Klein ISD: Board of Trustees Meeting, 04/10/2017

today’s Monday April 10th it’s now 6
p.m. the meeting of the Klein ISD Board of Trustees is now open.
Representing the quorum tonight our miss George Ann Reitmeier, Miss Cathy Arrelano, Mr. Ronnie Anderson, Mr. Steve Szymczak,
Mr. Rick Mann, Mr. Steve Smith and myself Bill Pilkington. As provided by Texas
government code. The Board of trustees will now go into closed session in accordance
with sections 5 five one zero seven one private consultation with the board’s
attorney regarding all matters authorized by law including board
governance five five one zero seven two discussing purchase exchange lease or
value of real property five five one zero seven four discussing employment
evaluation or discipline of personnel including board governance and including
superintendent valuation contract five 51.76 discussing security personnel and
devices five five 100 a to discussing disciplinary matters or complaints
regarding school children and/or school district employees five five one zero
eight two one discussing personally identifiable information about public
school students five five one zero eight seven deliberation regarding economic
development negotiations the meeting of the board of trustees will reconvene in
public at approximately 7:00 p.m. good evening may have your attention please
it’s now 7 p.m. and the meeting of the client is the Board of Trustees is now
back in session if you do me one favor if you’d please be sure to silence your
cellphone’s so we may be able to conduct the meeting probably thank you for
joining us for tonight’s meeting we are a school district of approximately 51
thousand students and 6,000 teachers we like to think we’re the best and tonight
we get to celebrate some of the best of the best and you will notice on
tonight’s agenda that any school district resident employee vendor or
potential vendor has an opportunity to address the board for for specific
purposes so if anyone in the audience would like to address the board of
trustees please view it please register with our secretary mr. Stephen Smith
everyone all right so tonight these very same mr. Smith will lead us in prayer
followed by our Scout Clayton Malone who will lead us in the pledge of allegiance
the United States flag and the flag of Texas thank you for giving us the
opportunity for an evening a celebration of success and conducting business of
the district please bless our staff and our leadership as we continue to
endeavor to provide the best education opportunity possible for Cline ISD
students and help us to vigorously and honorably meet all the challenges
involved in so doing in your name we pray amen there’s honor the flag thank you so school board
meetings must be conducted in open public session and according with strict
Texas laws so for example we cannot vote in any item that’s not discussed here in
front of the public and it’s not already been placed on our agenda so we may
privately discuss items such as personnel discipline of students
acquisition of school states matter school security and specific irons
requiring legal advice however the final vote must be done in complete public
view the superintendent in conjunction with our fellow board members here may
seem like we’re moving a little fast tonight as we go through the agenda
that’s because we’ve actually had it for a week in advance and we’ve been able to
address all our questions the concerns with superintendent in advance so we’re
here to have the meeting for you to view of what we’re going on here so we deeply
appreciate the trust that you have given us and we’ll continue to work diligently
to protect your students and help the school district move forward so now
we’re ready to proceed with the agenda right so we’ll begin with the
recognition of current and former public school teachers so if you are currently
a teacher or have been a teacher in public education would you please stand it’s our privilege to thank you for your
commitment to public education our next item is recognition of students and
teachers yep good timing so tonight we’ll be honoring our valedictorians and
salutatorians along with outstanding teachers from our four high schools and
we’ll begin tonight with climb high school principal
Jessica headaches if you want to start moving moving forward miss Haddix that’d
be great and then we’ll follow with the other three principals lance alexander
from pine forest dr. brian greenie from klein oh and Randy Kirk from climb
Collins all righty thank you good evening mr. president members of
the board dr. champion mrs. Spalding and guests tonight I have the honor and
privilege of introducing two outstanding Klein high school students and mrs.
Pennington will introduce one distinguished teacher first we have the
2017 salutatorian from Klein high school James dong James has been involved in
numerous academic and extracurricular activities including math club science
club and computer science club James is a National Merit Finalist and it is
described by his math teacher as an excellent scholar James and Joy’s
playing the piano and programming James is a product of Klein ISD and has
attended Klein schools from kindergarten through twelfth grade attending Hosler
Dori incline high next fall James will attend
the University of Texas at Austin and plans on majoring in computer science
tonight James is accompanied by his parents sefa dong and you nun Lou please
stand next we have the 2017 valedictorian from
Klein High School humza Gilani humza has been involved in numerous academic and
extracurricular activities most notably Speech and Debate whom ‘aa is also a
National Merit Finalist and is described by his debate coach as an amazing
student and debater humza says that he enjoys reading articles and journals
about politics current events in history he is also a true product of Kline ISD
attending Kline schools from kindergarten through twelfth grade
cron hustler Dorie and then Klein high school next fall Hamza will attend
Harvard University and plans on majoring in government accompanying homes it
tonight as his mother Sabah Jelani his aunt sama as Mew Dean his uncle azim as
me Dean his aunt Asha Jelani and his uncle Raj Jelani please stand now mrs. Pennington will introduce Arden
distinguished teacher for 2017 I’m honored tonight to introduce the 2017
Klein high school teacher of the year our Orchestra director mr. Creston heron
mr. Heron is a graduate of the University of Kansas where he received
his Bachelor degree and Rice University where he received his master’s degree on
scholarships as a Provost fellow and a brown scholar as a violinist he has
performed with various orchestras and organizations around the world under his
direction our orchestra groups have enjoyed the success of consistent UIL
sweepstakes Awards first division ratings and best in-class Awards I have
never seen mr. Harun without a smile on his face
he’s always positive and a tremendous mentor to so many students even though
our orchestra has consistently placed in the finals of the prestigious T MEA
Honor Orchestra competition mr. Harun makes sure that his students have fun as
well he has hosted many activities on campus for students and parents
including family game night if you were to stick your head into the orchestra
room on any of those nights you just might see mr. Harun dancing along with
the students in the dance contest mr. Harun we’re proud to call you a Bearcat with mr. Heron tonight is his wife Dawn
who’s done great things greater people are gonna be watching you it’s a great honor and a pleasure to
meet you both congratulations great job as a
tremendous amount of sacrifice we do to get to this point I’m looking forward to
hearing more about it we’re starting to honor graduates of the school district
over time so many years of the interesting
hacking just going through all the client schools
there are always those teachers to stand out that I will remember forever you may
be one of those those teachers one of those and
sacrifice your body behind and the things that you did there’s no way you
can just go through the motions music that smile at willing to be
transparent yourself and that TV fine Forest High School you are up next
we have Lance Alexander is here as well Susan Murphy and Amy Miller perhaps miss
Miller couldn’t make it to next line so wish president board members dr.
