Klerksdorp Spheres. ‘IF’ They are an Alien Artifact?

Klerksdorp Spheres. ‘IF’ They are an Alien Artifact?

Evidence of ancient lost civilizations or alien
contact from long ago or long lost intelligent creatures whom once called our planet home
is hard to come by but have we found the answer deep in the mines of south africa? what are the Klerksdorp Spheres? welcome to IF ……………….. These Tiny mineral spheres are from around
three billion years ago. By all scientific accounts, these small spherical
objects can be found in mineral deposits around Ottosdal, South Africa. This location is home to 3 billion-year-old
rocks that were naturally fashioned by carbonate concretions. The spheres are tiny, sleek metal balls, averaging
a few inches in diameter, they have several grooves running around their circumference. Many make the claim that this is evidence
of advanced ancient technology, their claim is that the spheres are so perfect they could
only have been made by technology that would not exist according to current historical
models. The spheres vary in color between a blueish
tint to variable hues of red. The tiny mineral spheres are normally between
5 and 10 cm, with even angular groves around the ball which are set at a uniform distance. But their most impressive feature is that,
according to some, they could not be manufactured on Earth, but rather could only be made in
space. This makes many believe that these objects
have an extraterrestrial origin, or are possibly an artifact from an alien visitation of our
planet. There has been much research carried out on
this little balls of mystery Paul. V. Heinrich, Geologist and Archaeologist at
Louisiana State University, and his team of Geologist searching for answers, a claim that
NASA has even researched the origin and concluded that they could not have been made on this
planet. Nasa reporting that the orbs were too perfect
to have been crafted in an atmosphere and to achieve the level of geometrical accuracy
demonstrated by these balls they would have to have been shaped in zero gravity, This
then leads us into the actual shaping as these smooth objects are said to be way harder than
steel. So if they do not have an Earthly origin where
could they be from? Michael Cremo an American researcher and follower
of the Vedic texts.Says that they are the last remnants of a prehistoric long extinct
advanced culture that once inhabited our world millions or billions of years ago. This idea plays into the popular ideas of
lost civilizations but really, ups the ante. If there were an advanced group on this planet
that many years ago would they have been human? Were they aliens here exploring the galaxy,?
and that question leads to the idea that these balls are some sort of seeding device. Like the scene from the movie Prometheus when
the alien priest empties a vile of black goop into the water thus seeding earth with the
first building blocks of DNA. Could the Klerksdorp Spheres be a similar
device, a technological panspermia machine if you will? Or could they be left over by some other creature
that evolved on this planet way back then, the evidence for them being hard to come by
due to the vast scales of time involved or maybe they left this planet on their own explorations? These ideas are very interesting but mainstream
science says no! The spheres are a natural geological formation,
simply a wonder of the natural.world. What do you think these spheres could be? Do you think they are a relic of an ancient
race or alien artifacts? let me know your thoughts in the comments

32 thoughts on “Klerksdorp Spheres. ‘IF’ They are an Alien Artifact?

  1. They could be a form of melted metal poured into water to get the spherical shape, the marks in them could be used to mark price they could be old currency

  2. These spheres are remains of ancient warfare…which was waged during the Golden age…on this planet and Mars..The VABS are what's left of a planet destroyed during these wars…cool vid👍

  3. Maybe the "wow signal" was aliens telling us they forgot their balls. Lol. Fascinating video, I wish I could understand what they are, I've no idea.

  4. There's no doubt that there's a mystery here.
    I'm not the type of person to believe anything and everything, but I don't see them a naturally occurring object.
    The ancient civilisation angle doesn't grab me, but ancient visitors or travellers seems as plausible as anything else.

