100 thoughts on “Live: Fort Worth Police Department hold press update on shooting of Atatiana Jefferson

  1. These cops are DISGUSTING & DESPICABLE. Don’t call the police, you cannot trust them. TWO innocent people murdered in their homes, because their door was open. My God. Satan in the flesh.

  2. Wondering – was cop trying to catch someone in the act of doing something dirty? Did Atatiana die due to civil forfeiture policy?

  3. No neighbor please don't call the police for me, I'll handle it myself and call them my self after the fact. Plz don't be a good neighbor and call the police for me, Police shouldn't be walking in someones home/yard, I look out the window too when I hear something outside, if you are going to, do a wellness check, go to the front door knock and announce, wait to hear something.
    He wasn't working for long hired 2018
    Some ppl are not cut out for the job.
    Of course she had a gun, somebody was sneaking around outside, they should have went to her front door and knocked, She probably was scared to death.

  4. The same damn thing happened in Greenville SC and nothing happened to the cop.
    The man he shot through the window in his chest a groin was white. Wonder if that's why nobody ever heard of it.

  5. Step 1 – All the police have to say is what they're already saying, that a gun was found just inside the window. Step 2 – All the cop has to do is say she had a gun in her hand. Cop gets off, free as a bird, case closed. The cop already quit. The city is now in civil trial defense mode to keep from getting their butts sued off. Cops lie in court all the time. Whoever lies this time will be a hero in the eyes of the city.

  6. Police and ambulance nocked on my door. A girl called 911 because my son told her he was gong to harm himself. Police asked os Nick here i said yes.He asked where os your phone. My son said in that drawer, police said get it for me my son said no you get it, you might shoot me.

  7. This is devastating but the sad part is we are not at all shocked that a cop has yet AGAIN taken another innocent life. We all know how this will end, cop will work in another district and get probation max.

  8. They are killing us in our own homes now. No amount of so-called apologies will ever soothe or heal the masses of black people who still suffer at the hands of the BIGGEST GANGS (police) who walk in EVERY CITY and EVERY STATE. Botham Jean did not receive his proper respect and more than likely Atatiana Jefferson will not receive hers, nor will the MASSES of black people who will not receive justice, whom are killed, maimed and harmed by these gangs. These are the aggressors and agitators, who walk among us everyday as we do our best to live with the little that we do have. It is sad the way they perceive us to this day 10-15-2019, which to me is absolutely no different than that of the many hundreds of years we have gone through our simple lives, only to end up abused, disrespected, misjudged, mistreated, ect. Even if we try to live right, according to their laws, our skin color will ALWAYS be perceived as a threat to them. This lady will be missed greatly as so many of us who have been killed and murdered at their hands. I too have had awful experiences at their hands. It is sad that they actually gave this man time to get his affairs in order, clear out his facebook posts and social medias, get his whole house in order so that they would not be able to see what a racist I'm sure he was like so many of his gang related friends do now since being able to watch the live televised trial of Botham Jean. Almost makes me think they wanted it televised so the officers could have a clear picture of how to be able to protect themselves on what to do and not to do….THINGS THAT MAKE YOUR MIND SAY HHHMMMMM….

  9. don't call the cops on your nieghbors… its pretty easy to walk over there yourself if you are worried… I realize its not the main point.. but it all started with the neighbor who called the police.

  10. The gun inside of Atitiana's home is very irrelevant…she was simply watching her nephew, in her own home. As a former officer, I pray that justice will be served. If you act above the law, you do not need to wear the badge as you are the worst of criminals.

  11. It's really nice to hear city officials and the police department actually just apologize and show sympathy rather than jump to being defensive. I thank them for that.

  12. They bout to have to have a serious race war if they dont clean up.. That last thing they want is licensed blacks with hand cannons in texas or anywhere else. They cant even control the blacks with military type weapons all in the street now. If you legal and able go get a 🔫 protect your neck and 👪.. Tru

  13. Black People! Stop calling the police they have one mindset. Get to know your neighbors, women get each others phone numbers men do the same.

