Marbs Rants: Civilization 5 vs Civilization 6

Marbs Rants: Civilization 5 vs Civilization 6

Hey everyone, Marbs here. So, let’s address the elephant in the room And also, before I start, I’m giving you a fair warning. This is going to be a rant video. Don’t like it? Tough! I’m doing it anyway, but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you! So, this is about Civ. Every single time I make any kind of Civ video or series – be it Civ 5, or Civ 6 or anything else I inevitably get those kinds of comments. And really, if I go anywhere on the internet that could be considered social media and it’s focused on Civ, I also see those kinds of comments. Now you could say this is a vocal minority, and it definitely is. However I am no longer convinced how – quote unquote – “minor” this minority really is but as someone who has played every iteration of Civ, ever since I got my first PC in 1992 it’s starting to really piss me off. Now just to make it clear. This is not about people who like to discuss what are the merits and the flaws of Civ 6, Civ 5 or Beyond Earth or whatever the heck else you like to discuss. That is totally fine I do it myself all the damn time I discussed it plenty on my Discord but while I criticized, let’s say, Beyond Earth quite a lot on my Discord especially I would never call somebody who says he enjoys playing it an idiot – and yet, this happens constantly with Civ 5 and Civ 6. At one point you couldn’t go into a single thread about Civ 5 vs Civ 6 without seeing people call each other morons, idiots and all kinds of other things for enjoying a different game than they do and then, it’s very often those people who can’t discuss anything without resorting to personal attacks, who have the audacity to claim there’s something wrong with the Civ community. You know what? I’ll tell you what’s f**king wrong with the Civ community YOU are what’s wrong with the Civ community! If you call someone an idiot because he enjoys Civ 5, Civ 4, Beyond Earth, maybe Civ 2, whatever the heck else he might enjoy. Then you are what’s wrong with it Oh, boo hoo, you don’t like Civ 6 because of the graphics? Boo hoo, you don’t like Civ 5 because it was released nine years ago? Well, tough shit! There are plenty of people who enjoy both In fact, right now when I’m recording this video There are 22 217 people playing Civ 6 on Steam and 19 426 people playing Civ 5 on Steam – and the peak of those games today is even closer than that So clearly, there are plenty of people who enjoy both. But you know what? Those stats do not even matter at this point if you enjoy Beyond Earth, which had a peak of 544 today then more power to you. That’s what it’s about you do whatever the heck brings you enjoyment! If it’s a 20 year old game, that’s f**king cool, man I still enjoy retro strategy games There were quite a few of those that had genuinely interesting and unique design and honestly there are many legitimate arguments for both Civ 6 and Civ 5, like for example the fact Firaxis hasn’t fully opened Civ 6 for modding yet even 3 years after release – and I’m not even entirely sure if DLL modding is ever going to be allowed with Civ 6 – but in the end, what this rant comes down to, is that if you are somebody who attacks someone personally because of the game he enjoys, then you are what’s wrong. Not that guy, not the game he’s playing – but you – you personally, and other people with the same exact mentality. I know many of you who are reasonable might go like… shit dude, congrats on stating the obvious. Yeah, man this has been your public obvious friggin statement rant announcement! Marbs out

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  1. Sadly most Civ games have a big AI problem. Developing a smart computer opponent is just too challenging for basically all game studios. Also the more modding the better, since you get more content, balance fixes, etc. E.g. the Civ V steam workshop is huge and really prolonged the longevity of the game.

  2. To be fair, it had to be said. At over 3 years after launch of Civ VI, do people still care about which one is better? I mean, I'd love Civilization VII to be much better, but I don't think anyone disagrees there.

  3. Unfortunately it is human nature to form groups around ideologies and seek out conflict with competing views. Every conflict in human nature has been over ideology, resources or a mixture of the two and only complete destruction of one side ends the fighting. I think your best bet marb is to crush those that squabble and show that you will not suffer any tribal wars here. Essentially do exactly what you are already doing.

  4. We are living in a time where most people enjoy to bash everything. People need to relax and maybe take a break from the computer for a month.

  5. I really thought this video was about comparing the games. Glad you talked about the toxicity in the community. I guess I have to binge watch some civ-games on your channel now 😛

  6. I have to confess Initially I hated it when you started doing civ 6. I was addicted to civ 5 content. I should note I have a couple thousand hours play time as well. Now I love civ 6 and you make me want to pick it up now that I understand it. It’s so darn user friendly.

