Leeza Evensen: 30 Women to Watch

Leeza is an attorney where it’s extremely important as she drafts contracts the word she uses, how she says things. She’s doing that in English which is her second language and she does it extremely well, better than most attorneys I’ve ever met. I’ve always just admired the fact that she is not only a great attorne,y but a great attorney in a language that she had to learn later in life which just speaks to her ability to set her mind to something and then go out and do it very, very well. You know, I practiced real estate law and complex real estate transactions and it’s really motivating for me when I see that my advice helped this client to build this amazing project. But I think the most important and the biggest motivator of all is my family, especially when my eight-year-old daughter says that, “mom I want to be like you, I want to be a lawyer like you.” That’s what’s really inspiring to me and that’s what gets me going.

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