Lobbyists Caught Drafting Politicians’ Attacks On Medicare For All

Lobbyists Caught Drafting Politicians’ Attacks On Medicare For All

>>A number of Democratic lawmakers who have
published anti-Medicare-for-all columns are now confessing that they worked with lobbyists
in the healthcare industry to write those pieces. So this is actually a great story by the Washington
Post. I highly suggest you read the full story,
but I’ll give you some of those details right now. Montana State Representative Kathy Kelker,
who’s a Democrat, Senator Jen Gross, also a Democrat, acknowledged in interviews that
editorials they published separately about the single-payer health proposal included
language provided by John MacDonald, a lobbyist and consultant in the state. Now, he’s a lobbyist with the healthcare industry. Gross said MacDonald contacted her on behalf
of the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future, a multi million-dollar industry group
founded in 2018, and funded by hospitals, private insurers, drug companies, and other
private health-care firms. An aide to Ohio State Senator Steve Huffman
confirmed in a brief interview that the lawmaker’s op-ed criticizing Medicare-for-all was written
with the help of Kathleen DeLand, an Ohio based lobbyist. Again, I mean, these are all people who want
to do away with any proposal for a single payer health care system because they’re lobbyists
for the health care system that we have now. It’s very profitable and lucrative for people
who work in that industry.>>Okay, so I want to give you more context
as well. So then they take these op-eds that they wrote
themselves and planted with corrupt officials. And yes, they’re absolutely positively corrupt. They then take those op-eds and then email
to the rest of the reporters nationwide. And in those emails, The Washington Post explains. They say the partnership linked to op-eds
written by these state lawmakers and at one point citing them as evidence that, quote,
voices throughout the nation oppose Medicare-for-all. Those voices were literally them. They wrote the op-eds. They planted it with corrupt Democratic and
Republican officials, state lawmakers, and then they turned around and said, see, the
voices are against it. I hear the voices. They also said that, hey, look, it’s no surprise
that elected officials on both sides of the aisle and many other voices throughout the
nation are experiencing serious concerns. In other words, hey, Democrats also said it. Did we give them money? Yeah, we did, right? Did we buy them? Of course we did, right? Did we make them, do we just hand them an
op-ed? Sometimes they edit it, sometimes they just
give it to you, and they go, yeah, me like, okay, then no problem. And then they do it and then they go, see
the Democrats hated Medicare-for-all, too. The whole thing is a trick.>>Yes.>>The whole thing is propaganda. I mean, and one of the lawmakers here is so
brazen. So this is one of the Democrats, Gross, and
she wrote, that’s her name not->>Jen Gross.>>Yes, if the angle is that a consultant
wrote half of the op-ed that I had published in the Billings Gazette in July, so be it. I am not embarrassed by that at all.>>Jesus Christ.>>I think that statement is even more embarrassing.>>She should be voted out of office. This is just brazen corruption, right? And working with members of this industry,
think about what this really means, right? It goes beyond the corruption. What does this type of corruption lead to? It leads to Americans literally dying as a
result of our broken healthcare system. And so I do wanna give examples of how these
industry lobbyists would edit the columns before they were published. So MacDonald, who again is one of these lobbyists,
removed three paragraphs from a draft of Kelker’s op-ed that pointed out that the United States
quote clearly spends significantly more on health care per capita than other developed
nations. He also deleted a table from the lawmakers’
original draft showing that the United States has higher healthcare spending per capita
than France, Germany, Norway, Norway and Switzerland>>I love what they wrote in the email back
to the legislator. They said they crossed that section out, and
they said, quote, the client had trepidations that it might also come across to the less
discerning reader that because for single-payer markets cost patients less they are superior. Yeah, it would come across that way because
it does cost less and they are superior. Because the lawmaker in the beginning was
like, look, I hate Medicare-for-all. But on the other hand, to be fair, single
payer does cost a lot less than all other developed countries. And the lobbyists are like, no, we don’t write
that, you idiot. We cross that stuff out. We bury it. Because for the less discerning readers. No, for all readers, it would actually show
that we’re lying. So we crossed it out for you, knucklehead. Now, submit the right op-ed with exactly our
messaging, you understand? And here’s your campaign contribution. Yes, sir, absolutely, sir. Right away, sir. Gee, I wonder what’s wrong with politics. Okay, I’m not done yet. So in terms of what other edits they made
to these op-eds, it is amazing. So there’s the one we just discussed. And then they put in words like progressives
are calling for an upheaval of the Affordable Care Act. And these are the same lobbyists that were
against the Affordable Care Act, but now they are using Democrats to pretend that they care
about protecting the Affordable Care Act. That’s Obamacare. They’re, like, my God, these dastardly Progressives
like Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren would be against the Affordable Care Act. Write that in, write that in. No, I would love to destroy, but no, not yet. We’re gonna do that later, okay? But right now we have to make sure that people
do not actually get healthcare without us making tremendous profit off of it and not
really giving it to them. And then one more, they cross out some other
things that they had written that had just like a smidge of fairness in it, and it’s
amazing, the lobby has crossed them out.>>Yeah.>>And these legislators, representatives,
and go, yes, sir. Yeah, of course, cross out my words. My words are no good, sir. The check cleared, right? You write your words in, sir, of course, sir,
right?>>Right.>>So what do they write in? Extreme ends of the political spectrum proposed
vastly opposing solutions for strengthening healthcare as with most issues. What most Montanans,wrote the lobbyists, and
Americans would prefer lies somewhere in the middle. So they’re pretending to be moderates. And they’re saying, look, the Affordable Care
Act, the people who are guests that are extremists, they are against it, and they’re unbelievable. And they’re saying, but you know what? The people that actually want to give you
healthcare, they’re also extremists. And so make sure that the extremists don’t
allow your family to live. If you don’t have insurance, we want you to
die. And in fact, even if you have insurance, we
want to bankrupt you and get all the premiums and deductibles and co pays. But they’re the extremists. Now write it, write it. I sent you the check. God damn it, write it. And the Democrats or Republicans across the
country are like, absolutely, sir. Absolutely, so here you go, sir. So, look, Republicans are spending $6 million
in ads right now against Medicare-for-all. Where are they putting them? Iowa, New Hampshire, all the primary states. This group is spending at least $1 million
in ads, that’s the insurance industry, the hospitals, etc. And then you have all of the corporate Democrats
piling up and you have all the Republican party piling up, all to make sure you do not
get healthcare. And then, in fact, I gotta give The Washington
Post one more piece of credit because credit where credit is due. They said, they have tried the payment as
too extreme and that the moderate position is to make sure you don’t do Medicare-for-all. But they said quote, but the ideas are also
very popular among many Americans. I read it and I was like, my God. My heart skipped. A mainstream media outlet actually admitted
Medicare-for-all is really popular. They spent all of that money and did all of
that propaganda with all their corrupt politicians. And at the end of the day, the American people
are still, like, naw, no, nope. I still like it. Because I’d like to get healthcare and I hate
co-pays, premiums, and deductibles, sorry. So understand when you see those messages,
the politicians delivering them are often bought and paid for by the insurance companies
ripping you off.

