LPI Historic Honor

LPI Historic Honor

helpful if in your audience there are members of faith communities, who would say ‘you know what? they need space for this weekend. I’m going to look into the possibility of my church receiving refugees this weekend.’ I would hope some BEING NAMED AS AN OFFICIAL HISTORIC SITE… KTSM NINE NEWS REPORTER SUSY CASTILLO IS LIVE IN THE NEWSROOM WITH HOW IT RECEIVED THE RECOGNITION. LYDIA PATTERSON INSTITUTE IS ONE OF EL PASO’S OLDEST HAS DONE FOR THE COMMUNITY. :1:24 :3:39 :4:49 quick “plaque revealed.” A NEW PLAQUE REVEALED OUTSIDE OF LYDIA PATTERSON INSTITUTE DURING A DEDICATION. CHEERS AND MUSIC TO CELEBRATE THE MEANING BEHIND THE PLAQUE… THE GENERAL SECRETARY COMMISSION ON ARCHIVES AND HISTORY OF THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH HAS RECOGNIZED THE SCHOOL AS AN OFFICIAL HISTORIC SITE. Socorro Brito de Anda/ Lydia Patterson Institute President 16:40:25 “Means of recognizing the work of the school that has been done here for over 100 years. Right here on the border serving the El Paso/ Juarez community and beyond.” I IS MORE THAN A HUNDRED YEARS OLD. Dee Margo/ El Paso Mayor 01:43:00 “Lydia Patterson is an historical icon in El Paso. It’s part of our fabric. There have been so many great graduates.” THE SCHOOL SAYS THE MAJORITY OF THE STUDENTS LIVE IN JUAREZ… CROSSING THE BORDER EVERYDAY. MANY WHO LIVE IN POVERTY HAVE FINANCIAL AID. Adair Margo/ El Paso first lady 01:47:33 “This school has inspired me.” EL PASO’S FIRST LADY… ADAIR MARGO… WROTE A BOOK ABOUT THE SCHOOL. Adair Margo/ El Paso first lady 01:47:57 “It’s about faith and about believing that every child is a child of God. And you want those children, whereever they come from, to be all that God intended them to be.” THE SCHOOL PRESIDENT HOPES I WILL CONTINUE SERVING FOR YEARS TO COME. Socorro Deand/ Lydia Patterson Institute THE SCHOOL SAYS SINCE 1913

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  1. I'll tell you all one thing there is nothing that the school has done for the community. I think you all should relocate the school to Juarez, the people who you all help the most is the Juarez people.

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