champion and the Spalding good evening it’s with great pleasure that miss
Murphy associate principal climb Forest High School is going to announce our two
distinguished graduates good evening climb Force 2017 salutatorian aside
Hussain Saeed is here with his mother miss IAD Saeed is a member of the
National Honor Society science National Honor Society math National Honor
Society interact and health occupation students of America
he plans to attend the University of Houston honor college in the fall Clym
Force 2017 valedictorian is Hendra hung Hendra is here with his parents mr.
Joseph hung and miss Carla win Hendra is a member of the National Honor
Society health occupation students of America and UIL computer science he
plans to attend st. Thomas University in the fall plan Force 2017 Teacher of the
Year miss Brooke Paulsen she is here with her husband Mark Paulson and her
mother Leanne Boswell a Stanford MS Paulsen has a dedicated growth
orientated reflective educator she stands out as a member of her team who
is always ready to help another teammate or support a PLC in some way she is
adored by her students for her wisdom a cool personality high expectations and
concern for well-being of her students always pleasant and smiling she’s great
hard-working teacher that embodies the clown force values miss Paulsen we love
you we are so proud this board is so proud of your school hi Forrest
specifically proud of you because you represent the building also very well
dedicated to your to your studies you’ve been a well-rounded student you have
represented your school so well and you’re both in Xhosa are you going to be
our physicians later on we are so pleased that honor you tonight you’ve
been gifted you’ve been given much and with that much is expected
and with your discipline in your service of areas and you have such a bright
future and we are so very proud more importantly Heather cook excellent
definitely more importantly good evening mr. president members of the board dr.
champion mrs. Spalding and guests tonight we have the honor of introducing
two outstanding clinic’s students and one very very very distinguished teacher
to introduce our students associate principal mrs. Seneca first we have our
salutatorian Jacob Brown Jacob is a member of the Klein Oak Chamber
Orchestra serving as principal violist and director’s assistant
additionally Jacob has made region Orchestra for three years and has
achieved an excellent rating on his solo performance in the Kline is D solo and
ensemble contest for three years as well Jacob is a member of the MU off of theta
where he serves as treasurer he is a member of the Kline ISD Texas future
Music Educators decline Oak National Honor Society and try M National Honor
Society Jacob is also a National Merit Finalist
through the Klein is d Texas future Music Educators organization Jacob
volunteers his time to perform at various locations around our community
he also shares his love of music through teaching fifth grade students to play
various string instruments mr. Ledford Jacobs orchestra director
stated during the past four years I have enjoyed watching you grow and mature
into the fine young man and violist you are today we don’t know what we’re going
to do miss swing and I without you welcoming us and
thank good morning every day to us however as you move on to the next stage
of your life I know you’ll be happy and successful my best to you as you
continue on this journey this fall Jacob will be attending Texas A&M honor Honor
College where he will be majoring in chemical engineering accompanying Jacob
this evening are his parents Melissa and Franklin Brown and now it is my honor to
introduce Cline Oakes valedictorian emily way emily is an actively involved
student at Cline Oak High School not only is she president of my office ADA
she is also secretary of Spanish Honor Society and treasurer of Zeta Omicron me
this computer science Honor Society additionally she is a member of the
Science National Honor Society and the Science UIL competition team if that
weren’t enough to keep her busy Emily is an International Baccalaureate diploma
candidate outside of school Emily enjoys playing the piano in taking dance
lessons she also likes the TV show the office miss rushing Emily’s I be
chemistry teacher stated Emily is a gracious young lady and an extending
student of science Emily looks forward to make much success in her chosen field
she is ready to ponder pursue and produce the answers that will change the
world get ready this fall Emily will be
attending the University of Texas in Austin where she will be majoring in
biochemistry accompany Emily this evening is her mother dawn Mei Wang and fortunately Jacob sprung the I’m
going to impart on me before oh my god tonight I’ll see you in my office
tomorrow take care of this finally I’d like to introduce mrs. Fela curry Clyde
Oak High School’s teacher of the year mrs. curry has been teaching for twenty
years in which twelve of those have been at Cline Oak high school mrs. curry
currently teaches IB World Dance Dance Crew Dance Company Panthers and dance
dance for color guard and dance composition in addition she also
sponsors the Kline outbreak crew and the Kline oka dance company mrs. curry has
known since kindergarten that she wanted to teach in junior high she was selected
by her dance teacher to become an assistant teacher and by the age of 15
she was teaching her own classes while at Kline out she has seized the
opportunity to create a full faceted dance program by adding over eight
different dance curriculum options for our students mrs. curry believes that an
outstanding teacher must be selfless always focused on what is best for their
students and be passionate about the subject they are teaching mrs. curry
strives to be the teacher that opens the doors for her students to waltz through
in the quest for more knowledge and experience mrs. curry prides herself in
the desire to find personal connections in discovering each dancers special
strengths she welcomes all students into his studio no matter their physical
mental or emotional ability she’s allowed me to come in many times to each
day is an opportunity to encourage her dancers to be the best and realize that
what they bring is important tonight mrs. curry is accompanied by her husband
Tim Curry her daughters Claire and Colleen and her
mother-in-law Carolyn curry and former students Victor
Tran and Danae Kiplinger a fuel cap lease name it is so amazing lucky that you have
done since I first laid eyes as ninth graders and now here here what a
promising future for both of you so proud proud proud and also even though
he’s going to be in it and very very excited for both of you in the future
you can’t wait to see what you do so you’re gonna now have the opportunity to
kind of like spread your wings and go and it’s just it’s exciting and that’s
part of education is having that opportunity to be able to see this curse
boy did I tell you stories I actually had the opportunity to hire mr. I have