  14. How is it ok that so time is allowed to pass before investigators can talk to a cop when he or she kills someone. Isn't it important to get a statement soon after a shooting like within the first 6 hrs.

  15. Why are police officers not arrested immediately when they are accused / done a crime? See the hypocrisy. They should be treated like anyone else. Why does he get to walk around free and he just killed someone. He should be booked like anyone else.

  16. Shouldn't there be like 10 cops to the scene to scure the perimeter. Before going inside the house? Since when cops go rogue and sneak around people houses at 2am gun drawn.

  17. Here's the issue. How does the government prosecute someone who is employed and armed by the government. It's a catch 22.

  18. Police training is becoming criminal … Trying to criminalise the family seeking justice ..These stories are becoming habit.

  19. There needs to be a critical reasoning screen test for all future cops in the academy as well as one upon graduation. We're stuck in a bad trend where people are acting on jitters instead of trying to evaluate the signs of a situation.

  20. The only way to for the community to get a assurance,guarantee for accountability,full compliance to the Law and their training procedures is: " The personal price must be tied to their Pension,Civil forfeitures penalties must be high if for every Law Enforcement/Police/Sheriff/Peace Officer,etc…Their union cba agreements should reflect accountability with immediate change to their contract or statement of work, example: you put a lein on their assets,fines,penalties and possible prison time if found guilty. Those breaking Civil Rights/Constitutional law against citizens must be held to account. POLICE dept. Administrator should not sign/agree to terms that fail the people they serve,The Public.

  21. So Aaron Dean is given 48 hours to wipe any racist rhetoric off of his social media accounts and resign before being fired? So much for transparency 😒

  22. No time for all this talking. What the heck y'all gonna do about all those racist cops on the force. That fool knows exactly where he was going. He knew the area has alot of African American. That animal was there for a well check, and now this young lady is dead. He needs and deserves the death penalty…PERIOD.

  23. From Hong Kong! There must be an Emergency investigation into who made the call to the police station to go to her house and What's and Why's the nature of the CONVERSATION. And importantly the Damned Main Stream Media like Bill Gates Microsoft internet news, Mike Bloomberg news, 60 Minutes news ,CNN news. They must stay out of it. Otherwise the whole world would never know the true about what really happened to this tragic story.

  24. My problem is with all of you gun loving black people. You see other black people getting gunned down by these racist c**ts…you have a gun too don't you?

    Them stop pointing it at the wrong person (ie each other) and fight back.

  25. This is unbelievable and incomprehensible. Her nephew could have been the one, POLICE ALL OVER the USA NEED REFORM, NOW!!! No more innocent beautiful humans deserve to be treated like they don't matter!! 😢 #POLICEREFORMNOW!!!!

  26. White people still wanna say " stop playing the race card" I've lived in all white countries all.my life and never see such evil from white cops towards coloured people.america really has a problem and they not willing to adress it. Why do they hate black people so much? What have black people ever done to whites?

  27. BRING BACK BEAT COPS WITH 💖💖💖 HARDCORE police screening is needed, for any racist, misogynistic, xenophobic history in their past…do your homework on the people WE THE PEOPLE are PAYING. ! A high school diploma, a biased test, 8hrs of DE-escalating training vs 200+ hours of defensive training is NOT acceptable, obviously we can ALL see they need more common sense training!! Also, Office Supplies like a SERVICE weapon NEEDS to be locked up at work when officer is OFF DUTY, that would have prevented the death of another innocent human doing nothing wrong, by a trigger happy, automatically defensive, cop who depends on a weapon because they are scared. Extra screening for empty scrotes need to be put in place, too. ✌❤😊

  28. My duplex apartment was being robbed while I was away. My tenant saw the assailant go into My unit, called the cops. The cop did not enter my home because I, the homeowner, was not present to give consent. I say all this to say that there is protocol that must be in place for the safety of the officers AND the citizens. You can’t just go making up your own rules because you have a badge.

  29. How will he be charged since he's no longer a police officer? Since he isn't a police officer, why isn't he arrested yet? What criminal charges is he charged with?