    Keep up the hard work we enjoy watching you be authentic.

  7. I'm anther old civ fanatic. Played it since civ 2, revolutions, 3, 4, 5. But i didn't touch 6, yet. And may not be planning to. 5 i feel is where the sweet spot lies.

  8. It's almost become a meme, can't understand the obsession with people taking dissing anything other than their pet game.

  9. Love you Marbz, preach it! Since the original Civ6 preview videos came out with the "cartoon" graphics and everyone started crapping on Civ6… just stop complaining people and have fun!!!

  10. My question to you, why care so much about the 15 year-old kids?! Fuck them. For some it's hard to understand that two similar yet different games can bring enjoyment to some people.

  11. lol u cant hate civIV or civ V just leave turnbase strategy if u dont like those two.., civVI u can hate its mobile game that sucks, u trying to be politically correct in this video does not help anyone u know there is no good "new" strategy game today on market, and thats fact, people that like civVI are just some stupid kids who thinks iPhone R is better then iPhone X because its brand new..

  12. People who hate on other people for what they enjoy are exactly like the Civ 6 AI on Deity. Good rant Marb, been watching since your early Civ 5 content and honestly I'm very glad you said this. People always give me shit for playing CIv 5 because its an old game and they don't like it but I have just always been attached to it because the game just feels good to play. I don't personally like Civ 6 in its current state but that't no reason to personally attack people who do like the game. Don't yuck my yums and I wont salt your apples.

  13. I played every Civ from beginning and i enjoyed each od them. My only problem is that i usualy never finish the game, always starting new one… Still loving it! 🙂

  14. Civ 4 was great. Civ 5 has better graphics but the gameplay was dumbed down so much that I hated it. I Never tried civ 6 because of the bad reviews.
    The ultimate civ game is civ 4 with Caveman2Cosmos mod. While Civ 5 got dumbed down, Caveman2Cosmos went for more complexity instead. 150+ modders contributed to Caveman2Cosmos, it has been in development for over 10 years, and still gets updates every day on average. It is probably the biggest mod in the history of gaming. So much has changed it basically became a new game.

  15. I thought these kind of fanboy fights were reserved for intense PvP games (I don't know COD or MOBAs or what have you). I haven't expected this for a strategy game. How we came in such a period of time where "everyone must like the same things as I do or there will be blood"?

  16. I enjoyed Civ 5 but lacked the knowledge and experience to win.
    I loved Beyond Earth for it's new take on civ and the beautiful environments and interesting (albeit flawed) concepts it brought.
    And lastly, I still play Civ 6 because I enjoy the new system of Governors, Districts and have finally made an understanding of the game to win on deity.

    While I do think Civ 5 and Beyond Earth look vastly superior to Civ 6. That is just a graphical difference that after the first few games didn't matter.

    I also played the hell out of Civ2 years back and enjoyed that.

    I will never understand why people argue over video game iterations like this as though it has any importance or merit.

  17. Personally I dont understand why people need enertainment at all. Work hard and praise (insert deity). Civ just reduces the time you could have used for something productive. Its a travesty.

  18. At civ 6 launch I still preferred civ 5. And though i never played civ 4 I'm sure people enjoyed 4 more then 5 at the release of 5. Now with the expansions I enjoy 5 and 6 equally. I have no preference between the LPs of 5 and 6. I enjoy civ.

  19. Well, Alpha Centauri is obviously the best Civ game ever made, with that's out of the way, let's get back to whichever game we wanna play today.

  20. See i dont mind either but my ranking is civ 4, civ 6 and civ 5. Skipped beyond earth because the one thing we all enjoy is shitting on beyond earth but at least they tried soething different.

  21. I've been playing Civ since 2001, and in the past month I have completed Deity wins in both CiV and Civ VI, while having a running BTS game… Shrug*

  22. I like both. I want to like Civ 6 more than I do, but for some reason, it just doesn't grab me like 5 did. I can't pinpoint any thing that I dislike about it, because I enjoy the time I put into it, I'm just not compelled to keep coming back like I was with Civ 5. Perhaps it's just I graduated college now, and don't have nearly as much free time as I did when I would long haul games of Civ 5 in a single sitting, lol

  23. Wowsers Marbs! Can’t argue with anything you’ve said there my friend. Fact is that Civ V is a very different game to Civ VI. Some will prefer V and some will prefer VI. That’s life. Personally I like VI gameplay but prefer V’s graphics. VI is a little too cartoonistic for me. But that’s just my opinion. Surely there is room in the Civ community for multiple views and opinions.