known pennant 29 about 20-25 years so an amazing teacher
an awesome person a great parent and finally Cline Collins high school
mr. Burke good evening mr. president members of the board dr. champion and
Miss Spalding this is my pleasure to introduce the two highest-ranking
seniors from kleine Collins High School unfortunately our salutatorian Jackson
Lightfoot was on a school sponsored activity and unable to attend this
evening however I would like to share some information about Jack’s Jackson
Jackson is a member of the Klein college student council Mu Alpha Theta National
Honor Society science the National Honor Society the Klein Collins computer
science team and the academic decathlon team that competed at the regional and
state levels he also participates in Cline Collins drama musicals and was
chosen by the Klan Collins band directors for the outstanding musician
award as a junior outside of school he was chosen for the star of Texas
ambassador of music group that travelled toward and performed for two weeks in
seven European countries and last but not least his boy scout with his final
Eagle Board of Review to be completed this month Jackson is a proud son of mr.
and mrs. Jonathan Lightfoot it is my pleasure to introduce angel chew angel
is the valedictorian of the Klein Collins class of 2017 which is made up
of over eight hundred and thirty-five students she is an AP scholar with
honors and as a commended National Merit Scholar angel is a member of the clan
Collins National Honor Society in science the National Honor Society she
has served as vice president and president of the Junior Achievement
Company program where she constructed in Ranas student company during the school
year she was a member of the clan Collins UIL history team an outside of
school angel volunteers her time with American Red Cross and the famosa
Association of student cultural ambassadors where she received the
president’s volunteer award as a sophomore in junior she is here this
evening with their parent Ronni chew and r18 if you please stand at this time Miss Mandy LAN will
introduce our outstanding teacher tonight I have the pleasure of
introducing the 2017 Klein Collins High School Teacher of the Year carried or
nack mr. nack was born and raised in Waco
Texas and is a proud Baylor alumna she taught eight years in both Alvin ISD
and Connor ISD before coming to Klein ISD in 2013 and she says she’s never
leaving mr. nack leaves by example in the
English department at Cline Collins High School she truly believes that students
learn better when they know the teacher cares about them so she looks for the
good in every student purposely building relationships with each of them this
year more than any other she has shifted her focus from teaching reading and
writing to teaching readers and writers she even put in a work order this past
summer to have her teacher desk removed from her classroom because she wanted
more space for her students and she wanted her classroom to feel more
collaborative rather than have a stage or a teacher area one of her colleagues
said this about her education is more than content to her it’s about building
character showing compassion being open minded and learning from others
Kerri emulates that daily and her students learned by her example she’s a
jewel of a person and a teacher mr. nack is accompanied tonight by her husband of
nine years jeff and their children Ava and Aiden thanks doorman congratulating
Perry Dornoch where’d you like it to single you ass obviously we congratulate you for all
your accomplishments today very successful student you know when a board
looks as student and knows nothing about that is
impossible to accurately guess students such as yourself this kids are
Greek well pretty confident you’re gonna do real well the attentional well today
and today is you go through this scene as you go through the kind of his
graduation cycle there’s more going on than just graduated from high school
it’s a process of returning the community and the world over the people
like you we’re all going to be getting older and we’re depending on some really
sharp people to lead the world and maybe in the future more confident that you’re
one of those people congratulations mr. Arnett not to take
away from angels or compromises but in every success behind every successful
student there’s a group of very talented teachers congratulations showing you
from being campus Teacher of the Year and thank you for participating
success of so many students you’re a real vital part of the community we
really appreciate well that’s tough to follow but Judy
Roboto is going to share with us he’s going to do several things first up is
our alumnus award and then a tasbeeh stand up for public education award and
then the recognition of the Houston Methodist Willowbrook hospital so cute
thank you doctor champion president Pilkington board members misfolding and
guests I’m pleased so pleased to provide you with some highlights about this
month’s Alumni honoree Gina Pitino Gina is a 1985 graduate of Kline Oak High
School making her a member of that inaugural class as a student she
participated in the CTE cosmetology program receiving her state license
prior to graduations Gina immediately embarked on her hairdressing career
working at two salons and then in 1994 she opened her own studio and she’s the
sole owner that’s called technics Hair Studio over the years Gina has employed
over a dozen young women who have also gone through the cosmetology program at
different client i HD high schools gina herself is has a lawyer customer base of
over 200 people get this one of her customers drives all the way from
Kerrville each month so that Gina can style her hair he must be really really
good Gina Gina has two sons Spencer and Jacob Spencer graduated from Klein
Collins in 2012 and Jacob will graduate this June both boys participated in
Kline college football and Jacob was a varsity middle linebacker on this year’s
team which made it to the state semifinalist for the first time in
school history Gina has been very active in the Kline
Collins football Booster Club for several years and has served on its
board she’s also very active in the founders Baptist Church for 16 years
serving in both the children and youth ministries those who know Gina describe
her as an industrious active and caring community member that helps make the
fabric of the Kline ISD community so great
joining Gina r and y’all just stand when I call your name Fran Joe Jay Kim
Kimberly Shelby Maddy and they are all Patino’s thanks for
being here you guys Gina it seems so evident that your education in Klein
helped to provide your pathway for success and we think that’s really
awesome so we honor you for your service to the
client I see community and thank you for being a remarkable and carrying along she was nominated by board member Steve
Smith let’s give Tina one more round of
applause let me add to that I’ve lived in in the spring Cline area
