Leadership lived: Kelsie Roberts

My name is Kelsie Roberts I’m a junior
in the honors program here at UIS and I am studying business finance with minors
in management information systems and accounting. “I’ll take your picture on
three.” We are at the iCard center here at UIS and I issue iCards to students
and I also help out with orientations when they come in over the summer I have
learned a lot from working here I love interacting with students and giving the
chance to talk to them and I have learned a lot with organizational skills
and how to handle problems when they arise on canvas I’m a founding member of
the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society I’m also in the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor
Society and I am involved with CSF. CSF stands for Christian Student Fellowship and it
is a student organization on campus and I am a one of the leaders and I help plan the service project for CSF on campus and off campus. I have helped out with
projects at St. John’s Breadline, Kumler Hospitality House, the Salvation Army
and also of this past weekend I did something with Refuge Ranch in
Rochester Illinois. Refuge Rance helps out with special needs kids and at risk kids and sort of just like therapy for them. I love how UIS provides many
different opportunities to serve here on campus and I love just getting the
opportunity to help people and also give back with being a servant. I decided to
come to UIS because I wanted to stay somewhere close. I knew I didn’t want to
go very far away and it was also a good decision financially. After I graduate, I
plan to get a job in the business finance field and i also want to
continue on my graduate degree so hopefully get a job right after and also
be being able to continue on with that UIS has taught me a lot about
leadership but just the activities and involved in organizations are involved
in CSF has given me a great opportunity to be a leader in organized service
projects and I’ve learned a lot about organization and how to manage that
effectively. UIS has give me so many great opportunities to be involved and
just the things that I’ve gotten because of that and just the people I’ve met and
it’s been great

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