Keezhadi Excavation Tamil Civilization 600 BC in English | Tamil Brahmi / Tamizhi Script | Keeladi

Keezhadi Excavation Tamil Civilization 600 BC in English | Tamil Brahmi / Tamizhi Script | Keeladi

Hello guys, Welcome you all to my Channel V Spotlights Today we are going to see one of the fascinating news and who knows, this news may be the game changer of Indian History too.. According to the report published by Tamil Nadu Archaeology Department the cultural deposits unearthed during the excavations at site Keeladi located in the Sivaganga district could be dated to a period between the 6 century BC and the 1st century AD. ‘Keeladi-An Urban Settlement of Sangam Age on the
Banks of River Vaigai.’ Previously it was believed that the Keeladi artefacts belonged to the 3 century BC. But the carbon dating test confirmed the date of the Tamil-Brahmi / Tamizhi script is
dated to the year 580 BC. The results suggest that the second urbanization is happened at vaigai basins of Tamil Nadu, during 6th Century BC. Ofc, it is believed that Indus valley Civilization is the First Civilization of Indian history as of we know right now.. Skeletal fragments of Cow/Ox & Buffalo, Sheep & Goat, Nilgai & Blackbuck, Wild boar, and Peacock suggested that the society in Keeladi had used animals predominantly for agricultural purposes. Pottery specimens from Keeladi confirmed that the water containers and cooking vessels were shaped out of
locally available raw materials. The recovery of spindle whorls, pinpointed bone tip tools, hanging stones of the yarn, terracotta spheres, copper needle, and earthen vessels to hold liquid, outlines the various stages of weaving industry from spinning, yarning,
looming, weaving and dyeing. Let us understand the term, ” Sangam Age ” The word ‘Sangam’ means a
group of persons or an association. The Tamil Sangam was an academy of poets who flourished in three different periods & in different places under the patronage of “Pandiyan kings”. The Sangam literature which was largely consolidated from the third Sangam, throws information on conditions of life of people around the beginning of the Christian era. It deals with the secular matter relating to the public and social activities like government, war, charity, trade, worship, agriculture, & etc Sangam literature consists of the earliest Tamil works (such as the Tolkappiyam), The 10 poems (Pattupattu), the 8 anthologies
& the 18 minor works (Padinenkilkanakku), & 3 epics. You might have another question in your head, What is Tamil Brahmi / Tamizhi Script ? The Brahmi / Tamizhi script was the earliest script that the Tamils used. In the late ancient and early medieval period they started evolving a new angular script, called the Grantha script from which the modern Tamil is derived. And few might not aware of Where is Vaigai river located ? Vaigai river is an east-flowing river in Tamil Nadu.. The Vaigai river basin is an important basin among the 12 basins lying between the Cauvery and Kanyakumari. With the 5 percentage of the work done, Tamil Nadu archeologists department has managed to find this much information about a history belongs to 6th century BC. If the same pace is maintained in finding more about Keezhadi it would take around another 200 years to complete the project. Hope, Indian government’s archaeology department, International archaeologists & even UNESCO would join hands to finish this project soon. And that only help us to explore the unexplored and to know the unknown.. If you find this information very useful, do share it with your friends Ofc, don’t forget to give a like & Subscribe!! Thank you guys, see you all with another good video..Byeee!!

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  2. Super bro itha tamila ellam poduranga but english la pot than ellarukum theyrium and we need to translate this to malayalam ,telungu Kannada as well as hindi also bcz this is a indian history news 👍

  3. very good narration as your wordings was simple and clear .. just 1 small feedback bro, better not to have background music as its kinda distracting for us viewers or u can have very mild music. anyway thank you for the info bro ..

  4. The saivam and vainavam spilt tamils into various caste and divisions. Before these religions we ancient tamils whorshipped nature and there were no caste amongst us

  5. By 600 BC north was already had big Janpada with mega cities here you have got one settlement …also by 600 BC Rigveda written in Sanskrit was at least 400…I still don't get How Tamil people have audacity to call Tamil language older than Sanskrit not Prakrit when there is no book in Tamil older than Rigveda or any Veda for that matter..

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  8. Indus valley civilization knows no religion, caste and promoted literacy equally !! That's why it's important… Same they found in Keezhadi.. so it knows no boundaries and promoted equality which is important for a civilization unlike Mesopotamian… So that's why it's amazed !

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