Life After Welfare | Retro Report

Life After Welfare | Retro Report

People like to think of people in poverty
as they don’t want to do nothing but just buy soda pop and sit around and have kids. Or people on food stamps and on cash assistance
are lazy. I’ve been on and off cash assistance quite
a few times. On and off, on and off, on and off, on and
off. The stigma, it’s like it’s almost a headband
written across your forehead. Don’t look down at me. Don’t shame me. Try to understand me. Try to understand what it’s like. I know what it’s like to have went to bed
without eating to make sure my kids eat. I know what it’s like to have to call around
and almost beg people for help. Being homeless twice, it’s difficult, it’s
hard. I am optimistic. I want to be one of those success stories. I want to be able to lift myself out. No one wants to sit back on welfare for the
rest of their lives. My hopes, for my family, is to get my kids
into a new school. I want my kids to have books to bring home,
not Xerox copies. I want them to be able to thrive. I want them to be lawyers, doctors, engineers,
the vice president, the president, the CEO of their own company. I’m not just speaking out for me and my
kids. I’m speaking for the young lady who is sixteen
years old and a single mom and trying to go to school, and I’m speaking for the grandma
who’s raising her grandkids. I’m not just telling my story, I’m telling
40 million people’s story.

5 thoughts on “Life After Welfare | Retro Report

  1. No more babies – PLEASE! Focus on making life stable for the kids you already have so that they can – if they choose to be the doctors, lawyers, CEO's that you want them to be.

  2. How about getting your shit together, getting married, then having a bunch of kids? Think like the average white women. The woman who waits until she’s 30 to have kids because she’s too busy with school and work so she can pay 1/4 income in taxes so you and your kids can live well. Give white people a break for once. Let them have some kids of their own.

  3. These shows always have black people as indicative of welfare when the vast majority are white. White single Moms should be followed over period of years to see how they break or dont break through to an income and off welfare.

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