  5. It doesn't matter if I'm late..
    It's doesn't matter if I'm first, second or third..
    I'm just here to watch the video and commented about it..
    Your videos are always interesting and entertaining..
    I don't know what kind of spheres are those.. But my first thought was alien made..
    I think is more about them that we need to figure out what they truly want with us..
    Thanks for the awesome content..😉

  6. Very, very intriguing. They’re probably what Alien children use as toys or something like that. I liked that prometheus point. Also you’re close to 1,000 subscribers! Ha. Remember when you still had 600 Subscribers

  7. I don't thing that it made by nature but at the same time I don't thing it's aliens but maybe it's made by human for something maybe for the aliens or for decoration

  8. There are two groups of spheres in this video. The first look like geological concretions, but I'm not a geologist. The second (the ones with the divided surfaces and 'knobbles' carved on them) are from the north and east of Scotland, and are from the Neolithic. They're still a mystery, just not the same one as the Klerksdorp Spheres 🙂

  9. Doesn't look like those sphere could have formed naturally to me. But I don't think those orbs where made by aliens. If the are made by aliens then we need to have a good chat with them. Dumping foreigndirty objects on a planet filled with many different lifeforms is a very bad idea. What where those aliens thinking? There are strict protocols and guideline for this. That would be minus one point for them.

  10. Of course “mainstream Science” say’s no! But “what if” they are wrong. 🤔 always keep an open mind. It makes life more interesting.

  11. the only explanation that makes sense to me is the time these Klersdorp was formed and how they possibly formed,, it is only a theory ,,, Millions of years ago this planet was a mix of water and violent volcanoes and carbon with many elements,, let's call it the primordial soup,, the earth was also getting bombarded with meteorites and this could be the result of a meteorite hitting the earth and shattering as it's heat and the heat or coolness of the area they are found mixed up with elements that formed it's core then exposed to other elements that surrounded the core and left a metal finish,, like a blob of mercury that gets dropped it will hit the floor and form into lots of little balls of mercury ect,,maybe the silica center or sandstone center ended up like the mercury hitting the floor or ground then the metal in the volcanic flow bonded to this to form the outside?,, either that or it is alien technology that they used to teach humans about something? what it could of been used for if made by another race is a mystery, like our history and how technologically advanced we was in the past,,, i guess when the aliens realised mans bad intentions and greed they left us to it,,, we think we are so smart as to be the only living entity within our planet,,, we are a speck of dust in a vacuum void called space,,, there is far more to life than we been taught and if people take the path less travelled then they can start to seek answers in the light of truth,, it is just a shame that people's foolishness and Ego spoil it for themselves,, through media and Elite agenda we are living in times far from what God / Jah intended for mankind and thus why there are more questions in life than answers,, the other side of that coin is when you learn the truth to life and where we are headed it is not a gift to know but a heavy burden to carry and so unbelievable due to the education system limiting your mind that any man trying to tell another will do nothing but bring you negativity and resentment,,, once you remove the splinter from another persons mind then you have to remove your own,,,Reality is far from what you believe it to be,,, very far,, Jah bless all those who walk the path less travelled,,

  12. Not heard much about these spheres but the grooves seem unlikely to be natural as nature prefers not to make straight lines. However I don't see any "perfect spheres" or spheres "to perfect to be created in an atmosphere". And actually, I'm not quite sure what that means. How does an atmosphere effect the tooling of a sphere? I tend to lean away from E.T.s as the answer to anything but perfect spheres or not they seem to be man made or at least the grooves if not the spheres themselves. As I mentioned, I haven't heard much about these so I certainly appreciate the video! Glad to have something to ponder! Cheers!

  13. I found a Klecksdorp sphere in the Similkameen river in eastern Washington. No doubt. Exactly like the ones in Africa. Absolutely. About an inch and a quarter diameter with a perfect line around the middle. Looks exactly like the pics on you tube. It has a baked metallic look to it and the weight tells me it's not solid but filled like the others. Don't know what to do with it

  14. Isn't it odd that none of the videos tell how deep in the mines they were found? Nor even a pic of one being found in it embedded in the wall.

  15. These things are fascinating if real, it is baffling how these were created by our earth, unless the formed in space or under water to achieve the spherical shape but that still leaves so many more questions ill never get to answer.

  16. Not sure. But what i am positive about is not one "scientist" will ever admit anything that could collaspe the tower. If just one theory is wrong at the base or even the top the entire thing falls and ever book needs to be rewritten and everything, and I mean everything, we "know" is wrong. Something no scientists will ever admit. Science has become political of sorts and is no longer objective like they falsely claim.

  17. I am targeted individual. I used to see hologram of a diamond in my head when I was young. Twice happened. Then in 2008 I started hearing more clearly the sounds and voices in my head and they revealed its a supercomputer controlling whole world.
    My condition is very bad.

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