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  1. Absolutely agree. All people must understand the scientific method. Right now we have people asking questions and reverting to first century and 5th century religious guesses and never following the methods that have given us accurate understanding. Science is asking a question and following a method or methods of reason and observation to seek accurate understandings. All people ask questions. Most people do not follow a reasonable method based on observation and the scientific method on which they base their life decisions.

  2. What a great talk. Really boils down each step we made from the standard model until now. Still kinda makes you feel like bleh

  3. Much theory based on unsubstantiated and inadequate 'facts'.

    Religion looks like … Krauss and co

  4. Universe is created from Dark Energy. Earth is made of 3 kinds of Particles. Particle 1: Air, water, soil, stone etc. Particle 2: iron, still etc. Particle 3: Named Anti Matter. Sun and all the stars are made with 2 particles ( particle 2 and Particle 3) As matter can never be destroyed, so the Consciousness. So there was always Energy and consciousness. So we are….

  5. "… the major revolutions that have changed our perspective of our place in the universe …" I say that Milgrom is the Kepler of contemporary cosmology. Google "witten milgrom".

  6. Every kid is born a scientist. Discovering reality on their own and wanting to know more.Too bad the smart ones end up making the smart decisions for their own well being and become lawyers or accountants.

  7. centrifugal force, It is the spin, THE SPIN….The spin, combined with gravity. There is no experiment that exists, without OUR spin. Try the numbers without the spin.

  8. I wish Krauss would expand more on his repeated quip about "the reality we experience being an illusion", because whenever I hear that I think of the postmodernists and new age woomeisters who'll eagerly jump on such quotes to single out and pull all their wild interpretations and conclusions from. He needs to remember how easily people will translate what a physicist talks about with their own definitions and understandings of words into more mundane meanings of words, where "energy", "observer", "illusion" etc take vastly different meanings for people when listening on a colloquial level.

  9. Progress to this man is removing all hope from people, their free will, their dreams, their beliefs, and replacing it with mechanistic science, which tells them they are nothing but flukes, machines that arose by chance in a universe that arose by chance. Sorry but if that is progress, I will not take it. All he wants is attention, all he wants is to feel superior to others by telling them what they are. It;s so obvious. You may fool most people but you will not fool me. I am all for science, and I dislike religion, but this is pure selfishness, and your intentions are malevolent. You are doing harm to the world and not even realising it. I think you should just fuck off with your books, and if the world is just a fluke, then why are you still here? There's nothing to expect from it. Why are you here? You obviously do not believe the shit that comes out of your mouth krauss.

  10. and this is just it. I;ve had 20 years of Arts academia then I re-discover my love of astronomy and find myself thrown in at the deep end of developing a scientific brain and its a perception explosion….ooof.

  11. Particles collaboration , collide ,reactionary environmental filter , speed shape, shapeless , fractal, temperatures, what life are we looking for? We design accordingly. Don’t! Think beyond what is thought to be understood?

  12. A lot of people are in denial about this, including Sam Harris: Lawrence Krauss is finished. His career is over – period! He will never be allowed on a university campus again. I am just keeping it real.

  13. The stuff about how Trump is destroying the best parts of the country are just depressing since there's nothing that the decent and sane people can do about it. 🙁

  14. There are actually electrons, neutrinos and photons involved that make the fusion of Hydrogen into Helium possible.
    Astronomers looking at an electro-magnetic plasma inside a superconducting
    expanse of hydrogen thats been created from the process of making oxygen .

  15. The sky is a superconducting sea of supercooled hydrogen created by an electric field . This is why they say the stars are made of hydrogen and they say there are radiation belts thousands of miles in the sky . H2O can be separated in an electric field . Explains RF communications , GPS , SAT TV , HAM RADIO . discharge from lightning . Lightwaves travel in a circuit and deliver the charge they carry to organic life . Depleted light returns to the moon , giving a cooler light in moonlight .

    Wave pattern shadows On the eclipse is earthshine reflecting off the Hydro-Dome firmament .

  16. 2019… and I have the bandwidth and mobile data to watch a Krause lecture on my commute to the office… why anyone watches dancing with the stars when YouTube has free content like this is beyond me.

  17. If I was there I would ask the guy in the back to stop breathing. ( I understand he would die but..👐 oh well I'm trying to listen.)

  18. Who says I cant listen to a lawrwnce krauss lecture whilst looking at porn on Google images…..we humans have came a long way.

  19. But the Arabic World turned away from and abandoned science for flying horses over one thousand years ago and it never slowed them down! – j q t –

  20. All Accidents; is the Assertion.

    Based upon baryons, the 5% of the Universe That is discovered.

    He’s a better preacher or politician than you think!

  21. 20:50 , condictiv force goes to 0
    dude , thats an infinity
    you just said you dont like em , but there it is
    are you depressed or stupid ?

  22. If this dude could apply any sort of ideology filter to his mouth he could probably get the funding he is complaining about.
    Maybe not as we don't have anything in common anymore, but it would be a shame to lose good ideas to the fires of war.

  23. The one and only mass generation mechanism : https://www.gsjournal.net/Science-Journals/Research%20Papers-Gravity/Download/7568

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