Mandatory Drug Testing for Australia Welfare Recipients

Mandatory Drug Testing for Australia Welfare Recipients

Hi guys. Just a quick video before heading to work
today. The Australian Government have put drug testing
of welfare recipients back on the agenda. Their plan is to have a two-year trial in
the cities of Logan in Queensland, Canterbury-Bankstown in New South Wales, and Mandurah in Western Australia. The original bill was put on hold in late
2017. The plan is to test all Newstart and Youth
Allowance recipients for methamphetamine, cannabis, ecstasy, cocaine, and heroin. A welfare recipient who fails a drug test
would be placed on income management with up to 80% of their payments being moved onto
a cashless debit card. A second positive test would result in a referral
to a rehabilitation program. Now of course, I think taking drugs is bad,
but I think this policy is stupid. Now I’m not saying whether it’s a good
thing to test people for drugs or not, but what I do think is ridiculous, is that we’re
only targeting welfare recipients. From a fairness/ethical point of view, we
should either target the entire Australian population, or we should target no one. By just targeting welfare recipients we’re
saying one of two things: Either welfare recipients can’t be trusted, so we have to treat them
differently from the rest of the population; Or that it’s okay for people not on welfare
to use drugs. Either way, it’s not a good policy. The Australian Labor Party said they will
not support the bill. Shadow Social Services Minister Linda Burney
told the ABC, “Experts are really worried because the
evidence shows these kind of policies just don’t work – particularly when the services
people need to deal with addiction aren’t available. For this reason, Labor has opposed this counterproductive policy in the past, and nothing has changed.” The Australian Greens also oppose the policy. Senator Rachel Siewert said, “It’s extremely disappointing that the Government
is seeking to reintroduce their bill to drug test people in our community on income support
after it was rejected by the community and health experts and couldn’t get support in
the last Parliament. The evidence at several inquiries held into
this bill heard that this punitive and cruel approach wouldn’t work. Addiction is a health issue and must be treated
as such.” What do you think? Is it okay just to target welfare recipients
for drug testing? If so, why should Australians not on welfare
not be targeted? Thanks for watching.

19 thoughts on “Mandatory Drug Testing for Australia Welfare Recipients

  1. As a former student of this bloody socialist course of social work. The reason of introducing pee in the bottle for drug test or other drug test method. Targeting welfare is because once your under influence of drugs or alcohol you have legit excuse not to attend service or attend meeting

  2. Hey i usually agree with most things you say, but i must say, here, i disagree with you and feel that you misunderstand the concept. Aside from whether or not they should be tested, i think your argument about all or none is illogical. The reason why welfare recipients can (and should) be asked by the PAYER for a drug test is because… they're giving FREE money. If you were to give someone money for a particular purpose, you'd wanna make sure that money is going to the right cause. Much like a charity organisation is obliged to give evidence of where the charity money it receives is going, majority of taxpayers want to make sure their tax isn't going to feed people's ice addictions but genuinely helping poor people with food, rent and clothing. Why test the whole population when they aren't ASKING for free money? that makes no sense. BUT if you want someone to give you free money, you should be willing to accept their condition of proving that you aren't blowing it up on drugs.

  3. Lol Mandurah dole bludger urine would be 70% meth. 90% if they aren't well hydrated. But seriously this is a stupid idea, it's just an extra cost the taxpayer will have to deal with. The tests and extra staff involed will all have to be paid for, and now we want to pay for "rehab" too, which is a place a whole bunch of drug users go to congregate, so when they leave they have a bigger network drug contacts than ever before. Rehab never works. Let's waste less taxpayer money not more!

  4. If they want to get a huge amount of cocaine use, get the drug dogs out and hit upscale bars a d restraunts frequented by lawyers and doctors. One for for them another for us

  5. So stupid they have no rights to do that to people I don't do drugs but that is disgusting that our Government thinks it has the rights to do that

  6. A user is a user. Even if they get a job, they will get more drugs because they have extra money now. Is their something being pumped through the air con in Clown House Canberra, test them then.

  7. Actually, all citizens are already targeted for mandatory random drug testing by the state police departments. Although it's not very regular, the process nontheless exists and discourages illegal behaviour.
    The reason why it might be justifiable to target people on welfare for drug testing is because the idea of directly channeling tax payer funded welfare directly into the black market is moronic. Obviously you can't stop people from taking drugs, but considering the nature of drug addiction, the likelihood that they will accept welfare of some kind at some point is very high. This is just common sense. Drug addictions progressively increase drug tolerance, which increases the quantity needed, which costs more, while making you increasingly unproductive at work and commonly unemployable while using if you employment and criminal history begins to reflect this. Not to mention the physical and mental health ramifications of drug abuse which may restrict your ability to work all on their own.
    So I say that, unless we all want to live in a police state where we are required to have very regular mandatory drug testing to live in Australian society, then I say it's perfectly sensible to target people who have the audacity to use other people's money to cause immeasurable damage to themselves, their families, their communities and the eventually the welfare system. Since welfare recipients also happen to have the highest proportion of drug addiction and offences that any other demographical segment, targeting them is just logical in order to make the most meaningful difference to the lives of drug addicted people and reduce the profitability of a dangerous illegal market. And also to respect other tax payers who trust that public spending programs aim to reduce unfavorable or improve various aspects that constitute a shared Australian experience.

    Just my thoughts though, on a matter where I happen to have some hard knox credentials.

  8. I get restricting the distribution of dole payments on quotidian necessities, but drug testing is too draconian; plenty of tradies are "skinned-up" on the job; plenty of white collar folk chugging lines of Charlie; plenty of otherwise functional, tax paying and law abiding types enjoying a quiet bifda at the end of yet another thankless, soul crushing stint at the helm.

  9. What a load of horse shit. They should drug test some of these politicians. Stop wasting my hard earned tax dollars. How bout asking the tax payer what we should do after all the politicians are working for us aren't they.


  11. I get drug and alcohol tested at both of my work places. It's part of their policy to have a zero tolerance to drugs and the sites are dry sites so you aren't allowed alcohol. Many places that I have worked at have similar policies. Also as mentioned by Jessica Burrows in the comments technically all Australian citizens are subject to this. If we fail it can result in a loss of pay, fines or for worse case scenario's loss of job or prison time. Why is this any different?

  12. As someone on newstart I think this is ridiculous, after paying all my bills I have $30 left per fortnight to buy food, there is no way I could afford drugs.

    Before anyone calls me a dole bludger, I have 3 degrees, I am trying to find a job but it is complicated by my ADHD, autism, anxiety and depression, I am not entitled ti disability as my conditions are not considered long term. I am already on the cashless debit card, which makes all my bills late because the direct debits fail

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