for 24 years now and Gina is the only person who has ever cut my hair and I
joke with her that she ever retires I’m going to a short haircut like Mr Man we
love our alums and we’re so happy to be able to recognize them at board meetings
so now we’re going to recognize another important partnership with Kline ISD and
we’re gonna give them a stand up for Texas Public Schools Award and we do
this every month and so this month we’re going to honor Lone Star College
University Park and I’d like to invite president Shaw Arnall on to come join me with him tonight and if you all will
stand as I call your name we have Kathy Cecile Sanchez the VP for instruction
Zak Copeland the VP for Student Success Richard Weldon the VP for administrative
services – Shanta holmes the special assistant to the president cristina
robinson the chief strategist lisa held the interim dean of liberal arts and
steve kala the dean of workforce let’s give everybody a big so now let me tell you a little bit
about our partnership with Lone Star College University Park
they are truly committed to being a good neighbor and an involved partner with
Klein ISD president our Dylan and his team continue to explore ways for their
staff and students to participate in our district and I’m just going to give you
a few examples of otherwise I would be up here all night
University Park has sponsored teacher classroom grants they hosted their first
Latino education summit that resulted in 11 institutions signing a commitment to
further Hispanic education efforts in Texas one of my personal favorites they
held an undies in that netted 1300 pairs of underwear for Klein i esteem media
students and we got a fabulous photo opportunity out of that one didn’t we it
was awesome they implemented a new pair of
professional program in partnership with Klein ISD to get more teachers into the
classroom more than 2,000 Klein students participate in the dual credit program
between Klein ISD in this College they hosted the superintendent’s principal
breakfast at the college which was wonderful and they host the Summer
Bridge Program for 120 Klein force high school students to prepare them for what
College has to offer and what they can expect
now this dynamic group of educators continues to strive for new and
innovative ways to engage our students and provide opportunities for assistance
for example recently they have partnered with the Klein a ste to provide a space
for our student robotics team to work and practice and and you guys this is
amazing because we’ve been looking for a space for our robotics team who are you
know renowned around the country for their robotics work we’ve been looking
for a place for them to work in practice for years and so we really thank you for
that partnership the partners like Lone Star College University Park really
helped us make our shared vision of every student entering with a promise
and exiting with a purpose a reality in Klein ASD we are proud to recognize them
and thank them standing up for public education each
and every day I promise this is gonna be my last
presentation but this one’s really fun and exciting I’m pleased to announce
that Houston Methodist Willowbrook hospital personnel contacted us in
January after one of their philanthropic donor partners funded a stroke education
video at this time I would like to introduce Julie Peterson director
strategy and Barbara quaint director of medical surgical nursing and
the stroke program coordinator to tell you a little bit more about this
partnership reunion time thank you so much for having us here thank you to the
board of trustees and the staff of Kline ISD we hit the jackpot tonight Wow
so impressed with the students and hearing all about the honors of
recognition recognition so congratulations to everyone we’re
thrilled to be here tonight we are about to premiere a video that we did in
collaboration with Kline ISD and I must thank the Kline ISD staff when I sent in
the email to Judy proposing a collaborative video to teach kids about
recognizing the signs of a stroke she jumped right on it
I think responded the same day and we put on our wheels and started running
and she added many wonderful team members I know a couple are here today
Deborah Bronner West are doing and I say it right at close and Laurie comb and a
myriad of others who we met with and collaborated with and brainstorm with to
create this video they selected some wonderful students
who I didn’t even realize were going to be here today so raise your hand if you
were part of the video we did a two-day videotaping I was able
to participate in one of the days with the high school students and the reason
we had this wonderful hug right here is because I’m a graduate of Clym Forest
High School and so I was thrilled to see the caliber of the students and the
energy and the enthusiasm and I was just so excited to see what Klein ist is
doing still today so that was a joy for me and we ended up with a wonderful
video that’s a video of passion I’m gonna hand it over to Barbara for a
second just to give you a little bit of history that’s gonna make it all make
even be more meaningful to you and then we’ll show the video the philanthropic
donors that Julie referred to have been partnered with us at Houston Methodist
Willowbrook hospital as long as I’ve been associated with the strug program
which was back in 2009 the kuranes lived in this area and she developed symptoms
of a stroke before there were any hospitals or stroke programs out here so
she was fortunate that the family recognized the symptoms of stroke and
called 911 but she had to go all the way to the Medical Center for her care and
she died and the family always wondered if she could have received stroke care
in our community might she have been able to live so they’ve partnered with
us and they’ve funded I don’t have time to tell you the number of educational
endeavors that they have helped us with they sent myself and 20 of our nursing
staff and Rehab specialists to the International stroke conference this
year among many other things but the one thing that we haven’t been able to do
with the funding that was part of what what mr. Khurana wanted us to do was to
really be able to get out into the community we’ve had events on the
hospital campus where people have to come to us and learn about stroke but
this is a unique opportunity that’s going to allow us to teach the community
through the wonderful students of Kline ISD and one of the really important
facts about stroke is that one-third of stroke victims are under the age of 65
we tend to think of stroke an old person’s disease and it’s not and
so when the kids are learning about this we want them to recognize early symptoms
of stroke because the best and the only really good treatment is only available
if you can get to the get the patient to the hospital fast and we know that
adults we want to blow it off I’m just tired I’m just not feeling well it’s
just a little tingling it’s not a big deal
but if we teach your children and your grandchildren maybe they won’t let you