  24. Man It is Your right to play what ever You wish. If some called You "idiot", for Your choice, it seems that "Human being", got scared by the reflection of his/her face in the mirror. Just do not bother to spend one single second on those "humans". It will hurt them the most to be ignored. Who enjoy Your work and are sane people will never act like this.
    Trolls were, are and will always be, this is the sad part. I wish You the best, all my support.

  25. Civ 5 was my first Civ game. I've bought 6 and the various expansions for it but haven't been able to get into it as much as I was with Civ 5, I don't know why.

  26. both are great games, stop comparing these 2… if you people need to be angry at something then be angry at these macrotransactions and lootboxes and hundreds of DLC that will make the game cost over 500 euros.

  27. Saw this shit with AIBattle where people complained when he/she used Civ VI. I wonder if this is why AIBattle hasn't been back in ages.

  28. 1000+ hours in Civ 5. I've actually really enjoyed Beyond Earth with mods, I like the setting and wished it was explored more. Civ 6 I couldn't really play pass one game. It just didn't really appeal to me, though I haven't bothered to play with expansions. Maybe when the game is complete I might pick it up again.

  29. Welcome to the Internet 😉 But seriously it's just polarized opinions being expressed by people who need to let off some steam. People use to get into brawls over trivial things – at least here no bloodied bodies or broken bones are to be had at the end of such 'argument' 😀 You're from Poland you know what is 'sztachetówa' at the end of most 'remiza' party 😉

  30. I didn't like civ 6 since I saw the first gameplay videos, haven't played a second of it. It's this simple: you don't like it, you don't play it. You like it, you play it. It's your time, your taste, your choice.

  31. Dude, I'm with you 100% on this! Live and let live! They're fucking single player games. I still regularly play modmods for FFH2 for Civ 4: BtS. Not because I think Civ 4 is better, but because 5 or 6 don't have anything like FFH2. Historical settings get boring really fucking quick for me. Plus I'll take death stacks over a combat-inept AI any day of the week. The only 4x game is recent memory that has scratched my combat itch is Gladius – Relics of War. (Which would be super cool if you looked at in the future! Its the XCOM of 4x games!) Love you, Marbs! <3

  32. This is why I subscribed to you in the first place. Unsubscribed a few years ago because lack of interest for Civ franchise but this earned you my resub.

  33. Civ 4 and 5 are great. I can't stand Civ 6, tried it many times. Just can't get into it for some reason. If it had the massive mod support that 4 and 5 has maybe I could but they keep it locked down for some reason so there can be no total conversion mods. Oh well. I hope Civ 7 comes along soon and I like it.

  34. While I wholeheartedly agree with this message and understand the need to vent, sadly this message will probably only come through to those who are willing to listen… and those tend to be the people that aren't being addressed in the video anyway.

    But what you said applies to this "vocal minority" as well: Don't like it? Tough shit.

    Just keep playing whatever iteration you enjoy at the moment. Your mood makes or breaks the videos; it's the main event!
    The Ramkhamtrollface videos, the Battle of Ecbatana, the Japanese stand against the Zulu carpets of doom, the World War that was only against Germany. Those are the moments where you shine and it doesn't matter which Civ game that happens to be in.

    Keep it up!

  35. This is the same snobbery that exists in every medium: music, literature, movies, etc. Love what you love. Let others love what they love. I'm sure we can all just get along.

  36. I am stating the obvious now as well. This phenomenon is just everywhere.

    It is in music… "Hey, you are not a true Metal Fan, because…".
    Or in Collectible Card Games. "You are not playing every weekend, do not spend large amounts of money and do not play only the highest competitive decks? Well then, you are not a true player.

    Or in… I mean, those people are using their hobbies or whatever as some sort of religion. And only they hold the true meaning of that religion.
    If I meet such people I just tell them how empty their life is and to get lost.

  37. I think having two games just gives you twice as many options. I usually play 6 these days but still fire up 5 if I want to mess around with horse archers, go turtle science, or just play as a civ that is weak in 6 but strong in 5 (Thinking of England, Rome, China, Poland)

  38. Thanks for the support, every time someone asks me my favorite game and I say Civ 6, everyone laughs at me and I feel so left out.

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