Live PD: Welfare Check’d Out (Season 2) | A&E

Live PD: Welfare Check’d Out (Season 2) | A&E

[music playing] – It’s coming in
as a welfare check. There’s supposedly a
female at the 7-Eleven here who was asking
people for money and cigarettes and alcohol. And then it said she tried to
jump in front of moving cars. You’re looking for a female
with a floral pattern dress. Ahh, corner! I think we’re going to be 10-12. Hey! – What’s up? What? – Hey, what’s your name? – [inaudible] – No, I can’t see. No, stay right here. What’s going on? Pull the mask down for me. Leave the hat on the ground. Put the head down. You want to speak to who? You want to– OK, who
do you want to speak to? My boss. Who? You need to tell me
what’s going on, ma’am. You need to tell
us what’s going on. No, you’re not being detained. We’re trying to figure
out what’s going on. We got a call that someone’s
trying to get run over by cars just out in front of traffic. So we’re doing a welfare check. So that’s why, number, I
want to know who you are. So do you have any ID on you? – OK, well, you can get
a lawyer all you want, but you’re not under arrest. OK, well, I’m not going to
argue with you about that. But– – I don’t know what you’re
really talking about. But– – OK, shoot with me straight. I’m not out here building
the space shuttle. I’m trying to get the
information from you to figure out if you’re OK. – Well, OK, you don’t need
a lawyer, because you’re not under arrest. We’re trying to figure
out if you’re OK. – What’s missing in the country? – Now, what’s your
name and date of birth? – OK, hey, give me
your name again. It was what? Shannon? – All right, hey,
what was your name? So what’s your name? – Is that who we are now? – What’s your name? – I pledge allegiance– – So give it to me again. – Shannon what? – It’s not Shannon. It’s Jana. – She’s not really
giving us a whole lot. You know, she doesn’t
appear to be intoxicated. She’s not a danger to herself. So there’s really not
a whole lot we can do. Hang on for a second. As long as you come back
with no warrants or anything like– crazy like
that, then we’ll send you on down the road. She’s probably acting strange. Maybe she might suffer
some mental health. That part, I don’t know. But you know, those
aren’t arrestable offenses or any reason to take her
into protective custody. She’s able to walk, and
talk, and communicate. Clean? – All right, well, all right,
you’re free to go, ma’am. – The standard
for taking someone into protective custody against
their will is pretty high.

67 thoughts on “Live PD: Welfare Check’d Out (Season 2) | A&E

  1. Maybe the cops let her go, hoping she will get killed in traffic so she won't be a problem in the future?

  2. What a great country we have. She is free to go, and then she can jump in front of another car and ruin multiple people’s lives. Too many crazy people on the street, you know, because they need to be free. MAGA? It’s over folks, we will never be great again.

  3. Lol that line "I'm not out here building a spaceship; in just trying to figure out if you're ok!" That was absolutely classic!

  4. Lol that line "I'm not out here building a spaceship; in just trying to figure out if you're ok!" That was absolutely classic!

  5. Might have a mental condition? MIGHT? Yeah, and the Pope MIGHT be Catholic. That woman's a frickin' nutjob!

  6. Make mental institutions great again. Instead of letting a crazy person like this go, she need to be thrown into an insane asylum and taken off the streets.

  7. A patriotic nutty-butter… If she leaves the mask on and recites the Gettysburg address, I'd do her from the back for free.

  8. She's wearing her clothes all wrong, covering her face and asking for money. I'm guessing she's going though a rough patch, but it was a good idea to check if she was dangerous or suicidal.

  9. "I'm not here building a space shuttle" lmao..this bimbo is giving this poor cop a hard time. She's too stupid to function..doesn't even know how laws & Police interactions work.

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