100 thoughts on “King Kong (1/10) Movie CLIP – Human Sacrifice (2005) HD

  1. Watching this movie makes me think they should do a remake of the 1954 Godzilla (1998 & 2014 are not remakes to 1954)

  2. อยากดูคิงคองจบเรื่องไม่ใช่เป็นตอน

  3. Saw this movie today as a deal extended version for $4,99 on ITunes. Bought the 3 and a half hour version. Remembered this scene. No regrets. Man they really know how to build tension don’t they?

  4. I'm sorry though the first 3/4's of the movie are good,Peter Jackson turned the last part into a joke,an insult to King Kong,an though I don't blame the actress,I think they could have worked more fear emanating from her,she just looks stunned,a few more screams would have been nice,this is suppose to be the 30's,this experience would have been beyond anything she could have dealt with rationally for a woman of that time,she would have been in an intense state of terror and reacting to that terror,that's part of what ruined the movie for me,raised on the 1933 version.

  5. Ya know, for a group of people who never even made it to college, those islanders had amazing engineering skills. How did they design such an intricate bridge?!?!

  6. Imagine the PTSD living as a tribesman on Skull Island. The humans were on the bottom of the food chain.
    Cannibalism wasn't by choice, its because everything else was too damn strong to kill.

  7. She was hanging from the ropes… supposed to be straight as hell… right??? But her arms were bent when Kong enters the scene…what did she think she was doing??? Exercising…to gain strength to fight the mighty Kong???

  8. I have the original King Kong and the 70's remake and Kong. This one is too ugly . The scenery the natives and the story. Only thing I like about it is that it's set in the 1930's.

  9. Why tf are the natives so creepy!? Seriously they need to chill. No wonder Kong was in his feelings for Ann. She was the first normal person he'd met.

  10. I thought the first half of this movie was great though I didn't care as much for the Ann character,she's suppose to be a product of the Great Depression yet she's too cheery/hopeful,she's too healthy looking and she still has a job while everyone else is out of work…I do like the way they portrayed the natives as a dying civilization and the whole seriousness of those scenes but except for the male scenes involving the dinosaurs which were great,her scenes just get ridiculous and even worse once they get her back to New York with Kong it just goes down hill and completely ruined the movie for me,really both of them skating on ice.

  11. Watched it in the movie theater when I was 7 years old… I was so scared in this part.

    Now that I'm older… I'm still scared :v

  12. In the Bible, the only false god the pagans offer human sacrifices to was Baal or Moloch (aka Satan) with people obviously demonically possessed as the movie portrays. So, really this movie is plainly showing us that Kong is nothing more than Satan.

  13. Africans with all our history of traditional sacrifices, we have never sacrificed aliens like these. The producer is pure races.

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