say I’m just gonna go take a nap maybe they’ll say uh-uh I’m gonna call
911 to thank the actors and I want to thank Kline ISD because this is giving
us an opportunity to do community education that we couldn’t do any other
way so thank you what does fast mean to you this is fast this is fast this is fast this is fast fast is also late to remember the signs
of a stroke what’s a stroke yeah what’s a stroke
well your brain is full of blood vessels and these blood vessels keep your brain
working like it’s supposed to but sometimes something can block the brain
from getting enough blood or oxygen and that’s caught a stroke but the good news
is there’s an easy way to recognize the signs of a stroke and get help fast so
how do we know there’s gotta be an easy way just remember the letters F a s t f
means face drooping like this a a means arm weakness like this s s means speech
difficulty all the sudden they may have a hard time speaking yes oh gosh I love
this t t means time it’s time to call 9-1-1 it can be scary when somebody’s
having a stroke but if you remember fast you can be a stroke hero and get someone
the help they need hey s T fast we think it turned out great
and it is a premiere because our whole team hasn’t even seen it at the hospital
and throughout our system and the plan is to be able to show this to all the
students in the district and to educate them on fast so we appreciate this on
behalf of Houston Methodist we always appreciate our partnership with Cline
ISD and all that we do so thank you very much for the opportunity yeah let’s get the students come on up can y’all believe those high school
students I think they look like they worked at Houston Methodist well over that was a really great video thanks
appreciate that move it on to another one of our design teams we have some
more recognitions to give tonight yes so continue with our recognitions dr. Gini
McGowan our chief Learning Officer and I are thrilled to take this opportunity to
celebrate the incredible teams I see several of them in the audience tonight
who have been instrumental in the design process of our guiding documents as you
know we’ve been at work since the fall collaboratively designing the Class D
profile of a learner profile of a leader our shared definition of high quality
teaching this design grata processes evidence of our promise to purpose
vision in action and for that reason we’d like to spend just a moment
celebrating the many voices and stakeholders who have contributed to
these guiding documents that will literally guide the district guide the
future of our school district dr. McKeown members of the board miss
Spalding and guests we appreciate the opportunity tonight to reflect for just
a moment on the journey we’ve been on together in Cline over the last several
months to hopefully adopting these guiding documents this evening our goal
from the beginning was to create documents that are both aspirational and
inspirational and our tools not only for guiding our decisions and actions but
also for self-reflection and continuous improvement we are thrilled that after
over 75 face-to-face meetings thousands of pieces of online feedback an external
review from our students parents strategic business partners universities
clergy our state representative the College Board Lone Star College our
district instructional development council our strategic planning team and
all Kline ISD campuses and departments that we can joyfully say that these
documents belong to all of us and are representative of the collective voice
of our client ISD community so we want to briefly touch on the design story of
each guiding document and we start with the center of those three documents
which is the profile of a learner which launched with Tabletalk which
captured over 2000 student voices and included our first-ever alumni bowl want
to thank Ronnie again for being a central part of the Alumni Bowl there we
go we had over a hundred alumni at the at the Alumni Bowl and student focus
groups we had student focus groups on campuses vision casting led by campus
principals and department leaders also provided rich feedback used to design
that profile of a learner our high quality teaching document began with a
transform Academy reunion gathering together those teachers who our
principals have identified over the last few years are truly transformational
teacher leaders with innovative mindsets from their a design team of outstanding
teachers and campus and district leaders was formed and these incredible
educators have collectively volunteered over a hundred and sixty five hours to
the design of this document yeah they also were central in the profile of a
learner piece as well incredible incredible work profile the leader was
created with in partnership with the Holt Worth Center result of Kline being
selected as one of only two districts in the state as part of a pre pilot pilot
with the Holdsworth Center our admin collaborative team excellent admin
collaborative team comprised of campus principals and district leaders was also
instrumental in the design of the leadership profile so finally after
reviewing all of that stakeholder feedback during external review it was
our joy to bring the final drafts of the guiding documents not only to the board
during our meeting last Monday but also back to our awesome admin collaborative
team to ask for their level of commitment and with a collective
commitment from our leaders that you can see there we are excited about how these
guiding documents will literally support the realization of our shared vision
Incline i esteem we believe the folks involved in this work are truly some of
the finest without a doubt Incline ISD at this time if you have been part of
the creation of our guiding documents as a design team member member of admin
collaborative teams stakeholder involved in our external review process member of
D IDC if you read and/or gave feedback either electronically or verbally please
stand and be recognized everybody keep standing we’re gonna get
this 360 picture hold on all right let me take a series of
pictures yep we’re doing a quick picture with the camera yep everybody’s keep
standing and smiling excellent this gives other people the opportunity
to give feedback if you wanna get some quick feedback I’m taking stand get all
of our Lone Star College friends are here that’s perfect thank you dr. McGann thank you all for
all your hard work going into that that’s that’s pretty good I mean they
will simplify everything down like that I mean to say so much and so little it’s
just really awesome so next up are there any Scouts in the audience we’d like to
take this opportunity to recognize our scouts what we’ll do is we’ll go around
with a microphone and go around when it comes to you if you could please just
tell us your name your troop number your school and which badge you’re working on
yeah why don’t y’all come on if you’re if you’re a scout and you’re here we’re
