is 1000 BC? Are you nuts? Tamil Nadu government controls archealogy department..are u nuts? The whole of Tamil Nadu wants the excavations to continue so the truth is established whichever way….it is the BJP govt which stopped the excavations…archeologist was transferred by BJP….


  7. Keezhadi civiliztion is more than 2000 bce to 3500 bce. I mean 4000 years to 5500 years from now. Iraniyan and the so called preist community came around 200ace.

  8. Wrong information, archeology of this site is always with ASI till date and not with TN government, with center controlling ASI then even closed the excavation site.

  9. Tamils literature always cover the history of tamils. We know the sunami swallowed most of our ancient civilizations. The more the alien Delhi wants to cover, the nature will reveal more of Tamils history. One day Tamil Nadu will be a seperate country and it will bring out all the truth .. now we are living with aliens and they want to destroy Tamil language, land, people, culture and civilization after they took most of our civilizations from music dance food religion culture etc etc.

  10. Thank you Sir
    Ancient Tamil Civilization – Truths Hidden by The Indian Government

  11. Sir, I m Sudarsan pursuing ancient political economy of the Deep South… Can I get ur contact number.. My mob: 9072530100, Can I share my thoughts with…. Hopefully… Sudarsan NR

  12. engineering colleges which conduct IV tour must collaborate these sites into their tour package.Most colleges in South plan a trip to puducherry/pondicherry can easily accommodate this in their tour plan.young students should try it out at least they would get a taste of our glorious cultural heritage along with there pleasure trip to pondicherry.

  13. Is the Tamil Nadu state govt trying to hide this magnificent ancient Tamil civilization evidence of original hindus??? Some commie academics were opposing the new ASI chief in charge Thiru P S Sriraman🙄

  14. Finally the fake British caldwell created aryan invasion theory peddled by the leftist and Christians is being busted .. the recent discoveries in haryana too bust the Aryan invasion theory ..

  15. Someone here said there was no religion. How would you tell that. Where do you fit in Jainism. All these escavation proves which one is the oldest civilization. We can expose and settle that But it does not prove some xyz foreign bound forces consumed a culture that you want to own. Civilization grow by mingling only. Let the Tamizhas of those time come and say it. Else why u all go to foreign land and earn. Now this is false Tamil pride rather it is very cheap. What would Tamil culture be without its Temples and Art in its purest form.You must have read the legend how saint Agastya who who as from what is now Banaras created this Tamizh language stepped on the mountains of vindyas and found the people down south as very pious so he stay put there. Culture and it's metamorphosis is inevitable and important to grow outgrow and out- survive. But the problem of narrative from both end is problematic thing. Because no body wants to accepts the things the way they are. Someone here want a separate country only because Tamizh identity outdates all. How stupid it is. This hindi goondaism is being suffered by all Non hindians. If Tanilzh is a old and beautiful culture then so is the culture of other parts of India which is facing Identity crisis are also equally old well developed and established only if pseudo Tamizhas see India as beyond Hindians. Hegemony of North bound politics has to be questioned. You say there are 2% brahmins. What about the castes and non brahmin castes infighting. I want to ask all the Tamizhs to come to come back to Tn from all states of India and outside India.

  16. .. I want to point out here a reality of Tamizh pride. I am also a south Indian. There are three states in South india. Kerala, Andra, Karnataka. I am sorry it might offend many but this is an answer for violent pseudo Tamizhas who do not recognize their own people and call them Aryans. If North India and Indians are that bad and oppressive why would the Tamizhas and that DMK Tamizhas travel to Delhi and work as servants despite given opportunity to build themselves and well to do and rich they choose working as maid in Punjabis house over south indians. This is me from Delhi. You do not find a a single Malayali doing that. You do not find a single Kanand or Andra people doing that. Is there any answer for this Tamizh pride. Any theory of North oppression on this phenomenon. Migration of labour along with dislpacement of Tamizh pride.

