23 thoughts on “Little Big Town – The Daughters (Live From the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon)

  1. Wow! I didn't expect this to bring tears to my eyes. This is such a beautiful song! Took me back to my youth always questioning, fighting, and defending myself and women from unfair expectations and molds we're all expected to fit. Submissive, unquestioning, quiet. I always took the road that I wasn't expected to take probably to rebel against these expectations or prove that I could go beyond those molds. Women have historically been treated as second class citizens in every aspect in life. Oh but For The Times They Are A-Changin'.

  2. This is how I felt until I embraced Paganism, the recognition of women's importance means so much to me rather than being vilified for my gender by other mainstream religions.

  3. Such a moving song. I got my first Little Big Town album fifteen years ago when I was seven. I wanted their song "Bones" after seeing them perform on American Idol! It was off their second album, "The Road to Here." My mother loved the song "Stay" from that album, which is a beautiful song by both the female leads.

    Their new album is a turn in an amazing and emotional direction. There are psychedelic (instruments/sounds) hints on "River of Stars" and "Bluebird" a la Kacey Musgraves and Bon Iver… And it makes sense because these songs are written by Daniel Tashian who wrote many of Musgraves' songs!! I am happy for LBT stepping out of the mainstream country zone and testing the country, putting out the music that NEEDS to be heard and telling the stories that people need to hear. Little Big Town is ahead of many people on certain issues, but one day, people will look back and realize just how right LBT has been.

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