Magic for Humans: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Magic for Humans: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

[man] Have you ever had to block 
anyone online? [both women] Yes. -Wish you could block them in real life?
-[laughing] For sure. That’s what this is for. I’ll show you. Watch. Blocked! Right? Sometimes, though,
blocking them isn’t enough. If the person’s super annoying,
you have to… delete them. [laughing] No. I’m magician Justin Willman. I’ve spent my life attempting to master
the art of magic. Now I’m using magic to master -the art of being human.
-What? [all exclaiming] Sup? Sup? This place is lit. [shrieking] What? [all] Huzzah! No! Been a really big year for me.
I’m a dad. Finally got something I really wanted.
A second season. Stop. You know what time it is? Um, around 10:00 a.m.? -It’s time for Magic for Susans!
-Oh. [chuckles] [male voices] Magic for Susans! You are more than welcome
to share this with the big guy. One, two, three. [all] Oh! That’s when the magic happens. Wait, what the– -[crunches loudly]
-He took a bite out of it! [laughing] Magical. Wow, you’re good. -[Justin] Real people…
-Get the… Oh, my God. [Justin] …real magic… No! [Justin] …no camera tricks. -[all shriek]
-This is Magic for Humans. You ever wanted to be a magician? [woman] No.

100 thoughts on “Magic for Humans: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. I want to believe it. Just so hard for me to get into a magic show on tv because its so easy to do digital magic on it before putting it up. if it were live thats a different story with me. It looks fun.

  2. I know that she disappeared when he did that magic track at 0:17 but were did she really disappeared to that's what i want to know it's she ok or is she not ok? did she disappeared somewhere else alive or is she actually dead? i hope she is ok that's all

  3. Yet another show of tv magic… 😭 They should copy Fool Us instead. At least everything in it isnt made just for camera

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  5. It would be better if these were actual illusions and not just TV illusions with fake reactions. Its painfully obvious on some of them. Dont get me wrong, there will probably be a couple of cool slight of hand tricks.. but the over the top type tricks are camera tricks. Its just lying to say any different

  6. If he is saying pure magic traicks and no camera tricks.then it is a camera tricks and with orchestrated public with scripted situations

  7. It won’t let me subscribe and I don’t know why it won’t let me subscribe that it been my phone and I want to subscribe but my phone won’t let me

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  9. Saraca televizeune de netflix… imi e asa de mila de ea ca toti rautaciosii de pe lume o injura si o fac in tot felul…

  10. before a second has passed in this video , which is the channel page video for new visitors might i add , a man starts with "have you ever had to block anybody online?" . . . You guys dont have a place to receive feed back do you? No official forum? OK, then I'll post my thoughts here.

    You'll be recommended the same movie several times if you try to find a movie through the Netflix home page. This gives one the feeling of going around in circles. The alternative option to the homepage is looking through the archive alphabetically but you can't even look at the entire list from A-Z or Z-A because the list stops generating less then half way through the alphabet.

    But that's not why i'm here…

    I'm here because you changed the layout for the Playstation App…

    I have a LARGE television… you have a LARGE selection of videos… why did you change the home page to only display 7 titles at a time? No , wait, i didnt mean to ask that question.what i meant to say was: [CENSORED]

  11. It pains me to say this because season 1 I did enjoy but these people are actors😭. I noticed in season 2 episode (All work no and play) at the 30 sec mark. The older lady was talking about her 25 year old boyfriend and when she said ,"And" her mouth moved totally different. It's almost like she had to repeat her line over and they tried to edit it in.😟

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