MARINA “To Be Human” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

MARINA “To Be Human” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I call this song, “To be Human” because I
wanted to create a song that detailed the experience of uncertainty and, I suppose the
experience of being confused and in limbo about what your purpose is in life, what life
is even about, why you’re here, what you were meant to be doing. That’s a question that I’ve always had. In certain times in my life, it’s bugged me
more than others. However, since writing this song, I’m actually
quite at peace with the fact that everything pretty much is uncertain, and that’s just
part of being a human being. The inspiration behind the song was really
based on trying to create this view of the world from up above. I moved around a lot as a kid. I spent summers in Russia, in the Ukraine,
my dad worked in Japan for a long time. I’m from Greece. So this is very much part of my growing up. I wanted to create this feeling of unity and
sameness across the world because the past four years, a lot of what we’ve seen in our
politics and in our media is about division. Joel Little produced the song. I felt like this song had a really powerful
emotion behind it, and I wanted the production to match that. I wrote the first verse before going away
to Japan on my own traveling. So I actually hadn’t been there for awhile,
but I do have a huge love for the country. My dad and my mom and sister had lived there
before I was born. I was conceived in Nagasaki, so I feel a kinship
with Japanese culture. I think I used the image of the geisha, because
geishas are so perfect and beautiful looking, and very elegant. And then I paired it with “life’s a cakewalk
full of challenges” because nothing is ever really what it seems. You can have something that’s painted gold,
but you can’t really see the chips and cracks. I think that was mirroring what was going
on in our political situation. All of our cracks were beginning to show,
as a society. I think I was at a time in my life where I
felt very uncertain and confused about things, and I just didn’t get the human experience. I don’t know what I’m here for. What I should be doing in my life. And I think I was trying to work through that,
by looking at history from a more objective angle. Lenin’s death, the fact that his body was
put on display in a tomb. I did that. When I was ten. And I remember just thinking, “This is so
freaky.” You go down into the ground, walk around his
body, and then you just go up again. And there are queues all day for this. And then pairing that with atrocities like
Hiroshima, it’s just painting humanity in this way that we can look at it and say, “What
are we doing?” If people were up in the stars, looking down
at us, what would they be thinking? We’re riding around in these Rolls Royces,
and caring about things that don’t fucking matter. They don’t matter. But we spend our time focusing on it. Why? In the video, for the line “There were riots
in America just when things were getting better,” I wanted to include footage from Black Lives
Matter protests in America and in the UK as well. The chorus is just talking about the universal
themes of love and fear, and how we are all really united in the fact that we all feel
the same emotions. I am half Greek. My dad’s Greek, my mum is Welsh. I’m very proud of my Greek heritage, particularly
because I haven’t really talked about it much before, on other albums. And so that lyric is talking about the village
that I spent pretty much every summer of my childhood in. It’s a really tiny, little village on top
of a mountain, in an island called Lefkada. Going back was like going back into the 1940s. They only got electricity the ’70s, I think. So, Chicago is important to my family, because
my dad went there when he was 21, and he worked there as a waiter in a Greek restaurant for
a number of years. We also had great uncles who had gone there. Angola, I’ve never been to. Verona, I have been to. Sao Paolo, I’ve been to. I just wanted to create this feeling of bringing
people together. Just thinking of my Brazilian fans right now. Very strong fanbase. The message that we keep on seeing in the
media, which is that, if you’re from a different country, or a different continent, then you
are so obviously different from us, that you’re a threat. Whereas, I believe that people aren’t that
different, actually. It’s trying to comprehend through all the
experiences that a person has in their life. All the things that I’ve done, all the places
that I’ve gone to. That’s still not enough to help me understand
what it is to be a human. How it is best to live my life. At that time, when I was writing the song,
I just found that so worrying. It’s good to separate yourself sometimes,
and to picture how someone up in space would look down on us, and what they would think
if they were seeing bombs going off in different parts of the Earth. It’s just a strange thought to have. Because of Christian religion, I immediately
think of it as an old, white man, with a beard. And I don’t think god is anything like human
beings, if god exists. I think I have attached so much of my sense
of self with who I was as an artist that I didn’t really have anything else in me for
my everyday being. I didn’t really know how to live life outside
of that, so that caused a lot of conflict in me and I felt completely untethered for
a long time. The structure of this song is kind of unorthodox. I like pop music, not necessarily because
of the production or lyrics. I like it because of the format. I love hooks, and I love things making sense. when I went into the studio to record it with
Joel Little. I think we did talk about the structure, and
I said, “It’s a bit long.” It was five minutes long at that point. And I said, “Do you think we should cut it.” And actually he said was like, “No. I think it’s a story, and you should leave

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