so packed in here if y’all come on forward we’ll it’ll simplify things okay
come on over here toward the microphone guys go go walk over this way guys wait
okay my name is Andrew Jones I’m in trot I’m in troop 1324 i go in akron
elementary and citizenship my name is Gregory and
Madore I am true 13:24 and I go to Khurana elementary and my bed is
citizenship my name is reine Purcell I am in troop 1324 I go to crawlin cron
Elementary and I do the citizenship badge my name is Isaac Turner I’m in
troop 961 I go to stock intermediate and I’m working on citizenship I am John ha
I am in Troop 1244 I go to Dorie and I’m working on the citizenship badge my name
is my name is Tom off and I am also in Troop 1244 I also go to Dorie and I’m
working on both badges my name is Trevor laning I am in troop 961 and I’m working
on citizenship in the community my name is Joshua Hinson
I meant also in troop 1961 I go to Bama middle school and I’m working on
solutions my name is Noah cells I’m an also in treatment sixth one I go to
struck elementary and I’m working on citizenship my name is Clayton Malone I am in troop
1333 I go to Dorie intermediate and I’m working on communications my name is
Devon Rawlings I go my trip is 1961 my school has been for elementary and I’m
working on my citizenship badge my name is Sam I go to troop 961 my school is
Ponderosa elementary and I’m working on Saturn’s citizenship my name is Connor
beam like my troop is also 961 my school is howdy elementary and I’m working on
citizenship good evening thank you board for allowing us to be here I am Jason
laning and the scout master for troop 961
and we appreciate this opportunity these are two of my sons one more over there I
am also climbing alumni all right thank you all very much
I do know one of them Clayton him alone out there not only did he lead us in our
pledge he’s one of the toughest kids I know carrying well over 30 pounds of
water in his backpack for a week we were backpacking together in Big Bend last
year and he cared as much as those that were 16 17 18 years old and never
complained once and it hurt me I didn’t complain either cuz I wasn’t gonna let
the kids know so we’ll now take this moment for an intermission if you’ll
allow us to meet the audience we will start lining up to my left your right
and for the trustees have an opportunity to meet with you thank you
may I have your attention please we’ll now continue our meeting with our
citizen inquiry mr. Smith yes we have one person signed up this evening mr.
Adrian Lukey and I hope I pronounced the last name correctly very good please
tell your microphone okay just excuse her one just before you
do that so approximately 20 minutes of each regular meeting is allocated to
citizen increase so after registering with our board secretary as you have
done you have the opportunity that is the board to discuss an item that
appears in the agenda to make a request for specific factual information to ask
for recitation of existing policy and to redress grievances in accordance with
law no deliberation discussion or decision we made other than to consider
a proposal to place the subject on the agenda for a subsequent meeting unless
the subject is listed on the board agenda in which case it may be discussed
by the board factual information only in regard to citizen inquiry may be shared
at any point by the superintendent a written response will be provided oral
comments are limited to five minutes of length unless extended by majority of
the trustees they must not mention any individuals by
the name of position or contain any personally identifiable information may
contain athletes I am the president of the Springbok homeowners association and
as such I stand here before you this evening representing the residents of
that community in particular I want to direct my comments tonight to those
elementary school students that live in Springbrook who are enrolled at
Bennigan’s elementary and with regards to those individuals the application of
the client is d bus transportation policy I have been approached by a
number of our residents that were interested in knowing why their children
were not allowed to ride a school bus from Springbrook especially the eastern
part of the Springbrook to the to the school and based upon those inquiries I
contact the two members of your staff of the ISD staff and they explained in
detail the policy of a two mile radius within the applicable school
than any student lived within that radius would not be eligible for bus
transportation and no exceptions would be allowed except if there was a
hazardous condition or hazardous thoroughfare that confronted the
students as I was reminded when I contemplated that of this saying that
was in an old movie so let it be written so let it be done that was pretty much
the end of it recently I read in the Cline spring
newspaper called the impact that believe it is where spring announced that there
is d-bus regulations were going to be changed from one point five miles to one
mile thereby allowing I think the estimated approximately five thousand
students the opportunity for safe secure protection on riding the bus when I saw
that I kind of piqued my interest again and I thought I would do a little
research very informal to be sure but I made a
tell couple telephone calls did some web surfing and found some interesting
statistics on eight ISD or eight is DS districts within a close vicinity of
client well let me share them with you out of the eight three districts had the
two-mile radius that Klein currently invokes and they are humble HISD and all
Dean two of them have only a one mile radius
they are spring obviously and Conroe and this is what really knocked my socks off
three of the district’s did not have any radius whatsoever
they offered total complete bus transportation to all their students and
they were Magnolia sigh fare and The Woodlands in my discussions with you or to
employees they suggested my next step if I wanted to pursue this would be to be
here tonight and address my concerns to you as board members I also looked apart
from the two-mile radius the condition of a hazardous or a condition hazardous
thoroughfare now if any of you are familiar with the Springbrook
subdivision do you know it’s pretty much bisected by TC jester in years past TC
jester was a little neighborhood street no longer I don’t have time to go into
everything that I noted in terms of what my definition of hazardous might be but
suffice it to say an elementary school-aged child would be confronted
with all kind of conditions hazardous and whatever else you might want to call
them going through two parts of the subdivision and having to cross TC
jester admittedly there is a guard there what TC gesture in recent years has
become a very traveled thoroughfare from Spring Cypress to 2920 it’s obviously a
good alternative from Kuykendall the speed limits 45 miles an hour and I
promise you most of the cars go less than or I should say more than 40 miles
an hour so my my recommendation to you tonight is three pronged look to
