Mammogram Guidelines for Breast Cancer Detection

Mammogram Guidelines for Breast Cancer Detection

>>>Dr. JAY HARNESS: The typical guidelines
for screening mammography are from the American Cancer Society. There are now other groups
who also have guidelines. Most centers in the United States follow the American Cancer
Society guidelines, which means a baseline mammogram at age 40 and then annually, particularly
for a woman up through her 50s. As women become older, our guidelines are
a little softer. This is particularly true as women get into their 70s and 80s. I think
the data is particularly clear that women whose breast cancers are found by screening
mammography do better and there’s a lower death-rate that’s been demonstrated in women
in their 50s who have been found to have their breast cancer through a screening approach. Susan Denver: I am
a breast cancer survivor. Katherine Stockton: I am a breast cancer survivor. Coree: I am a breast cancer survivor. Susan Denver: And I want every woman to know… Katherine Stockton: …about personalized
breast cancer treatment… Susan Denver: …and the Genomic Test. Coree: A test that helps guide a woman and
her doctor… Katherine Stockton: …to the best treatment
options for her. Susan Denver: Pass it on!

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  1. Widespread diagnostic mistakes during periodic preventive screening mammographies, that lead to unnecessary mastectomies and irradiations to hundreds of thousands of healthy women!


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