  17. Indian culture is not just of 3000 BC ….it's the civilization of much longer than the 3000 BC ….excavations can tell the history to some extent only …but actually Indian history is much more beyond what excavations can say …..Mahabharat Ramayana and our puranas are the true texts which are the evidences of long long history of India and it's culture ….now we are staying as a sheep's under the shadow of British and Western texts …and still fighting for the fake civilization supremacy created by British era political archeologists

  18. According to lord Krishna and swami vivekananda first part of the earth which emerged out of water is south India. India's civilisation started from south India. Vedas came very very late. Humanity is first. All Tamil literature hails humanity rather than religion

  19. History can never be manipulated .if you try to do so it will document what you have done and future generations will curse you for what you have done. When ever you think you can hide truth by stopping this excavation (if those places has life they would say I will out live you and show my my existence after you death)

  20. SO conevient place i say aryans another place i minus the zeros those who are northern lickers ..pls understand JUST..b.c. the muslim conquest destroyed traces of aryans..does at one grain of second you belong in indus..pls..go..somewhere.

  21. T.kulia don,t mention brahmic not mention dravidra just tamil b.c the other three derived from tamil if teleyus want to love hindi so be it…my father is fulent in hindi also..

  22. This is the only video in English regarding Keeladi. Many videos in English and Hindi to be uploaded so that Rest of India and world will come to know about Keeladi

  23. What i see most in the comment section is some converted ricebags alleging other that they are doing conspiracy against their black ass state.😂

  24. That's why we say NoToHindi in Tamizh Nadu. We do not disrespect anyone's language or beliefs but we Love our language and culture that's our pride. We are proud to be who we are. We love University of diversity than our religions. We are south Indians and Tamizhs first. Religion is secondary.

  25. What is GOD and how it came into being ? There was no topic as Mystical god's those days. Highly spiritual Siddhars who attained Nirvana going in to a pot GADAM for absolute meditation never to come back were called as Gadam UL (kadavul) who went into the Gadam . Thus the word God came into being. Also check for its etymology in dictionary you will get very close to this meaning. All Tamils culture.

  26. Now where are those Aryan invasion theory historians hiding who installed these myths in our mind through colonial psychie UPA govt. Rule?

    DMK & other identity based political parties are in an ideological danger now…

    We were one, we are one and we will remain one

    Whole India is one

  27. The North Indian politicians always want to suppress the south Indian Culture, why no funds are given for further excavations are they fear that South Indian civilization is older than the Indus civilization. This is a total discrimination against the South Indians. Is this The unity of India. I think only when the Republic day these chameleon North politicians will say that we are all one and United for the integrity of the Nation.

  28. I also believe there r still more to find from our land area as well as from the seas. Coz our Tamil literature talk abt sea fairers and brisk trade with others. And I have personally notice the Tamil words used in Turkey / Istanbul ,Romans must have used the sea route to connect with Tamils.

  29. அகத்தியம் கூறும் தமிழ் நிலங்கள்…
    தமிழ்நிலம், தமிழ்திரி நிலம்…

    "கன்னித் தென்கரைக் கட்பழந் தீவம்
    சிங்களம் கொல்லம் கூவிளம் என்னும்
    எல்லையில் புறத்தீவும் ஈழம் பல்லவம்
    கன்னடம் வடுகு கலிங்கம் தெலிங்கம்
    கொங்கணம் துளுவம் குடகம் குன்றம் 
    என்பன குடபால் இருபுறச் சையத்து
    உடனுறைபு பழகும் தமிழ்த்திரி நிலங்களும்
    முடியுடை மூவரும் இடுநில ஆட்சி
    அரசுமேம் பட்ட குறுநிலக் குடிகள்
    பதின்மரும் உடனிருப்பு இருவரும் படைத்த
    பன்னிரு திசையில் சொல்நயம் உடையவும் …"

  30. always intrigues, why any excavation in Bharat dated @ ~2500 BC max. but our indigenous Ithigasa, Purana, katha are basically several 1000 yrs old.
    – does ASI sent samples out of 2.5 meter depth to arrive date @ ~2000 BC as planned.
    – who plans
    – who controls

    There is something seriously wrong.

  31. Central govt stopped further excavation and transferred amarnath archaeologist to out of tamilnadu
    Thanks to tamil nadu govt for continuing excavation

  32. Why people r fighting over culture, language , history etc. ALL ARE ONE. This has been proven by science that all humans came from Africa.All have African DNA. all have same body structure, color of blood etc., Skin & features may be different. Be Scientific, Logical, Relaxed. (Exception- Only those will be considered Superior whose blood colour is different than Red & have more body parts.)

  33. It is Tamil. Not south Indian. There is no India then. It is tamizhakam and Tamil Nadu. Period. Why steal someone culture.. all the time??