100 thoughts on “Lobbyists Caught Drafting Politicians’ Attacks On Medicare For All

  1. The current health industry (as well as all the other industries that are milking our government dry) is fighting tooth and nail to keep the system the way it is so that they can continue to make their fortunes. Why not just find another way to make money? I mean, that’s what you tell American workers when you ship their jobs overseas, isn’t it??

  2. Getting taxpayers to contribute to a fair universal coverage healthcare system, is NO different to when in 2008-2009 governments in America, UK and Europe all decided to use taxpayer money to bail-out billionaire corporations that were collapsing: Such as major HSBC BANK, Mortgage companies & the U.S and UK motor car industries! This needed to be done to avoid an even greater collapse of the world economy, property markets, jobs markets, currencies & the entire banking system which was in chaos after the collapse of Lehman Brothers & Bearings Banks etc.

    Taxpayers paying collectively towards decent, affordable Healthcare is NO more like "communism or socialiam" than Trump using taxpayer money to pay subsidies to FARMERS who are currently struggling to survive, due to HIS TARIFFS on China!

  3. Just a little gripe…
    I agree with your view but I gripe about "profitable and lucrative "
    Why people say the same thing twice is a mystery to me.
    Ana, you're a journalist. Let's try not to be redundant.
    Love you guys but I'm picky and you guys are usually on point so glitches are glaring for you.
    Yes it's a backhanded compliment.

  4. Anyone ever look at a hospital or doctors officce and ask “ does this hospital need this expensive architecture, does this doctor need leather couches in the waiting room, does the hospital need expensive tile in the reatrooms, . How mich does that fancy shit cost . How much do insurance company commercials cost. How much does pharmaceutical commercials cost. How much do those lobbyists cost them. Yet ur premiums keep rising and they can only say its to keep up with there budgets or else they lose money or go bankrupt etc. come in man people need to think

  5. The American people should be extremely angry that these corrupt politicians, supposedly elected to represent their interests, have been bought and paid for by their wealthy donors/corporations and make decisions/legislate on their behalf, while at the same time receiving their taxpayer funded salary. Strange how these politicians don't see Medicare for All as something the people deserve, yet they are provided with a deluxe taxpayer funded healthcare package for themselves and their families – which means they enjoy benefiting from a government subsidized scheme while denying everyone else that same privilege.