consider revising your policy and revising the mileage downward to at
least one mile look to the designation of TC gesture as a hazardous condition
confronting elementary school children and this may consider thinking outside
the box but maybe contemplate removing all restrictions for
elementary schools these are young children young boys and girls that need
that protection and that need that safety now I know any of these will cost
the district more money my challenge to you tonight is find that money please
thank you thank you for your time as I said before we’re not allowed to
deliberate or discuss anything however we will send you a written response
appreciate mr. president clarified that’s accurate okay next up is our
action items the first item for consideration and approval is proposed
modifications for local board policies seee annual operating budget and CW
naming facilities they have a motion any discussion all those in favor opposed
motion carries 7-0 next we’ll have the approval of the client is the guiding
document profile the learner profile the leader and high quality teaching we
haven’t moved in a second any discussion all those in favor opposed motion
carries 7 0 next item for consideration is the approval to add positions for the
2017 18 school year as summarized in the supporting documentation they have
motion okay any discussion all those in favor opposed motion carries 7 0 next to
the approval of the extension of contracts for the deputy superintendent
chief financial officer chief Learning Officer and associate superintendents by
one year to June 30 2020 second any discussion um mr. Patrick that’s three
calendar years not timesheets correct all those in favor opposed motion
carries seven zero well now consider for approval their project initiation for
softball field lighting replacements at Kline Forest High School in Klein high
school may have emotional discussion all those in favor opposed
motion carries 7-0 next item is schematic design and design development
for the elementary school for an entrance project thank you
any discussion all those in favor opposed motion carries 7 0 next we have
the approval of the construction documents for the 2017 Hildebrandt
Intermediate School kitchen remodel I may have a motion make that motion
any discussion quick question well a month ago or two did we not have a
Hildebrandt kitchen items is that a lead up to this yes okay yes seems these question all those in favor opposed
motion carries 7-0 next item for consideration is construction documents
for the Klein Collins High School Klein’s Forest High School and Klein Oak
High School synthetic turf addition project any discussion
well what’s the life of that seven years eight to ten thank you all those in
favor opposed motion carries 7-0 next is the approval of the contract award for
the 2017 facility renovations project architectural motion second thank you
any discussion all those in favor opposed motion carries 7-0 now we have
the approval of 2017 mill elementary school kitchen remodel may have a motion
some discussion all those in favor opposed motion
carries 7-0 the next item is the contract award for the 2017 campus sound
enhancement project may have motion make that motion any discussion all those in
favor opposed motion carries 7-0 next we have the approval of the contract award
for the North crest agricultural facility I have a motion some of them
say any discussion this be a general question but I’ll use this item for this
in Denver two of them the conference’s or seminars I went to they talked about
equity is there a technical or legal term for equity and then we talked about
equity and facilities if we build a new school then we try to go back and
upgrade the similar schools right but there’s also seems to be an equity
component to I guess an academic jerk does it have a like a legal standing or
is there a legal definition of equity like DOJ would they come after you for
not being equitable if you were assets equal liabilities plus equity if we
built a new school and didn’t upgrade existing schools to the same standard we
wouldn’t be necessarily in violation and you wouldn’t be realized so we do that
as we do that as a practice yes thank you
Klein is clientís Klein is Klein thank you thank you
any further discussion all those in favor opposed motion carries 7-0 now we
have the approval for the conveyance of facilities in release of interest as
described in supporting documentation I have a motion I’ll move any discussion
all those in favor opposed motion carries 7-0 next item is the
continuation of bid number 17 306 interlocal agreement with region for
educational service center for risk management services may have motion any
discussion all those in favor opposed motion carries 7 0 moving on to the
consent agenda are there any items that you wish to remove the consent agenda
I’ll begin with you mr. Wright Mark Anderson
mister subject No mr. Mann announcement okay therefore all those in favor of the
consent agenda post motion carries 7 0 we’re now ready to
approve the minutes of the regular meeting on March 6 2007 teen we have a
motion all those any discussion all those in
favor opposed motion carries 7 0 moving on to calendar review please note the
following events Friday we’ll celebrate Good Friday and this weekend is Easter
weekend next Monday is the academic banquet at Shirley acres in addition to
the regular board meeting in May there will be a budget workshop on the 22nd of
May so will now all ready for comments I’ll start with you miss right mark people are informed participating
advocates for this district and they’ve invested so much time and energy thus
far and I’m just want to give accolades to each of the kid but community members
that are committed to that and then I’d like to give congratulations I can’t
imagine anyone being under 40 but I understand that we have a doctor in the
house it’s being honored for being one 40 under 40 so congratulations to acknowledging skill her expertise and
her energy and that’s it it’s a Kudo for Kline as well as for her
personally and for education because education doesn’t find its place so many
times in a Houston Business Journal that’s right is there a lot of I just
wanted to mention that I’ve been part of the climb foundation and we’re working
on the golf tournament so I’m one of the ones in charge of the silent auction so
be needing some help so it’s October the 10th mr. Anderson great night to honor the talk to you
graduates of each high school and in this case tonight you know we all talked
about the two graduates for each but also recognize the campus principals at
each of those high schools those four high schools for the way that you know
that’s the end game that’s the products that they have to churn out
get to churn out and so it’s just the leadership that all four of those
principals exhibit and the kind of students that come out you know it’s
just it’s the time of year that and a lot of three quarters of those students
