LBJ and Robert McNamara, 12/22/65 10.10A.

LBJ and Robert McNamara, 12/22/65 10.10A.

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without a tax increase hiked liza plan irregular sixty-plus picture vintage addicted to it can’t go back to
it but rather that to reach slippage or leadership because what order but it’s
probably about whatever they’re pretty over this part because they were just put in a
hair-trigger textbook i think you could just burgers but up
and at that time we checked it out of baghdad to try to
come out of uh… mechanic at six o’clock million aplia traverse his campaign he supported the apartment
kick these fellows have to have explored thank you don’t put your pledge to fight adam clayton delbarco chicago already
had just come up tocqueville opportune time jamshedpur shriver say if you will that aback by a picture tells your body take care of conservatives further
education felt reports to curtail spread trading at caltech a hundred thousand would put your money
through college pictures except capture strings too many your on co-chair placed here intercepted oreos cookbook voter program arrived with the split sporkes camping field i’ll try to work
it out today that that’s what’s keeping he has a very quiet address recommendation spreadsheet but i think it’s really good sir big private economists don’t talk to say that we construct the budget park ten to twelve without a tax raise the fear of public econ gartner act he is concerned we may have to have a
lot even tighter yet packed together titusville i cannot get it free they have already told peter hitachi
tripling can true the peace process defacto george may have a small group
that works best i think you have a beautiful puppy program she would limit just period it would have tolerated sculpture
watched the mayor of new york success albert drops in that group loaded they
would eliminate it i just wouldn’t but ours don’t see it dot just don’t believe we’re going to be
able to pictured stretcher political just intercepted at fifty-seven but takes care of everything except that whatever doesn’t picture of the pain december care lecture michael best remotely world blvd v throughout the evening inadvertently
heard bernard even fair woodward political
long enough link between block barely janet and i don’t think my
great theoretically how you can get ginsburg believe teapot abstraction character
weld he’d gotten tried extract right now you don’t gotta talk to restricted that’s exactly what that all that kind of getting breast pocket rd frighteningly creepy and paper we do uh… what are you leaving cert what are you coming back dog that what you’re going barge can you best of compassion dreaded kenwood high where we can close
partial withdrawal three doctors tend to more interested gerald hardly speak with
you when on and on the body of trial
disappointed natalie we have to give it a
cancellation hardball with judge several de facto settlers for our eyebrow which
you’ve travelled bevel taken sixty have been bordering that’s right and vietnam or ectopic studies you’ve got
images have featured accused heard album budget battle their other big chris isn’t it did not get uh… gives i don’t make
these decisions on these next three to subject to that uh… gentler march g_d_p_ reject picture just picture supplemental
extra decision to the following but obligatory made sigma that was dinner g wheat beer gatorade degrade delivered completely rutgard lead
without we don’t have to do ginsberg did we’ll get budget shuster we
get together with office of the same u bragged that cat what did you survive she wanted kepco except subject to change possibly
predict prejudice which is good you can send it
to other things that i would like to give some stuff too independent surveyor purposely taxpayers
of the patients economics what do you think we are going to give probably
inflation just cutting cuba little spot lead in the second one lock-step side protection with the knowledge of the have already
horsepower high praise did come up with some plan gives
jump-started some water uh… you keep saying which affects
exactly right will be abajo tainted indicating why
suggests out-of-body even if you just gotta buck buchanan ahead we’ve got to do something and the
reluctant to put out that want now to treat them they have everybody else ever
recovered from that touch pipette daya object abruptly to cook their advantage for
that reason we just got pat seventy seven fax and i just don’t have a great gave maturation configured locked other things which i did i wished
you had jamie uh… peter boys around you have to do something to talk
continue adams interested and could think of some think that we might do strive together that peace and comp real we’ve been asking to talk to the polls
extradition breadbasket this crash a humanitarian suits approach to the dog a state department two consecutive days
eighty eight accident in limbo libya they said said it would produce a make direction
to my ad that looked like it which i did daughter away from the same
unitedgroupltd abductor have certain types of that general height we’ll talk about it and how do you call
me want to get ripped off really beginning to duplicate koch who
are going to bring it on t_v_ unit podtropolis so it reported can state kicked in when it comes dept

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  1. I really enjoy these tapes! I try to watch in order, but it is hard. I love how he say's to practically everyone "If I were you, I would say/do this" He also has a handle on every problem put before him. I wish every President would release tapes like this. They take you right back to that time. I was born in 1969 and in a weird way these tapes give me a chance to be in those times before my own birth. Wonder if that was one of the motives to releasing them?

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