  6. It’s obvious that even if you progressives win, your own democratic colleagues will not back a single-payer system. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren will fail as president. They will get absolutely none of their most ambitious project off the ground. They will face opposition from both their own fellow Democrats and Republicans. Four years a Bernie Sanders as president will be equivalent to the last year of President Obama mark my words. This story proves that progressives cannot achieve their goals. No matter how much political pressure progressive put on the house, Demos and Repubs will not yield. Let’s be honest folks, besides this network no one in the media nor at dinner tables around this country is talking about the story. That should prove to any reasonable progressive that this is a non-issue and that Medicare for all is dead on arrival.

    And let me be clear I am not a Republican in fact I lean more towards progressive ideas but I can also see that this is not the progressive era in this country TYT have to wake up to the fact that Democrats in office are not going to pass these progressive bills.

  7. SMH you progressive……..
    If I can sum up your progressive with a movie quote it would be from “ The Dark Knight Movie”….” you fight like a younger man with nothing held back, admirable but mistaken”

  8. If you nationalize HEALTHCARE it’s not like nationalizing other industries. Millions of people competing for profit is an inventor. Millions of people competing for profit is the most creative innovative engine mankind has EVER known. Even Marx knew that. Capitalism is how and from where the vast majority of cures and modalities that the WORLD now enjoys came.

    Socialists know how to take wealth, but they have NO idea how to create wealth. One central body using the wages of farm animals to decide WHERE to invest is a demonstrated FAILURE and we mustn’t let the WORLD’S progress in healthcare stagnate. Or… really… come to the grinding halt for which you so recklessly and readily hope and pray. No.

    We are the capitalist host and the world is the socialist parasite. They benefit from all the money we spend on research and development. We, the greatest innovative capitalist host from which parasitic countries are the beneficiaries. Sweden, Denmark and the rest would be unable to be as healthy, innovative and prosperous without us… and they FREELY admit this relationship! Johan Norberg is a good place to start to understand this critical argument. Nationalize OUR Healthcare And healthcare stagnates and declines globally. Until we decide to Go capitalist again and have the profit incentive spur on progress. Remember… WE have developed most of the world’s innovative cures, hold better than 50% of the health and medicine patents in the world, have the highest cancer survivability rate… we devise and create the overwhelming majority of new modalities in healthcare BECAUSE to do so has been profitable. Period.

  9. As a uk citizen I’m covered for life, with medical insurance where ever I live at £3500 per year.
    My coverage if I lived as even just a resident alien would exceed $25000. I delivered two premie babies in the USA as a resident alien married to a us citizen and authorised to work paying all my taxes, ran a business, went to school as well as paying a mortgage or working up to 3 jobs. Each birth was covered by insurance..without it would have been over $100k

  10. I enjoy my free health coverage. Yes it is cheaper than your system, do I pay more taxes?…..Yes but I would consider that my premiums. I have three kids, have been to the hospital for broken bones, operations and colds. Didn't pay a dime. I choose my own doctor, go to the hospital I want and receive some of the best care in the world from my taxes. there is a lot of disinformation out there about "socialized" medicine. We are also on the forefront of many medical advances. You already have a "socialized" police force, army and fire departments. It would seem logical that everyone has the right to health care, with out going bankrupt. From what I understand, my three kids would have cost me $60K in the US. Does that mean only the well off can afford kids and medical attention? That would be a shame.

  11. Our healthcare system is not broken. Broken implies that it once worked. It is DESIGNED in favor of insurance companies and pharma. Which in turn leads to the suffering of the vast majority of citizens. What is broken is our democracy

  12. I’m so glad that we don’t have Bernie Sanders healthcare, I don’t want to be forced onto something I don’t want. I want to make that choice for myself and have options. You go ahead and I’ll keep my private insurance, you take your government cheese insurance that will probably end up leaving a tool in your surgery

  13. If Bernie gets close to winning they'll start to lay it on thick like Universal Healthcare creates Jihadist in your neighborhood.

  14. If you think Medicare for all will be free, you got your head stuffed up your ass. If you make 15,000 or less it may be free but over that everybody will have a premium equitable to their income level.

  15. Obamacare costs the average person more than buying health insurance did before Obamacare. By a 10-fold. $200/month+ $8500 deductible for a healthy 29 y/o male. I could just go to my doctor and get a cash discount and pay $75 for a visit. $8500 deductible is insane, and costs more than an emergency visit to the local hospital.