are yours just their second I was very glad to see and hear Judy’s presentation
and then the physical presence of the loved Star College University Park staff
I think that was a huge symbolic and realistic indication of that
collaboration you know we get these kids to twelfth grade and then we hope
they’re ready to go on so this is a good I could rebound or echo to to to sound
back to us and how well we’re doing so kudos for that effort and that
recognition and also the stroke video if that was very educational
I never heard that face before mr. Mann Act was a fast fast fast fast
dr. McGowan congratulations thank you for all of your hard work and
initiatives and we appreciate very much I want to say what a wonderful
conference we had and Denver here last month it was absolutely spectacular with
the classes that they provided and also the exhibit hall it gave us all kinds of
ideas and information and on a very sad note I’d like to say client is D his
family and the family stood up for Scott crow last week that was just
overwhelming to me to see the chaplet chopped champion forests overflowing
with people honoring our former principal Scott crow so thank you Klein
for being the family that we believe in and support and all of the
teachers that volunteered to go and sit in at criminal thank you I was thinking
he’ll be a criminal so those teachers could go and honor their principal so
thanks flying I appreciate that very much that’s a very good meeting I always
enjoy seeing so much the celebration of success and we had a lot of that tonight
like make a personal announcement I normally would be up for re-election in
November and have chosen not to run for re-election my wife Debbie and I have
decided to make the personal decision to move to the Dallas area to be near our
kids and grandkids they’ve been working on us for a long time to move up there
and we found finally found the right opportunity and I won’t be changing my
mind because we’ve invested a lot of funds in a house that’s being built I
really do hate to leave the board but family ties are taking precedence here
thank you so first I want to celebrate Steve Smith
Steve was as a board president whenever I came on came on board and Klein was an
amazing mentor and leader for me and part of the the reason that I loved
climb from the from the get-go was because of you Steve and so thank you
for your continued service to the folks I can’t wait to see what community stuff
you get involved in in your new place because I know you won’t be able to
stand still long so thank you for all your service I also wanted to take a
moment and celebrate just some things kind of coming together as a school
district and that is the idea of innovation miss rottenmeier talked about
the the the strategic planning committee and Miss Orlando talked about the the
foundation where we’re a lot of us are reading this not this book called the
innovators mindset the board is read has read that as well started that book as
well and and this idea of innovation in client with Klonowski being the hub is
something that’s a little bit new a little bit challenging a little bit
scary and a whole lot exciting and so as the strategic planning piece moves
forward at the next meeting we’ll be bringing forward their play
but you you couple that with the partnerships mr. Simms act that you
mentioned with with Lone Star College the cosmetology person that we recognize
today the Methodist Willowbrook so those are all pathways for our students to
move forward and then and then to your point mr. Mann the NSBA conference was
incredible this year because of all the cool stuff but especially because Kline
Forest High School was one of four high schools from around the nation who was
at the center of innovation right there at the conference actually interviewing
people and being part of that so this just feels like a real amazing vortex of
vortex of positivity and innovation right here in Klein ISD and it is just a
joy and an honor to get to walk alongside these educators who are here
those folks who have we seen who we saw earlier tonight and with you as well in
this incredible work that we have looking forward so I thank you again for
this opportunity else like to say thank you for your service mr. Smith it’s been
a pleasure serving with you we’re gonna miss you but understand it going for
family that’s really what it’s all about I know these past two weeks everything
congratulations to you doctor we’re going to actually what segues next to
I’ve been able to talk about the district to people whether it’s what
we’re doing for our district innovation or where our plans where we’ve come from
and where we’re going and it’s just amazing how easy it is to talk about
what we’re doing and how many great things are going because like they say I
mean the truth is a certain ring to it it’s very easy to be proud of this
district and the technology but it’s just something the things we see with
the graduates here just where they’re going some of the things to be able to
take you know the profiles of leaders of educators of the good students and I
mean just every day I continue to get blown away I don’t know how high we’re
gonna get but it seems like I don’t think we have a limit it seems like even
if we don’t have okay here we’re done it just okay we’re here
okay next next next and I just wanna say I’m glad to be along for the ride we
have a vortex going hurricane well if there’s no objections we will now move
into closed session yesterday we honored a person served in our district for 32
years and that was Nancy man and she was honored with a reception in surprising
videos and people came and it was just a real reunion a lot of former staff and
people that had served at epsilon and she was newly honored so in spite of her
husband you know she’s actually been a man longer than she hasn’t okay well now
it’s provided by the Texas government code trustees will now go into closed
session according to sections five five 1.07 one private consultation of the
board’s attorney regarding all matters is authorized by law including board
governance five five one zero seven two discussing purchase exchange lease or
value of real property five five 107 for discussing employment evaluation and
discipline of personnel including board governance and including superintendent
evaluation contracts five five one zero seven six discussing security personnel
and devices five five one zero eight two discussing disciplinary matters or
complaints regarding school children and/or school district employees five
five one zero eight two one discussing personally identifiable information
about public school students five five one zero eight seven deliberation
regarding economic development negotiations the time is now 8:45 there’ll be no voting now we’ll just
close the adjourn the meeting okay it’s now 955 the meeting the board Clinton
ISD Board Trustees has reconvened there’s no objections it’s now 955 and
the meetings adjourned

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