9 thoughts on “LIVE: Community gathers to honor HPD Sgt. Christopher Brewster at funeral

  1. The man who killed him i hope they sentence him to death and i hope he is the very first one on the death penalty to die instantly

  2. hi I’m sergeant Shit bag and I responded to some lying bitch on the phone by showing up at her boyfriends apartment and making assumptions and as a result my face got blown off. FEEL SORRY FOR ME!

  3. Sgt Brewster I know your with our Lord Jesus Christ and this was televised in your Honor to show people the amazing human being you are and the Lord was able to deliver His Message to the world through this Pastor that will be recieved by million's of hurting and troubled people in our cities and communities that needed to hear this message. Lets not forget that Jesus is Coming soon and people need to be reminded and to prepare themselves.

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