  30. Black people are no longer safe in their own homes. It sux to be an African American in the US thanks to incompetent policemen and women. 👧🏿👨🏿‍🦱🔫

  31. Murdered by Police in the safety of your own home and have the audacity to try to justify it by showing a picture of a fake firearm

  32. Fort Worth Police should be ashamed of themselves. Just a reminder, when you call the police for a welfare check, you can expect this kind of result! If this is how you do a welfare check, imagine how this PD treats people on a day to day!

  33. Get your tax dollars ready Fort Worth, you will be paying a lot of it to this family because of a poorly trained police force!

  34. All this apologizing is not solving or changing anything. Who cares how sorry you are. That's not bringing people's loved ones back.

  35. Fort Worth Police is no to terrorize black people. There has been many complaints and deaths. Action speaks louder than words this man is out on bail they care more for his life then they care for this dead 28 year old woman. This is America this has been happening to ask as black people from the time they stoled us from the continent. You cannot change the nature of the snake. This is their nature. They bind together and make sure that they are protected. This government police employee has taken a life.

  36. You dont need experts to see the stupidity here. You can rap up this interview by calling it what it is B.S. Never call the cops for any reason they are not on your side and they certainly not there to help. Most cops are dangerous criminals and all work for criminal organizations.

  37. 🤔Boy, they sure did jack her name up😠You would think that a situation like this, they should've been briefed as to how to correctly pronounce her name!!!😡🙄

  38. Wtf can't imagine,my heart is so 😥 for her love onez her nephew that baby will never be the same… We need a better way when is enough ENOUGH!!!! ITS TIME FOR US TO FIXS US AS HUMANS

  39. I bet if there was no body cam he would lie and say she looked mentally ill and pointed the gun at the cop or whatever he may say like all dirty cops do

  40. Another overweight bubba stupid cop, like so many cops, entitled, snooping for trouble, and ends up killing an innocent person.

  41. This pig cheif is corrupt, smirking when people ask him legal questions, like he is trying to hide stuff. can not trust the man with a badge anymore, they are fully corrupt to the bone.

  42. I wonder how they would of act the same way if the table would of turned.the coward went and resigned because he knew he was guilty r.i.p..

  43. The dispatcher gave the wrong information to the officer the dispatcher should also be charged with involuntary manslaughter they're the one that set forth horrible situacion

  44. It's all for show they told him to resign so he can still collect his pension and they are going to get him the best lawyer money can buy the Blue line will protect him

  45. A republican mayor in Texas. Hmm. The entire region of Dallas / Fort Worth needs to be investigated. The chief speaks of a warrior and servant mindset. Where are cops coming into contact with other warriors, which would require such a mindset?

  46. Obviously she knew SOMEONE was outside and grabbed a GUN. The officer saw someone as well and maybe he saw someone with a gun?
    He should have yelled POLICE POLICE,,,,,,I think it's an all around bad situation. Things happen in a moment!!!!!! Put yourself in these situations in the moment and I BET MOST WOULD FAIL as police sometimes do! Nobody Nobody,,,,is perfect! All people of any color fail…….I am sure in this world of PERFECTION we can find where a black cop shot a white woman for what he thought he saw!!!!! Nobody is perfect!
    God,,,,,will certainly judge you for YOUR OWN SINS!! Just go ask your own conscious?

  47. The only firearm that was involved was the police officer. Not hers. And I doubt that the firearm was in the window! Damn Liars

  48. They speak of justice but we all know there will be none. They'll "Amber Guyer" this case and give him a lite sentence.

  49. White people just need to leave the damn country….go BACK where the phukkk u come from…the caves are waiting


  51. I truly feel for the families an are praying for you guys🙏🙏. I seen some comments about race this has nothing to do with race but rather an over zealous POS cop that is scared of his own shadow who should have NEVER been a cop. Sick of all these cops defending these unarmed shooting an cops deliberately violating our right we the people black white brown green orange need to stand together an say ENOUGH just ENOUGH! We need to start defending our right the way these cops shoot people with only concern for themselves







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