  34. Tamils talk about Kabaadapuram, Kumari kandam in their historical literature regularly which is not taken seriously. They even have a deep belief that there was a huge continent ( Naavalan Theevu)with 24 seperate very prosperous countries just below Srilanka attached to our Indian mainland which submerged some 11000 years ago where Shiva , Murugan originated and from where people escaped to all other continents. Tamils see Ramayanam only happened 7500 years back when these same people who had long long settled in Eurasia came back as traders to India. Similarly Mahabharat too 4500 years back with a different set of traders from north in a different awatar. Ultimately all are from same FAMILIES from Lemuria continent !!!!
    These are just tip of the iceberg. These truths are hard to digest for many including me. Ultimately we should all succumb to the truth. We want truth at any cost. Anyway Tamil itself might be evolved language from a proto Tamil from which many other languages might have sprung up in all other continents when people from the same submerged continent might have been fighting for supremacy 11000years back itself. World archaeological researchers should be open to out of Lemuria continent theory , connect it to Bible's Nova ( Tamil's Naavalan history) , connect it to recent finds of closeness of Slav, Korean, Japanese, Chinese languages with Tamil. Bible's Ararat mountain too is in Slav region.

  35. August 17, 1947, The last nail to the coffin of the TAMIL CIVILIZATION was hammered by those Urdu speaking hindustani mutated hybrid rugged slaves.

  36. Please mentioned the our name Tamil civilization… Not a common name like South Indian civilization

  37. it's true, words in many tribal ,aboriginal people of present Asia, Europe ,Australia, north &south America ,mostly in Kenya Cameron have Tamil words in them,Even present day Japanese, Korean, Chinese have 100s of TAMIL words in them,if we use our wisdom with out any bias we will know the facts, still u can Google for old minority Muslim tribe in Iran worship tamil lord Murugha and peacock, Let true wisdom rule ur mind u will not only know but also will feel the truth as well.

  38. Unmaiyave ini thamil mela pattru iruntha,sorana iruntha yarachu vandhu..nanga than persu,enga mozhitha enavida keelathan nu sonna..avna vidathinga…Yethukathinga..
    Nama Rajakall elatukum edam koduthu than..India fullum paravi iruntha namala Inki Kadaisi South la kondupoi vitruku..ithuku melayum pona Kadal than🙍…ithukaprm achum thirunthunga..yaro soldra kadhaila nambavenam…nama adimaiiii ah irunthutom evidence ilatha narya visayangalku…
    #MaaruvomMunneruvom #வாழ்கதமிழ்🙏

  39. To all those who are dumb and blind!
    It is the central government who is excavating these sites to find the truth. These excavations are supporting the dna findings that all indians are of one origin. If you guys are really smart and value real knowledge then start reading some new research papers publiced and stop peddling old language war. Atleast be true to yourself and to your coming generations. Thank you.

  40. Recently visited arikamedu it's in a state of shambles people drink and there is nothing left to see other than two large gates and covered with coconut groves… there is hardly any route to enter the place…

  41. Too much of Tamil this Tamil that will lead to separation from India, tamilians are very egoist people with no modesty for other states if India, that is y China predicted tamilnadu will be the first state to separate, hail Tamil, Tamil, Tamil

  42. I could see lot of North Indian people who are proud to see an another truth of a civilization emerged; they could be termed as Real Indians. The left over stomach burnt people are really fear on hearing we when speak about Tamil. Even the word Tamil irritates them. Brothers understand , unless you raise the swords of Hindi and Sanskrit imposition, Tamil wont raise to defeat it. Untill then we are happy to save your asses by contributing a lumsome amount of nation's GDP. Stop being a bitch and hear the pleas of Tamil. Enjoy on discovering a new civilization. Accept if any truth emerged. Accepting the truth makes you wiser

  43. more than 10,000 artifacts unearthed, not even single piece of artifact related any religion found in it.. sums up something..

  44. You guys speak different things in different forums. In one you guys chest beat you are Aryan . In another you guys say there is nothing Aryan. In one you say Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. Now you say Sanskrit is not even a language. Come on. Some consistency please !

  45. Here comes Keezhadi, Adichanalaur Archeological Tamil, Tamizhi, culture and historical evidence to establish, no one can wrongly interpret it to divert.

  46. These were not made by present day residents or their ancestors. We have pretty much decimated the culture that made those figurines.

  47. I don't understand why people are making so much fuss about these findings.. It was the time just 100 years before Gautama Buddha.. Civilization was thriving all around India at that time..

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