So Today is my second day in Kolkata. Yesterday, I didn’t shoot too much because
there’s just so much to take in. Men bathing in the streets. That’s not something you see every day. But at least they’re taking a bath. You can pretty much stand in one spot and
there’s honking going on constantly 24 and 7. There’s people. You can see little stories
passing you by, everywhere you look. You don’t really have to do anything because
they just cross paths with you. It’s really fascinating. My first impression is that Kolkata awakens
you and you kind of feel alive. There’s just so much going on. Every street you go down is like a visual
feast. Like look at this guy behind me. Kinda crazy uh? Everywhere you see things going on. This is an electrical street and all these
vendors are selling lights for Diwali festival. Which is a festival of lights in India. Lots
of lights on this street. Everything and everyone converges on this
street and somehow there’s order that’s made out of the chaos. The kinda of nutty thing about crossing a
street in India and the traffic or dodging the traffic is that everyone and everything
converges on the streets. And it’s there’s not always traffic lights.
so people cross the streets and you’ll have everything from people to people carrying
cargo. Honking. Lots of honking. I asked whether or not Kolkatian drivers are
kinda crazy cause of the honking and weaving. And I was told that he drivers at least have
a license or permit to be on the road. Pedestrians and everyone else don’t have permits
to be on the road. Everyone kinda goes where they see openings
in the traffic. It’s always helpful lot go with a group, like
that. But eventually you get used tot he weaving
and dodging. You just wait of for the traffic to subside. Then you kind of find the pockets to zoom
into. I’m not really sure how much of that I got
on tape. But thats how you do it in Kolkata. That’s
how you cross the street. Here in Kolkata, the streets are like a walking
bazaar. And that’s because a lot of vendors come here. They don’t have to pay taxies. you’ll find
in places like McDonalds, will serve you a surcharge or tax on your food. Which turns out to something like 8%. It’s
not cheap. All along the streets you’ll find it’s like
a walking bazaar of fast food and local food dishes. Periodically you’ll find on the streets, there’s
shrines or altars. People actually do come and worship and do
their prayers, light incense, ring bells and all that stuff. So this is how nail get when you’re in India. And it’s not like I was digging my hands in
dirt or anything. This isa just a collection of the day. It’s
not like I was touching a lot of stuff either. THis is just air, getting under my nails and
dust and pollution. Right now my credit cards aren’t working.
That’s just a reality sometimes, when you travel. And I had to got to a couple of different
banks in order to finally use my ATM card. Times like that you panic, you don’t know
if your has bank shut your ATM card down on you or what. So I was a little nervous for a while. But now I’m a little better. I got my card
to work at one of the smaller banks.


  1. Chaotic….Overcrowded….Shocking…..but Absolutely Amazing and Fascinating city…..! Gorgeous Old Architecture ….and Real People….and real world….
    Great Video !.

  2. you go to princep ghat,Victoria Memorial,Sohid minar,Science City,Eco park,Sibpur botanical garden,Dakhineshwar,Dharmatala,Alipur Zoo,Babu ghat,Birla mondir,Eden Garden,Sealdha,nicco park,st.Paul's cathedral,Marbel place,Raj bhavan,Thakur bari,Kolkata Jain temple,Tipu sultan mosque,Birla planetarium,Belur Math,Vidyasagar Setu,Rabindra Sarabar,
    and then you say how was kolkata

  3. Have you tried north Kolkata? Its allot more hectic. the area you are showing is a place called Guriahat and Buligunge .

  4. Like you I love single travel in Asia, you've inspired me to travel to Calcutta. It looks crazy, intense and challenging, all the things I love.

  5. I don't understand your travel. U travel India but u complain tomuch, if u know why u complain dirty and pollution, poor country like this ,

  6. I don't know but we should respect all cultures and their places because if there is pollution at least people are not complaining and doing their work, we are all human and if you born here then you could be the same and some other person will disrespect you. This is just totally my point of view and nothing else

  7. Damm True I am born and raised in Dubai
    But from last 2 year's I am facing this life
    on kolkatta middle class family and friends in This city
    I am really sorry actually I am a big camera shy kind of a person because what I can show you it's mind blowing
    True and I think people will be confused to take a judgement
    love or Hate

  8. Come to Kolkata Burn all those calories without working out. You can sit and burn tons and tons of fats. Plus lots if pollution to spoil your skin. True fact.

  9. This is not a balanced portrayal of this city and i don't think it's suppose to be. You need a longer video clip to show alternate realities of this city. But anyway, I can see the beauty of this city through a different mindset, thanks to this clip.

