100 thoughts on “Korea Culture Shock, TOP5!!

  1. I don't care for super spicy food. I had some Korean beef so spicy there was no flavor but the black pepper and spice. Once I could feel the roof of my mouth again the beef just had no flavor at all. I tossed the entire dinner in the trash. If you spice at least use something for flavor other than fire lol

  2. The “weird” noises is the first reason i fell in love with the Korean culture and expression! Kuekkkkk 🥰

  3. 😂😂나는 한국 남자친구를 사귀고 한강에 가고 싶다.
    그리고 맥주가 아닌 콜라로 치켄을 먹는다ㅜ
    헐 (⁻∞⁻)그것은 꿈이다.ㅠㅠ

  4. Is it true that ahjussi very rude to the foreigner? Especially went to ride the public transport?my friend told me about this.. so i just curious to know🤔🤔

  5. I think you shouldn't drink water after eating spicy food it'll better to try sth like milk or cheese.

    but anyway me too don't understand that weird sounds😅 but i think even some young people talk like this 🤔

  6. Yah i also heard about it Korean guys always do party's and they drink but I also heard this Korean people is very egoiest and they doesn't respect country people is this true??? my friends also said this me

  7. Was sooo funny ,just buy Soju & make friends but maybe u not remember whose person u make friend ( moral of story was drunk)😅

  8. There's a small ice cream shop called Jay Bees in Pakistan and I can't stop thinking about you whenever I eat it uwu

  9. Maybe this is just a korean drama show thing but why is hugging such a big deal in Korea? Every korean show I’ve watched so far hugging seems to be a really big deal. Like people don’t hug to say hello or goodbye. Why?

  10. So funny 😂❤ We hope you spend all of your time being happy and having fun Jay⚽ ALLAH make you happy … fighting 🎉

  11. The sound those ahjussi makes means something bad in Egypt 😂 I'm just imagining if some Egyptian went there and heard it he'll burst into laughter i swear 😂😂😂

  12. Sees you with ramen on your keyboard
    We're exactly the same, except my keyboard has gross tape on it (musical notes)

  13. Indonesia population is 260 million so please each vlog add indonesia subtitles because a lot of your subcribe is from indonesia. Thanks.

  14. U r so funny😂, witty n humorous. The way u put up things n expressions shows your witty n humorous side n I like ppl with wit n tinge of humour. You are a perfect combination to be a friend with.

  15. 😅😅 I like your way of speaking and explaining , i don’t have any idea about korea but ya your videos are really useful 👍🏻

  16. yeah the street thing is so different in animes when they bump into each other they turn around, bow, and say "gomennesai'. But I don't know if japanese do that in real life. I never went to japan.

  17. I always wondered about old peoples weird sound I thought it's part of original hungul 🤔 thanx for clarification

  18. I miss you Jay Kim, yes, Jay Kim, no offense but I loved your old vids but then it stuck to one topic. Unsubbed. But will still hope you the best.

  19. I think..there are different with my arab culture little in somethings.. for example :korean is absolutely directness😂😂too much (the
    silly thing he say bad directly , While we"not all but most of arab" say ooh not bad is is good so good . .fahiting.. doing more..like it ..we say that to cheer and not hurt them and to be happy so we overstate alot by raise, but this reason i have idea ohh look they are direct people so when they say thing is awesome that mean it is really awesome) 😂😂 maybe thats wrong idea but i note that from many koreans and to be honest arab and koreans seem similar alot when relate with kids we all become overstate by kind and raise ,by the way you are look like arab in the dealing and feeling morrre and maybe you better ..

  20. Türkçe altyazı yazarı kimse çok eğlenceli bir kişiliği var.. hem videoya hem yazılanlara ayrı ayrı güldüm, teşekkürler..🤗

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