  16. It's the lobbyist who make the laws. The congressman/women pass them, so who's running the country ? Corporate America is !

  17. If the Demorats want us on the right to support Medicare for all, we will. In return, we want an immigration bill that reduces it 80%, and gets rid of refugee and asylum seekers. And TPS. And sends all illegals home.
    Take it or leave it. That's the deal.

  18. 🤣 it's a great time for this country. The people are finally getting to see how corrupt these greasy politicians are. Vote progressive people so we can take our country back!!!

  19. So the reason healthcare for all won’t work isn’t becuz of a lack of country money but becuz they don’t want to do it. Fuckin cunts

  20. The only ones that oppose a single payer system are private institutions, it will lower cost for healthcare and that is too much money they don't want to lose.

  21. Stupid shit hospital is in network but doctor is not and when my kid was born I'm told that the check up they gave him right after he came out goes on his own deductible needs to go.

  22. Get add on Fox and MSNBC or get bill-boards :"Canada, the UK, France, Sweeden, Germany, etc. have Medicare for all! Why couldn't The US manage to install it???"

  23. What legit business would any corporation have in a news outlet other than buying ad space? Why is corporate bribery so acceptable?! I don’t get it…😤

  24. Proverbs 1-7
    The belief in Jesus Christ is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

  25. Partnership for America's Health Care Future. I have documented all information pertaining to this organization and sent it to my superiors. The Zhor'i Empire will decide the fate for each organization and its members that participated in this nefarious political scheme.

  26. The health industry is the swamp. And how do Trump Supporters tackle it. "NO THE SWAMP IS EVERY TRUMP WANTS TO GET RID OF!" – No ability to think independently. Someone needs to teach Trump Supporters how to think independently.

  27. To all Single-payer-deniers and enemies of medicare for all, the Zhor'i people will end the U.S. government in 2020 and we are going to end your careers in 2020 as well. We'll take over those responsibilities. And if you resist, you'll be lifted into the deep parts of your atmosphere, where you will be deprived of oxygen and will die a very slow and painful death. Humans might not know this, but we do have a law throughout the entire Zhor'i Empire, which includes the Milky Way galaxy and requires all medical treatment to be of no personal cost whatsoever, whether you have a currency based system or not for your economy. Knowing there is an active effort to prevent humans, Zhor'i-kin, children of my people from having the services that are mandatory under the law is absolutely unthinkable and unforgiveable. In the Zhor'i Empire, medicare is a right for everyone, Zhor'i and non-Zhor'i. This information is already known to my superiors.

  28. What pisses me off more than anything is that Barack Obama said in his farewell address that I remember to this day, that if there was a healthcare plan that covers more people, costs less and is demonstrably better than the ACA then he would even support it. Medicare for All is all of those things and he still has not supported it and is actively against it. SMFH!!!!!!

  29. If those politicians are corrupt (and yes, they definitely are!) every politician who has ever taken bribes from lobbyists is corrupt. I know this, just spelling it out for more idealistic (innocent? Naive?!) voters out there! Still think the Democrats care more about you than Republicans?! "The only difference between the Republican and Democratic parties is the velocities with which their knees hit the floor when corporations knock on their door. That's the only difference." – Ralph Nader.

  30. I love how Medicare-for-All supporters NEVER MENTION the fact that MILLIONS of Americans that work for health insurance companies would lose their job.

  31. Corrupt corporate democrats who will never collect enough MILLIONS in “donations” to pass massive tax cuts and policies worth BILLIONS for theses same corporations and lobbyists !

  32. Medicaid for all would be a great step for this country. Finally you get something for the Taxes they collect from everyone. If we manage to get the middle man out of the Health Care, the next great step would be to get the middle man out of banking and say goodbye to the Federal Reserves.

  33. This is why campaign finance laws need to be demolished completely and rewritten to put the power into hands of individual American people.

    Tight caps on donations.

    Tight caps on spending.

    Very specific and brief windows of time when politicians can accept campaign contributions and do any fundraising.

    A window of time when donations can be made.

    The previous three will end the continuous campaigning that many politicians, including the current president, have made their normal way of life, and by a wide margin of their primary source of income.

    When a politician retires the, "war chest," of accumulated campaign contribution funds (excess bribes) will not be heading off into the sunset with the politician, they will go into a federal fund which can either pay for federal level campaigns, or better yet, it can go towards rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure that these politicians have failed to do anything meaningful and significant about for the last 40 years.

    No more super PACs. No more PACs issue ads smearing opponents, often presenting lies.

    Politicians phones to be airing lies about their opponent will be immediately disqualified from the race and will be subject to Federal prosecution of prison time.