  10. wawooooow i like your idea of show online this type of place at Indian and life style here , he he keep rock dear go at those village which they hide and show more oooh

  11. Hi GRRRLTraveler, Love all your videos about India, my husband and I are in our 70's and are from Australia and India is our 'only' holiday destination and has been for the past 33 years. We can't get enough of India. You tell it how it is and that is helpful to would be tourists. We go to India twice a year and we love Kolkata and Rajasthan the best. We have travelled north, south, east and west. staying in cheap to moderate hotels and we always have fun. Go with an open mind and come back with heaps of good memories. Australia is so boring after India which is full of excitement.

  12. Great videos. I'm just starting a travel channel myself so I can appreciate the work that goes into these. Respect. Safe travels and thanks for your useful videos.

  13. I didn't think she was complaining I thought she was being very genuine in her description of a normal day in the city.

  14. Oh noooooooooo…the worst things that catches my attention is on the street…taking bath on there..no traffic rules..jaywalking..etc.

  15. I want this girl to go to Brooklyn. Then talk about a foreign country,with a different culture religion plus going in a really rural area.

  16. Gee,in 1989 an NZ farmboy,me,flew into Dumdum Calcutta from,Bangkok,it was a shock.I liked Sudder St.🇳🇿👳🏿😂👻☮

  17. You haven't gone to the nice places in kolkata.i feel pity for your choices.surf the internet and travel next time..or don't complain..every country or city has beautiful places and not so beautiful places(technically)..i fail to understand why would you choose something which you aren't ready to absorb and complain.anyway burrabazar is a wholesale trade area not a mall.lakhs of people go for work,education and business to kolkata everday..i'll include myself too.i never saw my nails turning black!for god's sake.

  18. Recommend American Express card. There are a few places that take them. Got robbed in Delhi once and Am Express loaned me some cash till I got back home. And good old fashioned travelers checks too.

  19. India is a hugely populated country . And Kolkata is a METROPOLITAN CITY . Every places of Kolkata is very congested and huge crowded. If you go to Tangra you can see there Chinese colony . Most of the Hakka Chinese group live there. You should know that Kolkata was the first colonial capital of India under British bondage. So Kolkata is always populated.

  20. Christine not sure if it was intentional, but you visited all the market places which usually are crowded. You can't generalize a city's culture visiting only a small part of it. Next time you visit Kolkata (Calcutta) please do a little research and visit places which are not so disturbing. Kolkata (Calcutta) is known as the Cultural Capital of India and trust me there are reasons for it. Nowhere in the world, you would see people of vivid nature and varied caste & culture live in perfect harmony as we do in Kolkata. Visit Belur Math the headquarters of the Ramakrishna Mission. People from all over the world, irrespective of the religion that they believe in, visit this temple to enjoy the tranquillity and serenity of this holy place. Visit Princep Ghat, one of Kolkata's earliest recreational spots and a photographer’s paradise. Resting on the banks of the beautiful river Hooghly, this place is adorned with lush trees and expanse of green lawns. Visit Park Street, the party street or recreation zone of Kolkata with N number of restaurants, hotels, discos, and pubs. Take a sneak peek into the history of this place and know how it became one of the most happening places of British Calcutta.
    When we say Calcutta is the City of Joy, we mean it. Please refer to the website below and you would find plenty of places that may attract you and make your trip more memorable next time.

  21. Many foreigners visit 3rd world countries to feel a sense of satisfaction ,that they are better off ..a sadistic mentality..

  22. I drove a taxi in NYC and thought it was bad, but Kolkata and Bangkok takes the cake thank you for the upload

  23. Open bathing besides road isn't a culture of Kolkata. They are outsiders, mainly Bihari or UP… But u can find people bath at riverside…

  24. Bengali having very poor work culture , they have ruined all industries of west bengal , it is true bengali are bimari

  25. People are upset that she visited this part, but I don’t see anything wrong with it. I’d love to visit! Nothing wrong with the people here, even if your whole city isn’t like this. I think it’s great

  26. Save money. Stay at home and point the camera at ur face all day n keep talking. Thats what u wer doing. I thought u wer traveling?

  27. Hmm… So wondering ..looks on you tube : top ten economies in 2030… This country will be predicted at number 3 after China and America…..Hmm.

  28. I loved that you can just stand in one spot and so much is going on around you. Nice video Christine. Familiar food like McD's, is nice to have sometimes.

  29. Unfortunately this city is flooded with illegitimate people from Bangladesh who r actually without help from anyone .. overcrowding the city and creating slums n obscenity. Can't help .

  30. Why were you just roaming about the streets. It do have much visiting places. And is it necessary to show only the congested areas

  31. India is a big polluted and big population country. Don't waste your money for watching India. You should want to go Philippines or Vietnam country for visiting

  32. Kolkata has its own beauty.
    Narrow minded foreigners like you should stick to New York and Shanghai with big skyscraper and wide roads.

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