Leading Cause of Cancer Deaths for Women

Leading Cause of Cancer Deaths for Women

Dr. Jay K. Harness: What is the leading cause
of cancer deaths for women in developed countries? Here is some important new information. At Breast Cancer Answers, we talk about a
variety of subjects from being newly diagnosed treatment, the chemotherapy, the surgery,
the survivorship to a variety of issues, but every now and then we actually need to talk
about dying from cancer and cancer mortality. February 4, 2015 was World Cancer Day and
on this day, a special new report was released by the American Cancer Society in conjunction
with the international agency for research on cancer and what came out of this report
is the fact that lung cancer is now the leading cause of cancer death for women in developed
countries. What I have meant by developed countries, the United States, Canada, Western
Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Now in the United States, we have known for some
time that the actual leading cancer killer of women has been lung cancer, but now this
is emerged in the more developed and other developed countries around the world. This
is sort of catching up with the smoking epidemic that is going on for women and finally the
reality of that epidemic is catching up to us and so that interestingly and sadly frankly
lung cancer is now the leading cancer killer of women in developed countries. Now, worldwide
the leading cancer killer of women is actually breast cancer because in the less developed
parts of the world, breast cancer often presents as a very locally advanced or even stage IV.
We also know that smoking is a risk factor for breast cancer in addition to being a cancer
killer of women. Now what I find particularly disturbing about this report is that so many
of these cancers are preventable. If we took the cancer control mechanisms that we haven’t
placed today for a smoking cessation, early detection of breast cancer, vaccines for cervical
cancer, and preventing liver cancers. If we implement those cancer control methods worldwide,
we would significantly lower cancer mortality worldwide. At World Cancer Day, they now estimate
that in 2012, there were 14.1 million new cancers has diagnosed worldwide with 8.2 million
cancer deaths, so it’s important that we all realize the negative impact of cigarette smoking.
If you are a cigarette smoker, please stop. We also know that living a heart healthy life
is not only important for preventing cardiovascular disease, strokes, and heart attacks which
are a leading killer of women, but also important in preventing breast cancer. Please remember
here at Breast Cancer Answers, we were always advocating a heart healthy life. Certainly
stop smoking, exercise more, get your weight under control, and eat heart healthy diet. Thank you for your attention with this very
important matter. Do you know that not every breast cancer patient
needs chemotherapy? Now there’s a way to decide if chemotherapy will benefit you based on
the unique biology of your tumor. To learn more about the Oncotype DX test and how to
discuss it with your doctor, click this button.

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  1. What's the leading cause of cancer deaths for women?

    We talk a lot about breast cancer but every once in a while it’s important for us to shed light on cancer as a whole. No matter what cancer you have, it’s a terrible disease we are fighting every day to end.

    On February 4 ,2015 a report was released by the American Cancer Society. This report shared the leading cause of cancer deaths for women in developed countries. Surprisingly, although breast cancer is one of the most popular types of cancers, it isn’t the leading cancer killer.

    According to Dr. Jay Harness, developing this type of cancer might may be avoided by making the right, healthy choice for yourself. Find out what the leading cause of cancer deaths are for women in the video below.

    #Cancer #BreastCancer 

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