    Term limits for every political office. And an overall term limit or elected office, because nobody should be a career politician, that should be a quaint memory from the past, as being a career politician disconnect the politicians from what the rest of the people in this country are experiencing every day and creates a false sense of what our economy, our job market, and what working people experience. Politicians NEED this to understand this country and its people, and to effectively represent the people.

    No more lifetime appointments to any position. That's absurd. Nobody in the Working World gets anything close to a job for life. It also makes these people no longer subject to being reviewed and taken out of those cushy jobs. Someone who is appointed for life to a position is no longer required to stay connected in any way shape or form, and any even miniscule amounts, to what the rest of the people in the country are going through.

    There's more to this plan, but I need to go pay attention to my wife and kids. What I have here so far will make it so we are not forced to watch political ads very year and a half or two years before every presidential election, and the non-stop campaigning, and campaign speeches, and paid dinners and Rally's that all these politicians AR enriching themselves with. The politicians can get elected can go work and stay working at that job, instead of what we see when we turn on C-Span and Congress has 15 people in those seats. It's disgusting.

    Oh, and two huge things that absolutely need to be done, the first being citizens united or whatever that b***** is, has nothing to do with citizens united, that horseshit needs to be taken out of the laws immediately, and so does the idea that a corporation is a person. Of Corporation is not a person. It doesn't bleed. It doesn't cry when it's parents died. It can't get shot died in service of this country. It can't get cancer and be dropped from its insurance. Corporations are not people. That's not even f**** debatable.

  34. When you have to cash in your 401K to cover the cost of prescriptions that's not a retirement. That's an industry getting rich off someone's misfortune. Hard earned savings going to a others enjoyment

  35. Hospitals, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies have very little in common interests except that they all benefit greatly from a system that is essentially double billing American patients.

  36. They will also find a doctor PhD to assert the drawbacks of Medicare for all, and the person's PhD has nothing with the medical care industry or economics….in contrast Bernie Sanders report on healthcare expenditure used a real economist who is a real professor at Amherst

  37. These people are demented.

    How about for every politician and lobbyist that gets caught doing this ….

    We inject a solution that creates an incurable rash that keeps growing in size and intensity? So they literally scratch their own skin off?


    I get paid money to keep people sick and hopefully dying (it's better for advertising).

    Yours untruthfully,

    Lobbyist scum.

  38. “government of the people, by the people, for the people” Lincoln
    “control of the people, by the corrupt people, for the richest people” our modern government

  39. Single-payer healthcare denial is to the Democrats as climate change denial is to Republicans. Handmaidens of the merchants of doubt, gaslit and gaslighting.

  40. Canadian health care is excellent, and the Federal Income Taxes are 3% lower. Corporate Taxes have always been lower, and Provincial Taxes are competitive with those of any American State. I dare you to fact check me.

  41. please justice D'S. if possible run someone against these two. kathy keller jen gross. a lobbyist buying you enough to tell you what to write & claiming it's your belief. is not representation. it's a sell out from a trading card D……. shame when fixing some thing you have to fight CORP: trading card D'S & R'S both !!!! dang…

  42. Too many people make way too much my money off of the chaos of our healthcare. Unfortunately I these are the people who are in charge of it so it's wrong but medicare for all would NEVER pass that bill. It's a pipe dream we need to fix the ACA that's the best route that might pass

  43. Imagine that the groups ripping everyone off with poor outcomes and high cost for care and drugs are against reform. Folks in the UK recently heard what things cost in the US and thought it was absolutely criminal.

  44. The DNC establishment that is corrupt needs to be cleaned out of office. Impeachment is taking people's attention away from the fact folks like Richard Neal are blocking lower prices on drugs.

  45. "Lobbyist" should not even be an actual job title. Everyone business, organizations, and corporations included, should only be allowed to write letters to their congressional representatives… Nothing else of monetary value can be used to influence them including buying them lunch.

    They damn sure shouldn't be allowed to write bills or put 'language' in bills. That's the congressman's job.

  46. No surprise there, they ‘helped’ with ACA too. They have worked against every public option proposal. They slaughtered Hillary Clinton back in the day over universal coverage. They are a rough and nasty group. This is small compared to what they are capable of.

  47. The difference between a lobbyist
    and you is that he has more money to influence politicians vote.
    Is this really democracy when politicians are chasing lobbyists dollars, and lobbyists are chasing politicians vote…?!!

  48. Trump is relatively harmless compared to the private healthcare and private hospital lobby. At least in terms of body count.

  49. This is why the Green party needs to be a major party in the USA. They do not take dark money or corporate money. HAWKINS2020!!

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